Joe Rogan Experience #1071 - Steven Crowder & NotGay Jared

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super2manarmy11 - 2 hours ago
Joe takin low key shots at Eddie bravo about flat earth at 2:10:20
David cummins
David cummins - 2 days ago
This was a brilliant episode, just 3 guys chopping it up...
Boogaly The Great
Boogaly The Great - 3 days ago
1:16:24 Joe - "I felt like I could say, 'hey, I don't think it's cool if you get your penis removed and beat the f*ck out of women'... I felt like, THAT'S a safe thing to say!"
kickinrocks 926
kickinrocks 926 - 3 days ago
Not Gay Jared!!! You're here for this! Extra 😃❤. The podcast is not the same with out you. You add so much, between me and every one else who will ever see this among all the the members of the show (including Crowder) you're my favourite. Jared dies the best undercover stuff, lol, I love how they gave viewers that inside look. So good. So many topics covered here, as usual. Also, you know I'd love to see Rogan have Jordan Peele on. He's brainy. I don't think he's had him on yet..IDK...haven't seen it posted myself if he has. Rogan's able to keep things alive and go to interesting places with the brainy ones unveiling more and more. It's great when that happens. I mean he seems to be able to interact and places with everyone he has on it so....but I just think Peele would be one of many interesting potential guests.
ryan odonnell
ryan odonnell - 5 days ago
I tried the Walter I wasn’t impressed to be honest.
CLove511 - 9 hours ago
Won a ppk/s in a giveaway, so I didn't get to test it. Took it to an armorer because it kept stovepiping, and he says, "No, it sounds like it's working like normal for a Walther."
ANGRY- GUY - 5 days ago
I miss NotGayJared
unfuckingmaker - 5 days ago
Wait- did buck angel almost kick Joe's ass because he (still, to the day if the interview) couldn't grasp that buck IS a man? He got a sex change to a woman, then switched back to a man.
William Dinkel
William Dinkel - 6 days ago
Its so weird how the more radical one side becomes the more moderate the other becomes. I remember when the evangelical right was the right. Now the right has become the reasonable moderate side and the left has become the crazy intolerant side.
Gloryseeking Spaceman
Gloryseeking Spaceman - 6 days ago
Any idea what happened to not-gay Jared? He's not on the show in 2019 and I dont know why
Ethan Long
Ethan Long - 2 days ago
I’m not 100% sure but I think it had to do with the fact that crowders RUvideos gets demonetized all the time and Jared just had a baby girl and he needed a stable job to support his family.
opienick - 2 days ago
Gloryseeking Spaceman He doesn’t work with Steven anymore. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t on bad terms.
bales - 6 days ago
them: talking about painting in period paint
me: *assuming 'period-paint' is a fancy art term for 'paint from a past period in time' and wondering why that would be controversial
(5min later) me: Wait they WHAT
RaceFan14 - 6 days ago
This whole podcast is brilliant, Joe and Steven are both awesome great content!!
walstib - 6 days ago
Ben shapiro is brillliant, i disagree with 90% of his views, but he is smart
DIVINES LEGACY - 2 days ago
walstib what is the 10% you don’t believe in?
walstib - 6 days ago
I am a denocrat, antifa does not represent us
RockSmith1988 - 3 days ago
@Mike Kyeame I used to , up until 2017 then I took my red pill. I seen how far the left was going and the utter disregard of logic and common sense plus I can't be on the same side as late term abortion and drag queen story time.
Mike Kyeame
Mike Kyeame - 4 days ago
@RockSmith1988 lol ya, if he had said antifa doesn't represent CLASSICAL/TRUE liberalism, or "true" domacrats, then I wouldn't have been able to say anything, becuz that's objective. But saying Democrats I general is pretty subjective cuz alot of people I identify as Democrats 🤷🏿‍♂️
RockSmith1988 - 4 days ago
@Mike Kyeame I hear you
Mike Kyeame
Mike Kyeame - 4 days ago
@RockSmith1988 ohhh lol, no that wasnt my point tho, I'm just saying simply becuz one claimed democrat says antifa doesn't mean that there aren't Democrats that support antifa
RockSmith1988 - 4 days ago
@Mike Kyeame your making it sound like Democrats proudly claim antifa by excluding him and his anti antifa statement
Colby Morris
Colby Morris - 6 days ago
Is wing chung not legit?
Honk Honker
Honk Honker - 6 days ago
Colby Morris jiu-jitsu or kickboxing would be my recommendation friend
Colby Morris
Colby Morris - 6 days ago
@Honk Honker ah i see. So what would be a good martial art to learn for self defense?
Honk Honker
Honk Honker - 6 days ago
Colby Morris wing chun and kung fu in general are useless for self defense. Good exercise though
superman7 - 8 days ago
My aunt was walking behind a car in a gas station parking lot and got hit by a middle easterner backing up. When the cops arrived he told the officers he "identified" as white! The officer said that some are doing that now to try and skew stats! He said they believe some are being told/taught to say that! He also said that they (among other 3 letter agencies) are looking into it!:) Was in Minnesota......!
Allen Morris
Allen Morris - 8 days ago
I would just say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Many ?liberals" are more easily offended than many "conservatives" and the people at youtube just don't want to loose money. The algorithm is looking at views vs complaints (income vs costs) and not much else.
Keke Banks
Keke Banks - 9 days ago
Whoa thank god my parents aren’t progressives I wanted to be rocky at 4yrs old 😆
dsch1znit - 10 days ago
It’s been almost 2 years and YouTube’s policies have gotten worse.
Mister Martinho
Mister Martinho - 11 days ago
Joe's version of Bernie is hilarious LMAO!!
Chrusaster - 12 days ago
im from austria we have around 6 important parties constantly switching, the rightwing has around 2 parties, the left 2 and 2 are quite mixed or in the middle, jordan peterson said that studies show that around 70% of most countries are neutral, switching between parties and just barely tend to right or left, leaving around 14% for right and 14% left and around 2% on both sides being the extremists that you hear screaming all the fucking time.
having the right to choose also means having the right to choose between parties of the same mentality, you guys having just 2 dominating parties is sort of the biggest horror i could imagine, because its not a decision at all, thats why trump got elected.
we had a powerhungry right wing moving towards presidency at one point this year here in austria, making his party grow through the fear of refugees and conservative protection, the left panicking while watching that problem, wich was supported by the facebook/google-algorythm by only showing you the perspective you mostly prefere and finding only people of the same opinion, fapliking the shit out of your obivously "right" sayings, made them egocentric and incapable of discussions, missusing the word "nazi" as excuse for every outspeak on the side of right wings shutting them down and forcing them to grow in silent... not having a platform for debate both sides grew in extremism only seeing black and white and 0 empathie for growth.
it was only luck that a independent group took action and caught him up in a trap filming him and therefore showing how much of a monster he became, so much so that even the right wing had to accept what the leader of their party is (imgaine it as if you would see a movie about trump doing coke with putin talking about how to overfuck the country and giving him ultimate control, thats how serious it was)
the party lost around 10% in this election from around 24 to only 14, while the green left party grew again from under 6% to 16, and the middle half right party the right extremist was in a coalation with getting also more, so much more in fact that the 16% of the left will be enough to get the winnerparty to 51% and them choosing this option is a thing of the future, right now there are negotiations with the parties. the right wing was forced to throw their top men out and right now they need a redefenition of their partie more than ever to survive.
my friends are basically all lefties, while all my workbuddies are right wing, i can handle both sides because of the things i knew from what ive mentioned before i always tried to listen and be neutral, because me seeing the risk of the algorythm and the future the ego of people predicted it was the only good choice left, not to choose at all and try to see the bigger picture, the picture of the best most beneficial way for all of us.
as joe mentioned and im completly on his side about that is that people have to stop using sides based on their character rather than the most potential candidate, right wing, left wing and more then both together the neutral ones need to choose the better over the worse for the sake of all and the sake of being on risk of being wrong, not being capable of knowing everything, wich is sort of a ultimate truth, we are dependent on each other and have to trust into other citizens to specialize where you dont have time to evolve, so that we all together can know everything and every perspective democracy allows us to debate and choose parties based on the present and the future we should know at that point, will come. be selfcritical, be ok with you not knowing shit, be ok with others maybe knowing sth you dont know, fucking listen and adapt, its not that hard, children do it 24/7 showing you, there is no cowardness in not knowing, its the complete opposite its strength and makes you the better person we are all talking about.
i know i dont have a right by saying america what they have to do, but hear me out of this, because we are making new laws about preventing parties getting too much donations by individuals given the natural risk of corrupting them in the end and also making them independend by those people.
i dont see any fucking logic in america funding his parties through donations in the election time, not only reducing their productivity by smearing honey around peoples mouth and especially the ones with the most imact, not letting them do their job for at least a year or two wich is being a fucking leader of the free world and making decisions based on their benefit towards the ultimate goal of making a perfect and fair world for anyone, defending the right and punishing the wrong. cant you people see that by funding your elections you corrupt that whole thing before hes even in the office? why is this not obvious that people spending the biggest sums will ultimatley be in charge of your fucking future wich is guaranteed to be exploited... i just dont get it, i just dont see the good in being in charge only through billionaires you will own everything for winning. if this is not the deal for the devil what else is? wtf america, like really wtf is going through your mind not seeing this, or even worse, seeing it and accepting it.
just make the the funding taxbased (o no new taxes, typicall european thinking, taxes bad mkey) how much will a tax cost you? right now there are just 2 fucking options, 2 parties you have to financially support, if that would cost each of you more than like 0.001% i will eat my balls for gods sake, just prove me wrong because i dont see any other logic in this, i see the same mistakes we do, but also learned from, preventing corruption is the first, easiest and most impactfull step i can come up with.
democracy should only be based on every voice being equal, not creating a system that fails that simple equality of voice is the ultimate hint that something has to frickin change before it gets better and after that start to listen to more parties than just those fucking two, because they gave you more than enough reasons that they failed constantly and always will if you dont take their power back! in the end politicians are representatives you choose being capable of doing the things you dont have time for, you pay them for the sake of them making choices that will benefit your life and in the end benefit the lifes of all and not just benefit the right or left god fucking damnit.
the last time we had only one party over 51% was so long in the past that i wasnt even born, being in charge without the power of 51% means you have to do your fucking job so you can convince others in charge to say youre right... or wrong ... forcing you to be a good person doing a good fucking job you are fucking voted for.
politicians have no power without you supporting it and if the only choice is evil, well stop choosing the fucking devil and search somewhere else!
this is the only choice that will lead to a better life, if you cant overcome your ego, speaking up with the goal to learn rather than forcing your oppinion on others, show people your knowledge and they will show you theirs, but you have to start listening, you have to talk with the goal of making you and others a better human, cant you see how ugly all of this shit has become? how beautifull and potential people go lower than ever before, how much of an asshole you have become because of this? men....
Chrusaster - 12 days ago
you as a parent do not have the right to choose what opinion it will have as a grownup, you as a parent have to give him as much options as possible so he can choose naturally what he wants, if he is right wing, fine, left, fine, goth, raver, boring, introvert, woman, men what the fuck ever you will support it, because the child has the right to find its own fucking future, most people dont even know shit who they are with 18, some even dont know it in their late 20´s and the reason why that is is because you failed your job as a parent giving your child the tools and motivating your child to go the road of life himself, by you choosing for him and not given the options of life, he will be left vulnerable and dependent, you can show him the options, but you never fucking choose for the child, the rebellious teenphase is not just a hormoneapocalypse, its the sign of indepence, ignoring that, not listening to that is the worst you can possibly do.
as jordan peterson said in one of his discussions about the bible (im agnostic btw and dont understand shit about religion) god letting his boy choose his way and therefore his death on the cross shows us that at some point you have to let go, even if that means the risk of loosing him. Parents have to let go at some point and you being scared only means you didnt do your job well enough, by letting him choose based on the options hes aware of, without you being on his back, he will fail more or less a couple times and failure is the biggest teacher of em all, making him either strong or breaking him, because life isnt fair and youve got to be strong to succeed and no strength was ever achieved through dependency.
A B - 12 days ago
Whatever happened with 9/11, the official narrative is not 100% accurate, or by my estimation 80% accurate. Some fuckery was afoot. That should not be a controversial opinion. There was corruption and conspiracy regarding that event, even if we are just talking about building 7. I mean holy shit the way they found some of the passports of the alleged hijackers.
BIRTHDAYFACE046 - 13 days ago
1:04:02 These couple of sentences from Joe, nailed it. Funny af too.
Num47 - 15 days ago
Wrecks Butts lmao jesus christ if that dude aint a troll.
Borussia Doormat
Borussia Doormat - 16 days ago
Bring NotGay Jared back!
Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
Mantis Toboggan, M.D. - 16 days ago
"If you make it passed Noon without aids YOURE ON BORROWED TIME!!" -Stevie
JS M - 17 days ago
Crowders statement on german taxex is complete bullshit.
I never thougt this guy would argue on such a low level.
Gage Chier
Gage Chier - 18 days ago
Wow so much better than the last podcast with Steven 😅
American_Warrior - 18 days ago
No correlation with being smart n being wise
Ultra Instinct AirPods
Ultra Instinct AirPods - 18 days ago
Jamie: it's some channel of a guy dissecting candy while doing weird voices
Me: oh I know who that is
Forsaken EJinator
Forsaken EJinator - 18 days ago
I’m glad that Joe had Steven on again, they ended on a bad note in the last podcast so this was dope
MrMarbledude - 19 days ago
Black ladies have beautiful pink pussies too
Brent E. Lindsey
Brent E. Lindsey - 19 days ago
Cenk is a dipshit.
Riv Villacampa
Riv Villacampa - 20 days ago
i laughed so hard at the bernie sanders impression
beowulfsbane - 20 days ago
This interview is soo much different from the other one I saw with Steven Crowder ..... what happened. ... so aggressive in the other one
Sean Muriel
Sean Muriel - 20 days ago
How is it the left the biggest proponents of coming out of the closet are now putting everyone with an opposing view in the closet
Sean Muriel
Sean Muriel - 20 days ago
How is YouTube going to use other YouTube videos to base or make their opinion on demonetizing your videos🤦🤦
Bearturnedhuman - 21 day ago
I come from 2020, demonization gets worse XD
Bearturnedhuman - 10 days ago
@vehmic whichever is the correct spelling
vehmic - 10 days ago
Bearturnedhuman demonetization or demonization?
synthWizkid - 22 days ago
Crowder seems gay. Change my mind...
Mask the legend
Mask the legend - 22 days ago
Varnce - 22 days ago
I wish Stevens assistant would shut the fuck up
Gordon Rotherham
Gordon Rotherham - 22 days ago
So, Shapiro and Yianopolous hate each other, maybe they're both right?
Dont Matter
Dont Matter - 22 days ago
Get shia labeouf on
BornStellar - 24 days ago
JRE & Gang display their complete lack of Rap music😂
Must've never heard a battle rap in their lives
Viewer - 24 days ago
Joe does an amazing Alex Jones impression
The Rooster
The Rooster - 24 days ago
Jamie and Jared are the same person
Patrick Erwin
Patrick Erwin - 25 days ago
pretty soon us bald guys will all be called nazis because they co-opted the bald thing... =(
colin morey
colin morey - 25 days ago
Poop butt Peener buns woowoo noonoo heads
Damien INSANE-O - 25 days ago
I miss not homsexual Jared....
James Lowrey
James Lowrey - 26 days ago
dude his Milo impression is so good
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson - 26 days ago
i have a song called chocolate covered (strawberries)
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson - 26 days ago
um, black pussy is pink bro
Damien INSANE-O - 25 days ago
Killa Watt
Killa Watt - 27 days ago
Rex Butt has to be the most ridiculous name ever. That's some Bart Simpson calling Moe's level naming.
JLT Yes - Month ago
YouTube staff sounds like everyone has their finger up their nose.
Maid For You Professional House Cleaning
18:00 the gratuitous gore is 100% suggested on my 3yr olds feed. It’s unsettling for sure.
night slash39
night slash39 - Month ago
Getting really addicted to these podcasts great content and love how fluid the conversations are.
E S - Month ago
Joe took some addys to keep up with crowder on this one lol
Clay Page
Clay Page - Month ago
"Rex" means king, as in Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of the dinosaurs. (Feminine form: Regina, as in regicide)
That means the doctor's name is "King Butt."
Clay Page
Clay Page - Month ago
@Al Rath Wow. Never occured to me. I totally missed that.
Al Rath
Al Rath - Month ago
But... rex butt is funnier. As in if you hear it and not read it. Wrecks butt
Brad Bohen
Brad Bohen - Month ago
I'm I subscribed to Crowder & never saw any of his jank impressions. Had to go search it.
Brad Bohen
Brad Bohen - Month ago
They do run yt adds on your channel. It's to try & persuade right to left.
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