5 Foods You're Eating Wrong

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REACT - 4 months ago
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Thanorilla FlexZ
Thanorilla FlexZ - 9 days ago
1:37 sticky from what
Exalted with the Floor
REACT The pineapple isn’t ripe enough.
consistency 14
consistency 14 - Month ago
First and last visit
ghezal fariq
ghezal fariq - 2 months ago
roundish juggler “
PandaPlayz - 2 hours ago
The metal straws 😌✊🏽
Pyryte - 2 hours ago
*Adults over complicating things that are easy to do*
Bianca ppg star
Bianca ppg star - 2 hours ago
why just some hours ago comments?
Jared Orman
Jared Orman - 5 hours ago
"There's no pit" ....
tsukino yukimura
tsukino yukimura - 9 hours ago
Rather use the wrong way to eat
Nick. it
Nick. it - 10 hours ago
It’s the products from the USA not the actual hack XD🤯🤣😂
Zero GT
Zero GT - 11 hours ago
Was there anyone and I mean anyone who was watching that cupcake part hoping the icing was mayonnaise 😂🤔
Also what would you do if the chicken was a leg
Oh Hello There
Oh Hello There - 14 hours ago
I agree with Tori for all of them
Deziree German
Deziree German - 14 hours ago
In school when we have birthdays every one makes a cupcake sandwich
Ay Dree
Ay Dree - 16 hours ago
Anyone else eat strawberries with the leaf🤣 it tastes the same
Nick. it
Nick. it - 10 hours ago
Ay Dree IKR does it really matter?
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez - 18 hours ago
If you a dog preson then don't take off the Bones on the chicken wings
Jasmyin Garrett
Jasmyin Garrett - 20 hours ago
I’ve been doing the cupcake sandwich since grade two
L!M3 - 22 hours ago
FBE Can you explain why I haven't gotten a World Record for watching this video for more than 100 times?
Shelly_ gacha25
Shelly_ gacha25 - Day ago
Did you know there's 5 different ways to eat a banana 🍌
Sebastian Alvy
Sebastian Alvy - 8 hours ago
@Nick. it 1 chop it, 2 eat the wrong way, 3 eat it with cereal, 4 just rip it open wat messy, 5 peel ot from tje bottom thats the right way to eat a banana
Nick. it
Nick. it - 10 hours ago
Tell me brother, I NEED IT
Shelly_ gacha25
Shelly_ gacha25 - 18 hours ago
@The GamingBroYT yes
The GamingBroYT
The GamingBroYT - 19 hours ago
Eva Moulton
Eva Moulton - Day ago
I’ve legit been doing the cupcake life hack sense I was 1......
Maya Fray
Maya Fray - Day ago
i kind of cut everyone with my hands into pieces
Naya Shaaben
Naya Shaaben - Day ago
I mean it's called *straw* berry for a reason..
Elina Thorsson
Elina Thorsson - Day ago
7:40 omg that sound😍
Eliza Burmesch
Eliza Burmesch - Day ago
"But who's gonna eat this at a party?"
Me legit eating it this way at a party, but you can just tear the bottom, not use a knife
Music G
Music G - Day ago
When I was little I thought I invented the cupcake thing
Gabriela Tovar
Gabriela Tovar - 2 days ago
learned the cupcake one in 1st grade
That’s Fine
That’s Fine - Day ago
Everytime someone had a birthday I would do this
Gavin The master
Gavin The master - Day ago
Gabriela Tovar ikr
RieDinBeck - 2 days ago
At this point I don’t know if I’m breathing correctly
Jenny Lorelei
Jenny Lorelei - Day ago
Thanks now I’m aware of my breathing! Damn you!!!!!
Rebecca Collier
Rebecca Collier - 2 days ago
Keep the Toblerone in the box...
katie_nuna - 2 days ago
the pineapple you guys used to try it with wasn't ripe enough y'all xD
Carlo Damaso
Carlo Damaso - 2 days ago
Im here for Tori
Darcy Winsor
Darcy Winsor - 2 days ago
10:19 girl says that she likes the cupcake one because the other ones require utensils. But clearly the cupcake uses utensils and the chicken one doesn’t, the pineapple one doesn’t, the toblerone one doesn’t, 🤔🤔🤔
Robloxian Gamer
Robloxian Gamer - Day ago
Darcy Winsor The strawberry one does tho it requires a long metal pole
Nathan Hardman
Nathan Hardman - 2 days ago
Pineapple has to be too ripe to pull it easy and clean that way.
Victor Cuenca
Victor Cuenca - 2 days ago
A Child
A Child - Day ago
YourDadIsIzzy - 2 days ago
Those pineapples weren't ripe enough. they need to be more yellow almost no green on them at all.
Also the green part of a strawberry is edible so taking it off doesnt make much sense.
OrbitalJaxx - 2 days ago
Me: oh a 4 month old video probably no new comments
Comment section: Eat my comments
Yasir Universe
Yasir Universe - 2 days ago
It’s food you can eat anyway every way is right way as long as you enjoy it
Cindy A
Cindy A - 2 days ago
Trying to complicate things that are really easy to do.
Daisy Veronica
Daisy Veronica - 2 days ago
U still online?
Cindy A
Cindy A - 2 days ago
I think thee cupcake sandwich it's just a (normal) piece of cake
Camryn Love
Camryn Love - 2 days ago
kids at my old school use to do the cupcake thing, i told them be a kid not a grown up
Taylor Duncan
Taylor Duncan - 3 days ago
I love the bone ok
Also cake to frosting ratio is way off
Laners C
Laners C - 3 days ago
*S H U T T H E F R O N T D O O R*
Abbie Reed
Abbie Reed - 3 days ago
I do the cupcake one ALL the time!!!!!!
Monkey King
Monkey King - 3 days ago
Abbie Reed same 😃❤️
Confusion BOMB Studios
Confusion BOMB Studios - 3 days ago
*I A M S H O O K E T H*
Abran Candelas
Abran Candelas - 3 days ago
7:01 look at the straw and the strawberry
Monkey King
Monkey King - 2 days ago
Dëäd Smïlë u don’t get it ?
Dëäd Smïlë
Dëäd Smïlë - 2 days ago
Monkey King
Monkey King - 2 days ago
Gamer RUvideos ikr
Gamer YouTube
Gamer YouTube - 2 days ago
Bruh your jokes are bad 😑😑😑
Monkey King
Monkey King - 3 days ago
Abran Candelas really 😐
Aggelos Poulis
Aggelos Poulis - 3 days ago
celtic3650 - 3 days ago
found this interesting . tho id say if requires more effort then nope lol just eat it own way lol
id have pick last one also . but honestly who says this correct way the people made it ? dont really care be honest
would have agree with chicken just buy boneless chicken
Kiera James
Kiera James - 3 days ago
when the pineapple is allbthe way yellow it's soft enough to peel so if they're still green is not soft enough and it will break off at the ends instead of the whole pineapple piece
Sticky. SlimesSA
Sticky. SlimesSA - 3 days ago
For the pineapple way you were supposed to cut off the crown but go zig zag so they have pieces that actually come off.
Blanketofdeath - 3 days ago
It’s just a new way to get the food into your mouth, there is no WRONG or RIGHT way to eat food
Brendon LAO
Brendon LAO - 3 days ago
I agree
Amora Laura
Amora Laura - 3 days ago
Hey, there person in the comments that's recent too.
Ayanno baby
Ayanno baby - 3 days ago
N9ines9 - 3 days ago
"i just stuff it in my mouth" HONESTLY SAME😭😭
Selena Quintanilla Fan Channel
On the chicken wing video they showed them, I thought it was kinda pointless, ‘cause why do that when you can go just go to any wing places and/or any pizza places and ask for Boneless wings with whatever flavor you want! I’m sorry, but just the chicken wing video is pointless! Not the others but just the chicken wing one!
P.S. I totally freakin’ agree with Tori!!!
oops. gabby
oops. gabby - 3 days ago
"What's the difference!?It's going into your mouth."
I felt that sh*t....(respect)
Hilolahon Mirzaeva
Hilolahon Mirzaeva - 3 days ago
Sameeee tori i dont really like frosting that much i mostly like the cake part like if you agree
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