9 Gilligan's Island Bloopers You Probably DID NOT Notice!

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Melody Jones
Melody Jones - 3 months ago
These are great...I never noticed any of them! Thanks for sharing!!! 🤗👍
Now Valley Diorama
Now Valley Diorama - 2 months ago
I love the line in the episode where they were going to be rescued and needed to pack minimum luggage and Mr Howell says, "That's not a suitcase, that's my wallet!!!
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We noticed. We just didn't have internet to go posting aboit it.
Timothy McCaskey
Timothy McCaskey - 2 months ago
Did you ever see that Gilligan's Island episode where Gilligan screws up the gang's chance of getting rescued? 😉
diadora9292 - 2 months ago
Very cool. One of my all time favorites and I too noticed none of them.
Now Valley Diorama
Now Valley Diorama - 3 months ago
This was my favourite TV show as a kid, I never noticed them either.😊
lostInSpace 1
lostInSpace 1 - 20 hours ago
Theres more .
rick nineg
rick nineg - 19 hours ago
I try to answer and get to as many as possible! I enjoy what I do. Thanks for your support!
lostInSpace 1
lostInSpace 1 - 19 hours ago
@rick nineg yes thank you ..at least you answer I follow this guy from Australia about 10 things you didn't know about the movies and he never answers keep telling him about Arizona Dream maybe you can look at it ..and I'm filling you couse you cool ..
rick nineg
rick nineg - 19 hours ago
Yes, I have already made the Munsters blooper video, you should check it out! More coming soon
lostInSpace 1
lostInSpace 1 - 19 hours ago
@rick nineg check out the Munsters and of course Star trek with captain Kirk..and my favorite Clowns From Outerspace I found all kinds of stuff wrong with it back in the 90s .
rick nineg
rick nineg - 19 hours ago
There’s always more
Narcissist Storytime
I also noticed a lot of bloopers from watching so much. Now I just learned some cool new ones. Thanks for pointing them out.
Mimi - 3 days ago
2nd time to watch this as I have free Prime and CBS all access trial and am enjoying watching Gilligan's Island on here so want to watch for these bloopers. Love this light-hearted series as I did first run.
valerieno eagans
valerieno eagans - 3 days ago
Didn't know Bob Denver was married while playing Gilligan. Or most of the other things. I did notice the bubble machines though.
stalag14 - 7 days ago
This just blew my mind.
Bigfriendly15 - 8 days ago
Would have been harder to catch these in the 60’s with a much fuzzier TV picture.
Carlos C.
Carlos C. - 9 days ago
That shot looks like the famous photo of The Lochness Monster.
Catnews Kawai
Catnews Kawai - 10 days ago
In the one with Harold Hecuba, watch when Hecuba makes his entrance as Hamlet. The stage door falls off behind him but then it's back where it should be.
Ellen McCleve
Ellen McCleve - 11 days ago
what u didnt have a skateboard?
Emil Hartman
Emil Hartman - 11 days ago
Free lunches on the tour. mmm free lunches!!!
Lawrence Welsh
Lawrence Welsh - 13 days ago
Was one of my fav show
Kimberly Clark
Kimberly Clark - 13 days ago
Great observations, I enjoy your videos!
BEANBOY - 15 days ago
I remember seeing one in a episode where they were being held in a bamboo jail type cage and on one shot you could see the wide open top of the jail cell just a few feet above their heads
Al B. Dersame
Al B. Dersame - 15 days ago
First time viewer here, that was really cool. Would have never noticed that. I have a small blooper moment I caught from Married with children. Let me know if you'd like me to send it to you. Although with your keen eye, you've probably already seen and/or posted it. Liked and subscribed
Visual One Studio
Visual One Studio - 15 days ago
How the heck did you catch all these bloopers?? Loved these shows growing up. Glad to see you love it as much as I do, well probably more! Haha
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - 15 days ago
I love blooper shows, I love to see when actors and actress' screw up!
rick nineg
rick nineg - 15 days ago
Me too, super funny!
Papa Greene
Papa Greene - 15 days ago
Some interesting bits here... You must know your Gilligan's Island shot by shot, like I am with the Three Stooges, from seeing every episode dozens or hundreds of times...
Just 1 minor point: These aren't exactly "bloopers" in the sense that the phrase was once used, meaning mistakes, slips of the tongue, loose language etc. made by actors, which should have been "blooped", i.e. censored out, but they missed it, or it was in the midst of a live broadcast or a scene which couldn't be edited, or it was censored or edited out, & now we see the "bloopers", the censored-out mistakes, for laughs or for insight into the movie-making process.
These are mostly mistakes in production, cinematography etc., which I guess are also a kind of bloopers, but the mistakes were made on the other side of the camera.
rick nineg
rick nineg - 15 days ago
Have you seen my Three Stooges videos yet, Papa Greene? You’d enjoy them
JEFF GRENCIK - 17 days ago
Also the "submarine" fills with water when it submerges. you can see denver surrounded by water in the hole his body is in when it dives. you see the hatch also "burp" the air the water is displacing.
Juan Carlos Mora
Juan Carlos Mora - 17 days ago
Just run the goofs goof
Dwayne Kight
Dwayne Kight - 21 day ago
I met Denver in the mall in st pete florida many years ago....he was doing a dinner theater there....very nice unassuming guy
Dwayne Kight
Dwayne Kight - 21 day ago
The S.S Minnow.........actually the S.S. stands for "SAILING SHIP"
It should be MV Minnow and the MV
Also, if you look carefully in the opening credits scene.....far away in the background, you can see a US flag at half mast.
The footage was shot during thepresidential. Kennedy assassination
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins - 12 days ago
geee.....someone watches youtube alot...or you wouldnt have known that...nice try fucktard
Mike Secondo
Mike Secondo - 21 day ago
Did you see the extension cord for the foodlocker....and oh yeh..the a/c unit in the window hut!!
Dusty - 22 days ago
this is great for 8 year olds but really boring for anyone 12 and up
Tyhler Novac
Tyhler Novac - 24 days ago
I always wondered how they kept clean and pressed...... And if they were truly deserted ... why was there other people in general on a reclused Island.. that no one could get to... Lost concepts .. but awesome show to say the least
sam boogy
sam boogy - 24 days ago
marry annis the the truth first wit da bubble in gym shorts aka daizy dukez
Terri Light
Terri Light - 25 days ago
Thank you for these! I had noticed all but the wedding ring on Bob Denver. That was both cool and sweet. When I was a young kid, I loved watching him in both this and Dobie Gillis.
ken ken
ken ken - 26 days ago
Big deal!
MrArtVendelay - 27 days ago
In the early episodes Denver looks more like Maynard G. Krebs than Gilligan to me. Saw Denver on Broadway in Play it Again Sam.
MrArtVendelay - 27 days ago
Nothing in this video about the half mast flag in the harbor. Mourning the death of JFK
rick nineg
rick nineg - 27 days ago
Art Vandalay? George! George Constanza?
daveogarf - 27 days ago
Lawrence Taylor II
Lawrence Taylor II - 28 days ago
Deus Vult. !
Betty Smith
Betty Smith - 29 days ago
You do such an awesome job on these old shows, I was wandering if you could do a video of The Brady Bunch?
Jamie Teems
Jamie Teems - 29 days ago
I am a Huge Fan of Gilligan's Island as well! I grew up watching this show too, as a matter of fact, I would venture to say that I Never Missed an episode! Even though I had seen Every one of them, I would still watch them to this day if it is on & I'm 54 years old! Gilligan's Island is the Perfect Example of Good Ole "Family" TV, and So Much Better than any of the "Trash" that "Plagues" our TV'S today! A few more to mention are; Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke, Dick VanDyke Show, Bonanza, Little House on the Prarie & The Waltons...just to name a few. The "Sexy Outfits" that Ginger wears most episodes were considered "Scandalous" back then, man I Miss those "Good Morals & Values" on TV today! Young People just don't know what they are missing out on, even though they Could watch them on TV Land today, but sadly, they would have to be Hog-Tied for them to watch these types of programs and that's what's wrong with the Youth today, they are not, for the most part, taught/raised with Moral Values, Respect or Compassion for Others. The Youth today is only interested in Themselves & what the World can do for them or what it Owes them! I have personally heard, with my Own ears, Teenagers claim that their own Parents Don't Deserve their Respect, they have to Earn it & that their parents Owe the Teenagers Respect, now if that isn't BassAkwards! I Totally Blame the Parents for not taking the time to raise them with the "Much Needed" Morals & Values that are Necessary to Produce Upright, Compassionate, Self-sustaining, Independent & Trust Worthy Human Beings, like All the Generations before them. I Truely hope that I am Long Gone when this Generation is Running this Beautiful Country that the Past Generations have worked Sooo Hard to Maintain, because they won't know how to, or Care to, solve any Problem Unless it's attached to a Nintendo/X-Box or Smart Phone App that Directly Affects them & their Wallet, even then they'll be Making Mommy & Daddy to Fix it for Them, if they haven't Killed Them yet (sorry, that was in somewhat bad taste, but True alot these days).
Ok, I'm done Ranting & Raving, for Now!
Lloyd Pryor
Lloyd Pryor - Month ago
I'm glad that I don't have a good memory. Fun to watch.
Lymon Lyfft
Lymon Lyfft - Month ago
Skipper gets hit in the gut he goes,, dooooooope!!!
Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter - Month ago
I am a BIG fan too .. I have ALL the DVD's ... and I LOVED this video ... great effort ... all the fans of YOUR channel ... and the show really appreciate it!!!!!!!! :)
rick nineg
rick nineg - Month ago
You are the best, Mike!
angelopetrozzi44 petrozzi
Bloopers...thanks a lot Gilligan
rvarnum - Month ago
Mary Ann, or Ginger?
Brent Slack
Brent Slack - Month ago
He put the skippers brain in Mrs Howell’s body, he put Gilligan in Mr Howell.. just sayin, I’m a big fan too . Lol
Dawna Kern
Dawna Kern - Month ago
I thought bloopers were funny
Victoria Ruiz-Leon
Victoria Ruiz-Leon - Month ago
Sy tu duena
Nick Roberts
Nick Roberts - Month ago
I got to meet Alan Hale Jr at a trade show in Knoxville TN in the 80s. 😎 An RV company had hired him. He was an extremely nice guy !
Charles Robert
Charles Robert - Month ago
I love it when they purposely leave "mistakes" in a show.
Shalmendo Glineux
Shalmendo Glineux - 11 days ago
I think a lot of these are less about leaving the mistakes on purpose, but more like not bothering to reshoot because of budgeting, and 'they'll never notice' type things. Reruns weren't a thing back then, so they didn't consider backwards continuity too much, and minor bloopers were left in because it would cost to reshoot and edit them out. They NEVER considered we might actually be able to freeze-frame and rewind the show like we can today, so we catch a lot of these more often. Although, as a kid I spotted these in real-time even though my parents NEVER BELIEVED me (I guess I had quick eyes or something) and I actually ended up thinking was CRAZY and seeing things that weren't there! (Again, we couldn't pause and rewind stuff). Later, when we got a VHS recorder and started recording things, my family realized I WASNT CRAZY and I could actually spot these things, since my dad had gotten a higher end-one with frame-by-frame advancement. SO VINDICATING!
Michael McLaughlin
Michael McLaughlin - Month ago
The camera person would be the. 8th. Person. Lol
T J - Month ago
668 people don’t like Gilligans Island.....losers.
Heart 2019
Heart 2019 - Month ago
Interesting Thank you !
aped3 - Month ago
Is there any Bloopers in the TV Movies ???
rick nineg
rick nineg - Month ago
I’ll definitely have to check and see
Ryan Swales
Ryan Swales - Month ago
Great video. I grow up watching GI, and about 6 years ago I bought all three seasons to watch them with my son again and again. But never did I notice those bloopers. I’ll have to watch for them and maybe pick up on some more. Thanks.
Apaulo Thegreat
Apaulo Thegreat - Month ago
Hey thanks that was pretty cool video enlighten me there on Gilligan's Island used to watch it back in the day when it was live action I think I'm telling my age
Mike Smith
Mike Smith - Month ago
Well given that back in the day's of yor TV's weren't actually that great in looks. Things looked grainy even with great reception and TV's weren't really that big in screen size as they are today. Lines were mostly along the 525 refresh rate or a little more depending on the station. But to most viewers sitting far away from the screen its most likely these things could easily slipped by. It wasn't until the release of vcr's or other means as with larger screens that people are now able to catch some of the smaller gaffs. Look at how hokey Bewitch is or other shows where you can now see the wires for many of the props used.

But I did enjoy the catches you made now.
Lonnie Beal
Lonnie Beal - Month ago
Also at 5:03 the inside of the "sub" is filled with water, it would have sunk at that point.
Dave Dennis
Dave Dennis - Month ago
I think this is really why the show was a hit is because it was so flotsam and jetsam. It was just good funny comedy and wasn't written as "real".
Tim Bumgarner
Tim Bumgarner - Month ago
I seen one some of them were in a cage and the the camera moved back and there was no backside of the cage Might have been the Japanese episode
huckbone - Month ago
Ha!! Fun stuff. Thanks for showcasing the bloopers without trashing the show, which I also enjoyed a lot growing up. Way too many people on YT love to trash stuff for errors like these. So, well done, sir!
David Evans
David Evans - Month ago
Did you know that the lyrics of "Amazing Grace" can be sung to the tune of the Gilligan"s Island theme song melody ?
Charlie Moskowitz
Charlie Moskowitz - Month ago
Question: In season 2 episode 29 "The Friendly Physician" they have the motor boat and return to he island. Why they didnt go somewhere else?
Charlie Moskowitz
Charlie Moskowitz - Month ago
@rick ninegIn the theme song it was an uncharted island. How on earth did those people know about the island if it was not on any map? Also don't any of the visitors have any conscience to help them off the island? How did they sleep a night?
Charlie Moskowitz
Charlie Moskowitz - Month ago
@rick nineg after reading your answer to me it was lucky they went back for everything since the boat sank.
rick nineg
rick nineg - Month ago
As soon as Gilligan tied it to a tree, boat sank after he In the skipper were talking about how seaworthy it was
Charlie Moskowitz
Charlie Moskowitz - Month ago
@rick nineg I forgot what happened to the boat?
rick nineg
rick nineg - Month ago
They said they wanted to go back to the island to collect their valuables before they left for Hawaii
Marz5004 - Month ago
Thank you for sharing Rick. 👍👍
Brad Watson
Brad Watson - Month ago
I'm pushing 60 - I watched all of these in first-run, and hundreds of times in reruns. I just today consciously noticed all the Laurel & Hardy action going on between Skipper and Gilligan. Skipper's little finger thing... his breaking the fourth-wall in exasperation... Pure L&H, and I never ever saw that before.
Brad Watson
Brad Watson - Month ago
Great call-outs for Vito Scotti! I'm kind of a geek for 60s character actors. And that was the great John MacGiver as the butterfly hunter. His best role (among dozens) was the would-be father-in-law of Laurence Harvey in "The Manchurian Candidate".
Shalmendo Glineux
Shalmendo Glineux - 11 days ago
I've seen MacGiver in a few other shows! like the Dick Van Dyke show, Star Trek (TOS), and The Andy Griffith show, as well as Twilight zone. usually playing smaller bit parts, but it's always a delight to see how well he does each.
William Joseph Micke
William Joseph Micke - Month ago
That was a great show to grow up with (reruns).
Brody McCain
Brody McCain - Month ago
I met Gilligan (Bob Denver) in a Reno Nevada airport years ago.
He was with his family. (I think his mother and sister if I'm not mistaken) I think they were on their way to Honolulu.
He was a nice man. I didnt keep him long, afterall, he was with family in an airport and like the rest of us, needed to catch a flight. But he did stop when I walked up to him, the two ladys smiled, I told him before he could say a word, I said "I realize we're in an airport so I wont keep you, just wanted to say a quick hello, I love all your work and Ive watched every episode of Gilligan's Island. I'm so glad I got to meet you. This is a big thing for me"
He put down his bag, shook my hand and smiled. He asked how I was doing and asked if my day was going well and where I was headed I told him Las Vegas for a company trip and I was meeting my sis. He smiled. We wished each other a good day. I let go of his hand and on our way we went.
Watching Gilligan on tv so many years and then actually standing face to face with him, shaking his hand, saying hello and small chit chat was surreal.
I've watched every episode. I love Gilligan's Island. It was surreal meeting him. Iconic.
Come on man its Gilligan from Gilligan's Island. I mean Gilligan from Gilligan's Island can I say more, and he's shaking my hand, smiling and saying hello to me.
Like I said, surreal. I was like..is this real?
I love Gilligan.
Brody McCain
Brody McCain - Month ago
@Sponge Bob That's funny!!! Maybe? LoL.. but really I did try to make it quick, I mean after being stranded on that Island for so long I'd have felt really bad if I'd have made Gilligan miss his flight and he had to wait for hours for the next one. Omg I would never forgive myself. lol
Brody McCain
Brody McCain - Month ago
@rick nineg oh wow Alan Hale Jr I would've loved to meet him. That would have been surreal too.
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob - Month ago
Brody McCain LMAO it’s kind of ironic that your comment is so long. I wonder if you really did keep him longer than you think.
rick nineg
rick nineg - Month ago
Such a beautiful moment! I wasn’t surprised he stopped and said Hi to you. Such a great man! So was Alan Hale Jr.
Justin Neubauer
Justin Neubauer - Month ago
You must have watched every single episode a hundred times to notice all that.
Joh I'm
Joh I'm - Month ago
More like a thousand, Haha
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - Month ago
Awesome you-all same Story And Funniest Gilligan islands you have Watched. Yours story. Awesome. Some good ones and some funny one more.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - Month ago
All of you and your comments? What Years old and I have watched this TV probably born before you. Joke's.
Yes this movie Funniest Gilligan islands. All you people out there? All you have to do is name it. What so hard about that?.
Ronald Guraliuck
Ronald Guraliuck - Month ago
Good eyes!
Steven Baer
Steven Baer - Month ago
Out of 7 castaways 5 are no longer living but sweet Mary Ann and the sexy red head Ginger are still alive.
Steven Baer
Steven Baer - Month ago
If they put a new episode of Gillian's island with new people. It won't be the same thing and it won't work at all.
Shalmendo Glineux
Shalmendo Glineux - 11 days ago
On the surface, yeah probably not! The cast had a special chemistry, fantastic writers, and a great crew! Something that would be so hard to replicate today. However... They could get lucky and find just the right cast again. I've seen this happen on a couple of occasions. While they can't ever recreate the original magic of the original cast and all, they COULD potentially create a new kind of magic in the remake, but they'd have to be pretty open minded to that, and so would the audience. A few times this has worked out, and the new and original shows have kind of taken different paths through their runs, so the new show ended up being a more 'refreshed' take on the premise of the original. (This however did not work out for the Munster remake...they turned Herman into a blithering adult child which completely ruined his character. I still don't know how they took 'spoiled child' out of herman's original portrayal! The Original Herman did have a couple of little mini upsets but he was an incredible father, and often quite a responsible patriarch) Moral here is, it's rare to be able to reboot a show and have it be as wonderful as the original, or wonderful in it's own particular way, but SOMETIMES it can work out! It's just sad it's so rare. I'm sure many shows could benefit from reboots today, with modernized themes and placement in time (like today's years), and I've love to see more shows rebooted this way, but sadly that magic fails more often then not and it leaves many dissatisfied. It's really too bad they can't seem to get it right!
Jeff Goodman
Jeff Goodman - Month ago
Get a life bro!! This video hurt my brain!! How OCD are you?
rick nineg
rick nineg - Month ago
Just enough
Heather Spoonheim
Heather Spoonheim - Month ago
Episode 28!? Wow, those actors had to really work for their money. These days you would be lucky to see episode 14 of a season - or in the UK episode 7, lol.
Trevor Keen
Trevor Keen - Month ago
The biggest blooper was Mr. Howell bringing tens of thousands in cash on a three-hour boat ride.
(Also, the past tense of 'to seek' is 'sought', not 'seeked'.)
john munk
john munk - Month ago
Real nice...almost as much fun as watching an episode! You must have watched all the episodes in slow motion to see what you could pick out to find those "bloopers" as we didn't have DVRs or even VCRs back then and who would have ever noticed those things? Especially with Ginger and Maryanne obscuring all the flaws.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson - Month ago
Good job
jdotpenneyatcomputer - Month ago
Please, please, please, please, PLEASE STOP with the "what's up guys" - just PLEASE pick another way to start videos, PLEASE
Morgan Calvi
Morgan Calvi - Month ago
I have seen each episode I don't know how many times...and consider myself quite observant...and I didn't catch these!
Gus Goose
Gus Goose - Month ago
Shows you how inventive the writers were... amazing ideas lol.
Radioactive seeds!
Mike Baugus
Mike Baugus - Month ago
So do you think that Ginger got it regular............from.....that’s many guys in several years.........of being.....there....on that’s islands.....I doubt very serious if Gillian’s was a Virgin....when he left the island
Randy Maynard
Randy Maynard - Month ago
"Winning Gilligan as a houseboy is the same as losing."
invrecT - 2 months ago
Fun to watch - Thanks!
Genevee Nash
Genevee Nash - 2 months ago
Willie J Masiero
Willie J Masiero - 2 months ago
given they were made in the 60's I think there is no question of bloopers, how ever there was no photo shop or computers as such, a classic comedy from my youth in the 60's lol
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson - 2 months ago
I appreciate bloopers. My dad used to look for them and so do I. I thought when I was a kid I was going to be a scientist because I had the same name as the actor that played the professor. Instead I'm a music teacher.
Ron Silvia
Ron Silvia - 2 months ago
Iconic show will be loved for infinity ✌✌✌👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘
GoldTopSlinger - 2 months ago
That was fun. Thanks for making this.
I wonder if there's something like this for Dark Shadows, which definitely holds the record for live bloopers.
Book Steer
Book Steer - 2 months ago
" Me watcha John Wayne pitcha! "
David Rief
David Rief - 2 months ago
i have seen alot of your vids but no bloopers just alot of crappy talking
Johnnyboy792 - 2 months ago
Pretty Cool Rick thanks !!!
superfly guitarguy
superfly guitarguy - 2 months ago
Check out season 2 episode 11, Chain Of Command. Gilligan is wearing the Skipper's hat, he falls off the cliff and it shows him hanging onto a branch wearing his own hat.
Me Meagain
Me Meagain - 2 months ago
you forgot one. why did the Howell's have so much luggage for a 3 hour tour?
Sandra Napier
Sandra Napier - 2 months ago
carrychris2010 - 2 months ago
Cool! Thanks for creating and posting this!
TruthSeeker - 2 months ago
It's amazing what some people will bring onto a boat for only a "three hour tour".
COUNTRY COWGIRL - 2 months ago
Oh how this brings back the best days of my life when i was a kid. Thank you for taking me down memory lane. Days when times were simple. As kids we just wanted them to get rescued. We fell in love with all of them. Thank you again
Cynthia burns
Cynthia burns - 2 months ago
The only blooper that I saw was the blowing bubbles one!! You sure have a great eye to see the other ones.
Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia - 2 months ago
Please bring Gillian's island on tvland !! Big big fan here ! Love it !
Wayne Cameron
Wayne Cameron - 2 months ago
You claim that you LOVED Gilligan's Island? You're kidding. I was about 15 when the show first came out, and I understood it to be lame as hell from the first episode.
rickhorvath - 2 months ago
If you're a fan of F-Troop, I could tell you a much of bloopers - well, they were actually worked into the show but no one might have noticed, unless you could stop the tape to catch it!
ohmygod - 2 months ago
you need a life bud..
EF ANDMK - 2 months ago
My rerun watching these days (with all the new programming available these days with pay TV) is limited to selected episodes of I Love Lucy, Bewitched (the Dick York episodes) and selected episodes of about a dozen other series. For example there are a few episodes of Golden Girls, Designing Women, Seinfeld, The X Files, and The Simpsons that are priceless. When I see these series on the schedule, I check to see what episode is playing.
EF ANDMK - 2 months ago
Actually, Gilligan's Island was produced at the Universal Studios lot. Not at CBS. Just like Roseanne was not produced at ABC, but at CBS. Everyone in Hollywood shares their resources. You save money by not reinventing the wheel. I've been there. The Lagoon in Gilligan's Island, was the Pacific Ocean in McHale's Navy, and the swamp where Norman Bates disposed of Marion Crane's body in "Psycho" etc. etc. Universal studios in Hollywood is a fascinating place. Everyone should go once.
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