9 Gilligan's Island Bloopers You Probably DID NOT Notice!

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Melody Jones
Melody Jones - Month ago
These are great...I never noticed any of them! Thanks for sharing!!! 🤗👍
Now Valley Diorama
Now Valley Diorama - 9 days ago
I love the line in the episode where they were going to be rescued and needed to pack minimum luggage and Mr Howell says, "That's not a suitcase, that's my wallet!!!
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We noticed. We just didn't have internet to go posting aboit it.
Timothy McCaskey
Timothy McCaskey - 16 days ago
Did you ever see that Gilligan's Island episode where Gilligan screws up the gang's chance of getting rescued? 😉
diadora9292 - 26 days ago
Very cool. One of my all time favorites and I too noticed none of them.
Now Valley Diorama
Now Valley Diorama - Month ago
This was my favourite TV show as a kid, I never noticed them either.😊
invrecT - 29 minutes ago
Fun to watch - Thanks!
Genevee Nash
Genevee Nash - 33 minutes ago
Willie J Masiero
Willie J Masiero - 6 hours ago
given they were made in the 60's I think there is no question of bloopers, how ever there was no photo shop or computers as such, a classic comedy from my youth in the 60's lol
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson - 21 hour ago
I appreciate bloopers. My dad used to look for them and so do I. I thought when I was a kid I was going to be a scientist because I had the same name as the actor that played the professor. Instead I'm a music teacher.
Ron Silvia
Ron Silvia - Day ago
Iconic show will be loved for infinity ✌✌✌👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘
GoldTopSlinger - Day ago
That was fun. Thanks for making this.
I wonder if there's something like this for Dark Shadows, which definitely holds the record for live bloopers.
Book Steer
Book Steer - Day ago
" Me watcha John Wayne pitcha! "
David Rief
David Rief - Day ago
i have seen alot of your vids but no bloopers just alot of crappy talking
Johnnyboy792 - Day ago
Pretty Cool Rick thanks !!!
superfly guitarguy
superfly guitarguy - 2 days ago
Check out season 2 episode 11, Chain Of Command. Gilligan is wearing the Skipper's hat, he falls off the cliff and it shows him hanging onto a branch wearing his own hat.
Me Meagain
Me Meagain - 2 days ago
you forgot one. why did the Howell's have so much luggage for a 3 hour tour?
Sandra Napier
Sandra Napier - 2 days ago
carrychris2010 - 2 days ago
Cool! Thanks for creating and posting this!
TruthSeeker - 3 days ago
It's amazing what some people will bring onto a boat for only a "three hour tour".
COUNTRY COWGIRL - 3 days ago
Oh how this brings back the best days of my life when i was a kid. Thank you for taking me down memory lane. Days when times were simple. As kids we just wanted them to get rescued. We fell in love with all of them. Thank you again
Cynthia burns
Cynthia burns - 3 days ago
The only blooper that I saw was the blowing bubbles one!! You sure have a great eye to see the other ones.
Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia - 3 days ago
Please bring Gillian's island on tvland !! Big big fan here ! Love it !
Wayne Cameron
Wayne Cameron - 3 days ago
You claim that you LOVED Gilligan's Island? You're kidding. I was about 15 when the show first came out, and I understood it to be lame as hell from the first episode.
rickhorvath - 3 days ago
If you're a fan of F-Troop, I could tell you a much of bloopers - well, they were actually worked into the show but no one might have noticed, unless you could stop the tape to catch it!
ohmygod - 4 days ago
you need a life bud..
EF ANDMK - 4 days ago
My rerun watching these days (with all the new programming available these days with pay TV) is limited to selected episodes of I Love Lucy, Bewitched (the Dick York episodes) and selected episodes of about a dozen other series. For example there are a few episodes of Golden Girls, Designing Women, Seinfeld, The X Files, and The Simpsons that are priceless. When I see these series on the schedule, I check to see what episode is playing.
EF ANDMK - 4 days ago
Actually, Gilligan's Island was produced at the Universal Studios lot. Not at CBS. Just like Roseanne was not produced at ABC, but at CBS. Everyone in Hollywood shares their resources. You save money by not reinventing the wheel. I've been there. The Lagoon in Gilligan's Island, was the Pacific Ocean in McHale's Navy, and the swamp where Norman Bates disposed of Marion Crane's body in "Psycho" etc. etc. Universal studios in Hollywood is a fascinating place. Everyone should go once.
atty garland
atty garland - 4 days ago
Dude, you spend WAY too much time watching the episodes, and that is coming from a die-hard G.I. fan .. :-D One thing I always thought was a "blooper", but really a non-sequitur, about the theme song: why do the lyrics say that, "the mate was a mighty sailing man, the skipper brave and sure"? Seems like it should be the other way around to make sense -- Skipper was the mighty sailor, and his helper/first-mate (Gilligan) was brave and "sure" (i.e. reliable) .. But since it's "Gilligan's Island" and not "Skipper's Island", that's why they gave Gilligan first credit/mention in the theme song ..
Julie Johnson
Julie Johnson - 4 days ago
Good job, Rick!
Derek Leaberry
Derek Leaberry - 4 days ago
Who smoked the pot and where?
worken360 - 5 days ago
I really like the sound effects of music that was used in this great TV series.
Anthony Stordahl
Anthony Stordahl - 5 days ago
I remember an episode where Ginger was exiting a cave and in a low cut dress and made quite a showing! The scene was cut in later year....boooo.
mitch davis
mitch davis - 6 days ago
maybe 1 person fell off the boat and drowned
Dadvice TV - Kidney Health Coach
I never noticed any of those - great finds!
TheObservationlounge - 6 days ago
These are actually *_'Goofs'._* A 'Blooper' has come to mean when actors flub their lines in hillarious ways, or when props fail during taping,or the planed action goes wrong in a comedic way. I was expecting to see _that,_ clips of the show's outakes and such. You pointed out some great goofs from the show, though.
TurboMountTV - 6 days ago
Maryanne in stocks and Ginger on a stretch rack.... I'd never leave the island.
Mitch - 4 days ago
They could have just replayed the clip at 2:04 over and over and had a huge audience.
Joy Smith
Joy Smith - 6 days ago
Biggest blooper would be how the passengers, who had only set sail for a "three hour tour," had plenty of clothes to wear in each episode. Who packs clothes for a boat tour?
rick nineg
rick nineg - 6 days ago
Main entire video explaining this and their and “unlimited” clothes
Smokeweed Everyday
Smokeweed Everyday - 7 days ago
I never noticed them because I never watched the show
Von Musklaus
Von Musklaus - 8 days ago
I read once that Gilligan's Island was a free agent for writing. Anyone could write a story and send it in , if they liked it , they used it. I don't know if it's true or not?
Michael Mace
Michael Mace - 8 days ago
You could see the submarine was full of water as well.
Michael Mace
Michael Mace - 8 days ago
At 2:02 mark looks like Ginger is suffering from a little case of "Pokey Nipple itus"
Silly Puppy
Silly Puppy - 8 days ago
The biggest Blooper of Gilligan's Island? How everybody on the island had a full wardrobe of clothes, shoes and accessories even though they were on a three hour tour! 😄😂
rick nineg
rick nineg - 8 days ago
I made a video explaining this and answering it. Check it out!
Omar Andres
Omar Andres - 8 days ago
Dude how old are you
You sound so young but only cover old shows
Mike M
Mike M - 8 days ago
Holy Moly....Ginger @ 2 minute mark! Grrrrrrrrr!
DVincentW - 8 days ago
the actor who was the butter fly guy was also the religious freak in Midnight Cowboy. John McGiver.
PCEntertainment2 - 8 days ago
just skip the banter to the 0:45 sec part to get started
rick nineg
rick nineg - 8 days ago
Relax and smile
tj troy
tj troy - 9 days ago
I loved seeing the bloopers. Gilligan's Island was one of my favorite shows growing up. The theme song is permanently etched into my mind and at times I find myself whistling it even today. Great job.
John Collins
John Collins - 9 days ago
I watched it on color for the first time in 1978. It was all black and white before that because color TV's were expensive.
Katherine's Corner
Katherine's Corner - 9 days ago
Thanks for making this video! I love this show as well as Hogan's Heroes. In the Pass the vegetables please episode of GI Gilligan says he loves spinach then in a different episode (can't remember the name right now) he says he hates spinach. They don't make good, clean, funny shows anymore.
DAVID BADGLEY - 9 days ago
Almost from the beginning I tried to figure the chemistry of one of the great 'bad' TV shows of all time and EUREKA! Laurel & Hardy! Right down to Olly looking into the camera with a wry grin after Stan does something stupid. (When, if ever, is the last time you used "wry"? It's my first!)
David Charles
David Charles - 2 days ago
Ham on wry -- my favorite!
Malcolm BIGG
Malcolm BIGG - 9 days ago
These are continuity issues rather than bloopers...
Eric Gardner
Eric Gardner - 9 days ago
How did they come up with the name for their boat, the 'SS MINNOW"? I know, but I don't want to ruin it for others who don't know.
Hank Dagmar
Hank Dagmar - 9 days ago
Wow, you have way too much time on your hands!
rick nineg
rick nineg - 9 days ago
Hank Dagmar thanks for watching!
Alpha Ruxpin
Alpha Ruxpin - 9 days ago
At 5:06 you can see water sloshing around inside the sub. I don't think that is how it works.
Glenn Sankey
Glenn Sankey - 9 days ago
Gilligans Island, I Dream of Genie,
Bewitched, My favourite Martin, Mr Ed, Family Affair, Munsters,
So many more great entertainment quality shows.
Larry Schneider
Larry Schneider - 10 days ago
The episode where you see buildings in the background of the lagoon wasn't filmed on a set. It's an actual island ( the one they show at the beginning of the show) located in Kaneohe Bay on Oahu. Island now administered by the University of Hawaii. I lived there for a few years and we pulled our boat into the lagoon many times.
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston - 10 days ago
They did pretty good in the day for the special effects though.
barrie22 - 10 days ago
Considering i didn't know what a blooper was when i watched this show. Pretty sure its a good chance i didn't notice them.
David Shields
David Shields - 10 days ago
I love that show Thanks
hawaiigary - 10 days ago
In the opening of each show when they are in the Marina, it's supposed to be Hawaii but it's so easy to tell it was really filmed in California just by looking at the kind of Palms that are in the background. They are the Washingtonia fan palms which are so common in California and there's no Coconut palms at all.
cathy s
cathy s - 10 days ago
I had not noticed any of the bloopers before! LOL Especially the divers in the sub shot.
MegaJohnhammond - 10 days ago
Maryann could blow bubbles with my sperm anytime
Carl Maltzman
Carl Maltzman - 11 days ago
The extra people were lost at sea. No mystery there.
Tony Schmood
Tony Schmood - 11 days ago
Wow dude it was Gilligan's mind in mr. Wholes body not misses lol
HansDelbruck53 - 11 days ago
Silly as it was, I loved Gilligan's Island growing up.
But the narrator of this video is very annoying to listen to. I suggest 1.5x or 1.75x speed on the playback.
melissa saint
melissa saint - 12 days ago
THIS is fandom, wow!
Elroy Jetson
Elroy Jetson - 12 days ago
Anyone/everyone notice the tour incentive hiding in plain sight? I write fun little quizzes based on this show for fun sometimes. On the sign the skipper leans against advertisintg the tour in the beginning credits, you can see plainly "Exotic Trip - Free Lunches". I wonder what the lunch was, who prepared it, and which persons selected this tour based on this incentive. Oh, and the answer to the Mary-Ann or Ginger question, is BOTH. What else are you going to do stranded on a deserted island with two beautiful creatures such as these? There ya go.
strfltcmnd. - 12 days ago
maryann is still good looking today.
George Romero
George Romero - 12 days ago
Hi loved the video there was one blooper not in here. In the episode where Gilligan takes over as captain he's walking backwards with the Skipper's hat on but when he falls off tne cliff, he's hanging on a limb witg his hat on
Daryl Wilson
Daryl Wilson - 12 days ago
There were a lot of gaffs and goofs on the show. My buddy, Bob D'Arcy, was very close friends with Bob Denver and was, in fact, his stand-in and also played the robot in the episode, "Gilligan's Living Doll". Bob said that at the end of each season, they would have a party and play reels of all the gaffs and goofs from that season. Bob is 86 years of age now (as of February 2019) and is active on the Gilligan fan pages on Facebook. Thanks for sharing this funny video.
Ken D
Ken D - 13 days ago
2:02 IN MY DREAMS maybe hahahaha
OH_I _Will
OH_I _Will - 13 days ago
Very keen eye...interesting.
Wouldn't these stills be Continuity Errors as opposed to bloopers...
Jill Cyranowski
Jill Cyranowski - 13 days ago
I loved this show! Thanks for the post!
Juan A
Juan A - 14 days ago
Wow, I too watched all episodes like 5 times each, but to examine SOOOOOO Closely???? Hmmmmmm
Ken Kramer
Ken Kramer - 14 days ago
Interesting...and fun.
undefined what
undefined what - 14 days ago
Nice vid. Appreciate the effort.
J Adamoski
J Adamoski - 14 days ago
i saw in a documentary that the “lagoon” became rancid and Bob and Alan refused to go in... and would only go in if the “suits” jumped in first.
Dave G
Dave G - 14 days ago
So are you saying that Gilligan Island wasn't real ????
Jim Dillard
Jim Dillard - 14 days ago
I enjoy watching Merry ann and Grinder
C. Kinchman
C. Kinchman - 15 days ago
You know, I haven't had a bath in forty years.
kidcharlemagne76 - 12 days ago
We know.
Shane S
Shane S - 15 days ago
I was privileged enough to be able to speak with Dawn Wells several times on the phone at the office I worked at in the early 2000's. While I was 100% professional, of course.... Everytime she called, in my head, I was screaming "Ahhhh! I'm talking to Mary Ann!!!!" (Grew up watching Gilligan's Island every weekday after school.)
C. Kinchman
C. Kinchman - 14 days ago
Give me Dawn's phone number and I'll owe you one.
Tim Roth
Tim Roth - 15 days ago
This video misses the biggest blooper of all on Gilligan's Island. The boat we see in the middle of the storm ('the ocean started getting rough...') is a completely different boat from the one leaving Honolulu, or the one wrecked on the island. The most obvious difference is the lack of a fly bridge (although cuts to Gilligan and Skipper piloting the boat through the storm show them on the fly bridge).
David Marsden
David Marsden - 16 days ago
"Pass the Vegetables, Please" - one of my all-time favourites! (along with the one with the active volcano). :-D
L Moore
L Moore - 16 days ago
I really enjoy your videos about Gilligans island. Where would we be without great shows like Gilligan, Brady Bunch, Munsters and the Adams family. Please do more of them because they are great to watch. Thank you Rick.
Chelynne Nicole
Chelynne Nicole - 16 days ago
How fun! I did notice the ring when I watched on tv. :)
Susan B
Susan B - 16 days ago
Dude! How big is your tv? Lol!
hatednyc - 16 days ago
So they could’ve simply walked past the tree line and found Buildings?! Civilization was just on the horizon! (If you can call Hollywood Civilization!)
Tin Man
Tin Man - 16 days ago
WHAT?? They weren't all in color? Only the "rich" families I knew back then had color TVs so that first season I wasn't missing out after all!
JOEMAMMADRINK40Z - 16 days ago
who ya callin colored cracker?
Joe Manzo
Joe Manzo - 17 days ago
Those were pretty good! The only one I knew about was the buildings being in the shot of them in the lagoon. Great video!
Ron Viens
Ron Viens - 17 days ago
This whole show was a blooper.... Where did the shipwrecked cast of the show come up with all those ammenities during each episode? They couldn't have brought all that stuff ( changes of clothes, Etc. ) on that boat!
rick nineg
rick nineg - 17 days ago
I made an entire video answering these type of questions. I uploaded it recently. Check it out!
Dale Q
Dale Q - 17 days ago
@rick nineg I guess I’m not to observant cause I was born before Gilligan’s island and have watched them multiple times and not one of those bloopers did I even catch...with the eating soap and watching bubbles I did notice that the bubbles were coming from the left side of Gilligan’s mouth but never caught the actual bubble machines...even your I Love Lucy bloopers I didn’t catch theirs either...now when I watch those old sitcoms like Hazel, leave it to beaver etc I try to detect any bloopers...makes it that much more enjoyable to watch also...hey rick did you catch these bloopers or was shown them?
82accs - 17 days ago
Comment from Jeff: I think you mean "uncharted" and not "unchartered".
Yup, a blooper in a blooper video! 
But great stuff anyway! Like others commented before, we never had the luxury of pause and rewind when these old shows first aired. Now we get to have fun picking out the things we missed on regular TV even after watching the same reruns for years....
Tardisius - 17 days ago
"And the Rest"....=))
altha 2014
altha 2014 - 17 days ago
Did you know that Gilligan island was in the Atlantic not Pacific,
Jeff C
Jeff C - 17 days ago
4:02 I think you mean "uncharted" and not "unchartered".
Robert Goranson
Robert Goranson - 14 days ago
Nice blooper there.
Maby the other people on the boat drowned.
poop face
poop face - 17 days ago
Stfu and show the bloopers!!
rick nineg
rick nineg - 17 days ago
Relax and smile buddy
HEK 293
HEK 293 - 18 days ago
I use to watch giligans island just to see Tina Louise. Meow! Dawn wells? Blah!
James  Hayes
James Hayes - 16 days ago
Tina Louise would have bleed you dry if you dated her back than...too high maintenance.
Ranger11413 - 18 days ago
Greg Quinn
Greg Quinn - 18 days ago
This was great, thanks.
12th man
12th man - 18 days ago
Good eye.
Lance White
Lance White - 18 days ago
I never saw these, I was too busy enjoying watching the show
shananagans5 - 18 days ago
I like finding little things like that. Back in the 90's my friend moved to CA for several years and ended up working for an editing house. Part of his job was to look for continuity errors. After he had that job you couldn't watch a movie without him pointing out stuff. Apparently, depending on the budget of the movie, how many takes they have, how easy, or hard it would be to fix something all goes into the decision on how, or if they will fix something.
I was surprised to find out they intentionally let some things slide but, It does make sense.
The average movie going public won't even notice most little things. I didn't even think about things like that before my friend actually had a job looking for that kind of thing and, no doubt, I still enjoy movies and don't even notice 99% of minor errors.
Ron H.
Ron H. - 18 days ago
Fascinating...just fascinating. No, really you lost me when you said you were a huge fan of Gilligan's Island.
Ron H.
Ron H. - 17 days ago
Yeah. That says A LOT about you.
rick nineg
rick nineg - 17 days ago
That is interesting because it is now the reverse for me. I love Gilligans island before and I love it now. I used to watch the Andy Griffith show and now I can’t watch three minutes of it.
Ron H.
Ron H. - 17 days ago
Lol I was when I was young, in the 70's, I did. Now, I can't watch it, or, The Munsters, I Dream of Jeanie, Leave it to Beaver, etc, etc, for more than a few minutes. The Andy Griffith show, however, stands up well. I can watch those over, and over.
rick nineg
rick nineg - 18 days ago
I take it you are no fan of the show?
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