CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer #2 - (2019)

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SupraNova - 18 minutes ago
1:05 whatever that sound effect is, its hella catchy
Santi Mendoza
Santi Mendoza - Hour ago
Wtf chucky is now...¿pretty?
Pasquali Lebowitz
Pasquali Lebowitz - Hour ago
Glad to know I'm not the only one that hates how this looks.
Literally the only thing decent about this is that Mark Hamill does a pretty good Brad Dourif impression. That's it. Nothing else about this trailer adds up, and it certainly doesn't have the Chucky feel the other movies had. And what's with the glamour photo shoot make over they gave Chucky? What's up with the home system? How the fuck does it apply to chucky? Why is Andy in his preteen years at the least and still playing with dolls? Don't even get me started with the wide angle lense they used to show Chucky's point of view. Oh, and what about Chucky's story? Did they scrap that for some irobot type of shit? This whole thing is wrong. If you're gonna remake a movie to take place in modern day, do it properly.
Villain Ville
Villain Ville - Hour ago
The real chucky somewhere shaking his fuckin head at this
Villain Ville
Villain Ville - Hour ago
I’ll wait for this wAck piece of trash to come out on Netflix, that don’t even look like the real chucky smh this generation gets worse and worse
Whitevaliantwarrior - Hour ago
They must be pretty desperate when I got to remake this movie😂😵😲😨😬😂!!
Lamar Baker
Lamar Baker - Hour ago
Damn u ppl haven't even seen the doll do anything yet and u already crying...listen chucky had to change eventually its not for us in our 30s or 40s its for the new generation...let them have THEIR chucky we had ours and it was awesome...Hell we didn't even know how scary chucky was in the original movie till we ACTUALLY saw the movie...i think this will be great for a new generation.
Jeremy Hicks
Jeremy Hicks - Hour ago
Looks kind of corny but the it reminds me because of the techno version of Chucky it's now more Sci Fi than just horror.
YaGoonie !
YaGoonie ! - Hour ago
Gonna be just as stupid as the Pet Sematary remake was
roxy dmnds
roxy dmnds - Hour ago
he looks wack
Hurts Publishing
Hurts Publishing - Hour ago
Oh shooky shooky now. I got to watch this
Xande Music
Xande Music - 2 hours ago
Do they really have to have a gang of kids in this remake?
FiGsigARTS - 2 hours ago
Millions of dollars wasted that could have helped the homeless in San Francisco
FiGsigARTS - 2 hours ago
Looks terrible
Juan Jose Bernardino Ortiz
I like the old one better it is just the same like "it" i didn't like the new one
Meicy Oliver
Meicy Oliver - 2 hours ago
Damn I can’t lie he really fuckin em up in this movie 🤣🤣
Dspazzer - 2 hours ago
Who is that
shoosh _god
shoosh _god - 2 hours ago
Andy should be with woody not chuckie
Johnny Moore
Johnny Moore - 2 hours ago
Kenneth was Chucky for Halloween
BigMarkDaDon - 2 hours ago
Man y’all got to do better 🤦🏾‍♂️ movie look like it’s gonna be hot garbage 😴
shivani_with_an _i
shivani_with_an _i - 2 hours ago
Chucky is a TOY?! That's what they said about ANNABELLE!
Gameing girls
Gameing girls - 3 hours ago
B M-Y - 3 hours ago
Make some NEW movies. Leave the classics alone. I'm not gonna watch this.
CHI Nation
CHI Nation - 3 hours ago
Well this movie is gonna flop
scarceghost - 3 hours ago
Something tells me the theme is going to be another Technology=Bad story
hozay 98
hozay 98 - 3 hours ago
Time to Play 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 can’t wait
Madeenah Hashimi
Madeenah Hashimi - 3 hours ago
Crazy Joe Davola
Crazy Joe Davola - 4 hours ago
I'm not trying to see a cgi version of Chucky. I don't know if that's true, I'm just assuming it is....everything sucks now
Evan Choi
Evan Choi - 4 hours ago
Imagine this movie was G rated and all the kids came to watch this
D Goody
D Goody - 4 hours ago
God can they ever have original ideas anymore?
Juju N
Juju N - 5 hours ago
They still sell dolls? Arent phones the new dolls?
Kristopher Watson
Kristopher Watson - 5 hours ago
So they created a different timeline this movie. Instead of just picking up where cult of Chucky left off. Why tf would they do that. This is gonna be a terrible movie
WizardCatGaming - 6 hours ago
I am 10 and I have never watched a horror movie in my life. When I am thirteen I WILL watch this.
chris ambriz
chris ambriz - 6 hours ago
Chucky won’t b the same without brad dourif
BreakYourself - 6 hours ago
Hollowood is dying a slow beautiful death... it’s wonderful to witness firsthand...🤣🤣🤣
J Luns
J Luns - 4 hours ago
audience:MAKE ORIGINAL FILMS HOLLYWOOD Hollywood:(makes original film) audience:(nobody sees it)
No one and nothing
No one and nothing - 7 hours ago
People always say the prefer the old movies, come on people, we are now in the 21st century, everything is changing all the time, stop being so old-fashioned, "the movies now aren't so good" bla bla bla, stop being in the past, enjoy what u have now!
Bear _Teddy
Bear _Teddy - 7 hours ago
Panda flufity
Panda flufity - 7 hours ago
😥they fucked up chuck.
Mr.VenusOfficial - 8 hours ago
Buddi vs chucky haha
ninqi ogagun
ninqi ogagun - 8 hours ago
They need to have sequels of the first ever chucky to now. Like the woman who plays in the first one tries to help the woman kill chucky or something like that
Maddy Flores
Maddy Flores - 9 hours ago
Jigoku Shojo
Jigoku Shojo - 9 hours ago
I'm 52. The Stephen King/Clive Barker/slasher flick generation. Grew up loving horror novels and movies insanely; still do. I HATE remakes/reboots/retcons of classic horror, with very few exceptions. (Halloween by Rob Zombie is a good example, I liked his backstory for Michael.) I feel like this one is going to be good if it does well with the integration of current tech. I'm thinking of second gen Furbies with knives and Alexa. Then again, they could make it too plastic-y and it'll suck.
Jazmine G
Jazmine G - 9 hours ago
Why Chucky sound like spongebob at the end 😂
babysauria23 Romero
babysauria23 Romero - 10 hours ago
Copia barata de chuky esta mejor chuky
Hot Dogs Pet Styling
Hot Dogs Pet Styling - 10 hours ago
When will they learn that changing how the main character looks ruins most of the movie 😤🙄😑😡
WOLFLOVERGAMING365 - 10 hours ago
Chucky: *comes back again*
Me and my big sis: aww shoot here we go again
Gloria Tedford
Gloria Tedford - 11 hours ago
New movies sucks it's not we same you grow out of it
Jordyn Miles
Jordyn Miles - 11 hours ago
This movie is going to do horrible in the box office.
Adrian Castañeda
Adrian Castañeda - 11 hours ago
I have never been able to make that sound when I pick up my kitchen knife
KithKatheana R
KithKatheana R - 12 hours ago
Chucky looks like he had a plastic surgery here. 🤔
Ngaihawmi Ralte
Ngaihawmi Ralte - 12 hours ago
Can't wait 😍😍
Izaya30 - 12 hours ago
why is chucky showen as a saw character here? I always seen him as a chainsaw massacre kinda guy, the cgi aint helpin either they should of stuck with the robotics...
DyersEve - 13 hours ago
I'm sorry but a "Child's Play" film that has NO Brad Dourif is NOT "Child's Play." Brad Dourif's performance as Chucky is so iconic and will never be able to be topped or matched by anyone. Not even Mark Hamill. Oh, and Chucky's new design is atrocious. It makes Sonic look like a damn masterpiece.
Aaron Lyons
Aaron Lyons - 14 hours ago
Chucky looks like he's had plastic surgery on he's face
John Johnson
John Johnson - 14 hours ago
Stop fuckin with shit that belongs in the past ain't gone do nun but fuck it up 🤷🏾‍♂️
Black Diamond
Black Diamond - 14 hours ago
1:18 *chucky its not a toy*
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas - 14 hours ago
Playa Fly Fan
Playa Fly Fan - 14 hours ago
Why would any kid wants something that looks like that lolq
Tracey Bell
Tracey Bell - 16 hours ago
Wtf is this trash
Yhurski Ski
Yhurski Ski - 17 hours ago
Why they being so extra
Jaymz Pennica
Jaymz Pennica - 18 hours ago
Looks like it'll fucking suck. I already watched it 8 times over if you count unskippable ads
cryogenicflame 88
cryogenicflame 88 - 18 hours ago
(Halloween 2018) ok (IT)2017 great( friday the 13)2016 nightmare on elm street rebot great but this is trash
chuckles1972 - 19 hours ago
This film looks like shit. It will never be as good as the first.
Willan Rivera (Official Channel)
This is not Chucky ... Garbage Movie
Zendy the Inky one
Zendy the Inky one - 20 hours ago
Chucky is back!
Amel!aArts - 22 hours ago
Toy Story: Horror version
la Marr
la Marr - 23 hours ago
No originality anymore
ADDIE PALSETIA - 23 hours ago
If Skynet and Watchdogs and Chucky came together, this is what happens!
ThatPingu Guy YT
ThatPingu Guy YT - Day ago
Why isn't it called called good guys at least get something good with this remake BUDDI I mean it sounds pretty trash
Adam Harness
Adam Harness - Day ago
Come out with a software update and fix that little nigga
shredmaster2009 - Day ago
This looks just awful, and it breaks my heart to see them do this to Chucky. I really hate the way this looks.
Becca Jenks
Becca Jenks - Day ago
Why did u make my son look like that :^(
Zz Zz
Zz Zz - Day ago
For some reason it doesnt feel very scary. I feel like it would be better if it was just Buddi and they left chucky out. It felt a little scary imagining a horror story where the AI is murdering everybody in the house and theres nothing you can do about it cause it has access to everything
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct - Day ago
Zz Zz why would it be more scary if Chucky wasn’t added? It’s legit a name.
Baghuul - Day ago
So chucky is an AI program that goes berserk? ehh I like the original voodoo idea of a humans body being trapped in the chucky doll better.
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct - Day ago
Baghuul Trash
Free'd Uzi
Free'd Uzi - Day ago
why don't they just kick the shit out this kid. niggas like doll height idiots
BlackVendaeta - Day ago
So the original one was goofy, this one looks like its going to try to be more scary The more modern take on this seems like it could offer some more interesting things, but all in all, it looks kinda dumb. I mean, Chucky isn't scary, and he never was to begin with, so I feel this will be more silly than intended, like the first one.
Rudy Penn
Rudy Penn - Day ago
I’m going to see both this and Toy Story 4 on Thursday!!
Jacob Good
Jacob Good - Day ago
The Terminators got a new son!!!! Meet my boy arrrrghhggh!!!!
fruitcake11 jones cake
Garbage Human
Garbage Human - Day ago
Aubrey Plaza is a mom?
Nikki Burke
Nikki Burke - Day ago
Nope, looks dumb
El bar Sinso :v
El bar Sinso :v - Day ago
Este ultron es un desmadre :v
Kris Nace
Kris Nace - Day ago
I like when they do remakes. But sometimes they go just a little to far. The remake of IT! Part 1 was epic. Now I get trying to bring Chucky back. He's iconic. And the last few movies turned him into more of a comedian. So if they can make him "scary" again. That's all that matters. I don't know if making him like a doomsday robot that controls other machines though was the right root 😂
The Truth
The Truth - Day ago
When buddy come out?
ShadowStyx21 - Day ago
Hollywood: Heres Child's Play in 2019 but worse
susana izquierdo
susana izquierdo - Day ago
Madre mía que le han hecho a chucky 😭😭 no es el 😭
Phoenix is a Bird
Phoenix is a Bird - Day ago
Ah shot here we go again
Obscure Gaming/Art
Obscure Gaming/Art - Day ago
Awful what you losers cant create your own movie.
Adnan Saad
Adnan Saad - Day ago
eh not that scary tbh
James Hollister
James Hollister - Day ago
This is a disgrace to the original.The whole story has changed!!
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct - Day ago
James Hollister It’s a reboot dumbass
TMG Josh
TMG Josh - Day ago
Think this toy belong in the new toy story not this movie
Jack Sunderland
Jack Sunderland - Day ago
Even the original cast from the previous movies showed disinterest in this. I’m not going to see this movie. I’m loyal to the originals and grew up watching them.
Luci Official
Luci Official - Day ago
Great, go ahead and ruin another movie by trying to remake it, smh
MarieOk - Day ago
Can't f-ing wait!!!
Zenilith - Day ago
Okay, this is the 20th century is it not? this kid is like 10 years old or older why does he have a doll in the first place he's like in middle school ooooh you can't fold yo shit boi if I say you with that doll afterschool I woulda came up to school the next day and fucking roast yo shit like I could've understood if you were poor but yo house yo family and yo PHONE don't look poor to me!! man you honestly really deserve to get bullied....ugh giving me a headache man if I watch this movie and I see this boy playing on a laptop or a computer in the house i'm really just gonna leave disappointed.
Hammond Denzel
Hammond Denzel - Day ago
Wtf is this? Seriously. The original can be proud of itself that it still stands in 2019.
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct - Day ago
Hammond Denzel LoL No
Brodini Got Magic
Brodini Got Magic - Day ago
Well, I guess chuckys not gonna be funny anymore...
Freddie Botello
Freddie Botello - Day ago
This hurts my soul. 😂
Lord Santa
Lord Santa - Day ago
we made a remake of your remake, so you don't have to watch the remake of the remake and instead can enjoy this entirely remade remake, with completely new remakes [of] the original remakes, [within] the remake, so that you won't have to see the upcoming remake in 2025, which will be a remake of the remake, which was remade for the remake of the remake, specifically to suck you idiots dry of cash.
QuaverFlava - Day ago
I got more hyped seeing the original ORION logo.
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