Fenty Beauty has CONCEALERS & SETTING POWDERS now! | Pro Filt'r Concealer & Powder Demo + Review

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Vanessa Paiz
Vanessa Paiz - 6 months ago
Me: Im not gunna spend in January, trying to save
Me: oh fuck... it’s my birthday month! Oh well!
xX Anime Xx
xX Anime Xx - 6 months ago
Alissa i am like so proud of you. I don't personally know you and i haven't been with you since day 1 of your career, but it seems like you have accomplished so much. Watching you makes me happy, you are always such a happy and funny person. Your reviews are so interesting and good, you really detail every the most important fact of the product. Love you ❤️
Musical Heart
Musical Heart - 6 months ago
You are just soooo beautiful
makeup by charlotte
makeup by charlotte - 6 months ago
Hi alissa! I think it would be a good idea if you tried the concealer on your normal foundation so that we can see if it works with other products. This is just a suggestion and you most likely not see this but I just thought it would be a good idea. I love you and your videos sooooo much and you really inspire me. Love you ❤
cheynini - 6 months ago
I tried watching this last night but I was so tired so I knocked out, here to actually learn lmao
Also Alyssa!!!! I've been trying to "grow out" my hair for months (I've gone in between a cut similar to yours with my natural curls to a relaxed pixie lol) but I believe in you girl. Do it for all the baldies who aren't patient enough lmaooo
Dianna Rockymore
Dianna Rockymore - 6 months ago
I’m a yellow girl and will try the powders... bc sometimes makeup doesn’t show how light I really am
Jisselle Crispin
Jisselle Crispin - 6 months ago
Eyebrow products !!
RaenaJenks - 6 months ago
I just love her luxurious packaging!!
Samira Mursal
Samira Mursal - 6 months ago
Can you wear the concealer by itself?
Selina_Kyle S.
Selina_Kyle S. - 6 months ago
I love this!! I’m so excited to try it!
shirlay choute
shirlay choute - 6 months ago
Fenty just wants all my moneys... So much for saving in 2019
Linda  Gikunda
Linda Gikunda - 6 months ago
She is 23?😲😲😲
Scorpianah F
Scorpianah F - 6 months ago
Absolutely Stunning!!! Very detailed information. Thank you so much Beautiful 😊💖💖💖
ananda Tso
ananda Tso - 6 months ago
Yyaass!!! Fenty SPONSORED.
peacelovepulse - 6 months ago
I'm scared to buy any fenty products involving powders or foundation/concealer because I have really dry skin and i heard the products aren't good for dry skin. I just have a highlight and the lipgloss
Joi Johnson
Joi Johnson - 6 months ago
I’m certainly trying out both these products! So excited
fashionflurry - 6 months ago
Does anyone know how much the powder and the concealer will cost?
smtroy57 - 6 months ago
Also could you list the shades you used for reference. I normally use some of the same shades you use and will need when I make my purchases on 1/11!
DollFace Franklin
DollFace Franklin - 6 months ago
🔥❤ cant wait til these products drop
smtroy57 - 6 months ago
Congrats. Could you do a video on the eye look? Thanks
The90SecondMom - 6 months ago
You do talk a lot but I don’t care you are so adorable I love it
NikkiKing14 - 6 months ago
Bro y’all only 23???
Shernea Lyons
Shernea Lyons - 6 months ago
I’m sooooooo proud of you!!!!! n excited that you got this sponsorship 😬😬🙌🏽🙌🏽... love you 💕💕💕
MakeupxKarina - 6 months ago
I was doing a no buy this year but fenty had to do us like this!!! I NEED that powder. We all do 😍😍
Sonisha Robinson
Sonisha Robinson - 6 months ago
I haven’t seen one of your videos on my YT feed in MONTHS! I actually have to go to your page to see if you uploaded because I also don’t get notifications even though my bell is on. For other channels the bell notification happens literally DAYS AFTER the video uploads. But you look so beautiful girl 😍
Elizabeth Choe Happy life
Elizabeth Choe Happy life - 6 months ago
You are so pretty!! New subscriber 😘
Tiyoka Phifer
Tiyoka Phifer - 6 months ago
Fenty Beauty is doing the damn thing!!!🔥🙌🏾
Lizzy - 6 months ago
I love that they matched foundation and concealer numbers for us. Why doesn’t everyone do that?!
Nesrin Cambaz
Nesrin Cambaz - 6 months ago
Is it full coverage?
lily ruth
lily ruth - 6 months ago
how much are the concealers?
Rosie Chihuahua
Rosie Chihuahua - 6 months ago
Love your hair in this! Also this video was exactly what I’ve been looking for thank you!
Jordon J
Jordon J - 6 months ago
The ending was hilarious😂😂 Fenty errythang in 2019 👏🏽
Golden x Diva
Golden x Diva - 6 months ago
I really hope the powders don’t have talc cause i really wanna try them but ya girl ain’t putting talc on her face!
Nagiah B
Nagiah B - 6 months ago
I love you , that’s all. 💕
Victoria Priddy
Victoria Priddy - 6 months ago
I’ll take one of EVERYTHING
Latebloomer39 - 6 months ago
Very beautiful!!
Mal Zook
Mal Zook - 6 months ago
Tbh the concealers night not be totally for my style BUT the powders?????? I NEED.
Gabby & Audrey
Gabby & Audrey - 6 months ago
I just wanna say how proud I am of Alissa she has come such a long way. Like getting sponsored by Fenty like girl
Fatimah Ibrahim
Fatimah Ibrahim - 6 months ago
Fenty.. fix my brows and lashes, time to put benifit out of business (because all they do at this point is promote products that they released years ago) 😂
roudiamondgh92 - 6 months ago
Goodness gracious...does Rihanna sleep? 50 concealer shades!!! Her hustle is so inspiring.
Lindsey TR
Lindsey TR - 6 months ago
Love your new intro, Alissa! I know 2019 is going to be a great year for you (2M right around the corner girl :)). I'm excited about these new Fenty products and so happy they sponsored you (so deserving). I am also both amazed and proud of the growth and success of Fenty thus far. This is proof that if you have a vision like Rhianna and are dedicated to nurturing that vision, anything is possible. Thank you for the great review! XOXO
Leah Leona
Leah Leona - 6 months ago
Itania Rose
Itania Rose - 6 months ago
Shanisse Lopez
Shanisse Lopez - 6 months ago
Stop glowing !!!! 😂😍😍😍
Jelenat94 - 6 months ago
does anyone have dark circles so i can fing out if this concealer have any coverage omggg 🙄
Susan O'Brien
Susan O'Brien - 6 months ago
Hello Alissa, I just came across your page and loved your video, so I subscribed. :) Love your make-up though you're beautiful even before you apply it! :)
Cecilie Fallet
Cecilie Fallet - 6 months ago
I want to love the foundation so much! but my skin hate it. I have dry and dehydrated skin so when I use this my skin feel so tight and it looks cakey after just 1-2 hours. It looks so stunning on Alissa and everyone who can make it work
Destinee Lewis
Destinee Lewis - 6 months ago
I just love you so much. 😭
Emily Elliott
Emily Elliott - 6 months ago
This really warms my heart you guys! Rihanna is doing it big. And I’m so excited.
Jocelyn Gabrielle
Jocelyn Gabrielle - 6 months ago
I’m soo excited for this new launch !!! Uggghhh
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