Stranglers - No More Heroes

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EpheboFreedom Fighter
EpheboFreedom Fighter - 6 days ago
lanslater - 7 days ago
Garry Harpham
Garry Harpham - 8 days ago
Whatever happened to George Mallory he lost his ice axe and died a hero
Adam Borseti
Adam Borseti - 9 days ago
That is some serious synthesizer playing! It's all classical and fast-fingered like Rick Wakeman or something. This song is the cat's tits!
Chris Lopes
Chris Lopes - 14 days ago
Quit your day job and make more videos!!
elizabeth taylor
elizabeth taylor - 15 days ago
This song is true as far as the crap that’s played nowadays is concerned !
Vanessa Nolan
Vanessa Nolan - 15 days ago
I didn't know they wrote this song 🤔 Golden Brown is one of my fave songs tho.
Gordon free
Gordon free - Month ago
A legendary song of a legendary band
Marissa Dower-morgan
Marissa Dower-morgan - Month ago
what ever happend to good music like this
The Colourful shadow
The Colourful shadow - Month ago
Hey does anyone know what the name of the song playing at the end during the black-and white scene?
Peter Green
Peter Green - Month ago
Why is the opening riff played on a lead guitar in the video?
In real life it was played by JJ on his bass guitar.
Royal Yugoslav Records
Who the hell cares? The video is great.
Patsy Porter
Patsy Porter - 2 months ago
MASSIVE THANKS TO YOU STRANGLERS! that keyboard is something...
Shininglight Joi
Shininglight Joi - 2 months ago
Robert Wright
Robert Wright - 2 months ago
Anybody else hear this for the first time in Mystery Men?
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell - 2 months ago
Recognised as one of the first punk bands that diversed into the early years of new wave
Pretty clever as most bands just continue to carry on as they began
Jason L
Jason L - 2 months ago
1:39 I didn't know Ted Bundy played guitar; for The Stranglers no less!
Mang - Month ago
yeah he chose the band name
REEDSBUD - 2 months ago
Ted was a shredder!!
harri hiltunen
harri hiltunen - 2 months ago
also good stranglers song..
Bio-Hazard Fallout
Bio-Hazard Fallout - 2 months ago
R.I.P. Thomas Stockwell.
Johan Goddijn
Johan Goddijn - 3 months ago
Brilliant song.
Cyborg Badger
Cyborg Badger - 3 months ago
Start the Quattro Bolly
Mister Lunacy
Mister Lunacy - 3 months ago
I love "The Horror"
Fuzz Balor
Fuzz Balor - 4 months ago
How does this have more views than the official music video? Its a great animation tho
Dangerous Dennis
Dangerous Dennis - 4 months ago
My ears are burning.
Patsy Porter
Patsy Porter - 4 months ago
yes lovely to hear you all again, and miss you , you Stranglers you!
richard finlayson
richard finlayson - 4 months ago
great film clip(thats &)s for video)!
richard finlayson
richard finlayson - 4 months ago
THATS 70s for video............(cant type)
Blair Quackenbush
Blair Quackenbush - 4 months ago
I can't believe this isn't the official music video
Andreas Raab
Andreas Raab - 5 months ago
Supper lot!
Careds Thea of the we son!
Gehört sich auf die Wies'n!
Kpob03 - 5 months ago
Who’s here after watching the SAS Iranian Embassy Documentary?
Anonymous 117
Anonymous 117 - Month ago
Me mate
Seth Leoric
Seth Leoric - 5 months ago
If your wondering, Leon Trotsky got an Ice pick to the head
Leslie Schmidt
Leslie Schmidt - 5 months ago
Reminds me of Monty Python!
JLipnicki - 5 months ago
Stands up well. Cornwall got his first gig singing solo at one of Keith Floyd's restaurants in Bristol.
Luca Bartolucci
Luca Bartolucci - 5 months ago
Il monumento al milite ignoto
Steve Bez
Steve Bez - 6 months ago
Glen Munro
Glen Munro - 6 months ago
lol love it
Alexander Heath
Alexander Heath - 6 months ago
Martin Taylor
Martin Taylor - 6 months ago
You know how sometimes you just feel like a stranglers night.. No more Heroes more heoes deep.
Arnold Dalby
Arnold Dalby - 6 months ago
The western world in 2015 gave their immortality to the Chinese because the Western world didn't realise genius of Robert Cox. Never mind low IQ people always give away there technology for a few pieces of gold.
Arnold Dalby
Arnold Dalby - 6 months ago
There were Heroes in the past the immortals who had a few drops of the elixir of immortality then took an ice bath to stop their body over heating. But that is non sense until the 23rd century surely. No more heroes anymore except me. Haha.
Dr Vlad Music Channel
Dr Vlad Music Channel - 6 months ago
Whatever happened to me, at the end! What? What! What the fuck? ;)
Peter Turley
Peter Turley - 6 months ago
Trevor Stern
Trevor Stern - 7 months ago
Fucking quality
Sebastian Vella
Sebastian Vella - 7 months ago
jeanluc acquaviva
jeanluc acquaviva - 6 months ago
all comies are bastards:they have to pay for all with their blood.we 'll get our revenge soon!
Ecordiolex -
Ecordiolex - - 7 months ago
True voices in music and real politics that's never been close and ironically far from democracy there...🙈🙉🙊
Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel
What ever happened to Real Madrid
Mario van den Ancker
Mario van den Ancker - 7 months ago
Epic fail: Lenny?
Cheyenne Brennan
Cheyenne Brennan - 7 months ago
This is the same band who sang Golden Brown. My brain refuses to compute this...
Dahrinikis - 8 months ago
My old man got me into this kind of music from a very young age, i appreciate him for it
solomonkain - 8 months ago
There certainly aren't any heroes anymore today.
JohnDaWhale3 - 6 months ago
@soundeagle True that.
soundeagle - 6 months ago
@JohnDaWhale3 he's my hero only if he wins 2020 if he doesn't then there is no heroes
JohnDaWhale3 - 7 months ago
Donald Trump is my hero.
ken mccluskey
ken mccluskey - 8 months ago
fuk off
pancho Hunter
pancho Hunter - 8 months ago
Perfect for umbrella academy
Star Tsar
Star Tsar - 8 months ago
Question of 2019!
Tim Anon
Tim Anon - 8 months ago
Whatever happened to Eddie the Eagle? Eh???
Lyri Metacurl
Lyri Metacurl - 8 months ago
How come the YouTube Algorithm identified The Horror (RJD2) as being made by The Stranglers? (btw the video plays that song after No More Heroes, weirdly)
Lyri Metacurl
Lyri Metacurl - 6 months ago
Hmm, it has corrected it now.
mark francis1977
mark francis1977 - 8 months ago
great video 10/10
Harriston Miller
Harriston Miller - 8 months ago
My favourite all time stranglers song
Roberto De Filippis
Roberto De Filippis - 8 months ago
One of my favourite listenings of my last two years
William Grant
William Grant - 8 months ago
Crap video great track though
Free & Fearless
Free & Fearless - 9 months ago
Sancho motherfucking pancho!!!
eddt430 - 9 months ago
Monty python vibe going on!!
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