Jeffrey Epstein’s Got Friends in High Places | Full Frontal on TBS

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I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - Month ago
#endrapeculture #endabuseculture #fightforfemalerights p.s. maya Angelo was an also an enabler, a hypocrite, a bigot, an idiot, and a very phony shill!
Dan Feeney
Dan Feeney - 2 months ago
"Epstein's allegations are now old enough to be molested by Epstein." 😄
Arcanine-Espeon - 2 months ago
1:23 No one going to lampshade the appropriately screaming child as a hellhole is mentioned? Okay.
George B
George B - 3 months ago
He was employed by the CIA and was protected by that UK Prince.
Thomas - 3 months ago
Don't try to weasle out of investigation of trump by name dropping Clinton, investigate both equally and fairly. Like mentioned, both trump and Clinton have accusers who were grown women, so you're not hand waving that away, and some cite photo of Clinton with a teen, well others cite trump talking to youth choir girls asking their ages and saying he'd be dating her in several year (legal age but creepy for a 46 yr old at the time...). So don't let your politics play blinders, heck don't let your religious leanings do the same, plenty of priests and pastors with nuns and kids on their souls. Then there's the military, sports doctors, coaches, scout leaders, teachers, youtubers, actors of both parties and others.
Neil Hennigan
Neil Hennigan - 3 months ago
disgrace.. no other words anf that's not epstein :(
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 3 months ago
CIA all the way. Like Acosta said he was an "intelligence asset" (CIA and Mossad) and blackmailer. Whitney Webb did great research!:
memphis502 - 3 months ago
She is covering for the Hollywood Democrat pedophiles. She is part of it.
Roshni Devi
Roshni Devi - 3 months ago
So much love & gratitude for mentioning journalist Julie Brown
Miss Sophie
Miss Sophie - 4 months ago
Came to this video from the latest news
Eagle 367
Eagle 367 - 4 months ago
Sadly they lost. Epstein committed "suicide". As is any of us buy that bs
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - 4 months ago
How did Jerry get to know les wexner since Jerry had no connections nor was he rich
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - 4 months ago
Nope bill has been with kids and i knew this before
MOBROOKS - 4 months ago
What a poser
Laurie Harriton
Laurie Harriton - 4 months ago
Can we ask how he GOT to be a high school mathematics teacher when he did not even graduate from college??? Can we ask why people spend thousands of dollars to send their children to snooty private schools like Dalton, when none of those schools demand that their teachers even have college diplomas? Here’s a clue. Mark Twain Junior High and LaFayette High School, both of which seemed to have served him admirably, require not only Bachelors Degrees, but also one Masters Degree and usually the equivalent of a second one. Do a show on the racism of liberal white parents, and include where your kids went to school.
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez - 4 months ago
those were not epstein real friends, those were the customers...why keep maxwell out?
Andi amo
Andi amo - 4 months ago
Epstein has friends in high places....THE CLINTONS
Andi amo
Andi amo - 4 months ago
Sam Bee is a hypocrite who's producer Miles Kahn has tweeted in support of Jerry Sandusky

she doesn't hate pedophiles, she employs them!
Mohamed Seif
Mohamed Seif - 4 months ago
Clinton is famous of sexually abusing minors since he was a governer ! Dont try playing it as if he JUST knew and looked the other way. Biased hypocrite !
icedcooley - 4 months ago
It's hard to take down members of the top. They are well guarded and have ties to all the elite people of importance
Dennis Bouma
Dennis Bouma - 4 months ago
So Trump makes a comment with truth in it ,and he is in the same boat ?He never went with or to Epstein.He even kicked him off his golfclub for bad behavior.
PhillyLucky7 - 4 months ago
Samantha Bee is a bad host.
crystalawen - 4 months ago
Why is the presenter such a loud, embarassing shrieking irritation... ? I couldnt listen to her awful, shrieking voice ...
Grace Kathryn Snider
Grace Kathryn Snider - 4 months ago
You and your staff are incredible, Samantha Bee!
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast - 4 months ago
Hey! You eat ant-acids for breakfast too? Do you do Pepcid first, or after the Tums? I find doing the long-lasting ones *after* the quick relief ones makes them last longer...
mike perkins
mike perkins - 4 months ago
Trump has a perverted heart.
Proverbs 6.12-19
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson - 4 months ago
Catholic priests?
Krew Moon
Krew Moon - 4 months ago
why am I not surprised to see trump and bill Clinton as co conspiraters.
FIGHTTHECABLE - 4 months ago
Epstein Epstein, alles muss versteckt sein.
Gail Nelson
Gail Nelson - 4 months ago
How did he get away with it cause Trump wasn't in office.#2020
Dime Bag
Dime Bag - 4 months ago
I love Samantha B!
Richard Hutchison
Richard Hutchison - 4 months ago
That is a great reference from Maya!
rup pert
rup pert - 4 months ago
Wait who was arrested?....
Cassantro Wilson
Cassantro Wilson - 4 months ago
How dare you making fun of this sickening media should be ashamed of yourself...
Clement Rawlins
Clement Rawlins - 4 months ago
Well...i see 52 car thieves gave a thumbs down. SMH
Sigma Geranimo
Sigma Geranimo - 4 months ago
There is 2 law on earth : the rich and the poor.
jeannine ventura
jeannine ventura - 4 months ago
Yes! One of the only ppl in media calling the victims girls and children plus using accurate terms like assault and not calling them young women or women.
Rona Rona
Rona Rona - 4 months ago
Alen is guilty . Lock him up.
John Kaitlyn
John Kaitlyn - 4 months ago
This guy is intelligence, cia or mossad
Lynne Turner
Lynne Turner - 4 months ago
Oh my God I love this lady (oops can I say lady these days) she says it like it is, keep up the "great work"
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