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woe# - Day ago
I am so grateful for your work, everything In this video is me right now and me tomm and who I was yesterday, I Am.....everything I wanted to be, I am who I think, that you think, that I am.
Bhabani shankar Nayak
Bhabani shankar Nayak - 2 days ago
Really Sensesional sir, keep motivating us & God bless you...
Firman Hermawan
Firman Hermawan - 3 days ago
i was listening this with my cat and the next day she become Honey Badger.
Egg With No Subscribers :C
When you don’t get disciplined for your actions, DISCIPLINE yourself
Mahmoud Mokhtar
Mahmoud Mokhtar - 8 days ago
Believe in God, Believe in your family, Believe in your Organization that you have, and believe in yourself and you can achieve any thing to have a better life. Its all about Believe
Lets Get Money!
Lets Get Money! - 9 days ago
I cant wait for my dreams to come true!! Follow me on my journey! I just lost 10lbs in 4 days!!!
Mutasim Damlakhi
Mutasim Damlakhi - 12 days ago
29:07 who is the speaker plz ???
Ma.Sheena Santos
Ma.Sheena Santos - 15 days ago
"It's okay not to be okay". 😭
Zahra Faisal
Zahra Faisal - 20 days ago
i love it i sent it to my freinds
GoldenEgg 711
GoldenEgg 711 - 20 days ago
I’ve been battling with a chronic disease that I wanna give up many times. This video inspires me not to give up and that I could someday beat this disease. I can do it!
Abhinav Sri
Abhinav Sri - 20 days ago
"People will know you for what you did,not for what you will do"-Just a thought that came across my mind.Share yours...
Inspired by deano
Inspired by deano - 21 day ago
Time is a resource we can never get back, and you're spending it complaining? Get back to working out your situation and how you can improve it!
Latest vid just uploaded. Go check it. Cheers 🙏
Dean R
Dean R - 21 day ago
I love you all. God bless you in your journey to success. If you are of faith, pray for me, and I will pray for you. If you are not of faith, stand by me, and I will stand by you. I love you all.
markers920 - 24 days ago
Who is the kid speaking? Does he have some amazing story I'm not aware of? Because I really am not motivated by the average someone with 12 years of life experience.
Trident Associates
Trident Associates - 26 days ago
Shahid Mahmood
Shahid Mahmood - 28 days ago
Emotions are real but they're not facts.. don't let him control you
Rinvyana Glory
Rinvyana Glory - 29 days ago
Thank you good motivation..
Javier Alonso
Javier Alonso - Month ago
Musics too loud
Rhenz Pardilla
Rhenz Pardilla - Month ago
I love this video 😍... this is an inspirational video to us...
Merchan Reyes
Merchan Reyes - Month ago
Did u know that u can’t smile while touching ur nose?

I know u can I just wanted u to smile, HAVE A GREAT DAY :)
Shlap Tv
Shlap Tv - Month ago
Who ever is watching this u will achieve your dreams my dream is to get to 1k subscribers by December ❤️💪💯
Sachin Swami
Sachin Swami - Month ago
Best ever it changed me
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales - Month ago
I just opened my first barber shop wish me luck
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales - Month ago
@jezryll andrew antonio yap thank you bro i will be i going in 130%. I wish you the best this life has to offer my friend.
jezryll andrew antonio yap
Good luck! :) believe you will be successful
Soavichgia Srei
Soavichgia Srei - Month ago
Life is beautiful in every way love it. Just don’t do anymore damage to Earth 🌍
locodagodbx81 - Month ago
lol you guys need motivational videos... I just quit at everything. Life is so much easier when no one expects anything from you. I'll just feed off the left over scraps you drop on your way to the top. Thanks humans.
school of hardknocks
school of hardknocks - Month ago
I've come too far not to get what I came here for!
Kristena Sessoms
Kristena Sessoms - Month ago
This is the year of break through! I love that😊 yes it is.
Get Fit Jose
Get Fit Jose - Month ago
I will keep on trying I will not surrender I will pass the 7th grade no one will stop me
Rashamel Johnson
Rashamel Johnson - Month ago
Show:You can be enything you want. Me:I want to be dead
tres - Month ago
I'm currently studying so I can go to med school and finally give back to my mother but I keep thinking I can't do it and that I'm not good enough
Nawras Mahdi
Nawras Mahdi - Month ago
س ص1
nikhil kankariya
nikhil kankariya - Month ago
Docs Pop
Docs Pop - Month ago
Sujit Patro
Sujit Patro - Month ago
Thank you.... Will again comment after 6 month , when I achieve something here on the same video
InsaNe - Month ago
*ʟιғᴇ ιs sнoʀт тo ԍιvᴇ uᴘ*
Inspo1 - Month ago
These videos are great! Good job.
Troy S
Troy S - Month ago
"there aint no such thing as failure baby, only feedback!" fk, I love that line!!!
kevin gayle
kevin gayle - Month ago
Who is he do you know
Alejandra Nava
Alejandra Nava - Month ago
Carla Barbosa
Carla Barbosa - Month ago
You have everything you need and you always have. When I was a kid I took dance. I would come in two hours early and watch the other classes. I would practice after practice. I walked to class if there was no one to take me. I still have that work ethic. Be relentless.
the dare devil vlogs
the dare devil vlogs - Month ago
Divine Koala
Divine Koala - Month ago
ZiplineShazam - Month ago
There's something really uninspiring about commercials in the middle of a Motivational Video.
Arissa Ladaran
Arissa Ladaran - Month ago
Driving with Shelly
Driving with Shelly - Month ago
It is very important you believe in yourself, before others can believe in you.
Brandon Richards
Brandon Richards - Month ago
Excellent video
Trice Pruitt
Trice Pruitt - Month ago
I’m ready to start today!❤️🍒
HockeyScotty6 - 2 months ago
“if you fall down, land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up”
Jon Pastool
Jon Pastool - 2 months ago
First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me a strong motivational message whenever I lost my way and was not sure what to do in my future. To be honest, life was full of uncertainties and sometimes I thought it was not worthy for me to continue with my dreams when people around me did not expect anything from me. Would it be okay if I add Korean subtitles to this video and share this video with Korean friends on SNS such as youtube or blog site? I want to spread your message to my Korean friends who lost their ways.
Vanessa Alexander
Vanessa Alexander - 2 months ago
Believe in you ❤ l will break it before it breaks me. The mind is a powerful force. It can enslave you or empower you. It can plunge you into the depths of misery or take you to the height of ecstasy. Use it wisely. Practise what these motivation clips tell you and watch them regularly. You are significant and ignore the negative, the nay sayers. You are answerable to you. To God or whatever higher power that moves your spirit to keep going when you feel broken. Never ever give up life is too beautiful and so are you. You matter you are significant. Stay on top of your game every single day. You can do this. You got this. You are unstoppable. Be a good person, stay strong against the odds and the universe will support you. Be unstoppable and successful and shine bright because people watch you, look up to you and define you by your continuous actions. Stand up for what you believe in stand strong speak up be brave. Be clear about what you want and work on improving your mind make it powerful. Shine.
Johnny Encinias Financial Freedom
absolutely love this channel. You have helped me step out of my comfort zone and inspired me to start my own channel that teaches people how to save and invest their money to achieve thier goals faster!
Lara.M. Green
Lara.M. Green - 2 months ago
it was ok ...but not no where near what i like as motivation. Not near as good as many I've seen. This one was mostly drama.And that old term breakthrough...nope...not intelligent.
piper charlotte
piper charlotte - 2 months ago
''keep on swimming if you stop swim you will die ''
Michael Galli
Michael Galli - 2 months ago
This was exceptionally good until it got to the God part. Why on Earth would they include supernatural claims when talking about self-reliance?
Denis Rafi
Denis Rafi - 2 months ago
Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.💪💪
Boubaker Khouch
Boubaker Khouch - 2 months ago
Yes I have power I have knowledge I have discipline
I believe that day is very close
I can smell that wind of change
It's possible
hyunra kim
hyunra kim - 2 months ago
This is what i need friends do not even understand or its just me who denied everything
The Prometheus Report
The Prometheus Report - 2 months ago
It's okay to not be okay.
I think that realization was for me anyway, a real breakthrough moment for me.
The other one was "there will be things that happen to you that are, in THAT moment.... MASSIVELY important, dramatic, crazy, explosives *LIFE AND DEATH* things/happenings/occurrences that will happen in your life that later on in life, had literally no importance. Of no importance whatsoever. Not even a little. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Bupkis.
otithi pakhi
otithi pakhi - 2 months ago
I have to
basketballers 23
basketballers 23 - 2 months ago
O-man - 2 months ago
I can do it,, tnx
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