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jackson seven
jackson seven - 13 hours ago
They won’t understand the dream...
Raghad Alqatamin
Raghad Alqatamin - 2 days ago
I'm a high school student and my dream is to become a dentist... when I have exams I study and I fail... I fail in every math exams and I started being afraid to fail but when I listened to these motivation speeches, they changed my life they taught me that no matter how hard life can be, no matter how many times life will bring us down we choose whether to get back up! now thanks to those motivation videos I got very high marks in every math exams and I'm not afraid of failing anymore and when I fall I always get back up
Nadia Yuki
Nadia Yuki - 6 days ago
Omg so awesome motivational speech i ever see. You are awesome. Idk how many time your motivational speech have save me from give up on myself. Thanks so much for your awesome work and motivation ^_^
Carlson Quilop
Carlson Quilop - 7 days ago
before i listed to this video, i was just playing with the font size in excel. After listening, i find myself doing some macroshit and building comex models
Misskewpie WD
Misskewpie WD - 11 days ago
This literally hits into my brain & energizes my strengths. My morning time of today is getting better. Regards,
JUST DSX - 13 days ago
You can do it if we believe it. Just pray and ask for something that you can do right that moment GOD is always there. Believe is the key to success. Be positive as always. I hope you can visit me.
Me Meme
Me Meme - 17 days ago
I struggle every second of every day. This is what ignites my inner self to wake up. Tomorrow is not promised. But in every day life it is up to us to plant the seeds for tomorrow. This is what we feed off of for days to come.
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy - 18 days ago
Good deeds 🙌💯
Finding Purpose
Finding Purpose - 22 days ago
The most powerful message for me is just acknowledging that my dreams are possible.
Tyrone Martin
Tyrone Martin - 22 days ago
Needed this after a tought struggle. Gratitude and namaste 💜
Budget Baby 101
Budget Baby 101 - 23 days ago
This is my fave one to watch
Clarence Pierciel
Clarence Pierciel - 25 days ago
Been feeling down lately because of my upcoming board exam next month. I feel my knowledge is not enough so im watching this right now before i review my notes again. 😊🙏
Khushboo Shah
Khushboo Shah - 28 days ago
Learn to live full so you can die empty!!!!!!!!
Miguel Enriquez
Miguel Enriquez - Month ago
listening this because im tired on my life and school.
Xavier King
Xavier King - Month ago
Last 4 mins of video was the best I ever heard
LC Joey
LC Joey - Month ago
thank you for sharing this video. i am really motivated so i created a video. get a new dose of motivation daily.check it out and i'll get your back
Fitri Handayani
Fitri Handayani - Month ago
Amazing videos... Thanks you so much... Thats make me think again to give up... 😊cause i can do what i want... If me believe myself
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima - Month ago
I want to be an actor when I grow up and there is always something telling me you can’t do it and you will never be great but I never ever listened and I never will I’m young and I’ve gone through hard times really hard times but I don’t let that change me or change my ideals and what I want to be and I will get to where I want to be this was really helpful thank you
Amatullah Robbins
Amatullah Robbins - Month ago
Good luck😁😁😊😊
Pirabaharan Mirunan
Pirabaharan Mirunan - Month ago
1:52 Thank You I needed this
life is tough and the competition is too high , we must be trained 2 be a good competitors
mari ryuji fabila
mari ryuji fabila - Month ago
you just have to believe
Aarti Arora
Aarti Arora - Month ago
Am i the only one who is Crying throughout the video 😿
Jason Anthony Witt
Jason Anthony Witt - Month ago
Cool guy says, "so the motivational guys say you're a lion and a shark. They don't talk about any eagle."
Nikita-Lars Steinhauer
4:00 first time I hear a woman do a good motivational speech
Kimani Isaac
Kimani Isaac - Month ago
This video was uploaded on my birthday.. Feels like a birthday present that I never opened yet it's so inspirational at such a time when setbacks are hitting hard.
Black Shadowz
Black Shadowz - Month ago
I'm not crying its just the warrior spirit leaking
Alex Toast
Alex Toast - Month ago
I needed this so much right now, thank you for sharing, and thank you human race for all of this wisdom and guidance.
Emma Frost
Emma Frost - Month ago
If your life is yours and your responsibility alone then why do ppl still tell you what to do? Shouldn’t everyone just mind their own beeswax?
Xavier King
Xavier King - Month ago
5weight division world champ
racer7007 - Month ago
"You're unhappy where you are today not because of that but because of the little effort you have put to be in that position"
Hemen Singpho
Hemen Singpho - Month ago
I was listening to this tape on my player and I remembered I had to thank you, cuz for this video has changed my life. Kept me motivated at my dark times, and to have belief in myself and work harder. Thank you so much 🙏
Bryan Russo
Bryan Russo - Month ago
Was constipated for 2 weeks. Halfway into this video I finally was able to poop. Stay positive!
Bhabani shankar Nayak
Bhabani shankar Nayak - Month ago
Really Sensesional sir, keep motivating us & God bless you...
Firman Hermawan
Firman Hermawan - 2 months ago
i was listening this with my cat and the next day she become Honey Badger.
Egg With No Subscribers :C
When you don’t get disciplined for your actions, DISCIPLINE yourself
Mahmoud Mokhtar
Mahmoud Mokhtar - 2 months ago
Believe in God, Believe in your family, Believe in your Organization that you have, and believe in yourself and you can achieve any thing to have a better life. Its all about Believe
Lets Get Money!
Lets Get Money! - 2 months ago
I cant wait for my dreams to come true!! Follow me on my journey! I just lost 10lbs in 4 days!!!
Mutasim Damlakhi
Mutasim Damlakhi - 2 months ago
29:07 who is the speaker plz ???
Ma.Sheena Santos
Ma.Sheena Santos - 2 months ago
"It's okay not to be okay". 😭
Zahra Faisal
Zahra Faisal - 2 months ago
i love it i sent it to my freinds
GoldenEgg 711
GoldenEgg 711 - 2 months ago
I’ve been battling with a chronic disease that I wanna give up many times. This video inspires me not to give up and that I could someday beat this disease. I can do it!
Akis Oikonomou
Akis Oikonomou - 26 days ago
You can do it. Keep fighting 💪❤️
Abhinav Sri
Abhinav Sri - 2 months ago
"People will know you for what you did,not for what you will do"-Just a thought that came across my mind.Share yours...
Inspired by deano
Inspired by deano - 2 months ago
Time is a resource we can never get back, and you're spending it complaining? Get back to working out your situation and how you can improve it!
Latest vid just uploaded. Go check it. Cheers 🙏
Dean R
Dean R - 2 months ago
I love you all. God bless you in your journey to success. If you are of faith, pray for me, and I will pray for you. If you are not of faith, stand by me, and I will stand by you. I love you all.
Omari Abdallah
Omari Abdallah - Month ago
markers920 - 2 months ago
Who is the kid speaking? Does he have some amazing story I'm not aware of? Because I really am not motivated by the average someone with 12 years of life experience.
Trident Associates
Trident Associates - 2 months ago
Shahid Mahmood
Shahid Mahmood - 2 months ago
Emotions are real but they're not facts.. don't let him control you
Rinvyana Glory
Rinvyana Glory - 2 months ago
Thank you good motivation..
Javier Alonso
Javier Alonso - 2 months ago
Musics too loud
Rhenz Pardilla
Rhenz Pardilla - 2 months ago
I love this video 😍... this is an inspirational video to us...
Merchan Reyes
Merchan Reyes - 3 months ago
Did u know that u can’t smile while touching ur nose?

I know u can I just wanted u to smile, HAVE A GREAT DAY :)
DiMaggio Voss
DiMaggio Voss - 3 months ago
Who ever is watching this u will achieve your dreams my dream is to get to 1k subscribers by December ❤️💪💯
Sachin Swami
Sachin Swami - 3 months ago
Best ever it changed me
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales - 3 months ago
I just opened my first barber shop wish me luck
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales - 3 months ago
@jezryll andrew antonio yap thank you bro i will be i going in 130%. I wish you the best this life has to offer my friend.
jezryll andrew  antonio yap
Good luck! :) believe you will be successful
Soavichgia Srei
Soavichgia Srei - 3 months ago
Life is beautiful in every way love it. Just don’t do anymore damage to Earth 🌍
locodagodbx81 - 3 months ago
lol you guys need motivational videos... I just quit at everything. Life is so much easier when no one expects anything from you. I'll just feed off the left over scraps you drop on your way to the top. Thanks humans.
school of hardknocks
school of hardknocks - 3 months ago
I've come too far not to get what I came here for!
Kristena Sessoms
Kristena Sessoms - 3 months ago
This is the year of break through! I love that😊 yes it is.
Muscle fit Muscle fit
Muscle fit Muscle fit - 3 months ago
I will keep on trying I will not surrender I will pass the 7th grade no one will stop me
Rashamel Johnson
Rashamel Johnson - 3 months ago
Show:You can be enything you want. Me:I want to be dead
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