‘He’s Drake, for crying out loud!’ - Stephen A. has no problem with Drake’s heckling | First Take

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Dukerbud 88
Dukerbud 88 - 5 days ago
He's NOT an ambassador and he's NOT a superfan. He's a bad representative and an embarrassment.
kpmac1 - 18 days ago
Why is Drake elevated above all other fans? I don't care much about his trash talking. I care that he's allowed to walk around out there and interact with the huddles and give the coach back rubs. Anyone else would be escorted out of the building but because he's Drake he can do pretty much what he wants? Not OK.
Sarina Singh
Sarina Singh - 19 days ago
People are pissed that a top rapper is not cheering an American team. Drake is Canadian, get a grip, of course he's going cheer his hometown team.
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - 19 days ago
If you letting a rapper on the sideline get under your skin than you’ve already lost mentally the raptors will just do the physical part
Green Maverick
Green Maverick - 20 days ago
I don't mind Drake's antics. possibly what he's doing would cause a "Reggie Miller" performance from the entire GSW squad. in that case, the crowd would start blaming Drake for firing up GSW and tell him to sit down and shut up. recently, that hoe called Rihanna did almost the same thing made KD hella made and torched the entire Cavs team.
Official - 21 day ago
Drake is so boss he doesn't care if he loses his "Wisconsin" fan base LMAO
Lucas Fabijanic
Lucas Fabijanic - 21 day ago
Love the King street drop. Love it. But you nailed it on the head. If that was the Leafs I would be the same.
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee - 21 day ago
ok... f off max
RICH TV LIVE - 21 day ago
Drake makes his own rules
killbillvol69 - 21 day ago
Love Jalen freaking out right at the end when Max tries to quote Drake! ^_^
d boy get money
d boy get money - 22 days ago
He’s Drake For Crying 😢 Out Loud
Christopher Flores
Christopher Flores - 22 days ago
Um i thought Pusha T killed drake last year?
IllisT 91
IllisT 91 - 23 days ago
Modern day spike Lee. Bucks are salty af
Green Maverick
Green Maverick - 20 days ago
in that case, he should shut up. they don't want another Reggie Miller situation.
Unknown One
Unknown One - 23 days ago
Stephen A dick riding drake 🙅
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson - 23 days ago
Why drake trying to spike Lee sit ya lame ass down ✌🏿🖕🏿😂😂😂😂
LGL! Gaming
LGL! Gaming - 23 days ago
Of course nick bitch ass gotta problem with it
Tom Budington
Tom Budington - 23 days ago
Max looks like and sounds like a penis
D9DaProgrammer - 24 days ago
Man, people are clowns. Most people who have a issue with this, have never played ball in a intense environment. I have played in Church leagues and church people are literally cursing and degrading you while you're on the free throw line. As a player you embrace this type of antics, it fuels you athletically. It's normal, for hood hoopers lol
Navi - 24 days ago
The NBA is cutting Drake a lot of slack because Drake is getting people to buy tickets. It seems like a fair trade off for me.
John Doe
John Doe - 24 days ago
If Spike Lee can do it for the Nicks, then why can't Drake do it for #WeTheNorth?
Grabiel Amador
Grabiel Amador - 24 days ago
Is the Matrix glitching guy in middle hand reaches out to the white guy
Grabiel Amador
Grabiel Amador - 24 days ago
Black and red well lose
Enel Dulcio
Enel Dulcio - 24 days ago
Max needs to shut the fuck up forever. I have no fucking clue how he has a job. He sounds like a Hater!!!! LMAOOOOO. I can do 100×better the Max who is clearly on Acid and Zanax and Crack Cocaine.
ToddthaGod - 24 days ago
Molly: “Lets just call it what it is your saying Drake is being a little groupish”😑
Bitch Forever wanna bud in and start shit🤦🏾‍♂️
Kev Louie
Kev Louie - 24 days ago
I dislike Drake l but he's doing a masterful trolling job. He needs to give lessons.
jmi84 - 24 days ago
The woman with the red sitting behind the raptors coach while drake massages his shoulders looks just like Charlotte Flair!
Sale CNC
Sale CNC - 24 days ago
Drake makes NBA more fun. Should give him credit!!
Will Zimmermann
Will Zimmermann - 24 days ago
Yeah next Canadian spike Lee over here acting like they stand a chance against the curry goat
Jeff Morabe
Jeff Morabe - 24 days ago
7 minute segment on a 2 second shoulder touch
Vaun King
Vaun King - 24 days ago
Its cause drakes a dickrider thats why it bother u max😂
Richard Siregar
Richard Siregar - 24 days ago
Raptors even has OVO nights for cryin out loud, the deers really caught in drake's headlight
Kwaar Jan
Kwaar Jan - 24 days ago
Drake know Raptor will be in the final cause Lebron isn’t in east he is in west.........
John Durlov
John Durlov - 24 days ago
August Eleven
August Eleven - 24 days ago
Drake acts like he forgot about Dray...mond but nothing comes out when he moves his lips just a bunch of gibberish. What do you say to somebody like Drake? Lol GO WARRIORS!!!
Adam Gorak
Adam Gorak - 24 days ago
Drake who?
Faith Aimuamosa
Faith Aimuamosa - 24 days ago
Then Kwahi was not there, when LeBron was rolling. If he was discussion could have changed.
Richi R6
Richi R6 - 24 days ago
story of adidon!
Vincent Hart
Vincent Hart - 25 days ago
Drake is such a faggot.
Marc Goel
Marc Goel - 25 days ago
no drake is really disrespectful he thinks that he is the best he is ass
Roberto Coca
Roberto Coca - 25 days ago
Don't touch .don't touch
teachmehowtodoge - 25 days ago
They’re scared of Drake over their elimination. Lol
drpimpin169 - 25 days ago
Stephen the dickrider smh, i bet he'll try to argue if you disagree that dumb ass adult baby
Harold Osbey
Harold Osbey - 25 days ago
Raptors having dreams🙏... Bucks having nightmares 👹
Your Moms
Your Moms - 25 days ago
Ax soulja bout drake.
RudeBOY - 25 days ago
Hahahaha DRAKE in their heads! Crazy. This is dope, we about to take this series tonight then show GSW what’s good, they don’t want this smoke.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas - 25 days ago
So it's ok just because he's famous but when a kid touches a player it's a cardinal sin
conflicc ricks
conflicc ricks - 25 days ago
Giannis look like he wanted to uppercut drake so bad while he was walking by...
RjDaGreatOne - 25 days ago
Max always quoting some lyrics😂😂😂😂
hmoobdaj - 25 days ago
They should've put Pusha T on their sideline if they wanted to get back at Drake. LMAO
Peadro Hall
Peadro Hall - 25 days ago
Fuck Max talking about
Mrg Blue
Mrg Blue - 25 days ago
Go ahead grinch..which one? O u said Max..'SAS "hehehe"
Anthony Bell
Anthony Bell - 25 days ago
Drakes a bum artist anyway
Y3 - 25 days ago
The NBA and NFL is the only sport I know that bitch about everything
Xavier Damon
Xavier Damon - 25 days ago
I thought it was gay as hell..
Very Hush Hush
Very Hush Hush - 25 days ago
Who does Drake think he is? Heckling basketball players... ugh... hope one of them knocks him out one of these days!
E Cov
E Cov - 25 days ago
My guy max stay rappin lolll
Tristan Shaver
Tristan Shaver - 25 days ago
I like Stevens point about Lebron. Best way to shut down drake is to win games just like when lebron swept them out of the playoffs, Drake was silent then.
eisfresh - 25 days ago
If regular a fan was behaving the same way, security would have thrown them out of the game. ESPN would air segment about fans misbehaving at sporting events. If this was going on in Philadelphia, Stephen A and others would have a problem with it
Austin Gleich
Austin Gleich - 25 days ago
Can we just permanently put the baby face filter on Stephen?
Austin Gleich
Austin Gleich - 25 days ago
This was about the color of drakes skin from the beginning. If he was a pigment or two lighter the commentators would’ve thought it was funny.
lilvipa1 - 25 days ago
Whatssss in yourrrr headddd, in your headdddd, drizzyyyyyyyyy drizzzyyyy 🎵
mariam kamara
mariam kamara - 25 days ago
You gotta love max killerman😂😂😂
Andrew Mwesigwa
Andrew Mwesigwa - 25 days ago
People are just angry Drake hasn't produced his 2019 album
mariam kamara
mariam kamara - 25 days ago
Lol drakeeeee😂😂😂 in soulja boy voice!!
Johnnell Wolfork
Johnnell Wolfork - 25 days ago
🗣You dont even have to be drake to do it!! 😂
Kenneth J
Kenneth J - 25 days ago
Black folks like to over react to bring attention to themselves.
Trevor Burgess
Trevor Burgess - 25 days ago
Max bout throwback Thursday and drop a diss track on drake. He near started dropping bars on set.
Fozyfox 101
Fozyfox 101 - 25 days ago
Drake owns the raptors
Julian Grasso
Julian Grasso - 25 days ago
"Lmao go ahead Grinch max" 😂😂😂😭😭
Christian F
Christian F - 25 days ago
Oh my god ban playing his Music? fucking butt hurt babies man
Chris Dodges
Chris Dodges - 25 days ago
Chris Dodges
Chris Dodges - 25 days ago
Chris Dodges
Chris Dodges - 25 days ago
Thank you, Stephen A.
Retro Dude
Retro Dude - 25 days ago
Drake is going to bring the ratings up
Paul Rizzo
Paul Rizzo - 25 days ago
Max has to stop quoting rappers. It’s so embarrassing.
Paul Rizzo
Paul Rizzo - 25 days ago
What would happen if Spike Lee was on the Knicks bench and giving the coach a back rub? People would flip out. The court is for the players. There has to be some sacred ground.
Lion Thomas
Lion Thomas - 25 days ago
This man had a spray-on tan
Lion Thomas
Lion Thomas - 25 days ago
Why why why drake, we were cool with you being lightskined
Malcolm Fleming
Malcolm Fleming - 26 days ago
He's no Spike. There will never be another Spike Lee
Paul H
Paul H - 26 days ago
Drake sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls
Luis Franco
Luis Franco - 26 days ago
Drake putting to much pressure on raptors he said their going to the finals. And watch raptors lose now
hoopgod 14
hoopgod 14 - 26 days ago
Somehow Demar Derozen was injured in the play
hoopgod 14
hoopgod 14 - 26 days ago
Demar Derozen punching the air right now.
Rick Gould
Rick Gould - 26 days ago
Max's daddy sucked some crazy "d", to get him that job, and that's real talk. He don't know shit about sports. How many times has he talked about TB 12, only to look like a fool. What, the NBA going to be different for him. I'm mad, I gotta work for a living and Max K getting paid to be stupid.
Compilation Station
Compilation Station - 26 days ago
They want a star being one of the number one fans on court side so they can help promote teams and themselves. It’s no coincidence we are seeing more and more celebrity “fans”
Compilation Station
Compilation Station - 26 days ago
What the media will talk about just for money and zero meaning to the actual sport
Sham Sans
Sham Sans - 26 days ago
If drake is such a huge part of the team, why do you never see him courtside during road games???
VineCore Reptiles
VineCore Reptiles - 26 days ago
He probably giving Nick nurse a bonus 😂😂
TMD6194LIFE Jesus
TMD6194LIFE Jesus - 26 days ago
I think they need to worry about playing the game! Y r they so worried about a fan?! Get it together!! Drake is probably helping the network with the ratings!!
mardi jansen
mardi jansen - 26 days ago
Yeah, lets talk about drake smh, and forget all about the refs who are instructed to call a certain way.
Its an associaton people!! damn 2019 and people stil think the result is all in the hands of the athletes.
Ibigay Mona
Ibigay Mona - 26 days ago
Drake preparing to troll Steph, Klay or KD if they make it to the Finals..Drake and Steph btw are friends but not this time
Jaamal Hale
Jaamal Hale - 26 days ago
Son’d Jaylen. I’m here for it, loved it.
Reese_Trey5 - 26 days ago
Drake is apart of the organization, has a club in the arena, team has OVO jerseys and sports facility, is hired as global ambassador of the Raptors. Shut the fuck up 😂😂😂
Utah Hoops Freak
Utah Hoops Freak - 26 days ago
But everyone's cool with Spike Lee and Jack. What only New York and LA can have passionate celebrity fans?
StarTrak91 - 26 days ago
You are mean
john walsh
john walsh - 26 days ago
Is drake just looking for attention?
Stanley Dawson
Stanley Dawson - 26 days ago
Steven A is just not a fan of Gianni.
Jap Ralvi
Jap Ralvi - 26 days ago
If drake was white Stephen a Smith would have an issue
K.B.E Visuals
K.B.E Visuals - 26 days ago
I love First Take 💯
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn - 26 days ago
that guy is a idiot and his "music" if thats what you want to call it is terrible....god I miss good musicians.....
Bob Mohr
Bob Mohr - 26 days ago
No but he has to stay off the court he is nothing more than a fan and crossed the line. It seems we would like it both ways.
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