LaVar says LaMelo will be 2020 No. 1 pick, talks Alan Foster and Lonzo-Zion connection | First Take

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Poppa WoLFF
Poppa WoLFF - 8 hours ago
*Eggbert Smithe's upper lip is a dead banana slugg*
Wakemeup Now
Wakemeup Now - 20 hours ago
Lavar talks more than Lonzo who actually plays in the NBA 😂
Deanz Beber
Deanz Beber - 2 days ago
Espn kept bringing lavar on because they know he brings views, but they're quick to run away when their is a slight bit of controversy
Sweet Death
Sweet Death - 2 days ago
Good bye molly. Bring back lavar.
Kash 45
Kash 45 - 2 days ago
molly gtfo.
Wayne Qu
Wayne Qu - 2 days ago
Henry Mendoza
Henry Mendoza - 2 days ago
Why do sports keep interviewing Lavar Ball, they already know the man makes no sense , full of pride ,and full of nonsense ! Stop interviewing that man ,your wasting your time ! Sorry to say but he's a FOOL !!!
Henry Mendoza
Henry Mendoza - 2 days ago
I'm glad that you like that kind of entertainment !!! Ivaneurope ! You must be related 😂
ivaneurope - 2 days ago
@Henry Mendoza Maybe because for better or worse LaVar Ball is entertaining. His outlandish takes are gold mine for views. And also he'll continue to be the hype man for Lonzo and will keep hyping LaMelo as the must-have No. 1 pick for any team all the way until the Draft. So yeah, there's no getting rid of LaVar Ball anytime soon and videos involving him will keep gather views and comments
jamzki maralit
jamzki maralit - 3 days ago
Dont ever forget that this fool also said that hes better than michael jordan and his son lonzo will give lakers playoff berth...
Incredible World
Incredible World - 3 days ago
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Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi - 3 days ago
Liiangelo is going to be sent back to Africa.
LegendKiller YT
LegendKiller YT - 3 days ago
ESPN is fucking retarded how are you that dirty minded that’s crazy
Dman 1
Dman 1 - 3 days ago
You can’t teach stupid...
kaliya joke
kaliya joke - 3 days ago
Molly nobody cares about ur fucking opinion
Edude - 3 days ago
lavar and sas are lowkey best friends 😂
KJD sports &music
KJD sports &music - 3 days ago
Been telling everyone he is a great father raise all his boys to be successful...and very intelligent and understand how people think marketing and promoting ability is special but people cannot think deep yall minds are caged
Biological Warfare
Biological Warfare - 2 days ago
Good man
TheNerdSwagg - 3 days ago
Molly needs to go ASAP she’s only around cause of her “special” meetings with the boss
Anthony Pena
Anthony Pena - 4 days ago
Imagine Stephen A Smith having an argument with his wife. What would that be like?
Ubong Udoh
Ubong Udoh - 4 days ago
Lavar Ball is the real deal 😎 Love him or Hate him .
bigpoppa 1967
bigpoppa 1967 - 4 days ago of the few people to go toe to toe with SAS.
Crazy to think they are BOTH October 1967 babies with SAS being a few days older than LaVar.
Myla Acuna
Myla Acuna - 4 days ago
All these trash talking about big ballarrrrr..... Facts he's a great man
Malik Hearon
Malik Hearon - 4 days ago
Stephen wanted slap tf outta lavar when he said Lamelo gone go no.1 2020 draft 🤣🤣🤣
what up and what down gameing
Shut up lavar
Incredible World
Incredible World - 4 days ago
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PCray ThePlug
PCray ThePlug - 5 days ago
Steven A thought Lavar was gone fire off him @ 00:55
Khalil Johnson
Khalil Johnson - 5 days ago
Molly needs to be removed for this.
Creature - 5 days ago
Why hasn’t Zo told Lavar to shut it yet
drop_thebiscuit 98
drop_thebiscuit 98 - 6 days ago
Please have lavar ball make an appearance in space jam 2 😂😂
SubToLarry - 6 days ago
Seeing lavar and his braindead kids really makes me want to harn myself
The Life of Derrick
The Life of Derrick - 6 days ago
Lavar a goat 🐐
Ace Frost
Ace Frost - 6 days ago
Now this might be the only thing he has been right about
Luya Njoloza
Luya Njoloza - 6 days ago
He never speaks about Gelo
Where is Gelo going 2nd in the draft??😂😂
Jpts13 - 7 days ago
You lads need to run away from you asap
Jay Strong
Jay Strong - 7 days ago
melo will not be picked 1st .. damn he screwed his kids future ..
shash phadte
shash phadte - 7 days ago
Mollys job is to just sit there but she is always annoying. Pl s get out Molly.
Nino Tores
Nino Tores - 7 days ago
fuck ESPN.......
Karl Balan
Karl Balan - 8 days ago
Molly -stay in yo lane
Preston Prosper
Preston Prosper - 8 days ago
LaMelo is now 6'8 with extreme confidence paying grown men for the last two years. He has a good chance to be a lottery pick. He can go flat out.
THE REAL - 8 days ago
Mannnnnnnnn get her but outta here lol lol lol she made it sexual lol lol lol
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 9 days ago
Hysterical ESPN Teevee BS
adam leung
adam leung - 9 days ago
LaVar said all three of his kids gonna play for the LA. But lonzo not the Lakers anymore, Glon can’t play in The NBA coz of him stole something in China, melon gonna be the first pick in 2020!? We’ll see. Not a good thing you hype your kids like that.
Niloc james
Niloc james - 9 days ago
Lavar speak it into existence number 1 pick suns lol
Manuia Brown
Manuia Brown - 9 days ago
Get rid of molly and pay whatever to bring back cari champion. She was a much better host
Osmar Guzmán
Osmar Guzmán - 9 days ago
Y'all all trag
lethalfatality - 9 days ago
Nothing that airhead molly is clueless
Tyler Keene
Tyler Keene - 10 days ago
BBB what a fucking joke
Ty E
Ty E - 10 days ago
Lavar ball: now get my billion gold son muaw ha ha ha
Codeine Dream
Codeine Dream - 10 days ago
Lavar and Molly gonna make a sex tape after this espn drama goes down.
Ariz Rahman
Ariz Rahman - 10 days ago
Lavar bouta be like:
You switch out all the avengers with the ball brothers, thanos would get mUrDeReD
Jeff Dean
Jeff Dean - 10 days ago
So Is lavar an analyst now? Unbelievable
Darryl Brooks
Darryl Brooks - 10 days ago
Lavar Ball is that drunk uncle at the barbeque you thank God ain't yo daddy
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