LaVar says LaMelo will be 2020 No. 1 pick, talks Alan Foster and Lonzo-Zion connection | First Take

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Kumasi Man
Kumasi Man - Day ago
Kumasi Man
Kumasi Man - Day ago
Molly is lowkey upset but who cares about her anyway
Jose - 3 days ago
"Say, if I slap you in the face." That made me laugh more than it should of
Ty Fizzle
Ty Fizzle - 15 hours ago
Jose 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 facts
Reginald Jeanmarie
Reginald Jeanmarie - 4 days ago
Lavar Ball is a navigator, a thinker, and a thumb in the eye of white supremacy. Time and again I observed the mirth and malice of the corporate media speaking with a single purpose that this unbowed black man must not only be stopped. He must be humiliated, humbled, ultimately stripped of his wealth and dignity; and still he rises.
Budget Clipz Productions
Stephen A would be a great Baptist preacher
Theo Carbone
Theo Carbone - 8 days ago
Respect Lavar. Stand by the man raising his children.
Chris Milne
Chris Milne - 9 days ago
What Lavar says is not BS.
Hes been on the money when
It counts. His sons are lucky to
Have a father who rides or die for
For them. And also who thinks outside
The box.
Darryl Williams
Darryl Williams - 9 days ago
Why yall mad at Molly?
Sosa Sosa
Sosa Sosa - 11 days ago
ג'וני ביררוב
ג'וני ביררוב - 11 days ago
Y’all sleep on Deni Avdija 🇮🇱 💪 🔥🏀
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo - 12 days ago
The media didnt take 1.5 lavar. Time to quit sugar coatin it
Richard Hill
Richard Hill - 12 days ago
I don't think Melo will be the number 1 pick in the 2020 draft but i do think he will be a top 5 pick and if so, LaVar and Tina will be THE ONLY parents to have 2 of their sons drafted this high in the draft.
Remember: It is better to aim for the moon
And strike a Star,
Then aim for a Tree and strike a Rock!
I said the above because it looking like Melo will probably be a top 5 pick, ergo LaVar won't be too far off!
Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin - 13 days ago
This man is like a basketball wizard that sire's nothing but NBA stars ...

And knows the future.
Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin - 13 days ago
2:40 "let's say I slapped you in your face?".......hahhahahhhahh
John Duplex
John Duplex - 13 days ago
I thought espn band Lavar ball
Reggie White
Reggie White - 13 days ago
I predict his boys will go undrafted...
Ty Fizzle
Ty Fizzle - 15 hours ago
Reggie White what ? Lamelo is projected a top 3 if not top 5 pick.
Dion-Michael Mahia
Dion-Michael Mahia - 14 days ago
LAVAR KNOWS! When in doubt. Just follow LAVAR.
dont subscribe if you do ill find you
Who should change there job rolls

Like= Ronnie 2k
Comment= Molly
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez - 18 days ago
Lavar talks like he's enlightening people? Giving revelations? But he just sounds unbelievably stupid
Jalan Richmond
Jalan Richmond - 20 days ago
I thought lavar was banned from espn
Maurice Goodloe
Maurice Goodloe - 21 day ago
Bye Bye Molly Rose
roger johnson
roger johnson - 21 day ago
Lavar is a used car salesman. He sold the Lakers a lemon with Lonzo. The Lakers couldn't wait to get rid of overrated and overhyped Lonzo. Kick the tires next time. Moreover Lamelo has more talent than Lonzo,but he is extremely thin and needs to put on weight and muscle. He is not NBA ready. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
Og Godwin
Og Godwin - 22 days ago
Who's here after LaMelo could actually be a potential number 1 pick
Peter Stark
Peter Stark - 22 days ago
Lamelo needs to be drafted by the knicks so we could see more of this Lavar vs. SAS episodes! 😂
Marvel FANATIC - 23 days ago
Well boys, Lavar isn't far wrong
RBG02005 - 23 days ago
Glad they’re getting rid of her.
mynameisirrelevant !
mynameisirrelevant ! - 25 days ago
I don't care what none of you'll think..I like Molly..
mynameisirrelevant !
mynameisirrelevant ! - 25 days ago
I would love to see Damon Dash debate with these guys..
Mr. Mince Productions Inc.
Man he actually was right.😂😂😂
Jose Acevedo Rodriguez
Jose Acevedo Rodriguez - 26 days ago
Hey.....wait a minute. They're not under a bridge. That's a green screen. Woah
Jaylen DeVon
Jaylen DeVon - 26 days ago
Who’s here after Melo has been projected to go Top 3 😂😂
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 26 days ago
El Lamo is a 3rd tier basketball player.
Nathan Coletti
Nathan Coletti - 28 days ago
Don King and Lavar Ball are family...🤮
Dilan Abreu
Dilan Abreu - 28 days ago
Lavar is an idiot why do they have that clown on tv smh don’t make no sense to have him on he never answer any questions
Fin nn
Fin nn - 18 days ago
i mean lemelo is projected currently a top 3 pick in 2020 draft...
Cali Castro
Cali Castro - 29 days ago
Molly looks like the girlfriend at the family dinner of her boyfriends family that doesn't like her.
JellyRoll & StruggleJennings Radio
Chris - 29 days ago
This dude has created the male version of toddlers in tiaras. He's a fucking pageant Dad! Nothing more! Trying to live through his kids cuz he couldn't do it. Just a bogus buster
Lucid - Month ago
Lavar the profit
Richard Hill
Richard Hill - Month ago
All SNARKS aside; because of both Melo's talent and current playing status, he may still be drafted in the TOP 5, which reminds me of the following quote:
It is better to aim for the Moon and Strike a Star
Then Aim for a Tree and Strike a Rock.

Melo won't be too far from # 1 in the 2020 draft.
Oh, and if he is drafted in the top 5, Tina and LaVar will be the only parents to have 2 sons drafted that high in the NBA draft.
TripDarlin - Month ago
Molly the muse🤦🏼‍♂️
Sal A
Sal A - Month ago
Molly is a great moderator. She knows how to control the stage, people and time.
Lions Hunt
Lions Hunt - Month ago
Lavar was 100% right from the beginning. All these deluded hating fools gotta eat crow
Maya Krishnan
Maya Krishnan - Month ago
us fans have been knowing that he’d be one of the top picks and espn just now realizing lol
JMannK3 - Month ago
Who’s here now that Lamelo is being considered a lottery pick?
Jeremy Tucker
Jeremy Tucker - Month ago
Lavar Ball reminds me of Foghorn leghorn.
Flying V
Flying V - Month ago
Jeremy Tucker just missing the I say-I say
Ingeniero Alberto
Ingeniero Alberto - Month ago
LaVar is a clown that dont make god for his family, really
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis - Month ago
SAS looking like he was going to open neck Lavar 😂😂
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis - Month ago
Label gave ESPN the most views.
Freddy H
Freddy H - Month ago
Didn’t espn ban lavar???
MR. K - Month ago
3.53 looked him dead in his eyes and called it.......!
Joshua McKeever
Joshua McKeever - Month ago
After how Molly came at LaVar, I still have 0 respect for her & it appears Stephen A Smith had to represent him.
jeff lusty
jeff lusty - Month ago
Just because a player is #1 pick doesn't mean anything. Throughout the History of the Game we have all seen #1 picks flop right out of the league. People put too much on #1 picks.
Agent 21
Agent 21 - Month ago
Is this the switch gears interview?
nicnich7 - Month ago
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams - Month ago
dude is a clown as a father and a man
Jack Vaj
Jack Vaj - Month ago
The ball brothers sucks..theyll b good in China tho..and like drake said, he the only black father that stuck around too much 🤣
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan - Month ago
dont believe it stop lying lavar,how can you break anything down to your son and make him understand when you dont understand anything. lavar is a joke and so is first take to keep bringing this circus clown back
Daquan Bowser
Daquan Bowser - Month ago
I respect what he's done for his family and the whole time everyone looked at him like he was crazy but 2 out of his 3 sons about to be in the nba and his family net worth millions
Jayknox VLOGS
Jayknox VLOGS - Month ago
Molly is so stupid man🤦🏽‍♂️
James Lee
James Lee - 27 days ago
And you are a Lavar groupie. Sad.
Campers imsleep _23
Campers imsleep _23 - Month ago
And he is #1
Desmond Ashford
Desmond Ashford - Month ago
WOW is ESPN guess he right again give that man credit ... the Lavar effect is real
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