Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

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Kingo Mingo
Kingo Mingo - Hour ago
1:48 look at bo peep's face and tell me she isn't the villain
Also at 1:55 when woody and duke do the jump they're holding woody by his pull string
Paelorian - Hour ago
I wish they didn't turn Bo Peep into an action hero and let her be a "strong female character" in other ways. Slinky Dog, Wheezy the penguin, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, the triceratops, piggy bank, and the aliens are all among the many characters that are compelling and strong characters useful to the community but there's always a push for the lead characters to be the most conventionally competent and physically capable. I liked Bo Peep's previous incarnation as wise and reserved but a valued voice of reason. That Bo Peep's wouldn't often be whacking enemies with her shepard's crook and ziplining, but she was still strong and important and valuable. You don't have to be Action Girl to be strong and admirable.
But it's barely worth complaining about. This looks like a good movie and the characters look varied and lovely as usual. I hope it lives up to the legacy of the previous movies. It doesn't need to be as good as the last one but it should be worthy of sitting alongside the previous movies.
canessa johnson
canessa johnson - Hour ago
Thank you!!!
Logan Parks
Logan Parks - Hour ago
Yes! This trailer has made me optimistic! Who else has been anxiously awaiting this movie since they announced it in 2014? 😂
Julio Palacios
Julio Palacios - Hour ago
I still remember when I was young, because of these movies I would leave my room with my toys on the floor and leave the room and peak to see if they’d come to life
Shaun Pitre
Shaun Pitre - Hour ago
There’s a snake in my boot
Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All
Nobody asked for this. This is a cash grab, and probably is going to be mediocre, just like all the other pixar sequels (besides toy story 2)
Atari-Dude 1
Atari-Dude 1 - Hour ago
This movie is a winner not only because it's amazing... But also because they're playing great music in all the trailers, haha... Seriously ELO, one of my favourite bands of all time!
Camila Nieto
Camila Nieto - Hour ago
This better be good motherfuckers
Eeveegirl13 - Hour ago
I don’t care how good the animation is I still can’t stand how they changed bo
jaya prakash
jaya prakash - Hour ago
No batman action figure hail batman
PlanetHollywave My instagram
My favorite toy story was Toy story 2. The atmosphere intrigued me when I was a kid 💯
Alexander Vallecillo
Pixar as a malfunctioning member of society STOP
AJ - Hour ago
mitchiii - Hour ago
can they just reunite with andy and the old toys and not going after a stupid fork?
brandon - Hour ago
Anyone here for the 9/11 memes?
Eli And Ezra
Eli And Ezra - Hour ago
Yes!!! Amazing!
Legend Slayer
Legend Slayer - Hour ago
Why would someone dislike this?
Lucas Han
Lucas Han - Hour ago
Bo Peep becomes more fearless!
Kumari Michael Jackson
for toy lovers😎 may be me also 😍😍😍
Sharp Sheep
Sharp Sheep - Hour ago
How is this rated G? Lol it showed two stuffed animals jumping an old lady
Tea with Tré
Tea with Tré - Hour ago
Completely random but I’m starting s channel and posted my first video, it’s a mess but if u would watch and see if u like that would be grratb
dhanes_plays 1
dhanes_plays 1 - Hour ago
*Why am i alive?!*
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders - Hour ago
"the old plush-rush" meaning they've done it before? 😳
Jemina Rhoa Doon
Jemina Rhoa Doon - Hour ago
Remember long time ago, they become zombies and traumatized Sid.
Jonathan Soto
Jonathan Soto - Hour ago
0:59 off
Ol’ Laptop
Ol’ Laptop - Hour ago
Rip potato head
JRT - Hour ago
Should've had Old Town Road as the song *M I S O P P O R T U N I T Y*
Seidian-Belle Causey
You're a Toy

You're not gonna be played with

You're a XBOX👋
Mmil Guro
Mmil Guro - Hour ago
Lo mismo digo yo
Courtney C.
Courtney C. - Hour ago
Is it bad that I'm 22 and can't wait to see this?😂
Jonathan Soto
Jonathan Soto - Hour ago
0:18 new scene se quemaron esta escena
Snipe Is kewl
Snipe Is kewl - Hour ago
*Lets get ready for another episode of: YOUR JUST A TOOOOOOY*
CatAttacks! -RobloxGameplays
June 26 is my birthday..
Ben_jamin - Hour ago
1:13 Me @ Keanu
Jonathan Soto
Jonathan Soto - Hour ago
Pixar vs disney
Carnage Fusion
Carnage Fusion - Hour ago
Plush rush
Quách Hải Lộc
Quách Hải Lộc - Hour ago
Subscribe 2meh
Subscribe 2meh - Hour ago
Red my name pls
Cant think of name Yeah
Straight out of Lonely Lodge
arithsem is alive . . .
Toy made from scratch
Why am I alive?
Toy story 4 existential crisis for adults and finding purpose
YouTubular - Hour ago
Releasing a trailer revealing Keanu Reeves is in the movie right after John Wick 3 comes out... talk about excellent marketing techniques. If you go on imdb, he’s literally the top credited person, even above Tom Hanks.
Hellstone - Hour ago
I still don't see the point of this and why everyone is so hyped for it (I'm guessing because it's Toy Story), but I'm gonna check it out since I grew up watching Toy Story
Callahan Moreland
Callahan Moreland - Hour ago
That cat look more real than my own cat
Peter Benjamin Parker
That old lady hahha
Autism Family
Autism Family - Hour ago
Is it just me or is Keanu on a motorcycle in most of his movies?
The Homie Joe
The Homie Joe - Hour ago
I can’t wait for the video game
John H
John H - Hour ago
I swear if one person flosses or plays fortnite in this movie.
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez - Hour ago
It'sJustJosh That'sIt
Woody: "Jesse! Ham! Buzz! Bo! Rex! Potato Head-"
Me: "Electrode, Diglett, Nidoran, Mankey
Venusaur, Rattatta, Fearow, Pidgey
Seaking, Jolteon, Dragonite, Gastly
Ponyta, Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Butterfree
Catch 'em, catch 'em, gotta catch 'em all.
Gotta catch 'em all.
P O K E M O N."
Manuel Cubilete
Manuel Cubilete - Hour ago
Kudos to Pixar 🥰
Arosh Hossain
Arosh Hossain - Hour ago
What if they didn’t get forky and bonnie made a new one
Benjamin Berg
Benjamin Berg - Hour ago
I’m 14 and I will be watching this with my 14 year old friends.
Nikki Combs
Nikki Combs - Hour ago
Eggs and braves baseball mmmm
Jack Lee
Jack Lee - Hour ago
Keanu is my daddy
TheMimzez - Hour ago
I wanted to pay attention to what was happening in the trailer but I couldn't take my eyes away from those photorealistic environments and textures
pixar has come such a long way, it's beautiful
TheMimzez - Hour ago
the character animation is also wonderful! I had to watch it twice to really appreciate it! - Hour ago
Cant wait for Cinema sins to sin this 😂
Black GOAT
Black GOAT - Hour ago
azazel_ 2100
azazel_ 2100 - Hour ago
0:54 What the hell is Buzz made of to survive all that?
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche - Hour ago
Seriously that's not what I typed.
Quách Hải Lộc
Quách Hải Lộc - Hour ago
khemal F
khemal F - Hour ago
Why don't they just make another forky?
Smash Hit Network Kapamilya
Toy Story 4
Disney/DreamWorks A Comcast Company/Pixar Animation Studios
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Hour ago
i am ready to get hurt
Ciara Yenchek
Ciara Yenchek - Hour ago
“Let’s go save a spork”

-Woody, 2019
Alara Ozkan
Alara Ozkan - Hour ago
İs Woody cheating??
Keith Weller
Keith Weller - Hour ago
"Its a living thing"
is a 70s anti-abortion song... lol
Esperanza Gomez
Esperanza Gomez - Hour ago
Watching all the toy story movies tomorrow with my baby . I attempted putting them on because I have put every Disney & Pixar movie for her & the ones I grew up with but she is scared to watch toy story I don’t know why lol 😂 . But hopefully she likes it she’s 4 btw fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤭 .
Emmanuel - Hour ago
No Kids allowed
Jacob Foehrkolb
Jacob Foehrkolb - Hour ago
Exactly a month away from when I cry my eyes out from this movie
Coca Koala
Coca Koala - Hour ago
So first 2 movies were about Woody being lost. 3rd one is about Woody and gang getting lost. Now the 4th one is about a fork getting lost? Wished they stopped at the 3rd movie.
Thauen - Hour ago
Woody looks like he is in such distress. Wonder if this is when they lose Bo Peep.
Retromonous - Hour ago
I just wasted 2 minutes and 19 seconds of my life.
Andrew Valenti
Andrew Valenti - Hour ago
While i still don't believe this movie is needed im willing to accept it but please please please if they give this one a good ending like toy story 3 then just STOP MAKING MORE AND TAKING EMOTIONS AWAY FROM WHAT COULD BE A BEAUTIFUL ENDING TO THE FILM SERIES
Meme Content
Meme Content - Hour ago
Judging to the views it has in 16 hours I don’t think anyone cares if this movie now
Masters Program
Masters Program - Hour ago
0:10 I'm sorry but Omg it's Mabel!
Dose of Drawings
Dose of Drawings - Hour ago
I know what I am going to watch this summer
shyheem branch
shyheem branch - Hour ago
It looks good but still it’s unnecessary toy story 3 was the perfect ending to a trilogy
Five Fingered Gaming
0:01 Monday mornings
Nothing - Hour ago
Why did I think that was the fortnite map in the thumbnail behind buzz
Dual Shock
Dual Shock - Hour ago
0:01 kids after there roblox girlfriend breaks up with them
kurdishgurl11 - Hour ago
Be my 10k Th subscriber ??? 🦋
Sebastian Flores
Sebastian Flores - Hour ago
Buzz lightyear kissed you

Like to not undo
Jamel Smith
Jamel Smith - Hour ago
Somehow this caught the attention of my childhood innocence
Da Derpy Droid
Da Derpy Droid - Hour ago
A trailer with ELO’s Livin Thing is a win. Add that to a Toy Story trailer and you get an ultra win. :D
Amforky (Filipino understands) 😂
Zach C.
Zach C. - Hour ago
This looks surprisingly ok, actually.
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche - Hour ago
An old Evel Knievel toy always rocks...
Love this series.
Pixar is always the best in tickle my Nostalgia feels.
Metal horns Unite.
Panda Xtrem3
Panda Xtrem3 - Hour ago
Camy Wamy
Camy Wamy - Hour ago
The third movie was the perfect ending. This just feels like a cash grab
Elen Avetisyan
Elen Avetisyan - Hour ago
Yassss it’s coming out on my birthday hahaa
My baby is back!!!
Lqxzy - Hour ago
And thats the story of why i need your spork
Mjestiik - Hour ago
If you double tap this
👇 it turns grey! I make Vids BTW.
Hat Kiddo!
Hat Kiddo! - Hour ago
Nice, my fav is the Spork 👍
Curious George
Curious George - Hour ago
Buzz you missed the truck!

Were not aiming for the truck..........
Jacob Chavez
Jacob Chavez - Hour ago
Nice to hear Tom Hanks soothing voice
Victor Hardin
Victor Hardin - Hour ago
I couldn't even finish the trailer really goin down hill after 1 and 2. O well I guess
Harrambou - Hour ago
Ethan Schmid
Ethan Schmid - Hour ago
0:03-0:04 I was expecting a little more....yelling from you, Woody. 0:42 That's "Mr. Potato Head" to you! 0:50-1:00 I was waiting for that moment!!!!!!!!! Buzz Lightyear flying in the air!!!!!!!!!!!! I so want to see this movie!!!!!!!!
Tanishak Baijal
Tanishak Baijal - Hour ago
Me: *faces a minor inconvenience*
Me: *in rex voice* THE PANIC IS ATTACKING ME
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