Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

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Michael Vuong
Michael Vuong - 58 minutes ago
Bo beep needs to go back to making sandwiches
Robert da Rosa
Robert da Rosa - 58 minutes ago
This video's popularity is...

NOVACANE - 59 minutes ago
Lol these ninjas always saving someone! 🥶
M S - 59 minutes ago
All I heard was Louise Belcher
Mekhi Deer Loud 15
Mekhi Deer Loud 15 - Hour ago
2:10-2:13 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🐰🦆they are so are going to be my favorite characters.
BebadeeBoy 808
BebadeeBoy 808 - Hour ago
Ok thank god this one doesn’t look like a tear jerker. TS3 really did it for me I’m not gonna lie.
- I know I wasn’t the only one fighting tears.
Hey it comes out on my bday nice
Nate W
Nate W - Hour ago
Keanu Reeves, and Key and Peele. I’m genuinely interested
Charlie Osbore
Charlie Osbore - Hour ago
I cant wait to see this!!!
Rihan Khan
Rihan Khan - Hour ago
Hey where is cars 4 trailer
Giy Ferreira
Giy Ferreira - Hour ago
Brasil alguém?
Dianela youtuber
Dianela youtuber - Hour ago
WoW des pues de unos años sale el 4 ¡Aleluyaaaa!
FrisbeeGaming - Hour ago
Gonna be epic
Ralph X
Ralph X - Hour ago
Just the trailer alone had me laughing 😂 I cannot wait for #June21
Linkon Mridha
Linkon Mridha - Hour ago
😁I just love 💜TOY STORY 😊
the viper
the viper - Hour ago
2:09 kids when their parents take away fortnite
Squantle - Hour ago
Roses are red
These characters I have missed
Still doesn’t mean
This movie should exist
David Agut
David Agut - Hour ago
Lotso pa cuando
Noah P
Noah P - Hour ago
You are a TOY
audrey bradburne
audrey bradburne - Hour ago
The rain looks so realistic omg
Sujal Gupta
Sujal Gupta - Hour ago
Why don't they just make another sporky?
SoloSoloツ - Hour ago
2 toy story's were enough
Eviesee2 - Hour ago
Wheres jessie
MultiMegaGameReview - Hour ago
That plush rush tactic had me dying.
Shiny Zoroark
Shiny Zoroark - Hour ago
Ok this is epic I might watch this instead of Godzilla
Leonardo Briones
Leonardo Briones - Hour ago
No pido mucho para la navidad 🎄
Solo pido que el que esté leyendo esto nunca le falte el pan 🥖 en su casa 🏡
Vikram Tapadia
Vikram Tapadia - Hour ago
That song is from Guardians of the Galaxy (Telltale)
Hiram Alvarez
Hiram Alvarez - Hour ago
I love it...all the toy story movies are about finding something and I love it
Spined1234 - Hour ago
2:10 me and friends fighting over the last slice of pizza
Brian - Hour ago
For the ones of us that only saw Toy Story 1 where's Andy and who's this little girl with a spork
Zeemanhuismerk - Hour ago
I'm really confused with this film, 3 was a very great conclusion to this franchise yet we are getting a fourth one. Film looks great though
Joe Ross
Joe Ross - Hour ago
*It's a 'no' from me*
Luke Faulkner
Luke Faulkner - Hour ago
My dream is to write music for Disney-Pixar someday...
hülya yurtsever
hülya yurtsever - Hour ago
you'll never make it
Anna Che
Anna Che - Hour ago
Maybe if this was a short but making it a full on sequel is just a cash grab for a series that already had a proper ending. I’m worried that this is a sign that we’re not getting any new Pixar movies but instead squeals.
I want coNtEnT
I want coNtEnT - Hour ago
What you are paying to see now is tots being alive trying to save a SPORK
Derrick Mendonca
Derrick Mendonca - Hour ago
I love when ELO is used for music in a movie... Even if it's just the trailer...
1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content
Better than sonic
TheRevivist - Hour ago
We want monsters inc
Gabriel Byrne
Gabriel Byrne - Hour ago
This film still has yet to justify its existence
AuraGuardian is my fav youtuber
-Toy story 4 wasnt needed-
-because Toy story 3 was a-
-perfect conclusion-

Me on June 21st : *_Caught heading to theatres_*
Ston ED
Ston ED - Hour ago
I swear this is gonna ruin my childhood
Achmad Cassiem
Achmad Cassiem - Hour ago
all the “kids” who watched the first 3 are adults now..
Mr.Emerald 7
Mr.Emerald 7 - Hour ago
Woody in Toy Story 1: YOU ARE A TOYYY!!!!

Woody in Toy Story 4: You are a toy.
Em Tee
Em Tee - Hour ago
Stop showing the whole movie in the trailer!
Kevin Nham
Kevin Nham - Hour ago
Hold my beer!
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob - Hour ago
2:09 The first time that Toy Story became
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob - Hour ago
Reeves is in the Duke Kaboom!
MichelMichalTV - Hour ago
Now I've seen the movie, thanks.
Javier G.
Javier G. - Hour ago
TheMasked Artist
TheMasked Artist - Hour ago
I'm gonna cry aren't I?
PenguinDerbyTV - Hour ago
Lucas VFC
Lucas VFC - Hour ago
Alguém do Brasil?
Johnny H.
Johnny H. - Hour ago
Those rain animations thou.
Sonja - Hour ago
Toy Story 2.5
Godsgirl9 Stevens
Godsgirl9 Stevens - Hour ago
This trailer told us nothing at all except that Bo Peep’s butt got bigger like Elastagirl’s did 😒😒😒
Toby : /
Toby : / - Hour ago
Ali Butt
Ali Butt - Hour ago
Lol imagine if Sporky ends up with Andy's kids......the feels
FadilTC Games
FadilTC Games - Hour ago
this is masterpiece
Smart Emmet
Smart Emmet - Hour ago
Forky and Giggle forever!!! Also, can’t believe this is the last trailer! Look out, Summer 2019! The toys are back in town!
hossi - Hour ago
janet snakehole
janet snakehole - Hour ago
no one:
not a soul:
forky: wHY aM i aLiVe???
bloxy Francisco
bloxy Francisco - Hour ago
Thumbsup if you didnt know bonnie had a dad
NotLivelt 1
NotLivelt 1 - Hour ago
Toy story as a movie next?
Contact 1
Contact 1 - Hour ago
Saving private forky
Nismo Kali
Nismo Kali - Hour ago
Not gonna lie this one doesn’t look that good. They should’ve brought back Andy or something. This storyline seems to boring and it’s kinda similar to the last movie. 3 was the perfect ending they should’ve just left it at that.
The Bus001
The Bus001 - Hour ago
Is it possible and hear me out, don’t wanna burn bridges, but is it possible that toy story jumped the shark?
LookABear - Hour ago
Someone make a side by side showing the same scenes from previous films.
Manny Teixeira
Manny Teixeira - Hour ago
One of my favorite childhood movies is back ❤️
Manny Teixeira
Manny Teixeira - Hour ago
Tiffany Lyons
Tiffany Lyons - Hour ago
Ummm one of the first voices I heard was Louise from Bob's burgers
M WDW - Hour ago
2:07 she looks like the same old lady from ratatouille 🤔
needforsuv - Hour ago
2:09 um...
The diamond 9036
The diamond 9036 - Hour ago
0:11 is that Louise from bobs burgers
Alex Cobb
Alex Cobb - Hour ago
I'm a 23 year old man and I'm going to watch this....
yoga asix
yoga asix - 2 hours ago
For God sake John Wick is everywhere! 😁
MTWENTY - 2 hours ago
Really seems like an unnecessary movie since Toy Story 3 ended so perfectly. But it’s a harmless movie with the BEST animation I have ever seen
Babar Iqbal
Babar Iqbal - 2 hours ago
A canadian toy lol
Dominik Polewka
Dominik Polewka - 2 hours ago
I wonder who's going to be it's antagonist.
Matthew Jay Evans
Matthew Jay Evans - 2 hours ago
Trailer looks great. Lets just hope the movie is great too.
unrooolie - 2 hours ago
Wasn’t down for her stomping woody for a fork :/
Prashant Dewan
Prashant Dewan - 2 hours ago
Y wud some unlike toy story come on something's wrong with u
Neo Rozario
Neo Rozario - 2 hours ago
Hope this would be as good as all tge other toy story movies
Disney Barbie Show
Disney Barbie Show - 2 hours ago
I can't wait I'm trying to get that toy story 3 figurine set so I have everybody and I already have the toy story 4 figurines and the really old ones I'm excited
envygamerz xp
envygamerz xp - 2 hours ago
Won't be half as good as the others why? I'm all grown up now
Anthony Saetern
Anthony Saetern - 2 hours ago
Slinky Dog got roasted in childsplay though
Arctic Fox Gaming
Arctic Fox Gaming - 2 hours ago
You know what this needs, another Buzz Lightyear who doesn't realize he's a toy and thinks he's a real space ranger.
DADEFUYE MEDIA - 2 hours ago
"Is that what we look like on the inside? Soooo Fluffy"😂
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb - 2 hours ago
Mr Potato Head? What? How?
IMooN - 2 hours ago
I’m 19 and I’m excited for this 😂
Joey Hager
Joey Hager - 2 hours ago
I see you Buzz, falling in style.
ari hernawan
ari hernawan - 2 hours ago
1 trending in Indonesian..
KlassicKidMedia - 2 hours ago
So, who is ready to cry in the theater?
RileySmithMusic - 2 hours ago
Joel Kotto
Joel Kotto - 2 hours ago
It's been 24 years with Toy Story... Do they not have any other story to tell?
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook - 2 hours ago
I'm going back to 2009 yall want anything
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook - 2 hours ago
Im not crying u are
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook - 2 hours ago
Yo this makes me sad and happy
Nicholas Andreyev
Nicholas Andreyev - 2 hours ago
First trailer: God only knows
Second trailer: A living thing
Disney killing it with the trailer music
iresh botalage
iresh botalage - 2 hours ago
One of my favourite... amazing... non vedo l'ora... from italy
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