Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

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Shay Ó Laoghaire
Shay Ó Laoghaire - Hour ago
Great use of ELO, I think I'll go see this, looks like real life in the outdoor scenes, animation has come a long way
Jay ImHere
Jay ImHere - Hour ago
Louie - Hour ago
It's only a month away! Yayuh!
Lightyear90 - Hour ago
Me as Trixie: I've ALL the questions!
Matt Matt
Matt Matt - Hour ago
Bro lets gooooo to all who grew up to this, we finally got a toy story 4. Its time to re-live our childhoods for this movie.
Shawn DC
Shawn DC - Hour ago
2:09 First Captain Marvel, now Toy Story! Disney hates grandmas 😂
Crystals Cartoonz
Crystals Cartoonz - Hour ago
Squidward Tentacle
Squidward Tentacle - Hour ago
Is it just me or trixie sounds like mabel and jake jr
BrokenWolf1990 - Hour ago
Keanu Reeves, a plank of wood, what's the difference?
rainyroyale - Hour ago
D4 Gtube
D4 Gtube - Hour ago
Is the Rhyno's voice Louise from Bob's Burger?
David Enciso
David Enciso - Hour ago
Best soundtrack eveeeeer..!!!
This movie deserves an Oscar right f'n now..!!!!
Master Aqua
Master Aqua - Hour ago
Sora, Donald and Goofy Cameo please!.. And VERUM REX YOZORA!!!!!!
Gamma - Hour ago
Idk 😐
byebye - Hour ago
really funny, plush rush lol
Hayden C.
Hayden C. - Hour ago
byebye - Hour ago gonna be a multiverse, multiarc, multibillion dollar frnachiseeeee!!!
Monica Arevalo
Monica Arevalo - Hour ago
Ebony Penguin
Ebony Penguin - Hour ago
0:35 is that andys room?
GibbyDoesThings - Hour ago
My childhood man 😩😪❤️
Kenneth Graham
Kenneth Graham - Hour ago
Stop making these.
The Evil Genius
The Evil Genius - Hour ago
Yes on Klush Rush!
Andre Gonzales
Andre Gonzales - Hour ago
Rus' Gray
Rus' Gray - Hour ago
Is this like a Toy's story same plot with different story?
Ebony Penguin
Ebony Penguin - Hour ago
Ok ok ok... since WHEN did woody not have a solid head!!!!
Srijan Kumar Singh
Srijan Kumar Singh - Hour ago
Bugs: We are not doing that!
Lynx - Hour ago
Duh! And people says dolls are possessed?
Aaron Redd
Aaron Redd - Hour ago
D*mn poor grandma!!, she d*mn near broke her back neck and everything.😩😩
Almost f**cked her s#!t up.😂😂
BFactorPlays - Hour ago
just not the same as the old toy stories
Smile Me
Smile Me - Hour ago
I am 30 year's old man and I first to buy a ticket!!!
insert name
insert name - Hour ago
Why make a 4th when the 3rd was the perfect conclusion.
Fritz Catalan
Fritz Catalan - Hour ago
*wHy aM i ALiv3¿?*
YeaitsL - Hour ago
Should’ve just ended it with Toy Story 3. Perfect ending.
Alonzobomb - Hour ago
I really like Toy Story. They deliver great messages and feelings that will last forever 😭 can’t wait to see it 🤩🤩
IXI VOV - Hour ago
Can’t wait for like 1,000 Easter eggs
BrittLink OfHyrule
BrittLink OfHyrule - Hour ago
Awww! 1:44 can't wait to see the cute woody blush moments. X3
SBA yt
SBA yt - Hour ago
Mrs. Potato Head's voice is so iconic
Corrado Soprano
Corrado Soprano - Hour ago
непременно смотреть всем .
CiCiDiaries - Hour ago
I'm still impressed by just how beautiful the animation is
PlacecheckersHD Official
Only the 90s kids will remember this
Smug Pepe
Smug Pepe - Hour ago
Disney usually ruin's everything that they touch that they didn't create so I think this movie will be decent.
Katherine Deng
Katherine Deng - Hour ago
0:11 sounds like mable from gravity falls
Alexander Innes
Alexander Innes - Hour ago
Did Bonnies parents get so poor that they bought her a spork for Christmas?
Alessandro Berti
Alessandro Berti - Hour ago
I think the editor of these trailers was listening to the "Boogie Nights" soundtrack while editing ...
medda4 - Hour ago
Larry the enticer has made the big picture
Young loba
Young loba - Hour ago
Omg 😮the ending had me hype for minute 😂
moimo1281 - Hour ago
2:09 when your grandma makes cookies and she is bringing out of the oven
someperson1522 - Hour ago
I just noticed unlike Andy bonnie has a dad
Abir Nafis 52
Abir Nafis 52 - Hour ago
Prof. Evil Pictures
Prof. Evil Pictures - Hour ago
So who’s done the voice for Mr potato head?
JG YE - Hour ago
Pollution X
Pollution X - Hour ago
Edenia Marpaung
Edenia Marpaung - Hour ago
"my guys are veterans"
i realised im old now
Mairet Alondra
Mairet Alondra - Hour ago
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Muhammad Ibrahim Zulfiqar
0:11 who is that voice it sounds soooo familiar but i cant put a name to it
George Harvey
George Harvey - 2 hours ago
1:21 Oh no, it's Slappy!
Kisame Hoshigaki
Kisame Hoshigaki - 2 hours ago
The old... plush rush 😏
Doğukan Alkan GÜLLÜ
Doğukan Alkan GÜLLÜ - 2 hours ago
Where is the cowboy girl??
Rob Cranston
Rob Cranston - 2 hours ago
Is Don Rickles doing Mr. Potato head?
Chromie - 2 hours ago
Which one is John Wick again?
Maxirific - 2 hours ago
Starring retired John wick
daylan yokota
daylan yokota - 2 hours ago
2:04 they’re revealing that they’ve done it before in the past, also this is the first time we’ve ever seen toys in this universe interact and admittingly attacking people that easy since the Sid attack in TS1 ...
kangwa chiyungi
kangwa chiyungi - 2 hours ago
toy story forkiie (4)
Mic Fatton
Mic Fatton - 2 hours ago
Nooo nooo stop your going to ruin toy story, just leave it at 3
doug rabbit
doug rabbit - 2 hours ago
Ill wait till I can see it at home,but looks like good fun for a couple hours.
Cheselle DeBoe
Cheselle DeBoe - 2 hours ago
It comes out on my birthday 😅😅
Ryan Sao
Ryan Sao - 2 hours ago
I swear to buddha if any of yall kids cry during the movie, I'm fighting your parents.
Helen Copter
Helen Copter - 2 hours ago
The fact that the producers kept the characters looking the same 😭
Nayeli Ortiz
Nayeli Ortiz - 2 hours ago
Mexicanos reportense !
Sergio Buryy
Sergio Buryy - 2 hours ago
I hope there’s an Andy cameo or reference of him in college or finishing it for that sake of all of us nostalgic older fans...
Moonroof - 2 hours ago
Wow so Andy is done but now its Bonnie
Jet Packinski
Jet Packinski - 2 hours ago
Rich As F*ck
Rich As F*ck - 2 hours ago
Wow I really don't like this. I mean, what's the point?? Disney sucks.
FDX Zack
FDX Zack - 2 hours ago
Buzz “Well we are not doing that” hahahah
Big Gus
Big Gus - 2 hours ago
That’s not Bo Peep.
Angelina Alvarez
Angelina Alvarez - 2 hours ago
I hope they show Lotso on the garbage truck
Ash - 2 hours ago
Toy Story 1 will always be the best
Phan Cakes
Phan Cakes - 2 hours ago
Ah childhood.
Harrison McCullough
Harrison McCullough - 2 hours ago
2:13 "Well we're not doing that" I cracked up way too hard at that!
Epic Adrian 3D
Epic Adrian 3D - 2 hours ago
This animated is so good. I Always thought Woody was made of Wood. But I guess not
Rezeoj Eifias
Rezeoj Eifias - 2 hours ago
this is fake fanmade. cant fool rezeoj eifias 😎
Jeff Phil
Jeff Phil - 2 hours ago
Nightmare Fuel Reviews
Nightmare Fuel Reviews - 2 hours ago
This film comes out the same day as the child play remake.....
A Name
A Name - 2 hours ago
Yes, Houston? I have a bruh moment
Bolnareff - 2 hours ago
Not gonna lie. I don't trust that spork foo...
Panda Nation
Panda Nation - 2 hours ago
Algún latino que lo verá?
play one's more
play one's more - 2 hours ago
after long time.. but
they back. 😂
L Y E N - 2 hours ago
There's so much f-f-f-fluff 1:27
Shadowstalker55 - 2 hours ago
LOL! At them attacking that sweet old woman! Can’t wait to see reaction videos to that.
Tsetsi - 2 hours ago
I am not a kid and even I would watch it
Jake Sherwood
Jake Sherwood - 2 hours ago
Anyone else gonna see child’s play immediately afterwards?
Tsetsi - 2 hours ago
Wow this one is very realistic!
Mulberryhawk 268
Mulberryhawk 268 - 2 hours ago
How do you think living toys work? Do they need to eat? Do they die? I have a lot of questions.
Ryan Foster
Ryan Foster - 2 hours ago
James Charles kissed you.

Like to undo
dragonball slayer326
dragonball slayer326 - 2 hours ago
I'm calling it duke kaboom is the villain
Oleg Geraschenko
Oleg Geraschenko - 2 hours ago
Toy Story 4? Toy Story 5? Toy Story 6? same fate as Star Wars?
Peter Scalise
Peter Scalise - 2 hours ago
Spoiler alert: After Forky gets lost they just get a new spork and attach the same pieces to it…only to realize that this new spork is actually an evil pawn in Zurg’s master plan
dragonball slayer326
dragonball slayer326 - 2 hours ago
Can't wait for this movie to come out I'm excited
PsPuNkS - 2 hours ago
I swear if they make Bo Peep the surprise villain for this movie...
Big Gus
Big Gus - 2 hours ago
PsPuNkS That is not the real Bo Peep from the first two movies.
Angel of Sarcasm
Angel of Sarcasm - 2 hours ago
*When you are literally dying from cuteness*
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