Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

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cristian Peñaranda
cristian Peñaranda - 3 days ago
when is it coming
toy story 5
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood - 16 days ago
GeoLander - 20 days ago
Well, if YOU sit in the shelf for the rest of your life YOU will NEVER find out, will you? -WOODY 2019
格薩爾Gasar - 20 days ago
This is one of the best movies I've ever seen , I'm 53 yrs. old and I mean what I say !
Cow Cow Moo
Cow Cow Moo - 27 days ago
nuts n bangus Toy Channel
I just bought a Gabby Gabby doll
Kari Keller
Kari Keller - 28 days ago
Uploaded on May 21, 2019
jedizombiekiller - Month ago
ELO makes this trailer 10 times better
EL panda
EL panda - Month ago
Lança um filme no ucm de toy story, e que vocês fazer me chama pra eu fazer o uddy
Ame - Month ago
Andy: please keep this cowboy safe, will you?
*9 years later*
Bonnie: so anyways, i started blasting
Ame - 18 days ago
alright understandable have a nice day
CircusKing - 18 days ago
Ame 1 Year later in movie.
kuriakose jim
kuriakose jim - Month ago
Who else knew duke(the bike stunt man) is voiced by Keanu Reaves
Doesn't even sound like him
Rachel Pursley Media
Rachel Pursley Media - Month ago
This movie is the best Pixar movie from 2019! It's way better than Wonder Park.
tio beni
tio beni - Month ago
Song name
Ecorigon IV
Ecorigon IV - Month ago
The song is "Livin thing" by ELO
Chill Guy
Chill Guy - Month ago
Made in blender - Pixar 2019
Amazing_vids47 23
Amazing_vids47 23 - Month ago
OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! 😍😍THE TRAILER ALSO HAS MY FAVOURITE SONG! THE SONG IS CALLED Electric Light Orchestra- Livin’ Thing!😋🥰🥰Thats one of my favourite songs!!🥰
Ecorigon IV
Ecorigon IV - Month ago
Yep it's a good song
Thatone Guy
Thatone Guy - Month ago
This movie made me cry
Sawyer TheBoyFan1069
Sawyer TheBoyFan1069 - Month ago
Do The Toy Story 5!
CircusKing - 18 days ago
Sawyer TheBoyFan1069 No, Toy Story doesn’t need a Sequel.
PICCASSO - Month ago
angelina li
angelina li - Month ago
Forty:I’ve known that guy my whole life.
Me: hahahahaah I can’t feel my stomach 😂😂😂😂😂
Lionel Shaba
Lionel Shaba - 2 months ago
who else looks at their toys after wacthin TOY STORY
Lionel Shaba
Lionel Shaba - 2 months ago
its sad when a movie series you grew up with ends
Thomas & Shrek Fan #18
Thomas & Shrek Fan #18 - 2 months ago
I saw this in June 20
Sparkful Sparrow
Sparkful Sparrow - 2 months ago
"Yes We Canada" - Duke Caboom
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily - 2 months ago
My man and I love to watch cartoons! We love Moana ! We love the music in moana so much and we are grown he’s 37 and I’m 30 Virgo and cancer is a lovely match ♋️ ♍️ 💜💜💜
AlexFloGaming - 2 months ago
This a name a funny name for forkry is sporky
Hopelandar Nongbri
Hopelandar Nongbri - 2 months ago
is so comedy
Hopelandar Nongbri
Hopelandar Nongbri - 2 months ago
is so nice
Valerie Espino
Valerie Espino - 2 months ago
I hate bonnie she broke her promise to andy. 😭
haroon imran
haroon imran - 2 months ago
I used to have all these toys😂
Evelyn Barrett
Evelyn Barrett - 2 months ago
Woody blowing his face back into shape🤣
Dark Soul
Dark Soul - 2 months ago
Bonnie can write before 5 yo
Teagan William
Teagan William - 2 months ago
Never good
Sonicfan 91
Sonicfan 91 - 2 months ago
2019- You are a toy
aryan raj
aryan raj - 2 months ago
Spoiler ahead :- woody stays with boo(that barbie) leaving bonnie and all his friends. 😈😈
Richard WILSON
Richard WILSON - 2 months ago
CircusKing - 18 days ago
Richard WILSON you been watch movies too much.
Tanya Yermakova
Tanya Yermakova - 2 months ago
InfinityBoard - 2 months ago
I just regret not watching this movie in theater instead of small screen
Fatahillah - 2 months ago
why toy story episode can be unlimited not like marvel (ex: iron man)? bcause toys don't ages at all~
Nikhchan's Gaming
Nikhchan's Gaming - 2 months ago
TBH I fully expected it to be the series ruiner but IT WASN'T! I loved it!!
DalvanPlay_ RJ DalvanPlayRJ
2:00 is that... a Keyblade?
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