HITMAN™ 2 Master Difficulty - Hawkes Bay "NightCall", New Zealand (Silent Assassin Suit Only)

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AJ Nguyen Gaming
AJ Nguyen Gaming - 8 months ago
I just got to play HITMAN 2 today on the live stream for the first time, so don't expect me to put out 10 videos a day. Not possible, videos for other maps will come later.
Eddie Samutela
Eddie Samutela - 4 days ago
You mean to show me that you walked across the beach and nobody seen yo bald headed self??? Lol wow. Not stealthy at all
Tania Marie
Tania Marie - 2 months ago
AJ Nguyen Gaming hh
Sean Moore
Sean Moore - 3 months ago
@Eddie Adser stfu
Oscar O
Oscar O - 14 hours ago
I had to watch this I couldn’t solve it lol
This Awesome guy 1784
The only mission you can play on a demo ;/
chesschamp1000 - 4 days ago
This game looks so confusing. At 8:37, I still have no idea what happened, even though I watched it like ten times.
chesschamp1000 - 4 days ago
ah, ok. My goodness, what a game. I have to watch again.
AJ Nguyen Gaming
AJ Nguyen Gaming - 4 days ago
It's not, once she finished talking on the phone she will go upstairs and enter the bathroom where I have already set up a car battery there. She'll get electrocuted by the car battery when she walk into the water puddle.
Ahlaya Millen
Ahlaya Millen - 12 days ago
I love how all of the npcs in this game are basically Hellen Keller. It really helps.
Philsons Lament
Philsons Lament - 12 days ago
How many times did u have to attempt this to get all the patterns down
Marianne Mckinnon
Marianne Mckinnon - 13 days ago
Diana is so classy.
rivenoak - 11 days ago
she is brit and by story even the daughter to a baronet. top notch :)
aquinas nabiswa
aquinas nabiswa - 13 days ago
nice stuff man.. sub`d by the way.. cool
Fweek - 15 days ago
This game is so cringe they made 47 look younger than in the older series
GMK OSU - 18 days ago
See the bro doing a haka in the background. Very authentic
Taylor Mclaren
Taylor Mclaren - 19 days ago
I'm a kiwi from Hawkes Bay, my instagram (rustydogpaws)
Короче, однотипно скучно как всегда никакого прогресса. Ходит не естествеенно, куча косяков.. Я хз
john_blaze39 - 21 day ago
Is it just me, or is this kinda lame. I don't feel like I'm watching a badass master assassin...just a guy who memorized all the AI's movements
Outlaw 86
Outlaw 86 - 21 hour ago
That's basically Hitman in a nutshell
Lilnootsacks - 21 day ago
correct not even that but you can google search videos or what not
pro gamer
pro gamer - 22 days ago
wow this game is awesome
Tyler Quesnel
Tyler Quesnel - 22 days ago
I like how the talking (mouth) animations also went stealth......
Legions and legends
Legions and legends - 23 days ago
I shot that chick in the face when she first walked in, while the guards looked for me, I took the katana and stabbed everyone on the roof. Next I shot all the guards inside then silently worked the outside, that other chick got so scared she ran into the ocean n killed herself while I was standing in the waves. Then I left.
Ron jabber
Ron jabber - 24 days ago
Beautiful location, nightcall theme should be inserted.
Pedro Linguitte
Pedro Linguitte - 24 days ago
Ewww what happened to the graphics? looks like shit
The Lord of Mordor
The Lord of Mordor - 25 days ago
Too much talk
Ethan Beseler
Ethan Beseler - 28 days ago
I love your videos
Ethan Beseler
Ethan Beseler - 28 days ago
I’ll be shooting a computer
andrew simon
andrew simon - Month ago
Dude this game looks dope, thanks for sharing, I'm a die hard Hitman fan
Charles Lewing
Charles Lewing - Month ago
47 is Sam fisher from splinter cell?
Uwanda Roberts
Uwanda Roberts - Month ago
Good to see the AI has improved....... Sneaking through the open beach and they still do not see you lol
Jeff - Month ago
I wouldn't be able to play in this villa without constantly looking around and appreciating the beauty of this villa lol
Jeff - 11 days ago
@rivenoak I looked up and this villa does exist in real life ;)
rivenoak - 11 days ago
actually you are supposed to search the villa, it is even an achievement to look around and visit every area. but of course the villa itself is a look for sore eyes :D was there an achitect involved in the layout of the mission ?
datb0yavi123456 - Month ago
That house reminds me of the first action scene in the 1st John Wick
Vaasu Krishnan
Vaasu Krishnan - Month ago
Can we have Indian locations
puertoricanboy100 - Month ago
I hate gameplays but this one is... rather interesting. Much to the likes of a bingable spy series. I guess I gotta get Hitman 2
Aaron Demko
Aaron Demko - Month ago
Thanks for the heart
Aaron Demko
Aaron Demko - Month ago
Even without this vid I still completed it on master difficulty it was a bitch but I made it
Srikanth Reddy Gajjala
He knew every corner .... as if it's own house 😜
rlife kuttapai
rlife kuttapai - Month ago
I took an hour to complete this mission. Nice work man
Kenz Pereira
Kenz Pereira - Month ago
"Silent assassin" in title.
Throws frag grenades as distractions.
Neil Ho
Neil Ho - 7 days ago
doesn't necessarily mean no noise lol, it can mean you're in and out, mission complete. No one saw you, that's the whole effing point!
The Monk
The Monk - 23 days ago
Silent assassin suit!
oni oni
oni oni - Month ago
This location is very cool....today i play and complete this stage....but many times try....i don't understand how to kill the girl...but you play just as a good player....nice play ....
lll_liberte_lll - Month ago
I'm a simple kiwi, I see new Zealand I click
McLarenBMW - Month ago
Best mission location from any game in the last 10 years. Dark, cloudy sky with lightning on a beach; incredible atmosphere
Go Kill Yourself
Go Kill Yourself - Month ago
M. Kgobe
M. Kgobe - Month ago
I feel like I need all the hitmans out there, have only played 2 games...
Yung Al-Ghazali
Yung Al-Ghazali - Month ago
New zealand such a beautiful place i want to live there.
Mathson Mathai
Mathson Mathai - Month ago
How did the target die When he was miles outside holding onto a fire extinguisher...?
Pl explain
Mathson Mathai
Mathson Mathai - Month ago
@Bloody_ storm36 dude this level was like the episode 3 of game of thrones, couldn't see jack...
Bloody_ storm36
Bloody_ storm36 - Month ago
Dude he setted a trap in the bathroom dont you remember?
Mathson Mathai
Mathson Mathai - Month ago
@sbtopjosh 😂😂
sbtopjosh - Month ago
You're either a child or have very low IQ
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown - Month ago
This is before absolution?
kaijanne - Month ago
No its Hitman 2 the newest one
Rah R
Rah R - Month ago
You see a hitman. I see Mr Clean
Sharath Kumar
Sharath Kumar - Month ago
Let's see:
1. Talks a lot, has opinions and even one sarcastic joke during the mission.
2. Disposes empty magazine on the ground during mission.
This isn't 47, this is James Bond and it's a nice fame but definitely not 47.
Cal Schmidt
Cal Schmidt - Month ago
So hitman expansion for 60$ cool story bro
Zavier Harley
Zavier Harley - Month ago
Fuck yea new zealands on the map now my cuuzz
sukhdeep singh
sukhdeep singh - Month ago
Dumb guards... that's all in GAME
nikon d3200
nikon d3200 - 2 months ago
I love hitman
Ruga Santana
Ruga Santana - 2 months ago
Hoooow I don’t get how she died
Malcolm Massey
Malcolm Massey - 2 months ago
You can do it faster if you poison the hunny
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