HITMAN™ 2 Master Difficulty - Hawkes Bay "NightCall", New Zealand (Silent Assassin Suit Only)

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AJ Nguyen Gaming
AJ Nguyen Gaming - 6 months ago
I just got to play HITMAN 2 today on the live stream for the first time, so don't expect me to put out 10 videos a day. Not possible, videos for other maps will come later.
Tania Marie
Tania Marie - 5 days ago
AJ Nguyen Gaming hh
Sean Moore
Sean Moore - Month ago
+Eddie Adser stfu
Eddie Adser
Eddie Adser - 3 months ago
You have 20k subscribers...stop making it seem like youre a big deal 🙄😒
Hbib Hbib
Hbib Hbib - 5 months ago
liukangstoupee - 6 months ago
I missed your stream, but i will try and catch them from here on. Thanks for the good content!
nikon d3200
nikon d3200 - 4 days ago
I love hitman
Ruga Santana
Ruga Santana - 5 days ago
Hoooow I don’t get how she died
Malcolm Massey
Malcolm Massey - 8 days ago
You can do it faster if you poison the hunny
Kalepo Kouka
Kalepo Kouka - 8 days ago
Churr hawk's bay, 🤙
Puujee O
Puujee O - 10 days ago
When i played this Mission i killed every single person on the entire mission area.
23Hrs - 13 days ago
It would have been more realistic if they went to the mongrel mob pad in hawkes bay🤣🤣
Pooh - 21 day ago
I don’t know why but this certain mission makes me feel like im playing watch dogs 2
SHUBHAM DASH - 23 days ago
How can anyone hear a coin or a screwdriver falling on sand over the sound of waves crashing on the shore?
At Ease
At Ease - 23 days ago
Is this game worth buying? I like the old hitmans, blood money and absolution, but the new Hitman franchise i thought was shit, is this second Hitman a better improvement? like the old ones?
World Eater
World Eater - 24 days ago
Ooooohh...so I wasn't suppose to go John wick mode and kill everyone
Achille Darmostoupe
Achille Darmostoupe - 25 days ago
When u play it's looks like a E3 demo Well done
Music Luke
Music Luke - 29 days ago
That woman talking with Hitman, isn't it Bowman from Tom Clancy's GR Wildlands? I always knew they didn't really arrest her, just changed the program :D :D
sofi zip
sofi zip - Month ago
1:34 fgiagfdia
kp1832 p
kp1832 p - Month ago
I did not like this video game because can't save the video game in certain places and start over
Pine Apple
Pine Apple - Month ago
So what is the reward for mastery on this level
Dietike54 - Month ago
Good luck 47
FX - Month ago
Reminds me of the house in the movie Ghost Writer
Mr. Goel
Mr. Goel - Month ago
Seems like watching a movie
CNNCT CABLE - Month ago
Mere Arihi Pipi-Takoko
I thought this was a mod hahah ! Yeah nz that looks exactly like hawkes bay when a storms rolling in . I wonder whaf kind of snacks they have ?
Selina Kyle
Selina Kyle - Month ago
Is this a game that came out this year? It looks like it came out in 2012
Cesar YF2
Cesar YF2 - Month ago
New Zealand!! We Stand strong!
Fenasi Kerim
Fenasi Kerim - Month ago
Damn the graphic🤯
Roman Minárik
Roman Minárik - Month ago
New Hitman 2 looks shitty :( :/
Yoga Dwitama
Yoga Dwitama - Month ago
Johny Sins looks psycho now
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata - Month ago
Nice house
Soy Pablo
Soy Pablo - Month ago
Low pc gamer passing through
StudioLibros - Month ago
Very nice graphics... But 12volt car battery would not kill a person... just saying :-)
Deesus - Month ago
I went out guns blazing
Dee Eagle
Dee Eagle - Month ago
how did the target die? electric shock?
Joao Ferreira
Joao Ferreira - Month ago
the only thing i dont like in this game are the mechanics - (control the character) and i wish that had more cutscenes but the missions are perfect
James Fuentes
James Fuentes - Month ago
I think the player is a real serial killer
Eric Downey
Eric Downey - Month ago
What do you play on. My game doesn’t move that fast.
AJ Nguyen Gaming
AJ Nguyen Gaming - Month ago
Ali Aboubakr
Ali Aboubakr - Month ago
*hitman is shit now , every mission is the same , eliminate , change your clothes , eliminate , i miss hitman absolution , hitman 1 and 2 are shit* !
AJ Nguyen Gaming
AJ Nguyen Gaming - Month ago
lol, Hitman Absolution is great? Never played Contracts, Blood Money or Silent Assassin before? Those game encourage the stealthy silent assassin style, not the dumb gun and run style like Absolution.
Michael Stevenson
Michael Stevenson - Month ago
Who ever playing this pled this already they know where to go everytime
Gamer Lord
Gamer Lord - Month ago
Ale Xandre
Ale Xandre - Month ago
These graphics 😍
Faisal McRashid
Faisal McRashid - Month ago
On which Platform this game available !?
Non-existent - Month ago
Clark Winchster pc Xbox ps4
tyler Benson
tyler Benson - Month ago
Agent 47 killed the people at ChristChurch
Gimmie a 1000 subs without videos
tyler Benson ...
Roham Games
Roham Games - Month ago
cool...your subscription is my subscribe
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael - Month ago
i've been playing this wrong. i just rambo through all of the guards for fun.
RT Gamer
RT Gamer - Month ago
Problem is this game is 100GB+
Which is too much LOL
Simon Jones
Simon Jones - Month ago
doesnt work. she doesn't get electrocuted for me.
Simon Jones
Simon Jones - Month ago
+AJ Nguyen Gaming well shouldnt this video be taken down and the new way be reuploaded?
AJ Nguyen Gaming
AJ Nguyen Gaming - Month ago
They changed it recently, you now need to camp her in the bathroom or use a proximity taser, emp device.
Benko DiєsєLTM
Benko DiєsєLTM - Month ago
Splinter cell is better stealth game
AH Agent Tex
AH Agent Tex - Month ago
I don't think you can do it this way anymore, the battery only lasts a few seconds now. Not infinite like in the vidoe
Hareshbhai Kevadiya
Hareshbhai Kevadiya - Month ago
Off_time stuffs
Off_time stuffs - Month ago
Pubg with this kind of dark weather with little bit of sun rays would be awesome
Jake Black
Jake Black - Month ago
Mark Marco
Mark Marco - Month ago
What is the pleasure of playing a game when you are always hiding?
chris vaello
chris vaello - Month ago
His hand is stuck in a box
Nurjan Jarasov
Nurjan Jarasov - Month ago
Он мой любимый йгра
วารีรัต ขันทอง
home john wick ???
Tony Armstrong
Tony Armstrong - Month ago
Why does the professional hitman throw his magazine on the ground 😂

It's a game tho
23Hrs - 13 days ago
You answered your own stupid question
Jake Universe
Jake Universe - 2 months ago
i never knew how depressing overcast days at the beach here were till i saw this. This is like, pretty good, i feel like ive been there
The Prodigal
The Prodigal - 2 months ago
Love this mission and the scenery
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown - 2 months ago
Reminds me of SC: CT clocktower mission beginning. Love it
Will Adamborn
Will Adamborn - 2 months ago
KdotBdot 5
KdotBdot 5 - 2 months ago
They should've done Otara
Babar Khan
Babar Khan - 2 months ago
What are pc requirements
Dimitris Tak
Dimitris Tak - 2 months ago
How.many times you ve played this stage , bruv?
Yogie ARG007
Yogie ARG007 - 3 months ago
i.love splinter cell
marlinazul - 3 months ago
I just sat in the closet till they went to sleep and got them there
G L - 3 months ago
Love this game !
Adam Salinas
Adam Salinas - 3 months ago
I just wish hitman didn't run the way she did
ThisIsAzariaBeatz - 3 months ago
What I did was kinda stupid. I shot the woman as soon as she walked in. Then I tried again. I hid in one of the baskets on the second floor. The security guards that were watching her room fell asleep. I waited for her and her boyfriend to fall I sleep too. Then I snuck in, killed her in her sleep. Then sweet escaped. Took me about an hour though, had to be patient.
Enderadherz ART
Enderadherz ART - 3 months ago
Châu Minh
Châu Minh - 3 months ago
Very nice
AnonBot - 3 months ago
This is literally the setting of The Ghost Writer.
NewClouds - 2 months ago
Omg that's exactly what I was thinking 😀
michael albert
michael albert - 3 months ago
Silent kills are not that good
DARTH VADER - 3 months ago
I live in hawkes bay NZL 🤘 shout out gang
hersey quispe ayma
hersey quispe ayma - Month ago
Carnaval de canas
Daniel McEvily
Daniel McEvily - Month ago
Lol this comment has no likes let’s keep it that way
Raenimin Riceu
Raenimin Riceu - 3 months ago
Yea NZ getting some attention
Franklin Mutek
Franklin Mutek - 3 months ago
Eva green voice
SHOEB MOHAMMAD - 3 months ago
Female voice is Eva Green
Just got a sub daymmm that was creative
Squeakypits - 3 months ago
Mr 305
Prince Gyroid
Prince Gyroid - 3 months ago
47's voice is asmr
Kshitij Chakraborty
Kshitij Chakraborty - 3 months ago
Never seen 47 speak so much
Battus I of Cyrenaica
Battus I of Cyrenaica - 3 months ago
47 is a damn sexy 6’2” bloke with a silenced pistol.
Kunal Saini
Kunal Saini - 3 months ago
0:26 seizure
George Sande Odede
George Sande Odede - 3 months ago
Wood you believe it? Hehe
Sarvesh Kumar
Sarvesh Kumar - 3 months ago
I got terminator
Bryin E. Willis
Bryin E. Willis - 3 months ago
> process...
Mohammad shahid
Mohammad shahid - 3 months ago
Hitman game is awesome
jzer salva
jzer salva - 3 months ago
if this is the graphics quality oin pubg, i will never ever talk to people again
Ali Blablabla
Ali Blablabla - 3 months ago
hitman = the james bond game we all need
Louis - 3 months ago
Bro this actually looks like hawkes bay for real
waynemcneil86 - 3 months ago
I'm having problems with downloading The Hitman Legacy pack on Xbox One I've tried everything and it keeps telling me it's currently unavailable can anybody help me to download The Legacy PACK.
Joshua Hecht
Joshua Hecht - 3 months ago
So many happy kiwis in the comments
The Needy Techie
The Needy Techie - 3 months ago
The difficulty doesn't seem so high tbh. It's not very easy but the guards are dumb af. The weather and feel though is on point.
Koen Cayabyab
Koen Cayabyab - 3 months ago
I was just yelling at the guards most the time for not noticing him
Kenny Simpson
Kenny Simpson - 3 months ago
A house full of huge windows with lights on in a wide open space, a bald white guy dressed in all black with nothing but small green bushes to hide in approaches running with the moonlight bouncing off of his cueball, stealth at its finest.
Adam Brazendale
Adam Brazendale - 6 days ago
Kenny Simpson haha I was thinking the same.
Manuel Sousa
Manuel Sousa - Month ago
They arrived after that tho
Readd1 - 3 months ago
There was no one home to begin with tho
TheKlyde234 - 3 months ago
Lmao this comment is funny
Charles Balili
Charles Balili - 4 months ago
Harry Zimmerman
Harry Zimmerman - 4 months ago
You sneaky bastard : )
AB TheTheic
AB TheTheic - 4 months ago
Whoa! That was intense!
Mida Cowley
Mida Cowley - 4 months ago
JasonB - 4 months ago
Stunning graphics. Seems Im going to buy this game. Ty for video.
JasonB - 4 months ago
Bought the game. My GPU cant run it like in your video. But the game is perfect!
Usama Hussain
Usama Hussain - 4 months ago
Mark - 4 months ago
Watch it in 2x speed. You're welcome.
Kennard Williams
Kennard Williams - 4 months ago
Im boyt to replay this game all over n fuck shit up
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