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Virender Singh
Virender Singh - 5 hours ago
I was born on that day 😊
xxXFrancesca WitherspoonXxx
James: *Slap* why did I just hit myself
Me: idk but I love you!😂😘
Dino's world
Dino's world - 13 hours ago
In 2006 I wasn't even born....
Confetti Koala
Confetti Koala - 15 hours ago
I wasn't even born when that video was uploaded
Ella Graham
Ella Graham - 17 hours ago
I was born in 2006 😂
Assassin_Chilled - 19 hours ago
Lol Ian and Anthony were at the beginning of the video c:
Kaitlyn Graham
Kaitlyn Graham - 22 hours ago
Omg they s tastes SO BAD!!
*keeps licking*
Janette's World!
Janette's World! - 22 hours ago
It took 3:09 to finish the intro and the video is 3 minutes😂
Smol_Gacha Pals
Smol_Gacha Pals - Day ago
T C - Day ago
Only James Charles can make a 3mins 50 sec muvlog into a 19 mins video😆
Shaelynn Gundy
Shaelynn Gundy - Day ago
I love all of those songs
girl staahp
girl staahp - Day ago
I speak faster than James and I always speed up his vids 😂
Cassidy Smyth
Cassidy Smyth - Day ago
I was 4 months old when the it was made
Josie 34
Josie 34 - Day ago
YouTube is seriously older than me I'm SISTER SHOOK
sweatyeenjazz webb
sweatyeenjazz webb - Day ago
in 2006 I was born :)
fortnite bh
fortnite bh - Day ago
Please don’t say that about our president
Cynthia Brant
Cynthia Brant - Day ago
I am 12 an I have Mary Kay. And the hole set and the things that are old I throw away. But Mary Kay is still around to this day
Becca Payne
Becca Payne - 2 days ago
She forgot contour and it may just be me but I HATE the eye shadow
Rayan Wehbi
Rayan Wehbi - 2 days ago
12 years ago I wasn't born. I was born 2007😶😶
Hazel Studioz
Hazel Studioz - 2 days ago
James Charles.....meet James the animator
Kawaii Slimes
Kawaii Slimes - 2 days ago
I feel bad for James he must be cringing he’s so good at makeup and this video is well not his style I’m no makeup guru but I guess it looks ok...... James made it look better he’s iconic he makes anything look good
Pąnda Studio
Pąnda Studio - 2 days ago
This was my b'day
mae's_galaxy - 3 days ago
The first makeup tutorial on youtube was posted 7 months before i was born
Daisy Hawkins
Daisy Hawkins - 3 days ago
Wait James is only 19 he said he was seven in 2006 7+12=19
Tacos and Nachos
Tacos and Nachos - 3 days ago
last time i checked, intros were 30 seconds long...
Autumn Moore
Autumn Moore - 3 days ago
It was funny how the other video was 3 minutes and James was 18 minutes lol 😂
Jalissa Sherard
Jalissa Sherard - 3 days ago
I find this so funny. Thank you for the late night laugh. This is so good lmdao. That patting on your face with the blush 😂😂
Sarah Doherty
Sarah Doherty - 3 days ago
James: lipstick tastes awful
Me: it’s not supposed to be edible
KEO - 3 days ago
The year I was born
Aimal Rashid
Aimal Rashid - 3 days ago
This had me dying😂😂 omg I love this video😂
Morgan Lawson
Morgan Lawson - 3 days ago
0:35 love that James
martina scioni
martina scioni - 3 days ago
Soooo good vibes
Manha Khan
Manha Khan - 4 days ago
Bro ur 18
Manha Khan
Manha Khan - 4 days ago
It's so funny her video was 3 minutes and James video is 18 minutes ...LOL 😂😂😂
ℳ𝒶𝑔𝑔𝒾𝑒 ℒ𝑒𝒶𝒸𝒽
Oml lol it’s our shortstop sister James😂😂😂
hot bro 521
hot bro 521 - 4 days ago
Best ever
coffee guy
coffee guy - 4 days ago
I’m younger than that video wtf
AUTUMN BLEVINS - 4 days ago
i was born close to 7 months after this was posted
Scooter Maniac
Scooter Maniac - 5 days ago
You look so emo😂
wanna forget you
wanna forget you - 5 days ago
Damn this quality tho
Keeping up with the Jayda
I was 19 days old when that came out
Ash.bee.queen Gacha Games
I was not born yet cuz I'm born in December 31 2006
Green Haired Adventures
"We didn't have an Oompa Loompa running our country" YES JAMES YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES I agree SOOOOO Much!!!
Ryah Larsen
Ryah Larsen - 6 days ago
Only Your T zone James... Only the T zone.
Kate Guevara
Kate Guevara - 6 days ago
Omg my b day is on March 29😯
تحديات الزين و رتاج
Wow.... this video is 5 months older than me lol 😂
F Sgr
F Sgr - 6 days ago
can u just be my best friend please
Amy Bobby
Amy Bobby - 7 days ago
Wow u look at 19s makeup and complaining in 2018
Nikki's World
Nikki's World - 7 days ago
In 2006 I was not alive
Lee xubu
Lee xubu - 7 days ago
Make up was not so advance back then. How can we literally say no highlighter, setting spray, conseler.?? Haha😅😅😂😂
These are the new advance make up product probably it was not in list not even five years back I guess..😅😂
And the video was 12years 😅😅😂
We can't compare it lol.. I am proud of that lady.
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