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25 912
Dave Ambers
Dave Ambers - 8 hours ago
Hahaha "she wants me to put a shimmer shade in my crease??". Lol
Xpatcat69 and friends
Xpatcat69 and friends - 8 hours ago
That moment you realize James Charles is only about 5 years older than you 🤫
CRINGE TOAST - 11 hours ago
14:23 makeup asmr😂😂
Alexandra Gaskin
Alexandra Gaskin - 13 hours ago
Damn I wasn't even born yet when that video was made.
I'm 13
This Is Porscha
This Is Porscha - Day ago
2019 anyone
Isla Smith
Isla Smith - Day ago
I would love ur palette but I can’t afford it 😭
Nickie Anderson
Nickie Anderson - Day ago
I was born march 29 2007 lol
Anonymous Australian
I love how James can actually pull this look off
Anotherlostsoul Notearstodry
James is SISTER SHOOKITH (Btw it looks WAYYYY better on James)
Anotherlostsoul Notearstodry
Honestly you look like a queen no matter how little makeup you use
Anotherlostsoul Notearstodry
WAIT YOUR 19!? OMG you look like 16
Maria Foust
Maria Foust - 2 days ago
I love you James your absolutely amazing 😙😙😊😊😊😊😄😄😄
Sarah Kaiser
Sarah Kaiser - 3 days ago
Oh my God you're so funny 😂😂😂
Gracie Bear
Gracie Bear - 3 days ago
In 2006 I was -1 years old
Julet Kelley
Julet Kelley - 4 days ago
I wasn’t even born yet lol
JD Hill
JD Hill - 4 days ago
I love this 19 minute video following a 4 minute video🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fabian Søreide
Fabian Søreide - 4 days ago
When that was måde i was born
Egge Nic
Egge Nic - 5 days ago
Rahhh 2006 that's when I was born
Mi Healing Arts
Mi Healing Arts - 5 days ago
ROFL, I laughed so hard! You should be in comedy! So great! I can get you Mary Kay sister!
Savior Slimez
Savior Slimez - 5 days ago
That's one year to the date of my bday
robyn robinett
robyn robinett - 5 days ago
First time and I found out I look like u but a female
Eidunn F
Eidunn F - 5 days ago
I got born in 2006 😊💖💖
I eat Mango
I eat Mango - 6 days ago
I was not alive in 2006. :)
Gracie Mayfield
Gracie Mayfield - 6 days ago
The lip glasè did not reply make a dif.
Tilly Bunnell
Tilly Bunnell - 6 days ago
Why are u so sarcastic
Yareli.N Martinez
Yareli.N Martinez - 6 days ago
I like how the video is only 3 minutes and James is 18 minutes 😂
Yareli.N Martinez
Yareli.N Martinez - 6 days ago
There is an older video btw
Lexie Cameron
Lexie Cameron - 6 days ago
Everybody loves a good triangle beauty blender
Niel Andrew Feliciano
Niel Andrew Feliciano - 7 days ago
Did he just said two thousand and SEX?!
Bhrigid Stothart
Bhrigid Stothart - 7 days ago
I love you james Charles!!❤❤❤❤❤❤
Doggo Animator
Doggo Animator - 7 days ago
For some reason flash back Mary scares me
Livie Thomas
Livie Thomas - 7 days ago
People make fun of me for watching him so I don't really know what to do
Emily’s compton
Emily’s compton - 7 days ago
I'm 12 nearly 13 in a month and I was born then and it's making me feel rlly old from the music that was played and we say our parents were born in the olden days now I feel like I was born in the olden days😂😂
Timothy Mccoy
Timothy Mccoy - 7 days ago
I wasn't even alive in 2006 lol :) like if you relate
Grace Moulden
Grace Moulden - 8 days ago
You’re literally two years older than me what
Fabian Kotlar
Fabian Kotlar - 8 days ago
I hope that girl washed her hands before putting the foundation on the other girls face 🤭
Giselle Barragan
Giselle Barragan - 8 days ago
Alyson Jones
Alyson Jones - 9 days ago
I just love how people call themselves Sisters but h8
JESS C - 9 days ago
So dramatic 🙄
Lana Trehan
Lana Trehan - 10 days ago
11:50 ive never seen james get that mad before i actually thought it was funny 🤣
Abby Langdale-Hunt
Abby Langdale-Hunt - 10 days ago
James : “ oh this tastes so bad “
Me: “ your not spots to eat it🤣 “
Helloits xlli
Helloits xlli - 6 days ago
Abby Langdale-Hunt suppose*
Linden Jane
Linden Jane - 10 days ago
How sad is it that i was born in 2006
GraceGamesYT 21
GraceGamesYT 21 - 10 days ago
When that vid was uploaded it was a day before my bday
Monica Roxas
Monica Roxas - 10 days ago
That’s older than me 😭😭😂😂
Xx Niagra_Gacha xX
Xx Niagra_Gacha xX - 11 days ago
2:18 “help me”
Xx Niagra_Gacha xX
Xx Niagra_Gacha xX - 11 days ago
How...? THIS IS NOT THE JAMES CHARLES I KNOW. I love history ;-;
Lizzy Miller
Lizzy Miller - 11 days ago
2006 I’m was not born
Sophia Terzado
Sophia Terzado - 11 days ago
i’m gonna try to keep an open mind he said, she said apply it to the tea zone stoopid
Kylie Downing Keeps It Real
Skip to 3:15 to START THE DAMN VIDEO!
skeet and yeet
skeet and yeet - 12 days ago
Man, editing is just so perfect XD
a 9 year old that watches you through your window
In 2006, I was like, an unborn child.
graciella rodriguez
graciella rodriguez - 12 days ago
i was freaking born in 2006 im turning 14 in feburary
Natalie  K
Natalie K - 12 days ago
Love you James
mehak akthar
mehak akthar - 13 days ago
So you are 5 years elder to me ? Ok elder sister👭❤️
Alishba Khan
Alishba Khan - 13 days ago
I wasn't born because I'm born in 26th December 2006
Emma 33352
Emma 33352 - 13 days ago
niamh lily
niamh lily - 14 days ago
only james charles will make a 3 minute video 20 minutes long
aesthetic mE
aesthetic mE - 14 days ago
11:05 sister shooooook!💖
The Fierce Ravenclaw
The Fierce Ravenclaw - 14 days ago
In 2006 I was born lol and I love how it literally takes him 19 mins to do a 5 min makeup tutorial but still love you James you take your time xxx
Tabitha Gamby-Hull
Tabitha Gamby-Hull - 15 days ago
In 2006 I wasn’t even born
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