Conor McGregor on Beginning His Career

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prettymofukkanamedjonas - 28 days ago
He’s wearing Barney‘s Diamond Suit from HIMYM
Alias Zazai
Alias Zazai - 28 days ago
Conor chicken McGregor
urfat urfat
urfat urfat - Month ago
Derek Shao
Derek Shao - Month ago
his captain sparkle-jacket
roger kle
roger kle - Month ago
why did he invite this irish turd to the show. hes done, hes not relevant anymore, he got his 5 min of fame and his money
Badr Maghrani
Badr Maghrani - Month ago
Now Conor is inspiring little russian kids who are tired of fighting bears, to kick some Irish ass
416 finn
416 finn - Month ago
jimmy kimmel was funny to me when i was 14 for about a month and thats it you have never really been funny stop making jokes when people are talking
Kalfan Mayanja
Kalfan Mayanja - Month ago
Jimmy always interrupts his visitors why!???
bico wico
bico wico - Month ago
Lucan hahaha
Osama Taleb
Osama Taleb - Month ago
He just retired, ur welcome .
Evan Fritts
Evan Fritts - Month ago
Irish people are always justifying their behavior. Be it good or bad. By saying "oh well ya know I'm Irish ya know sooooo."
Jacob Reid
Jacob Reid - Month ago
Hes trying to speak more irishy lol
Im KraX
Im KraX - Month ago
jimmy kimmels a fuckin loon! mainstream idiot
Warriorstyles - Month ago
Pulls a John Gotti to avoid Khabib PRICELESS !!
Sharan Pujar
Sharan Pujar - 2 months ago
It's just business.
Kenzo Bouchet
Kenzo Bouchet - 2 months ago
Bruno Germanotta
Bruno Germanotta - 2 months ago
everyone from ireland knows this isn’t a proper dublin accent.
Neith93 - 2 months ago
i love the fk accent haha
Frodo H
Frodo H - 2 months ago
Invite Khabib on your show.
Alishan Khan
Alishan Khan - 3 months ago
Invite khabib on the show👌☺️
Khalid Al Barqawi
Khalid Al Barqawi - 3 months ago
Who's watching after khabib won by absolute destruction (In my opinion)
Padma M R
Padma M R - Month ago
Just one match doesn't mean hes G.O.A.T
Brain Juice
Brain Juice - 3 months ago
He’s a true Irishman.
sulman` shahid
sulman` shahid - 3 months ago
He has changed so much what he use to be what he is now greed got into him at a time I loved this man but now not to sure he is all about money that inspiration went
John Blaney
John Blaney - 3 months ago
Did he mention he was Irish?
TIC Tok - 3 months ago
I’m Irish and we all tap 💯😂
J K - 3 months ago
Being from Ireland, you must be able to throw that dig. Vvvv boom 💥
Purple Pepe
Purple Pepe - 3 months ago
A better man than most people would like to think
Mr Starbox
Mr Starbox - 3 months ago
What is suit type?
gamernewsTV - 3 months ago
the longer i look at his ears the weirder they look try it
Landry Mzb
Landry Mzb - 3 months ago
Can you guys checkout my Conor video please, Thx
Ye Cunt
Ye Cunt - 3 months ago
This what got me in to fighting
goodcat1982 - 4 months ago
it's 2019 now. Not long before the end of his short career lol Fake pussy
Curious Mind
Curious Mind - 4 months ago
Khabib finished his career, unfortunately
No Name
No Name - 4 months ago
Of course jimmy would love Connor. He was a welfare queen before he made it into UFC. Collected welfare while he worked out all day. An able bodied man receiving a welfare check.... If jimmy kimmel didn’t have the connections to become a celebrity, he’d be on welfare as well. Taking money meant for single moms and people with real disabilities. That’s the Democratic way.
Cyrxn - 4 months ago
Usama Bangash
Usama Bangash - 5 months ago
Who is after khabib ND mag...
Graham M
Graham M - 5 months ago
An Alpha Male and a Beta Male.
G Hh
G Hh - 5 months ago
Translate arapek please
shushanth swinderballs
shushanth swinderballs - 6 months ago
He also taught the Irish kids how to tap.
Wolf in Sheep's clothing
Wolf in Sheep's clothing - 6 months ago
I admire you, Connor. Just think you should know that throwing a dolly at a bus is not the best idea.
Fahad Joudeh
Fahad Joudeh - 6 months ago
Conjure Corpse
Conjure Corpse - 6 months ago
Despite all his trash talk I still respect this guy, he’s a good fighter XD
Supersonic Knockout
Supersonic Knockout - 5 months ago
he tapped like chicken
lungile sonjica
lungile sonjica - 6 months ago
the king.
Glacial GhostHD
Glacial GhostHD - 6 months ago
“I’m Irish we are all fighters”
X RYDER L - 6 months ago
yes he is very good guy when he is not cussin and foooooking but that might be for entertainment who knows lol next up Tenshin Nasukawa!!!!
FifaTrainer - 6 months ago
Before all the noise Conor was magical
Jack Fuller
Jack Fuller - 6 months ago
You can tell Conor was trying not to swear 😂
God Speed snag
God Speed snag - 6 months ago
Conor mcgregor greatest irish
Arafat Air
Arafat Air - 6 months ago
but he lost against khabib
Doug Gunner
Doug Gunner - 6 months ago
Irish fan gets knocked out after Conor gets destroyed
Tariq Baluch
Tariq Baluch - 6 months ago
Conor's father is still not impressed ,Ask why because he is Conor's father Lol.........
lolkid126 - 6 months ago
khabib is boring
Sanam Khum
Sanam Khum - 6 months ago
2018 anyone??
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels - 6 months ago
My gosh the haters are out in full force. Coming on old Conor videos, where’s he’s nothing but nice and respectful, and talking trash. SMH Sad how much he lives in their heads.
Dexter Felippé
Dexter Felippé - 6 months ago
WhenFallGuyTalks - 6 months ago
Now he became Conor McNugget and you can find him at McDonald's for a dollar only... 😂
kudo 88
kudo 88 - 6 months ago
Khabib interview plsss
DINOS647 - 6 months ago
who came here after Khabib mauling?
Imameli Sadigov
Imameli Sadigov - 6 months ago
You met with Khabib and you got your punch
moataz zohny
moataz zohny - 6 months ago
you should fight man brake a tooth or two collect insurance and baam stay stupid
Everything - 7 months ago
Still the champ in my eyes.
blinx boo
blinx boo - 7 months ago
0:34 dodged the f word lol
Mustafa Khayre
Mustafa Khayre - 7 months ago
Khabib beat u lool
Teta _98
Teta _98 - 7 months ago
Khabib win 😂✌
SUB3ERO !! - 7 months ago
Wheres the wiskey...
suleyman kamran
suleyman kamran - 7 months ago
This guy trying to hard to be Bruce lee his pussy lee now got smashed by khabib
Positive Lifestyle
Positive Lifestyle - 7 months ago
After fighting khabib I realized that I do not belongs to UFC, I should be in WWE.
Viswanath Balakrishnan
Viswanath Balakrishnan - 7 months ago
Just talking talking and talking. Have nothing to back up this loud mouth
SKIN - 6 months ago
2 division selling combat sports star in the world?
Little Uzi
Little Uzi - 7 months ago
He used to be hungrier
Brenda Matsuda
Brenda Matsuda - 7 months ago
I love him so much he’s such an inspiration
I’m his Biggest fan for sure
Arin Heafy
Arin Heafy - 7 months ago
conor was a good guy he did trash talk to opponents fighter just for bussiness and entertain
Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta - 7 months ago
Who didn't laughed at Jimmy,s cheap jokes...
a' am
a' am - 7 months ago
Jimmy, invite the WINNER to your show
Friday Night Live
Friday Night Live - 7 months ago
I love his suit 👌
Sarah M
Sarah M - 7 months ago
I think he started out vary humble, and I think the money has gotten to him a bit... I think he got a reality check with Khabib(The Bear!).
Imam Hussain
Imam Hussain - 7 months ago
Who’s watching after he lost with khabib
Antonio Videla
Antonio Videla - 7 months ago
You ruined all how you treated Khabib!!
BAXTER BATES - 7 months ago
This man is a Conartist... carefully chosen his fight.. in some countries its called "match fixing" you get prison for it.
zadran zadrani
zadran zadrani - 7 months ago
Is it all Ireland can produce ?! Not good production Ireland ! Any think made of Ireland from now onward is cheap and fragile !
captain heebie
captain heebie - 7 months ago
I really liked him here
AGENT 007 - 7 months ago
Ather Mubarek
Ather Mubarek - 7 months ago
Who else watch this after his loss to Khabib?
ANDROID PLAY NUGGET - 7 months ago
Mcchicken gregor nugget
YOLOUIS - 7 months ago
Well ..I'm here after khabib ended coner's career.......
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 7 months ago
Orlando Tony
Orlando Tony - 7 months ago
JY 66
JY 66 - 7 months ago
“Connor McGregor on beginning his career”.. who’s here after Khabib ENDED it?
Shlovaski - 7 months ago
another interview needed, titled "Conor McGregor on Ending His Career on Oct. 6th" against khabib lol
BaileysMariner - 7 months ago
He was an amazing role model for Irish kids at this point. Now, not so much.
Pramit Nandi
Pramit Nandi - 7 months ago
Is sheamus frnd of urs?
Pramit Nandi
Pramit Nandi - 7 months ago
Best lightweight champ❤️
Psycho Metal Kid
Psycho Metal Kid - 7 months ago
*After the Khabib fight...*
Conor McGregor on ended his career.
Mj D
Mj D - 7 months ago
I am here after he got destroyed and embarrassed by Khabib. His true self is when he is cursing and trash talking. I hope he learns a life lesson.
The Elite Killa
The Elite Killa - 6 months ago
Yep Connor got destroyed and now his fans are salty haha
Chiheb Bouhanaf
Chiheb Bouhanaf - 7 months ago
You're here because your have nowhere to be but to hate on a man who worked all his life to reach success. You're here because you cannot reach a fraction of what he did. So this is a reflection of your own life dumbfuck.
Fierce Lion
Fierce Lion - 7 months ago
All those words went to garbage on oct 6 2018
Chiheb Bouhanaf
Chiheb Bouhanaf - 7 months ago
You're here because your have nowhere to be but to hate on a man who worked all his life to reach success. You're here because you cannot reach a fraction of what he did. So this is a reflection of your own life dumbfuck.
Ante Popović
Ante Popović - 7 months ago
Such a polite man
Mohammed Angel
Mohammed Angel - 7 months ago
that accent
S Dad
S Dad - 7 months ago
Rosydreams - 7 months ago
It's sad because in this interview he seems so decent and down to earth... I wish he never became the animal he is now. I've lost all respect for him. Thank for Khabib smashed him
Syeda Sarah
Syeda Sarah - 7 months ago
Lol watching it after his fight vs Khabib
Mudson Jones
Mudson Jones - 7 months ago
Tom Egan was the first Irish UFC fighter no? But then again, he wasn't succesful... 7-5 i believe.
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