Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay: A Closer Look

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omegapointil - 2 days ago
All that corruption is what Trump is contributing to. Disproportionate tax cuts. Did you get your couple hundred bucks while Amazon makes billions of profit a year. Businesses play communities against each other for the lowest tax and consequently your local government services have to make cuts or property tax levies get floated and the burden is transferred to individuals while the bonuses and compensations fatten at the top levels. Its republicans who are raping America and have every time they've gotten into power. Are Trump voters just stupid?
jesus fuenmayor
jesus fuenmayor - 6 days ago
Amazon Jewish own.
Daya Singh
Daya Singh - 7 days ago
No not people making a lot of money just a few like Maddof and all investors owners while their so called clients loose their pensions.
Debra Feeser
Debra Feeser - 12 days ago
I bet she will. Lordy!
Debra Feeser
Debra Feeser - 12 days ago
He is duch a lying embarassmeny. You have to have a screw loose to dupport him.
Chadwick Bowen
Chadwick Bowen - 13 days ago
Stupid mfs Amazon owner is Russia
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera - 14 days ago
Who else prescriptions used to be really expensive before they found good
Mister X
Mister X - 15 days ago
Trump should STFU about the stock market.
james edmondson
james edmondson - 15 days ago
I am soooo glad that he brought up AMAZON $cumbag bezos (richest man in the WORLD) paying ZERO taxes. I won't buy anything from this slave-driving company
james edmondson
james edmondson - 15 days ago
Everyone is CRYING because they are jobless or making non-liveable wages. I'm in my 50s (with a BA degree) with a roommate (working a lot of overtime, too). I can't wait to get out of this $h*thole into a less-corrupt Country that VALUES its Citizens and it will be happening. THANK YOU, GOD!!!!
Abundantia - 15 days ago
I LOVE you Seth....
Razal Mind
Razal Mind - 15 days ago
Trump is Bisness theif,By become president he supports coprate thief who ovoid pay taxes.
justmemadison - 16 days ago
Don't vote for anyone that accepts money from big corporations and/or Super Pacs. Flush out the bought and paid for representatives that keep passing laws to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. Be smart people. There are more of us than there are of them -- we have the power to make our Government work for us. Be smart. Vote, Vote, Vote. State and Local races as well as Presidential. Donald Trump cannot appoint another Supreme Court Justice.
justmemadison - 16 days ago
Remember when people were so excited to see Barack Obama they kept passing out. People passed out at his rally's all the time. lol. Trump would die to be that beloved by adorning fans.
kokukyvuquable - 17 days ago
Such a fucking lier
David Schwab
David Schwab - 18 days ago
What Bernie should have said, when asked to voluntarily pay more taxes:
1) Should our tax plan rely on the generosity of the rich? That they pay as little as they want?
2) Bernie's plan would actually RAISE his own taxes, it's not in his own interest. As opposed to Trump's plan, which directly benefits his own family, by hundreds of millions of dollars. So he is leading the charge in that sense.
Eugenio Colussi filho
Eugenio Colussi filho - 19 days ago
Grandus11 - 19 days ago
they keep calling donald trump a nationalist the definition of a Nationalist is
Learn to pronounce
a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.
miami cosmo
miami cosmo - 20 days ago
what's the deal with this show going on a break every two weeks?
Jeffrey Morton
Jeffrey Morton - 20 days ago
I will vote for any candidate who promises the following, 1: To return all US troops back to American soil immediately, 2: To close all US military bases on foreign soil immediately, 3: To turn over to an international tribunal anyone who facilitated our military aggression during the past 2 decades, 4: To end all US relations with the Federal Reserve Bank, and 5: To nationalize the Healthcare, Pharma, & Insurance industries. That would be a good start...
Jake Butler
Jake Butler - 20 days ago
They call it "Dunks" in MA. You're right, Starbucks is superior.
Peter Phil
Peter Phil - 20 days ago
He is a genius lier... he tells lies and backs them with other lies and when confronted he lies some more...big fat papa lies and wobbly wombat lies, and even little coward kiddy lies ....but most amazingly... if you count every single word he says is a lie... he’s a genius
Sarah Magdasoc
Sarah Magdasoc - 21 day ago
omg! eye contact! that's hilarious 🤣👍
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert - 24 days ago
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert - 24 days ago
Infinite Axis
Infinite Axis - 24 days ago
Almost 12k bootlickers disliked this
Hitbronx - 24 days ago
And Seth Meyers makes 10million a year, wtf
Anthony Knight
Anthony Knight - 24 days ago
Bernie and Katie are superstars!!!
sgt pep
sgt pep - 25 days ago
hell i cry every time he lets that "oral yeast infection" slip out of that lobster ass mouth! vagasil XS doesn't work on the big strong yeasty mouth of prez faking it! "wannabe dictator"
BeBop Aloola
BeBop Aloola - 25 days ago
More BullSheep from the The Liar in Chief, Sad so Sad
Peter Washington
Peter Washington - 25 days ago
They all cry because he smells like onions.
Santos Howe
Santos Howe - 25 days ago
See what stupid Americans do? That is right retarded freaks you made the richer richer!! Oh yea, you idiots graduated from trump university.
Santos Howe
Santos Howe - 25 days ago
Why do trump’s followers look retarded? They look developmentally delayed!!
HeyMildred - 25 days ago
"Corporate profits and CEO pay are soaring despite the President's promise to be a champion of the working class."
I stopped watching after this. The premise of the segment is already flawed: "in order for one to be a champion of the working class, corporate profits and CEO pay can't soar".
tom quigley
tom quigley - 25 days ago
The trump crime family must be eliminated.
Burr Anderson
Burr Anderson - 26 days ago
How exactly do tears come down your eyes?
idk about that
idk about that - 26 days ago
Why pay someone more and more money when someone right out of high school can do their job?! Is it jp's fault you had a kid who's 6? Is it jp's fault you're a single mother?!
themarbleking - 26 days ago
America is more corrupt than any tinpot African dictatorship! Possibly the most corrupt country in history. And F the stock market, it’s just another scam. America’s poor love their rich people almost as much as their rich hate the poor.
snagh - 26 days ago
Man I surely want something of what Trump is smoking , I need to a write a fiction novel and I am out of imagination
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson - 27 days ago
Love Bernie thats my guy for 2020👍👍
D Duffy
D Duffy - 27 days ago
Bernie stop point and red flag wave
carla mannon
carla mannon - 27 days ago
everytime he talks I want to cry.
MeMyPCandI - 27 days ago
She can get rid of her car and take the bus for the environment and save $400.00
ocumstweezers - 28 days ago
Bernie is like the only person in the world who never uses the word' "I" unless he is talking about his goals for us.
Over using the word "I" and "me" is a sign of bad mental hygiene Trump is a classic example of someone who only thinks about himself.
I don't understand why people don't find him remarkable.
dick castle
dick castle - 28 days ago
I'd totally watch a Sopranos sex in the city crossover. I enjoy things that make no sense
Kevin Pardon
Kevin Pardon - 28 days ago
We love you Bernie!!!
Tasha Kelly
Tasha Kelly - 28 days ago
I really luv katie
Sheila Rekdal
Sheila Rekdal - 28 days ago
Where does the $$$ paid in fines go?
Sheila Rekdal
Sheila Rekdal - 28 days ago
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith - 29 days ago
Holy, Seth Meyeres I owe you a tremendous apology, I hesitated in watching your show dismissing you as yet another talk show host but...these closer looks really do get to the bottom of things. Speak a volume of truth in an age of deception. A spark of reality versus a wave of ignorance.
Keep up the good work.
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