Charlamagne Talks Mental Health on Bernie Sander's Facebook Page

Josh Gonz
Josh Gonz - 20 дней назад
Selena’s song by Julia is obviously a shoutout to Mean Girls when they’re talking in school about being hurt - if you were ever hurt by Regina George put your hand up. 👋
jenna ford
jenna ford - 26 дней назад
I will vote for the person who was fighting alongside Dr. King and that is Bernie Sanders!!
foe sev
foe sev - Месяц назад
That nigga Charlamagne booked that man a therapy session 😂😂
Beatrice Pierre
Beatrice Pierre - Месяц назад
ferna cee
ferna cee - Месяц назад
Dj 'N 'V 'D's butts"😸😸😸😸🌿💣💨
Blacc Feather
Blacc Feather - Месяц назад
man these fuckin females always gotta copy shit men do, no one wants to see a fuckin female spin off
Alvin Nwaokike
Alvin Nwaokike - Месяц назад
Finally the Dawg is out.. DMX!!! Remain blessed my brother.
S Palm
S Palm - Месяц назад
Birdman pulled an Offset
James Harris
James Harris - Месяц назад
female version of fast and furious? omg when will you learn that a all female cast does not work
Drip Bayless
Drip Bayless - Месяц назад
Selena Gomez is washed up change my mind
Marvin Garcia
Marvin Garcia - Месяц назад
DMX !!!!
cmbsoldja - Месяц назад
I kind of feel sorry for Kamala, she didn't know just how much the hood loves Bernie. I just need everyone who supports him to VOTTTTEEEEE!!!! The Black Middle Class votes like no other. The Black Working Class needs to do the same!
Sohail Jafar
Sohail Jafar - Месяц назад
Why don’t the news report this??? Can you tell me why Bernie is your guy? Thanks
Beatrice Pierre
Beatrice Pierre - Месяц назад
cmbsoldja kamalas whole career was built on jailing poor black men
cmbsoldja - Месяц назад
Boy.... Charla just made the Upper Class Black Community PISSED! HOW DARE YOU SALUTE THAT GUY!!! IDENTITY! IDENTITY! IDENTITY!!!!
Rocky Zoo
Rocky Zoo - Месяц назад
Selena Gomez looks fuckin ugly as fck now damm
Jram1292 - Месяц назад
Don’t forget mommy finger mommy finger where are you
Loren Pinnock
Loren Pinnock - Месяц назад
Nobody watching that shit
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez - Месяц назад
CORN MEAL - Месяц назад
Soujia boy had the biggest comeback of 2018 by the way......tyga!!??
Becky Hanover
Becky Hanover - Месяц назад
Dis dat work 🔥 🔥 🔥
Wendell Daltirus
Wendell Daltirus - Месяц назад
baby shark vibe? lol
G Dot
G Dot - Месяц назад
*tony braxton got a mask face*
G Dot
G Dot - Месяц назад
*a female fast and furious?? vin diesel is a fuckin cuck!... you too Envy*
Altravino Obrien
Altravino Obrien - Месяц назад
Like Kayne said mental health is the issue.
Hellonewworld09 - Месяц назад
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Vernette Mills
Vernette Mills - Месяц назад
Estefania Mangue
Estefania Mangue - Месяц назад
Lmaoo Envy's screaming
Savage Trump ES
Savage Trump ES - Месяц назад
oConfusionz 9
oConfusionz 9 - Месяц назад
y’all should do a lil pump interview
kmt187 - Месяц назад
im runnin wit bernie in da 2020
Moses Primm
Moses Primm - Месяц назад
Kush Man420
Kush Man420 - Месяц назад
Fart on that dumb ass song please!!!!
A Paige Of A Shaolin monk
A Paige Of A Shaolin monk - Месяц назад
A female Fast and Furious??? Smh. RIP Walker...since hes gone they just gonna throw the whole franchise away....smh
Sotharith Mom
Sotharith Mom - Месяц назад
Shoutout Meek, Jay-Z, Patriots organization, iPhone, Nike, Puma, A boogie, G flex 💪, nipsey hussle, Young blac, shoutout the whole team that roc wit me, my bro frozt, sonic, Smokey Loc, Stupid Young, all the homies from every city, I feel y’all, do y’all feel me? Heavon or hell its your path choose wisely. That’s all I gotta say about this situation. Most fucked situation I ever been in so far. Where I’m stripped of my freedom of everything. My mind, soul, body and figure of speech. I can’t go against our president without feeling bulletproof. I can be touched. I don’t have secret service. I don’t have homies that will kill for me. I don’t have an army. I would love back up from the military. Coast guards, navy, wild life dmv. Because they are able to relate a little to my situation. I’ve been on the water all my life. All I know is water. I just want to protect my freedom of speech. My power to use my mobile device without be worried that I will get shot down for my figure of speech. That is my right I’ve earned that right so if someone has a problem with my figure speech. Be my judge, my lawyer, my friend, my brother, my sister, my family and teach me the ways of a young bright individual trying to make it out this trap of mine in my own mind. I have the best idea in my own head. It’s my head let me head think what it wants please. Why do the government and my own people try tell me what or who I should be listening to. It doesn’t make sense it should make dollars. My heart goes to him cause I grew up without my mother and my father. They fed me they gave me a place to stay. The support I needed was never there. My mom was too busy chasing love and taking care of other 2 kids. My dad chasing the ghosts of my mother. Chasing the ghosts of wanting 2 daughters he never had. The ghost of me he wish he still had around. I am no longer his baby. I’ve grown to become a smart successful human being that deserves his respect and due diligence. 🙏 that’s all I have to say.
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - Месяц назад
Selena looks like she has put on weight!!!
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - Месяц назад
Keep YOUR head up EARL!!!! #KILLUMANTI
I am Lit boy
I am Lit boy - Месяц назад
Angela Black
Angela Black - Месяц назад
That kind of song people going to spend money to buy foolish what kind of song is that
T C - Месяц назад
charlamagne tha fudge packer
SonicShenmue - Месяц назад
Because the Ghostbusters and Oceans all female cast movies were so well received lol...
julius p
julius p - Месяц назад
Women shoudn't be driving(i won't watch tht crap), we should keep more of them in the kitchen...
King King
King King - Месяц назад
What about a black agenda
Stephanie Turner
Stephanie Turner - Месяц назад
Didn’t she put out Taki Taki 💁🏽‍♀️
natural mulundu
natural mulundu - Месяц назад
calabrese098 - Месяц назад
Im sorry that song is trash i get the message but nah ill pass
Tony Williams
Tony Williams - Месяц назад
Bernie Sanders part 2, in 2020 im down voting for him.
Darth Weeaboo
Darth Weeaboo - Месяц назад
c the rape god prospering again
Get it how you live.
Get it how you live. - Месяц назад
Shout-out to the legend X but at this point he needs to join the NOI or black panthers.
Zeph - Месяц назад
I will register and vote ONLY if Bernie Sanders is the running candidate. I will not vote for any other.
jookbj - Месяц назад
Off topic what's people take on Let the white kids say nigga song:
DoctorMicahJohnson - Месяц назад
Charlamagne, I am so proud of you, brother. I am very proud of and inspired by your growth, success, and work ethic. Your strength, courage and composure in discussing these topics is compelling and you will surely positively impact people who are dealing with similar issues.
rhymeswithcandy3 - Месяц назад
DoctorMicahJohnson great video!
Micah Johnson
Micah Johnson - Месяц назад
+rhymeswithcandy3 I know!!!! We all have been there. We need less trolls and more souls
DoctorMicahJohnson - Месяц назад
+rhymeswithcandy3Click my image and the full clip will appear as featured content
DoctorMicahJohnson - Месяц назад
+rhymeswithcandy3 Definitely
rhymeswithcandy3 - Месяц назад
What clip?
anthony whitehead
anthony whitehead - Месяц назад
love love the breakfast club
Dr0PPA ZETI - Месяц назад
selena been listening to NeverShoutNever 😂
fadethechannel - Месяц назад
“Get at me dog”.....Charlamagne toooo ready to get some content 😂😂😂
Stay Alert Stay Alive
Stay Alert Stay Alive - Месяц назад
A female fast and furious? Like come on son. Y'all don't have to make every movie into a female version. Come up with some new ideas damn. And wasn't almost half the cast of fast n furious women?
Ibeonit - Месяц назад
I thought it was over for fast & the furious but now it’s Officially OVER!!!💨💨💨💯
jo23bulls - Месяц назад
Anyone but Trump or Bernie 2020
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard - Месяц назад
Free the dog 🐕!!
Ricardo Mcclinton
Ricardo Mcclinton - Месяц назад
Roland Martin is smearing BERNIE right now. Every main stream media outlet hates Bernie. He want stop talking about policy positions. The definition of an outsider. Yet ALLLLLLL media left and RIGHT loves KAMALA HARRIS. red flag or no?
ShadeOnTheMic - Месяц назад
Selena voice sounds like death.
Bundy Williams
Bundy Williams - Месяц назад
Xavier Perez
Xavier Perez - Месяц назад
Hollywood really trying with these "all female casts"
Yvenel Cheriscar
Yvenel Cheriscar - Месяц назад
9yrs ago I just got back from Iraq...My mental health has never been the same
Tia Wessells
Tia Wessells - Месяц назад
I hope we get a Ludacris and Tyrese spinoff
gmf357 - Месяц назад
WTF were they listening to? That was terrible!!
Glidedzeola - Месяц назад
This feminist shit outta hand now.
Ashleigh Smith
Ashleigh Smith - Месяц назад
How many fast and furious movies are they going to make smh.
Della Yassine
Della Yassine - Месяц назад
BERNIE 2020! Screw that Kamala Harris BS!
Vote for the right one this time America! Please! For the love of God!
Darth Weeaboo
Darth Weeaboo - Месяц назад
+Stacy Robinson i doubt it the way they suppported crooked hillary with her super predator shit and finessing haiti and kamala harris making sure black men work for free in prison
Stacy Robinson
Stacy Robinson - Месяц назад
+howdydutt1e she is a beautiful and natural woman
Stacy Robinson
Stacy Robinson - Месяц назад
+Darth Weeaboo yes they do research and support who they want too.
Misael Ortiz
Misael Ortiz - Месяц назад
Both of them are laughable at best. No one stands a chance Republican or Democrat
Darth Weeaboo
Darth Weeaboo - Месяц назад
breakfast club doesnt research politiicians they openely supporterd hillary and they will do the same with kamala
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right - Месяц назад
Bernie is not the one
Themis Vespucci
Themis Vespucci - Месяц назад
What you mean?
Ronnyron Da Don
Ronnyron Da Don - Месяц назад
Welcome home X, this dude been through it all. I can’t wait to see the come up my brother! Salute OG
Rolondo Rivas
Rolondo Rivas - Месяц назад
When Are OLD SPICE Commercials gonna start doin Female Versions???
backto1960 - Месяц назад
Charlamagne is really trying to rebrand himself as a mental health guru?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. I cannot with capitalist America. Niggas stay finessing y'all and collecting coins. I cannot.
Triple Emce
Triple Emce - Месяц назад
Lmao, this dumbass suddenly think he’s an expert in a specialized field because he went to therapy a few times.
Aaron Green
Aaron Green - Месяц назад
Sound like Selena jacking Alessia Cara style
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid - Месяц назад
Feel The Bern’ - 2020
Jugg Season
Jugg Season - Месяц назад
Why would y’all play that shit on here ain’t no black folks bumping that
day1 nigga
day1 nigga - Месяц назад
Yee She was going to say since selena been in rehab we all herd it don't act like I'm that guy hearing things
Mike5 - Месяц назад
Bbaabby shark,shark,shark, Ssseellena shark,shark,shark this guys a funny nigga.
Celtic Jay
Celtic Jay - Месяц назад
Mental Health? Charlagay The Fraud? The male Wendy Williams.. Hell I think Wendy Williams and Charlagay might be the same person both are transvestites
MrCbj102 - Месяц назад
Selena looks like olivia o lovely
JokerG16 - Месяц назад
MrCbj102 bro LMAO
Tiny House Developers
Tiny House Developers - Месяц назад
Bernie voted for the 1994 Crime Bill that has put hundreds of thousands of people with mental illness behind bars and unable to find housing or jobs.. Not once produce a bill to change this.
YoungLG2K - Месяц назад
Birdman let it go bruh you got too much damn money to be a simp
Yatham Ban Yasharahla 144
Yatham Ban Yasharahla 144 - Месяц назад
WAKE UP!!! Yahawah's Judgment Has Arrived. To all Israelites that do not know that you are Israelites. God's Chosen People. We are NOT blacks, latinos or native americans. We are the Israelites. We are NOT a religion. We ARE a nation. The scriptures say, there is going to be a massive slaughter (The Purge) of the Israelites scattered throughout the world. 2/3rd's will die (dumb ass niggas) and 1/3rd will be saved (righteous Israelites). It's called Jacob's Trouble or The Great Tribulation (storms, earthquakes, meteor showers, world war 3, economic collapse, race war, martial law, FEMA concentration camps (empty Walmart's and Sam's Club's), famine, the RFID microchip [mark of the beast] DO NOT accept it, and nuclear warfare). Only those Israelites that obey The Laws of our Father Yahawah (His name is not God or Yahweh) and pray to Him in the name of our big brother, Lord and King Yahawashi (His name is not Jesus or Yeshua and He is not white) will be protected. Learn who you are, REPENT and obey All the commandments. Look up Israelites on YouTube. Time is running out. And you can't say, no one warned you. Yes, of course, I know. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. RIGHT?
Check it out. (FOR NEGROS)
Musiclehigh - Месяц назад
Charla had anxiety attacks after he raped that girl.
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander - Месяц назад
Scared of that karma since he got daughters now
Nia Baannks
Nia Baannks - Месяц назад
He said baby shark shark shark lol 😂
Isometric Aquariums
Isometric Aquariums - Месяц назад
Misael Ortiz
Misael Ortiz - Месяц назад
Bernie 2020 LMFAO! All I can picture is him coming out on behalf of Hillary after she f*** him in the ass with that stupid looking face and his shoulder shrug like yeah I sold out and I'm going to do a bunch of speeches to endorse her for hundreds of thousands of dollars now. Please get a f****** clue SMFH. No one Republican or Democrat stands a chance in 2020. Democrats have no leadership no policies no clue and aside from people who pay attention to mainstream media which is the minority of the country thank God know that and know confidently Trump is going to mop the floor with anyone that comes at him. That's if they're not in prison before the election happens and believe me they will be.
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight - Месяц назад
Player 1
Player 1 - Месяц назад
Primitive shit...... Smh. Charlamagne discussing mental health?.... Smh. Wow
bobby cole
bobby cole - Месяц назад
welcome home OG X
Otis B
Otis B - Месяц назад
#BreakfastClub #RumorReport #BernieSanders #DOFD
Big Ups to CTG! I love the fact that you are connecting with Bernie Sanders! After he announces his run for the President; hopefully you can get him on the show. The people would love to hear from him!
tommaso faoro
tommaso faoro - Месяц назад
Birdman is gayer than Nietzsche's science
TacoThursday - Месяц назад
That shit finna flop like that Ghostbusters remake
kiki d
kiki d - Месяц назад
Mental health is serious 😧
Black Emperor
Black Emperor - Месяц назад
I hope my man DMX finds peace!
djkoolrod - Месяц назад
That movie 🎥 gonna be trash 🗑
ze ez
ze ez - Месяц назад
Anyone else find "justchillin" annoying
J. Will
J. Will - Месяц назад
Fam that clip of that Selena Gomez song was trash. What were they listening too?!
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao - Месяц назад
I thought Charla was going to go in and he said I might download that lmfaoo
Stacy Robinson
Stacy Robinson - Месяц назад
I agree
The Haven
The Haven - Месяц назад
Sounded like hot trash
ripkid1 - Месяц назад
Hollywood needs to stop with these females spinoffs. They're not good and they flop at the box office. Just look at ghost busters and ocean's 8.
Kendra Dikes
Kendra Dikes - Месяц назад
They just aren't doing them right. They either use women that are overly sexy/try hards. Or they go the not so sexy comedic route. They can never find the happy medium.
Brandon EV
Brandon EV - Месяц назад
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid - Месяц назад
I bet “Ocean’s 9” & ‘Ocean’s 10’ drops though.
chaolin xing
chaolin xing - Месяц назад
They will stop eventually when the revenue stops. Right now they can afford to do it.
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz - Месяц назад
ripkid1 right. They could be done organically but you could tell movies like this are just a shameless cash grab with zero creativity by use of spinoff. Understandably it is a business and corporate is gonna corporate, so smart play I guess
Ayesha Go.
Ayesha Go. - Месяц назад
Don't care what no one has to say I'm rooting for X
Kendra Dikes
Kendra Dikes - Месяц назад
What an odd comment thread.
Nxvii Bxvii
Nxvii Bxvii - Месяц назад
Please don’t interact with those dusty BETA males who are mad because mommy didn’t love them enough. Lol. You’re very pretty by the way. :)
Blacc Feather
Blacc Feather - Месяц назад
im rooting for black women to stop using cake up make up to make up for that uggggggggggggggggg
Stacy Robinson
Stacy Robinson - Месяц назад
Had no idea he was in prison however if it helps him then great
Jay Price
Jay Price - Месяц назад
X Dead
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez - Месяц назад
Put your hand up doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo 💩
Sonia - Месяц назад
You want single Healthcare like Canada? In Vancouver most have mental health issues, addiction problems, and there is a 3 year wait time to seek mental health. And if you ask nurses here they will warn you, do not ever go to the hospitals in Canada, they are they to destroy you. So do not fall for absolute Gov control, there is a cost, patients being beaten up, neglect, thus healthcare costs in Canada are low. If you fight the system else where the hospitals will refuse your service.
Sonia - Месяц назад
+Oscar Ortiz per nurses and doctors here :) You think Gov wants to publish this data. Low cost of Healthcare is because they lack doctors in Canada, that data is available, along with waitlist data. But abuse of patients, we know as we all have gone through it, its fun, its very fascist. So go for Gov absolute control of your health, you will pay the same price.
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz - Месяц назад
Sonia who’s most? Most ppl in Canada have mental or addiction problems? Lol. Also please provide some citation and not some ambiguous anecdotal hearsay
Sammy St.fleur
Sammy St.fleur - Месяц назад
Ctg should've farted on that song
justchillin - Месяц назад
Charlemagne needs to talk about how not to rape females
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