making wings but instead of the chicken bone it's a cauliflower

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Travis McIntosh
Travis McIntosh - 31 minute ago
Kaeli Swanson
Kaeli Swanson - 17 hours ago
Julien: we’ll never go that low again.
Julien a couple of weeks later: makes the Minecraft lava cake
Chelsea Meininger
Chelsea Meininger - Day ago
One of the things I love about Julien and Jenna is that they're open about being vegan, but they never talk about it like it's a better or "right" way to eat or bring any polarizing opinions into it. They're always like, "I'm making this because that's what I like." And I think that's cool.
KylaW - Day ago
When julien was pouring the liquid smoke I was like “NOOOOOOO! JuLiEn WhY?!”
Gracious Rosebud
Gracious Rosebud - 2 days ago
THE title has me D E CE A S ED
nathalhices - 3 days ago
16:20 WOW wtf this looks so much like real chicken wings... Even the noise when you eat lmao That's actually GENIUS
Carley Timmerman
Carley Timmerman - 3 days ago
Instead of the corn bone it’s a hotdog
Lilly McCullum
Lilly McCullum - 4 days ago
Chicken on a bone but instead of the chicken cob it’s a cauliflower
Lilly McCullum
Lilly McCullum - 4 days ago
Something about the way you talk in this video reminds me of Dr. Mike
Katie DeBraal
Katie DeBraal - 4 days ago
Idk if anyone commented this but MSG is actually not bad for you and is actually and healthier alternative to Salt. I’m not super great at explaining things so here is a great article breaking it down!
tory young
tory young - 5 days ago
Hey Google I'm way too drunk to f****** reply but here it is this was hard to follow it might be because I'm so f****** drunk but either way like goddamn he's impressive
Brittany Arnold
Brittany Arnold - 5 days ago
this looks like such an amazing recipe, I’m amazed
Em - 5 days ago
how's the protein content? I really want to try that but I want to know if it's enough proteins for a full meal or if it's more of a side dish thing
Bean Eater
Bean Eater - 5 days ago
the devil works hard but vegans work harder. Honestly the things a vegan will do like lmfao.
Kurai Wolf
Kurai Wolf - 5 days ago
Wow, when Julien said Hey Google my phone pause the video and open up Google saying what's up 😂
Margie Miller
Margie Miller - 5 days ago
Julien needs his own show on the cooking network. He speaks to the younger generation and we need that.
gamjc - 5 days ago
*Drumsticks, not wings. But uh, good job.
Annie Jordan
Annie Jordan - 6 days ago
Omfg when you told google to stop it my google TURNED OFF THE VIDEO
graypetcoyle - 6 days ago
Bruh, fuckin repaint your nails if you’re gonna do close up shots
Dillon O'Neill
Dillon O'Neill - 6 days ago
Msg really isn’t bad for you. Some really bad science done by a bad doctor and too much media attention
Leah Ericksrud
Leah Ericksrud - 6 days ago
Julien always adds just a little bit more than what he’s supposed too, so instead of getting ratios wrong, he just gets a little extra in every recipe.
thepoofkid - 6 days ago
im pretty sure theres some vegan freezer chicken wings
Verona Humphreys
Verona Humphreys - 6 days ago
I'm not ok with how good those look omg
Daniel H.
Daniel H. - 7 days ago
7:45 anyone else hear that weird high frequency noise
Guinewer Terra
Guinewer Terra - 7 days ago
Julieeeeen you should try to make vegan coxinha, it's a really common food in my country (Brasil) and the original version use made out of chicken, but the vegan version is made out of jack fruit, it's really good.
Hairyfrankfurt - 7 days ago
If I'm feeling like chicken, I'd just... eat chicken
little lagoons
little lagoons - 7 days ago
Jackfruit is hands down my favourite chicken substitute
Green Light
Green Light - 7 days ago
Aw, I was hoping for full on Buffalo wings
holyhotpockets - 7 days ago
im getting corn on the cob but the corn bone is a hot dog flashbacks
Tara Coy
Tara Coy - 7 days ago
“It’s the bone, you’re supposed to keep it hard.”
Lauren Haught
Lauren Haught - 7 days ago
my cousins use to make jake fruit tamales and they tasted some much like chicken tamales it was insane!!! didn’t even think about making chicken wings with them
Terence Person
Terence Person - 7 days ago
Fun fact drake didn't start from the bottom he actually had better opportunities than most people
Purple Everdeen
Purple Everdeen - 7 days ago
that "drop" pour reminded me of the magic bullet infomercials
"In 1, 2, 3, seconnnndsssss" *holding the button for much more than that*
Desirae Silvers
Desirae Silvers - 7 days ago
This is one of the most bizarre recipes I’ve seen thus far
kaybbyxoxo - 7 days ago
mario bros
mario bros - 7 days ago
The way you cut things gives me anxiety
kaylee loves waterparks
julien gives me major mitchy collins vibes
Joie 168
Joie 168 - 7 days ago
julien: is extra jenna: too much gene
Alyssa Chisholm
Alyssa Chisholm - 8 days ago
Julien: *talks about jackfruit in a really complicated way
Jamaicans: tf dawg
Ry F
Ry F - 8 days ago
“It doesn’t get any worse than that”

*proceeds to make a soggy but crunchy yet mushy Minecraft lava cake*
ItsMicJames - 8 days ago
When you said "hey google stop that" my tv turned off 😅
Miren Summers
Miren Summers - 8 days ago
*msg is safe, it's not bad for you*
Romeow Mon
Romeow Mon - 8 days ago
Man, Julien is so beautiful
animerlon - 8 days ago
It looks like a lot of work but i might actually try it. Instead of making 4 drumsticks, i'd be tempted to try using the flowerets & make a bunch of Buffalo wings. I'd definitely make a cauliflower & chick pea curry with the unused stuff.
Mylan Lee
Mylan Lee - 8 days ago
the too much gene came out 7:07
Mylan Lee
Mylan Lee - 8 days ago
the way the jackfruit looks like makes me uncomfortable
slushblushy - 8 days ago
You gotta stop smacking in your video it makes my pussy wet
Sena - 8 days ago
the pulled chicken looks soooo good
Taylor Scarantino
Taylor Scarantino - 8 days ago
Make pulled pork out of oyster mushrooms!!! It's on pinterest!
Marlju Sweety
Marlju Sweety - 8 days ago
MSG is short for Mono Sodium Glutamat. Glutamat is found in a lot of natural foods/ingredients and when refined it is combined with a salt (sodium) to make it easier to add during cooking. Its natural stuff and is found in most precooked meals, canned foods and broth/stock cubes etc. It has been researched thoroughly and no negative effects has been discovered. For MSG to be harmful you would have to ingest a lot, which is pretty much the same as with many everyday additives, spices and ingredients.
Kaycee Kelly
Kaycee Kelly - 9 days ago
When Julien said "hey google" my google assistant popped up on my phone😂😂
Laney Gethers
Laney Gethers - 9 days ago
🍗!!!!!JJUUULLLLIIIEEEENNNAAHHH!!!!🍗 would you please try to make cauliflower tempura it’s sooooo goodddd you broke my heart when you cut off the best part of the cauliflower....
Laney Gethers
Laney Gethers - 9 days ago
Trader Joe’s also has a actual cauliflower version
Laney Gethers
Laney Gethers - 9 days ago
I am vegetarian and I loveeee it🤤 I usually get the gardin brand it’s really gooddd if you make it the right way
Alexis Pruitt
Alexis Pruitt - 9 days ago
All of the hard work you put into your videos, shows. Good job Julie 👍
Larry J
Larry J - 9 days ago
2:24 "we will never go this low again. "
B a k i n g 3 weeks later
Kitten Cosplay
Kitten Cosplay - 9 days ago
Does anyone else hear the high pitch ringing? It's already happening when he talks about the towels.
Luna LaRose
Luna LaRose - 9 days ago
I'm so impressed Julie!!!
Mistery - 11 days ago
блэт, непривычно слышать его реальный голос😄
VanesaVidenova - 11 days ago
All my idols are Aries, there, I said it. Smart, quick, courageous, full of energy and new ideas. You gotta love them.
ness ;;;
ness ;;; - 11 days ago
brianna castro
brianna castro - 11 days ago
I usually hate cauliflower but that looked delicious 🤣
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