Cizzorz Reacts TO STREAMERS Going INSANE Trying Deathrun 3.0 [VERY FUNNY!] (Fortnite Moments)

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Devon Gaines
Devon Gaines - 3 months ago
Reply if u think courage was not lagging his ping was 26 hes just makeing acuses becuase how trash he is
A Google User
A Google User - 3 months ago
cIzZoRs ReAcTs
only 45 seconds of Cizzors reacting
Nico Jenkins
Nico Jenkins - 3 months ago
U made a video on a video that was already made by cizzors
Phantom Gamer567
Phantom Gamer567 - 3 months ago
8:53 What the F*ck how does he say it CourageJD
Shafri HRD
Shafri HRD - 3 months ago
R3TRO_ Dernoff
R3TRO_ Dernoff - 3 months ago
3:00 Whats the name of the song ?
Gavin Gibbs
Gavin Gibbs - 3 months ago
Wait what happened on the first one?
Erubin OrtizYT
Erubin OrtizYT - 3 months ago
How do you cap frames???
TTV Hollow
TTV Hollow - 3 months ago
Me top 5 was in the first on in the backround
Poocaki XD
Poocaki XD - 3 months ago
I I - 3 months ago
Whats the code to this
Chuey 73
Chuey 73 - 3 months ago
Courage doing orange justice makes my brain lose cells
CetricZ - 3 months ago
Dr Lupo’s zero ping☺️☺️
Antonio Jones
Antonio Jones - 3 months ago
How do u get the code
Lord Money maker
Lord Money maker - 3 months ago
Yo who’s chaos at the beginning was filming
Sports - 3 months ago
This is Bob his like = his age
Brian Mendiola
Brian Mendiola - 3 months ago
TB40 - 3 months ago
Is he invisible?
LogiBogi gaming
LogiBogi gaming - 3 months ago
🧢 😁 🧣 👕 👖 🧦
Jason Guardado
Jason Guardado - 3 months ago
What is the code plz some one
vLitezOut -
vLitezOut - - 3 months ago
ThIs Is LaGgInG DudE, ItS GoNnA bE a LoNg DaY dUdE
Michael Medina
Michael Medina - 3 months ago
I used your code
ToXIC_MOODZZZ - 3 months ago
Whats this song?
Smoke 141
Smoke 141 - 3 months ago
Could you please stop censoring people cussing in your videos? Everyone cusses stop trying to hide reality from your 12 year old fan base
DsR Darkk
DsR Darkk - 3 months ago
Why can we hold 700 mats at least
BoOm_Cosmicz 769
BoOm_Cosmicz 769 - 3 months ago
doctor lupo has the best internet
_SleepyKangaroo_ - 3 months ago
Cizzorz should stick to making death runs and stop playing actual battle royale, he’s gotten too toxic recently..
IJustDoWork YT
IJustDoWork YT - 3 months ago
i wanna see dellor
100 subs with no videos? Pic
Receptionist: The doctor will see you now
Me: *putting camouflage on* we’ll see about that
Theone Banana
Theone Banana - 3 months ago
Who else played all 3 but hasn’t completed one
Brody Wilcox
Brody Wilcox - 3 months ago
Rocha Daniel lol your lying he never foes
Theone Banana
Theone Banana - 3 months ago
Antonio Jones if u get to cizzors video about releasing the maple he says the code
Antonio Jones
Antonio Jones - 3 months ago
How do u get the code
Jacklol ツ
Jacklol ツ - 3 months ago
Rocha Daniel me
Toaster lord
Toaster lord - 3 months ago
This dude courage is actually so bad
Virusapfel 6
Virusapfel 6 - 3 months ago
Cizz is a monster
CL Gaming
CL Gaming - 3 months ago
Cizzorz feeds on the pain of other
ISovietDoggo I
ISovietDoggo I - 3 months ago
What's the code
Toxic Nerd
Toxic Nerd - 3 months ago
What team is courage in?
OssiPlayz YT
OssiPlayz YT - 3 months ago
CouRage sounds like a zombie from cod zombies
kc campbell
kc campbell - 3 months ago
I did the deathrun cause noahj456 leaked the code on accident and hit the trap on level 5 and i wanted to cry
Eagle Gaming
Eagle Gaming - 3 months ago
Cizzorz is crazy making this Deathruns
Debrian *
Debrian * - 3 months ago
Jump fatigue is a bug? Never knew that. Maybe be good at the game and realised there were no bugs and you are shit chap
CraftedNinja 2004
CraftedNinja 2004 - 3 months ago
Are they mistaking jump fatigue for a bug?
A Google User
A Google User - 3 months ago
raviS14 - 3 months ago
No there's a glitch with speed pads right now
Jack Wallis
Jack Wallis - 3 months ago
No jump fatigue is turned off for the map in creative settings but sometimes it bugs out and accidentally triggers when using those speed boost pads
Chaos Doom64
Chaos Doom64 - 3 months ago
Joseph Musante
Joseph Musante - 3 months ago
Jack “strafe jump” Dunlop had me dying 😂
Brandon Medrano
Brandon Medrano - 3 months ago
1:56 that’s a nice fit!
ChrisDakiller07 - 3 months ago
What’s the code?
Oceanic Ninja
Oceanic Ninja - 3 months ago
The good news is soon cizzors is gonna run out of worlds to make maps
Speech 100
Speech 100 - 3 months ago
Why are the outros always so loud, my freaking earsssss
Yaroslav Fenich
Yaroslav Fenich - 3 months ago
Streamers have 20 ping be like dude this is way too laggy bro I keep during. Most streamers don't even know what its like to have a constant 200+ ping every game.
Adam Robertson
Adam Robertson - 3 months ago
What’s the code
RickMetal Grimez
RickMetal Grimez - 3 months ago
Cizzorz is Fucken CRINGE dude
Fernando Salazar
Fernando Salazar - 3 months ago
Courage is so bad.
CraftedNinja 2004
CraftedNinja 2004 - 3 months ago
Fernando Salazar he could kill you in a fight tho
Hunter Duncan
Hunter Duncan - 3 months ago
2:51 it's not a cakewalk
Banex - 3 months ago
I played 3.0 and its cancer lol
LevelPlayz - 3 months ago
VENM_Feint - 3 months ago
BanexX code?
Chance Reed
Chance Reed - 3 months ago
+MasterofGaming9 404357936999
MasterofGaming9 - 3 months ago
Chance Reed what’s code?
Chance Reed
Chance Reed - 3 months ago
+Dank Rufus I'm on lvl 7 rn
Alyah Jimenez
Alyah Jimenez - 3 months ago
1:37 listening to u laugh just killed me like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
milot_s_ALB :D
milot_s_ALB :D - 3 months ago
does anyone know what the map code is
milot_s_ALB :D
milot_s_ALB :D - 3 months ago
+Baby Chewy thank you :)
Baby Chewy
Baby Chewy - 3 months ago
Benj - 3 months ago
Ktrguy - 3 months ago
turn the damn music down
Trent Fisher265
Trent Fisher265 - 3 months ago
When were they ever friends
Aden Ramsook
Aden Ramsook - 3 months ago
Chap rage reactions are the best
Boss Breezy
Boss Breezy - 3 months ago
Imagine dellor doing these deathruns 😂😂😂😂
Thanos - 3 months ago
he would probably be swatted
Zach Orsi
Zach Orsi - 3 months ago
Boss Breezy he’d probably go through like 50 new keyboards lol
Natenio Hernandez Flores
Natenio Hernandez Flores - 3 months ago
Girl not guy
Aden Ramsook
Aden Ramsook - 3 months ago
3:47 ok nice cool music
4 secs later......
Chap: *falls in whole* what the fuck!?!?!?!
Daniel McCabe
Daniel McCabe - 3 months ago
Jack what is the Map Code. It would be grateful if you could tell me
qKzT qq
qKzT qq - 3 months ago
How does chap have constant 0ping
Jazmin Williams
Jazmin Williams - 3 months ago
3.0 someone save me
-iTopzi e
-iTopzi e - 3 months ago
Cizzorz death run code is in muselks latest video
Mann Dyl
Mann Dyl - 3 months ago
Cissorz reacting to people failing is exactly how Satan reacts to the evil he creates 😂
Dash gaming
Dash gaming - 3 months ago
your 2019 is cursed subacribe to me to undo pls ;)
ArtemGor {ArtemTheNinja}
ArtemGor {ArtemTheNinja} - 3 months ago
No I just simply hate these comments...
riverson koeyers
riverson koeyers - 3 months ago
+ArtemGor {ArtemTheNinja} i will sub ti him because of this
Dash gaming
Dash gaming - 3 months ago
+ArtemGor {ArtemTheNinja} thanks
ArtemGor {ArtemTheNinja}
ArtemGor {ArtemTheNinja} - 3 months ago
I hope you step on a lego 10 times this day alone
Pdot - 3 months ago
They are all idiots for trying this and stressing out over Fortnite
II AVO1D CR3W II - 3 months ago
Please someone tell me the background music it’s so cool
iStealthy - 3 months ago
Ikson - All Night (Official)
ThrashYT - 3 months ago
What’s the code
ROBOrob2112 - 3 months ago
Bro why was half the video courage 🤢
Gamesandeverythingelse - 3 months ago
Cirzzorz would make great mario maker levels lol
TB40 - 3 months ago
Samo Gombík
Samo Gombík - 3 months ago
Valkyrae: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
Tristen Dorey
Tristen Dorey - 3 months ago
3:59 0 ping btw
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia - 3 months ago
What’s the code
ShadowKlown JR
ShadowKlown JR - 3 months ago
Level 7 is such a troll at the end
King Nexo
King Nexo - 3 months ago
Is the code public
Cupcakeeater13_on_PSN - 3 months ago
Its 4043 5793 6999
Vocal - 3 months ago
Spider man Spider-Man does what’s ever a spider can every thing is going dark I don’t fell so good me.Stark. Hey I just met you and this is crazy so here’s my comment so like it maybe
Smooch - 3 months ago
Why doesn´t Ninja play this?
I’m Amelia
I’m Amelia - 3 months ago
2.0 not 3.0 smh “scummy YouTube channel”
Liam Barnwell
Liam Barnwell - 3 months ago
4.15 what's that song
iStealthy - 3 months ago
Ikson - All Night (Official)
Mephisto - 3 months ago
1:30 you're so evil cizz...
xd B_ogo
xd B_ogo - 3 months ago
The code is
Osman Mamedov
Osman Mamedov - 3 months ago
I dont like courage.
Cuco Lara
Cuco Lara - 3 months ago
Duran Marchand
Duran Marchand - 3 months ago
Apex is gay
TSM rille Rolli
TSM rille Rolli - 3 months ago
Whats the song at 3:50?
iStealthy - 3 months ago
Ikson - All Night (Official)
Luke O'Neill
Luke O'Neill - 3 months ago
Dart from Killian
Chronic Waves
Chronic Waves - 3 months ago
Courage is a BOT
Cyphiz_CSX - 3 months ago
Jack is like a disease that laughs at people struggling! Idk... 🤣
Cyphiz_CSX - 3 months ago
+Mivition lol
Fauva CeDe
Fauva CeDe - 3 months ago
Mivition jack... as in cizzors
Mivition - 3 months ago
You mean john
Cyphiz_CSX - 3 months ago
+Toaster lord ok
Toaster lord
Toaster lord - 3 months ago
Cyphix_SCX what jack are you talking about, literally half the streamers are named jack
Skidaddle Skidoodle
Skidaddle Skidoodle - 3 months ago
8:12 is... um... *sigh*... hhhmmm...I guess it is rage???
Skidaddle Skidoodle
Skidaddle Skidoodle - 3 months ago
It is actually a bug that every platform has and maybe you do not have it. I do not play on mobile so I do not know
Toaster lord
Toaster lord - 3 months ago
Ethan Paolinelli he should get better WiFi, lmao I play on mobile no WiFi and I don’t lag
Aaron Holdsworth
Aaron Holdsworth - 3 months ago
What’s the code?
Noah B
Noah B - 3 months ago
7.4 awesome update
Kalid Gurey
Kalid Gurey - 3 months ago
What is the code
Kalid Gurey
Kalid Gurey - 3 months ago
Ethan Paolinelli S
Kalid Gurey
Kalid Gurey - 3 months ago
Thank u so much
Skidaddle Skidoodle
Skidaddle Skidoodle - 3 months ago
It is 4043-5793-6999
Graffiti Gamer
Graffiti Gamer - 3 months ago
What is code of it
Graffiti Gamer
Graffiti Gamer - 3 months ago
+samulukayt tnx
samulukayt - 3 months ago
4043 5793 6999 (shh dont tell anyone ;)
Ohthatscat - 3 months ago
Am i a good console player
Steve Mendez
Steve Mendez - 3 months ago
Hell no
ll Briitez ll
ll Briitez ll - 3 months ago
BossOfMasters 2.0// BOM
BossOfMasters 2.0// BOM - 3 months ago
Ohthatscat no
Jack McGuire
Jack McGuire - 3 months ago
Ohthatscat no
Streap fortnite
Streap fortnite - 3 months ago
Wanna hear good news

Your 2019 is nøw blèsséd líke & subscríbe tø me tø activátè
Anime Weeb?
Anime Weeb? - 3 months ago
Wow Minecraft got a new texture pack for parkour...
VILITY padz YT - 3 months ago
This is your iQ
👇 srry if its low
Rocco Montini
Rocco Montini - 3 months ago
Fauva CeDe
Fauva CeDe - 3 months ago
Courage just got the most exercise hes gotten since grade school
Fauva CeDe
Fauva CeDe - 3 months ago
xDirtyxDanxx i guess we all have a man period every once inna while...
Fauva CeDe
Fauva CeDe - 3 months ago
CraftedNinja 2004 you the type of kid in class that be like “w-w-well actually, you d-d-d-DID in fact forget a-about the homework that is due today”
CraftedNinja 2004
CraftedNinja 2004 - 3 months ago
Fauva CeDe courage actually is in the healthy male range
Go away
Go away - 3 months ago
Ouch man😂
The real Bilva
The real Bilva - 3 months ago
Dats facts
Nocturn Raven
Nocturn Raven - 3 months ago
Nice vid btw
Zexay - 3 months ago
I just uploaded a new video!! Check it out ❤️
Peter Brothers
Peter Brothers - 3 months ago
Background music is ear rape
night owl
night owl - 3 months ago
Ahhh its been a while never seen i stealth apex took me i will never totch fortnite again 😂👌
night owl
night owl - 3 months ago
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez - 3 months ago
You make no sense.
Screchin_ Cat
Screchin_ Cat - 3 months ago
Apex trash
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor - 3 months ago
I will kill you
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