The Spider and The Butterfly - Animated Short

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The Gay Hat
The Gay Hat - 16 minutes ago
i remember watching this a long time ago, i really liked it. memories :)
lillys kitty's random vids
lillys kitty's random vids - 27 minutes ago
In real life spiders are actually just kinda like cute furrys if they life in are room they think were roommates until we notice there there AND WE SMASHED THEM plz think about how the spiders lifes are before we kill them all thanks for listening and they are real cute up close
lillys kitty's random vids
lillys kitty's random vids - 31 minute ago
Hybrid time lol
Camila Jaquez
Camila Jaquez - Hour ago
Bien echo
Golden God
Golden God - 4 hours ago
Aight bet. So this was cute n all although i have arachnophobia. My anxiety rises beyond normal & my skin becomes very sensitive & i cringe. So the moment i see a flying spider is the moment ima have to move tf away. Faeva ! Theres something terribly wrong & i want no parts of it. Period poo
Zorua Myister
Zorua Myister - 4 hours ago
Flying spiders? Hell no
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson - 6 hours ago
Legend of a Reverse Cowgirl
*who put this bowl of onions here??*
Fania Chanep
Fania Chanep - 8 hours ago
Lil' BonPaii
Lil' BonPaii - 8 hours ago
I cried so hard watching this.
Солонго Санждорж
sexandchocolate Motown
sexandchocolate Motown - 10 hours ago
im literally balling my eyes out, but this would be horrible irl
Mitsuraga - 10 hours ago
It's cute and all, but I would have much more enjoyed if the spider ended up eating the butterfly, anyway.
Randall Hare
Randall Hare - 10 hours ago
Tetchie Potente
Tetchie Potente - 14 hours ago
I m gona cry...
coolchicka - 15 hours ago

Allie Carlson
Allie Carlson - 15 hours ago
Spidey be *THICC*
Kitty Draw Galaxy
Kitty Draw Galaxy - 16 hours ago
Seeing this I remember when in the morning I just saw a bee in my nose :( that was super scary more than u think :’(
amandas post its
amandas post its - 16 hours ago
How would that butterfly dude lift that massive .spider Mother Nature can be really weird sometimes
rocio belen
rocio belen - 17 hours ago
me encanto todo re bonito muy linda historia pero me llego a encontrar una araña voladora y me dan 3 infartos consecutivos mientras saca una chancleta asesinaa 😂
Benita Barahona
Benita Barahona - 18 hours ago
Chocolate Riolu
Chocolate Riolu - 20 hours ago
My friend: hey there is a spider in your room
Me: I am moving out of this place
roxanne410 - 20 hours ago
The facial expressions are so endearing and I shed a tear when I saw the baby spread their wings ;;;
Gacha Gang UwU
Gacha Gang UwU - 21 hour ago
Next video idea:

*A cockroach and a flying spider*
wallflowers - 22 hours ago
Brucker 996
Brucker 996 - Day ago
Why butterfly look like enderman
Fawn Petitt
Fawn Petitt - Day ago
🖤arachnids 🕷🖤🕸 i still have never killed one and never will
Randall Hare
Randall Hare - Day ago
This is a really good love story
Mosura Eternal
Mosura Eternal - Day ago
Next short animation *Luna Moth x Lämp*
ayahgamerone - Day ago
Raise your hand if you saw a flying spider
Mimah 101
Mimah 101 - Day ago
I love the color of the butterfly's wings. Blue is such a mesmerizing color when used in animation.💙💙💙
Entinty X Y {vessel of darkness and hate}
I thought spiders kill butterflys xD
Nathicha Pankaew
Nathicha Pankaew - Day ago
Aleli Otaki
Aleli Otaki - Day ago
Strider Slider
Strider Slider - Day ago
people scared of spiders flying yet dont realise alot of spiders use their webs to blow in the wind with them attached to get around to where they want xD
kt c
kt c - Day ago
this made me uwu HARD EEEEEEE
Desy Anggren
Desy Anggren - Day ago
Nooo there is a flying spider
Versus Friends
Versus Friends - Day ago
Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel - Day ago
This is beautiful... I never seen something like this... Heh... The spider is JUST like my big sister... She died after she g ave birth....
Great animation though..!
Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel - Day ago
Yeah I she died... Because I'M her kid...
Kirstien Venice Basas
Me: aww just like her mother * baby spreads wings *
Also me: *NOPE*
SpiderFly:Why no one love me..
Natally Bones
Natally Bones - Day ago
I heard flying spiders are real...
Herbert The Pervert
I knew they were racking up some crazy new species in Australia
Felix Nuñez
Felix Nuñez - Day ago
Tawi Time
Tawi Time - Day ago
The spider is having a bad hair day... the moth-butterfly thing lost his wingies, what could be worse? ;c
Masahiro Sakurai
Masahiro Sakurai - Day ago
*god left the chat*
Masahiro Sakurai
Masahiro Sakurai - Day ago
Spiders can already fly. They are light enough to be able to fly with the wind.
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez - Day ago
Very beautiful
GAMING master siemion
The scariest thing in the world A BUTTERSPIDER
 - Day ago
The next generation
Y͓̽O͓̽U͓̽T͓̽u͓̽d͓̽e͓̽ TV
Cutie Bun
Cutie Bun - 2 days ago
Oh spider, in thumbnail the spider i thinks butterfly and the butterfly i thinks was a spider ;-;

oMg i fElt sO sInglE nOw :'v
Omg a cOnspIrAtIOn
Half spider half butter fly (a spifly 'v')
даша Рева
даша Рева - 2 days ago
Вот так и появляются мошки)
Wolfe x aj
Wolfe x aj - 2 days ago
Not to be rude buuuut- dis is hell- flying spiders- HELL NO
b800047 - 2 days ago
*clutching rolled newspaper* Just you wait until I-
*spider starts flying*
Alpha Maia
Alpha Maia - 3 days ago
I love that the spider had a heart on her chest
This actually brought me to tears
Well done
Austin Felton
Austin Felton - 3 days ago
Ok, two things
A: This is adorable and sad and hopeful, in that order.
B: To commentors. Spiders are friends. Butterflies are friends. A species of them could only be beneficial for the human race, so get over that primal arachnophobia!...besides, Spiders can already fly.
Gckger channel
Gckger channel - 3 days ago
Hoàng Lâm
Hoàng Lâm - 3 days ago
So cute
Hoàng Lâm
Hoàng Lâm - 3 days ago
Liêm sỉ gì tầm này
Emier Elnurli
Emier Elnurli - 3 days ago
Can we get a part 2 of this plzzzzz
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