The Spider and The Butterfly - Animated Short

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•A R M Y B O Y •
•A R M Y B O Y • - 5 minutes ago
Kate Acosta
Kate Acosta - 2 hours ago
She gonna DIE though
Kate Acosta
Kate Acosta - 2 hours ago
I ship them so hard
Chi Lan Bùi
Chi Lan Bùi - 3 hours ago
So Beutyfull
surbhi rikhari
surbhi rikhari - 4 hours ago
*and they became one*
Maryam Mohammed
Maryam Mohammed - 5 hours ago
everyone:-spider spider spider
me:-2 minutes into the video get depression from music
also me:- quits
jlue1981 - 5 hours ago
Милослава Кныш
Дак вот как появились мухи.
TheLifeOf_ J&A
TheLifeOf_ J&A - 8 hours ago
Lana Hamdi
Lana Hamdi - 9 hours ago
IM CRYING RIGHT NOW pls make a part 2 like I've u want part 2 to
Santiago gallo
Santiago gallo - 11 hours ago
is o cute baby spider-buterfly
Santiago gallo
Santiago gallo - 11 hours ago
is sad waa
eevee gamer
eevee gamer - 11 hours ago
amoscatello24 - 11 hours ago
im like crying like the egg and colers were so pretty that was 100000000 stars
Жамшид Юлдашев
Zoey Kitten
Zoey Kitten - 13 hours ago
*angrily eats cashews as tears flow down my cheeks* these cashews are just good okay? I’m totally not crying over this
xoxSakuraxox - 13 hours ago
*Ron Weasley Has Been Added Into The Chat*
*Billie Eilish Has Been Added Into The Chat*
*Billie Eilish Has Left The Chat*
Since the spider is a little cutie, Ron Weasley that has arachnophobia
decides to stay because it's too pretty.
But since Billie, is dark she left~ (R.I.P.) :(
KSYUSHA VINE - 14 hours ago
Lazy Reaper
Lazy Reaper - 15 hours ago
This isn't supposed to be anatomically correct, is it?
BROA13X - 16 hours ago
When his wings came off
owo dickhead
owo dickhead - 16 hours ago
i watched this with my ex and cried super hard and i don't know why i'm fucking torturing myself but i just watched it now and holy fuck ouch i miss you so much
Angry Grox
Angry Grox - 17 hours ago
And then this spider was a black widow ...
Alif Alha
Alif Alha - 17 hours ago
Greatest creature

Настасья Попова
Летающий паук? О неееет,ну нахер
Janka Kiss-Almási
Janka Kiss-Almási - 18 hours ago
Squishy Moon
Squishy Moon - 18 hours ago
I'm not sure if it was really you, but we met on Vrchat and you seemed super nice. You had an avatar of the spider girl I think, thanks for being so nice to me. Hope we get to talk again because I'd love to talk about art with you, thanks again. My username was Squiishymoon.
Idk _Studios
Idk _Studios - 18 hours ago
I cry every time. Every time. 🤧
Sara Joa
Sara Joa - 18 hours ago
When the spider and the butterfly gets a baby, is it a spiderfly?😂😅
Ankit Surinder
Ankit Surinder - 18 hours ago
am crying
Sr. Pablo
Sr. Pablo - 20 hours ago
those onion ninjas barely missed meh
Araceli Hegge
Araceli Hegge - 21 hour ago
This is the only way i find spiders cute
Raj Mondal
Raj Mondal - 21 hour ago
Heart touch this video thanks
Studio Phela
Studio Phela - 23 hours ago
Soulsy OwO
Soulsy OwO - Day ago
So sad... I can't believe I felt love so much that I'm crying
Princess Sofie
Princess Sofie - Day ago
ME; "Da butterfly lost his wings? :O"
Jasmine Tea
Jasmine Tea - Day ago
Rajendra Premanand
Rajendra Premanand - Day ago
So no one is Gona question the logic of a spider and a butterfly getting down and having a mutant spiderbutterfly........... ok then
Alina Saldana
Alina Saldana - Day ago
I never knew butterfly's were that hawt😂
Jackal - Day ago
this egg is radioactive supstance why spider and vutterfly die how fast wes baby get muted and he are flying spider
Best Miella
Best Miella - Day ago
imagine if spiders had wings
Ель - Day ago
Э тут есть русские
liu emma
liu emma - Day ago
im tearing up in fear and how sweet this is.
Faisal Ahamed
Faisal Ahamed - Day ago
I'm waiting for my
Spider 🙈😳
Thanks MOM and Thanks DAD
I love u guys 😊
james blades
james blades - Day ago
When people wach this 😇"ahh dat little dat liitle baby is so cute"
In reality me: holy goodness kill it😱
Lana Hamdi
Lana Hamdi - 8 hours ago
If anyone of u guys hurt or even lay a finger on that spiderfly I WILL END CHU REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Mr. Explodable
Mr. Explodable - Day ago
If only jaden animations saw this
All in one Chanle
All in one Chanle - Day ago
Im gonna fly umm Manley do while I'm at it
mr. bee
mr. bee - Day ago
Around two minutes in homegirl just jumps to her death
SheWolf Bones
SheWolf Bones - Day ago
This was a very cute story. i love it so much.
Korumtampa - Day ago
Aaaaaaand we’ve got a black wasp. Run. Fast.
Mosiah Jasaki
Mosiah Jasaki - Day ago
Everyone else: "Aww so cute!"
Me: "That's not how nature works! That's not even genetically possible!!!"
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - Day ago
Little do people know, if we were somehow capable of making a spider/butterfly hybrid, it's impossible for it to reproduce.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - Day ago
*butterfly falls in love with spider*
*Immediately gets caught in web and eaten*
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez - Day ago
I dont know why, but stories of 2 or more worlds becoming one or making the 2 worlds work aee the ones I love most.
Sandra Medina
Sandra Medina - Day ago
If only I could have a love like that...simply beautiful.
Happy Wølf07
Happy Wølf07 - Day ago
Some comments : Aw this is so cute!
The majority of the comments : *THIS IS A NIGHTMARE IRL*
Robert Collins
Robert Collins - Day ago
Sad to happy
FREE FIRE - Day ago
Sarah El Faize
Sarah El Faize - Day ago
Am I the only one who cried. I’m too emotional? Alright...whatever *wipes tears*
Julia Kinel
Julia Kinel - Day ago
I loved this so much! Thankyou 😍
Yesi H
Yesi H - Day ago
Oh god and that’s how flying spiders were made 😭😭
damn the spider is THICC
Кирилл Быков
Amanda S
Amanda S - Day ago
This is a cutee animation!
Ирина Киселёва
Прекрасно и мило!!! Мораль: тебя полюбят такой, какая ты есть/любят за отношение к тебе/любят не за внешность и тд ....
Kitsune -Chan
Kitsune -Chan - Day ago
With me spider and butterfly is a monster I scared them ;-;
Payet Marie Thérèse
I like the wings of the butterfly Its so big and beautiful 🕷️+🦋= spiderfly and love 😍💕❤️
re7ab 3la2
re7ab 3la2 - Day ago
So cute ❤️💕😍
FracesFedel Martinez
anyone can tell me what is the title of the background music?? pls..
Auryona Clements
Auryona Clements - Day ago
Leamhan Seabhac
Leamhan Seabhac - Day ago
7:50 Hated child becomes hot sexy hybrid princess can kill everyone is so powerful omg omg gacha movie
sadie the crazy lady
Minh Luong
Minh Luong - 2 days ago
Huhu it's very sad 🤕
Hannah Largent
Hannah Largent - 2 days ago
This is so cute but a flying spider is my worst nightmare
Ім,я Орігамі.мі.мі
Це дуже дуже круто мило гарно
Ivory Pigwings
Ivory Pigwings - 2 days ago
"Flying spiders! We are all in danger!"
Gacha Point
Gacha Point - 2 days ago
This animation should be called "unique"
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar - 2 days ago
I just wanted to sing a lullaby for her😳😳😳😳😳😳
VIERI Novelo
VIERI Novelo - 2 days ago
Spiderxd123 fell from a high place.
Ken Quy
Ken Quy - 2 days ago
Cái con nhèn nhên đó đáng huông quá đi à
LPS SUNFLOWER - 2 days ago
this was adorable! i just wish spiders were that cute in real life lol
PLAYER UNKNOWN'S ツ - 2 days ago
Amazing ❤❤
Michael Song
Michael Song - 2 days ago
Hmm. I have a mixed feeling about this. A part of me is heart-warmed, another part of me is a bit creeped out, another part of me is bit saddened (spider and the butterfly growing old, then dying together), and another part of me is a bit scared (not the flying spider part, but the fact that the baby spiderfly is all alone when it's born, and will probably be bullied, and it won't know why).
Yukari Chronos
Yukari Chronos - 2 days ago
I soo beauty, everytime i look that i cry, i so hard for me :'v
•Hirako_7w7• - 2 days ago
April Eden
April Eden - 2 days ago
Best love story ever😍❤😂
Clarinhaext - 2 days ago
I'm surprised no one commented on the spider having only 6 legs
Shadowseer The Abyssal King
Skies Noteable
Skies Noteable - 2 days ago
When this happens in real life I’m killing it no questions
zetamagnus101 - 2 days ago
Very cute!
C R I N G E - 2 days ago
And then the spider goes on to eat all the larvae.

Don S
Don S - 2 days ago
“Ant man and the wasp” “Spider-Man and the moth”
alexandra gines
alexandra gines - 2 days ago
lm happy when they meet that first and having a great time i never felt this story is so romantic then when they had there egg there very weak lm with tears i wish they won't die there a cute couple😢😢😢
Ninja BOOM
Ninja BOOM - 2 days ago
Nice animation.... thats all what I sayed...😊
Антон Васильев
А я русский
Tatiana Bbyyy
Tatiana Bbyyy - 2 days ago
Flying spiders, cute video but terrifying reality fr
mano rani
mano rani - 2 days ago
so so cute baby
Katy Bolt
Katy Bolt - 2 days ago
In real life I will yell at people to KILL IT and I will RUN like hell the other way.
Jonathan Yu
Jonathan Yu - 3 days ago
*I love you YouTube.*
Madisyn DuVernay
Madisyn DuVernay - 3 days ago
This made me cry so hard.
blanca saldivar
blanca saldivar - 3 days ago
Does this remind anyone of Gamingwithjen and popularmmos
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