2020 Chevy Corvette C8 Reveal Video Review

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Jerry Archer
Jerry Archer - 17 days ago
Alcantara is fake leather
zyxw2011 - 21 day ago
supra is in trouble I think
Not Sith Nor Jedi
Not Sith Nor Jedi - 22 days ago
When is the manual transmission model coming out. That is the one to buy.
Landon Schneider
Landon Schneider - 22 days ago
Alright, listen up everyone buying these things. Take good care of them so in 5 years I can get ahold of one used
kubanskiloewe - 24 days ago
LExus LC500 looks much better but is more a fast GT ....i would go with the LExus
Tamica Bell
Tamica Bell - 24 days ago
I want one so bad
九州男の飯TV 【Japanese Meal Time】
TorDevil707 - 26 days ago
You can Compare this C8 with any car , but not with a Porsche is way better in every way
rockrousey250 oingoboingo
I wouldn't be surprised if they got the console idea from the Citroen gt.
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes - 27 days ago
That's the problems with Corvette to cheap than every one has one the cool effect is not there
Khumoyun Turgunov
Khumoyun Turgunov - 27 days ago
Now they have to compete after what Model 3 offers I wont be surprised to see more amazing cars at lower price, otherwise they won't survive.
Is it going to be ironic when you beat this off the light in Model 3 with kids and grandma sitting in the back
MrNohab - 27 days ago
The Wallmart version of a Ferrari! Yes it is 60000 for a reason volks! By the time you upgrade to a real performance car the price tag will be over 100K.
Michael Lim
Michael Lim - 27 days ago
This will make a LOT of people convert. In a heartbeat. It sure has me.
happy joe
happy joe - 27 days ago
Seriously....nobody is gonna buy this instead of a Porsche.
Isaac Kamau
Isaac Kamau - 27 days ago
They’ve added an inch to the legroom. Yay! I’ll have to buy it just because of that. lol
Only thing they have going for it is the cheap price and the storage cubbies which is better than on the new Ford GT.
Zachary - 27 days ago
Great looking car! The Vette and Supra appeal to different audiences for the most part so both should do well. When Chrysler came out with the radical look of the 300 (poor mans Bentley) the same hype was there then too
Gera Rios
Gera Rios - 27 days ago
I was planning to save to buy a ferrari one day. Not anymore
Craig Owens
Craig Owens - 28 days ago
damm how much is the payment on $60k anyway???
SOLANA RODRGUEZ - 28 days ago
It's beautiful, but it is not a Corvette.
Legalize Marijuana
Legalize Marijuana - 28 days ago
Bye bye GT500...
jet1guy - 28 days ago
Corvette had a phenomenal following and Race history. No more. This ain’t a Corvette. “Doesn’t alienated current buyers.” Man...are you WRONG.....WRONG.....WRONG. You see..Porsche kept the 911....just added the Cayman. Winning business strategy. GM needs leadership....bad. They ain’t got any today.
Porkchop's Papi
Porkchop's Papi - 28 days ago
Your voice, stop it.
Bori Taly
Bori Taly - 28 days ago
Italian man: This is American car??
American man: yes a corvette.
Italian man: No way! This not Ferrari?
mikemmw - 28 days ago
Will the Frame hold up? Mark my words its going to be a major issue especially after you ad power to it. No matter what a C8 will be mine. Great job Chevrolet!
Bobby Brady
Bobby Brady - 28 days ago
mikemmw A more powerful version will be beefed up where needed. No biggie.
E M - 28 days ago
Had to remind myself to breathe...
Steve Nardone
Steve Nardone - 29 days ago
does it come with viagra and a hair piece?
The Dopamine
The Dopamine - 29 days ago
I’m a ford guy but under 60k sure makes the ford Gt look ridiculous in price
THE GOAT - 29 days ago
Best bang for your buck hands down
Mjr.Mustang302 - 29 days ago
MagicAyrtonforever - 29 days ago
I'm a true Porshce Cayman fan - But I would take a C8 over a 4 cylinder 718 any day any time
John Doe
John Doe - 29 days ago
Your shirt looks like you picked it up off the bedroom floor.
Eithel Rotschild
Eithel Rotschild - 29 days ago
Porsche nervous from corvette! The new C8, in and out, gots allot of similarities to German and Italian sports cars cause the US can't finish the job alone. "WE CHOOSE TO GO TO THE MOON." Because it's our CHOICE !
Well why don't you CHOOSE to make a beautiful Corvette? Not very beautiful, just beautiful.
Chief Denis
Chief Denis - 29 days ago
it's gotta be said, that rear end is hideous
Kyle Carter
Kyle Carter - 29 days ago
Shut up and take my money
Dodge Hemi
Dodge Hemi - 29 days ago
high wing option not in show
Marist Old Boys
Marist Old Boys - 29 days ago
Wondering if they can back up all these boasts when the rubber meets the road. Fine looking vehicle though.
Ariz _1703
Ariz _1703 - 29 days ago
What if Ford have made the C8 Corvette competitor?
cmscms123456 - 29 days ago
I'll wait 2 or 3 years and get a good low miles used one for $25,000. Corvette resale price is awful.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 28 days ago
Just wait 10 more years you get one for $1,000
Rodrick white l
Rodrick white l - 29 days ago
Damn very nice chevy game sick
Julio Serna
Julio Serna - 29 days ago
Is that an NSX copy ??
luvluca toni
luvluca toni - 29 days ago
Gm had to steal ferraris design. Little of Acura also. No copyright infringement lol
Master T
Master T - Month ago
Omg, this is a base model... Z06 and ZR1 are coming 😍😍😍
abcdLeeXY - Month ago
I thought Supra was going to be the car of the decade but my my this corvette surpassed many expectations
Andrew M
Andrew M - Month ago
I’m really digging it... and the crazy thing is that it’s not such an expensive car that I couldn’t aspire to get one in a few years. Not too sure I like that big strip of buttons on that floating arch tho... I mean I like the floating arch... but just not those buttons. All the different symbols create a kind of messy, haphazard feeling. Other than that tho I love it. Mid engine Vette! It’s crazy, I still remember reading about all the mysterious and ultra secretive projects to make a midengine.. like back in the 90’s... and how there’s always “been one just on the horizon”... the rumor mill has never really gone completely away with people saying, “I heard they’re building one”.
Christopher Calder
Christopher Calder - Month ago
Great looking car. GM hit a long ball with this design.
Giggles Chuckles
Giggles Chuckles - Month ago
In the summer of 2020 I will be buying one of these. I have a 2007 I need to sell, I have no kids no responsibilities low mortgage and I've been driving the same crappy 2006 Honda Civic for the last 7 years. I deserve this car
andreas schäffler
andreas schäffler - Month ago
Looks like a copy of an Lotus Exige from the outside
Gregory Hammond
Gregory Hammond - Month ago
You can even put Two sets of golf clubs in the trunk.
Gregory Hammond
Gregory Hammond - Month ago
Even with a mark up, Lamborghini and Ferrari dealers could be shaking in their boots. McLaren too. Haha
Choice789 - Month ago
That is a real lovely car, nice done!
Ricky Ortiz
Ricky Ortiz - Month ago
I’m getting one even if I have to live in it
neihomai8 - Month ago
this guy is not 6 foot 1 like he claims to be lol
Tyson - Month ago
Plymouth Prowler and Mustang are going up for sale in exchange for one of these game changers 😎
Kacey McGee
Kacey McGee - Month ago
Geared up to get a GT500. NOT NOW! I'm a Ford guy through and through. But DAMN Chevy just became the mistress I'm going to have an affair with.
Tanish Makes Films
Tanish Makes Films - Month ago
How much for a convertible
Tyran Mathurin
Tyran Mathurin - Month ago
So damn impressive is this car! Well done Chevy.
Tony Sandes
Tony Sandes - Month ago
The horsepower wars between the Camaro, Mustang & Hellcat has given us some incredible machines. Maybe its time for an ”American Supercar” war between the Ford GT, Viper, and Corvette🤷🏾‍♂️
hellfire08 - Month ago
I can’t wait for daddy doug to review it
Juiceboxx TM
Juiceboxx TM - Month ago
Never been a corvette fan to be honest but the C7 i will admit is sharp looking. Was going to get a ZL1 as a retirement gift for myself after 30 years of busting my ass. This vehicle will be in my driveway. Well done GM
jimellenw - Month ago
Actually had a dealer try to mark up a C6 Z06 by 5000 at the end of the model year for a car on his lot for months.
Mitchell Lymon
Mitchell Lymon - Month ago
It's a Ferrari
Guy Temam
Guy Temam - Month ago
In the US, 60OOO $, it’s a real bargain !!!
In Europe, it’s going to cost at least 80000 euros ...
How lucky the Americans are !!
Beastmode 24
Beastmode 24 - Month ago
sadiku227 - Month ago
I am waiting see the other trims with more horse power cant wait so i can buy one 🔥🔥🔥
sadiku227 - 29 days ago
@Anthony Hughes z06 was just confirmed by one of my friends its comes out a year latr with 705 to 745 horsepower its going to be sick
Anthony Hughes
Anthony Hughes - Month ago
Because that's only the base model the z51 package pushes the car over 70 easy
E M - Month ago
Corvette puts the nail on the coffin for Toyotas Supra.
the one
the one - Month ago
Supra lol joke and its ugly. This vette is going to be the envy of everyone! Go gm! American made.masterpiece
Mikal Usman
Mikal Usman - Month ago
These cars doesn't reliable especially there quality.
Brandon Moreno
Brandon Moreno - Month ago
If you think this is impressive wait till the zr1 comes out😳😳
Daniel Gross
Daniel Gross - Month ago
Cor-rari.... very nice. Presenter too 😉
Mitchell Leone
Mitchell Leone - Month ago
American 720s?
MR. RK - Month ago
car is nice, speaker is super annoying
Shinjuku kuku
Shinjuku kuku - Month ago
why is he yelling.
chrisiden - Month ago
if u guys purchase ONE Bitcoin today by the end of the year this car will cost about Ten K .... buy bitcoin
vossman2000 - Month ago
Is the inside of the car going to smell like the engine after a few thousand miles, I'll pick up a new C7 Manuel Transmission off the lot when they start dumping the 2019s.
Taylor Mears
Taylor Mears - Month ago
Weellllllll this just destroyed all of the value in any other supercar
PTbench - Month ago
I wish it came with a manual and the rear was a little tighter looking (like the 911 is). They should have simplified it. Otherwise the lines are great.
Randall Mason
Randall Mason - Month ago
I am ready to see the Corvette racing version!!!
Kelvin RDV
Kelvin RDV - Month ago
Raiyan Chowdhury
Raiyan Chowdhury - Month ago
Not a fan
Michael Feyrnand
Michael Feyrnand - Month ago
Sooooo glad they did not do a transverse engine. Except for the steering wheel and busy rear end, it's beautiful. So glad Porsche is nervous: their cars have gotten over priced. A $100K, 4 cylinder Boxster? Are they kidding!?!?
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