Excuse-inal Support Animals - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

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Bumblefluff - Month ago
A dog does have 4 legs though. Two forelegs and two hind legs.
Professor Cumbledore
Professor Cumbledore - Month ago
Dogs do have 4 legs theyre quadrupeds...
jimmyoakmeister - Month ago
"This is my emotional support Scorpion." - Kuai Liang, at some point
Karen Knight
Karen Knight - Month ago
I know this has nothing to do with the video but HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY JONES!!! Sorry if i spelt that wrong ill edit it
Jay's Brick Co.
Jay's Brick Co. - Month ago
CVS allows service dogs and service miniature horses
sean ibarra
sean ibarra - Month ago
Those are toeless socks.
Akito Scorpio
Akito Scorpio - 2 months ago
*Googles story about the peacock....*
We are dead as a people.
Keegan Blair
Keegan Blair - 2 months ago
Emotional support animals dont have the same rights as service dogs. I hate those online fake esa documents and the people who abuse them.
THE SOSC - 2 months ago
The funniest thing in this video was the list of approved animals itself. And that Andrew is on the list.
the ginger's ninja
the ginger's ninja - 2 months ago
Oh boy I hope the animal I get really is dead
Hank Anderson
Hank Anderson - 2 months ago
Eyyyy Blain!!!!
LittleBigYell - 2 months ago
those are gloves not sheos
Hotaru - 2 months ago
A miniature horse is one of the two Federally Approved Service Animals( Dogs and minature horses), particularly because they can pull wheelchairs along eith their other duties.
Service animals and emotional support animals are different.
Most laws differentiate the two, but the Airline law ACAA counts emotional support as the same.
They can require you to have to notify before hand. Legally in the US if its a service horse, you are pretty much required to let it in. If its not physically possible, then thats the super complicated possible exception and scenario.
JacobBe5 - 2 months ago
1:38 Mittens
Ace Gamer
Ace Gamer - 2 months ago
So not only does Blaine have fans, but apparently more than one of them are Blaine’s moms, because he has a #1 mom along with others
Cluckles The Legendary Chicken
Rooster teeth sent me a steak...
I'm satisfied.
TheSpoi - 3 months ago
people had issues with my emotional support animal, i dunno why a humpback whale is so scary like ive barely seen him move since i found him on that beach
RocketLauncher55 - 3 months ago
you fired a voice actor who did nothing wrong
jungle Dragon 22 jungle dragon
Can I have a snake
kessionach - 3 months ago
Can i have an emotional support girraf??? Like if anything can be emotionally supportive . . . . i want a girraf😂😂😂
Caboose The Michael J Caboose
I want an emotional support bearded dragon.
Fae Agenda
Fae Agenda - 3 months ago
An emotional support animal isn't the same as a service animal. They aren't allowed everywhere and they don't come trained. The person with the animal is responsible for training it and sometimes they don't, which gives a bad reputation to those of us who'd just like to have a calming cat purring in our laps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
HUUUGE - 3 months ago
So does that mean that the duck was wearing sandals? Am I wrong in think that sandals are the shoe equivalent of fingerless gloves?
Real Storyteller III Delayed Reactions
people who claim emotionally support anything just need to stop...
Mr PumperKnuckles
Mr PumperKnuckles - 3 months ago
That’s not true. What you she said at the end. They aren’t considered arms they are considered 4 legs and or paws...
R.M.A.J Gaming
R.M.A.J Gaming - 3 months ago
oh my god YUS 😍 i need an emotional support shark.... lady >~> anthro shark lady... whos sentient xD
Just Iron
Just Iron - 3 months ago
I tried bringing my emotional support shotgun but they got antsy when they learned it wasn't factory made.
Tyler Foose
Tyler Foose - 3 months ago
The only 2 animals that can be registered as a support animals are miniature horses and dogs so that horse one being turned away could have been illegal
Lauren W.
Lauren W. - 3 months ago
The Indoor Outdoorsman
The Indoor Outdoorsman - 3 months ago
Emotional support animals aren't covered by the ADA, they're not legally recognized as a service animal.
CCCM89 - 3 months ago
I for one would love to have my very own Emotional Support Dave. ^_^
Anna Presman
Anna Presman - 3 months ago
What are emotional support animals? First time I hear about it.
Leo Bite
Leo Bite - 3 months ago
we are all support animals now. can i get a discount on United please
Hannah Baxter
Hannah Baxter - 3 months ago
Do y’all ever hire ITs?
Rovey - 3 months ago
this video was really quiet. 100 volume on everything
PL Recinto
PL Recinto - 3 months ago
Even the scorpion was adorable.
Virgil Jericho
Virgil Jericho - 3 months ago
Emotional support shark
Juber777 - 3 months ago
Only nobles were allowed dogs, that's why there are not as many dogs there, peasants are incapable of training and raising such a thing .........
Shelby Babcock
Shelby Babcock - 3 months ago
Just to set the record straight, a service dog is not the same as an emotional support animal or therapy dog. Only specific breeds of dogs (and some breeds of ponies and horses) are trained to be service animals. Almost any animal can be an emotional support animal. Also, service dogs do have documentation and training they have to undergo. Not all emotional support animals have that.
Carly Greiner
Carly Greiner - 3 months ago
But when you reference an animal you say “oh it has four legs” or the front and back legs or whatever. Never the arms and legs.
A Person
A Person - 3 months ago
I tried to bring my emotional support squid on the plane, but they wouldn’t let me for some reason
Zero Knight
Zero Knight - 3 months ago
Emotional support animal are not counted as disability story animals, those are not exempted from establishments
Theo Beasley
Theo Beasley - 3 months ago
There is a difference between Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals, the terms are not interchangeable. There are people who abuse both systems but there are also individuals who need the support. According to Federal law, ESAs can be any animal, but they are not allowed in public spaces where pets aren't allowed. As another commenter said, you can get kicked out with an ESA and you don't have any rights. Service Animals can only be dogs or miniature horses, and are allowed anywhere that the individual needs their services. Service animals are considered necessary medical equipment for that individual. It is illegal to question the validity of service animals under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), the most you can question is asking what tasks they perform for you. Individuals with service animals deserve respect, though you can just buy a vest online and some people will abuse this. The ADA also has guidelines about how a service animal needs to act in public, which can help weed out the imposters. People who abuse the system aren't just an inconvenience for able-bodied/minded individuals, they endanger the rights and acceptance of disabled people in society.
Mikke Mus
Mikke Mus - 3 months ago
Please bring back fails of the week.
cheesitz007 - 3 months ago
There are no laws that say you have to allow an emotional support animal anywhere. Emotional support animals are not highly trained like service animals.
Joseph Marshall
Joseph Marshall - 3 months ago
Rooster teeth when will you get back to RWBY volume 7
Joseph Marshall
Joseph Marshall - 3 months ago
Rooster teeth when will you guys get back to rwby
Joseph Marshall
Joseph Marshall - 3 months ago
Volume seven
less kiss
less kiss - 3 months ago
So happy I can get on planes.
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez - 3 months ago
Wheres my dead animal?
JC Of Ravens
JC Of Ravens - 3 months ago
38 on trending
Punch/Counterpunch 2000
Punch/Counterpunch 2000 - 3 months ago
I mean technically they could be described as gloves
less kiss
less kiss - 3 months ago
I remember when this animated series began years ago, so happy to see it still going strong. ❤️
less kiss
less kiss - 3 months ago
I remember when this animated series began years ago, so happy to see it still going strong. ❤️
Chase Hibbard
Chase Hibbard - 3 months ago
RT road 2 10 mil subs
Karekon - 3 months ago
"Dogs have 2 arms and 2 legs. Dogs dont have 4 legs." MY LIFE IS A LIE
inept at fun
inept at fun - 3 months ago
I want a pet duck now
Tentacle Difficulties Media
Those would be called spats for the duck. I learned that from Duck Tales.
Doctor Del
Doctor Del - 3 months ago
I'm all for animals helping people cope in stressful situations like flying but there are hopefully laws in place to prevent exotic animals from being allowed. I don't want to be seated next to someone with an emotional support chimpanzee. I prefer to keep my face still attached to my skull.
Daniella Reittie
Daniella Reittie - 3 months ago
So we just gonna ignore that children were listed under airport approved animals.
Dliess Mgg
Dliess Mgg - 3 months ago
Question: can you bring an emotional support gun on a plane?
Elizabeth Dawn
Elizabeth Dawn - 3 months ago
ESA does not equal service animal just a lil PSA
Aidan Weiss-Rice
Aidan Weiss-Rice - 3 months ago
Emotional support sharks are allowed? Guess I've been flying without him my whole life and never realized it
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