Staying In a Japanese Capsule Hotel!

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Boiled Kneecaps
Boiled Kneecaps - 13 minutes ago
I have been a homestuck fan since the end of 6th grade. I kinda jump from fandom to fandom but I always circle back to homestuck. Im actually drinking a diet grape faygo while im watching this. Karkat is my favorite character because i relate to his self loathing and wacky antics.
I also have been trying to get into The Adventure Zone since my boyfriend really likes it, and now I do too now! We also both like cryptids and call eachother Mothman (him) and Chupacabra (me) so thats my top 3 atm
Julie Massie
Julie Massie - 13 minutes ago
Haven B.
Haven B. - 13 minutes ago
Gosh I love Garrett
Jaydan Perez
Jaydan Perez - 13 minutes ago
I can’t stop eating teriyaki chicken
alex - 13 minutes ago
I love you so much Garret your video edits crack me up 😂❤️ love your lil voiceovers
Shayshay Britt
Shayshay Britt - 13 minutes ago
On my bday bday miracle the 21
Maura Harrisss
Maura Harrisss - 14 minutes ago
I’m currently obsessed with Taron Egerton's thighs
AJandJ Vlogs
AJandJ Vlogs - 14 minutes ago
Hey, help bring more awareness to cystic fibrosis and check out our channel, don't forget to look at our videos and subscribe!!!
♧♤ - 14 minutes ago
Hufflepuff power
Kinzey Mcquillan
Kinzey Mcquillan - 14 minutes ago
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose - 14 minutes ago
Outlander over here! A time traveling, history rich romance that has a lot of Scottish folklore!
at me
at me - 14 minutes ago
Shayshay Britt
Shayshay Britt - 14 minutes ago
My baby on trending looka that
i love all music on the inside
My Fandom is currently super living for Dorian Electra's album Flamboyant. Who doesn't want to listen to a debut, concept album made by a genderfluid drag king and some insane production. It also destroyed toxic masculinity single-handedly. So that's a thing.
Magali Ontiveros
Magali Ontiveros - 14 minutes ago
Kdramas at midnight instead of sleeping lol
angie rodriguez
angie rodriguez - 14 minutes ago
Congrats on #1 I love youuuuuuu
Vahlera Marie
Vahlera Marie - 14 minutes ago
Right now I’m very very into crazy ex girlfriend. Rachel bloom is my IDOL
GoodlyGal - 14 minutes ago
Number 1 omg garreeettttt you deserve this sm
Lindsay Hopper
Lindsay Hopper - 14 minutes ago
Repo! The Genetic Opera 👌
Kylle Bonilla
Kylle Bonilla - 14 minutes ago
I fell asleep watching this video last night, I come back to rewatch it and it's #1 ON TRENDING!
Kevin Sweitzer
Kevin Sweitzer - 14 minutes ago
The thumbnail and title looked cool, but this guy is just to gay for me to handle
Aubrey Clements
Aubrey Clements - 15 minutes ago
Maizy Muratalla
Maizy Muratalla - 15 minutes ago
My fandom rn is anything involving young Robert Downey Jr because DAMN PAPI
Ash Michelle
Ash Michelle - 15 minutes ago
Love you Garrett 💕
summer 22
summer 22 - 15 minutes ago
Loved the video too! It always fun and you and you obviously worked hard on it
Margaret Coburn
Margaret Coburn - 15 minutes ago
Currently I am into Waterparks and was into Veronica Mars until the last ten minutes of the last episode so...yeah
Michelle L.
Michelle L. - 15 minutes ago
Definitely Supernatural! Watched all of season 14 in one day!
-- - 15 minutes ago
my fandom is always high for one direction. it never stops. they have me captured. they will day
liz nguyen
liz nguyen - 15 minutes ago
“i’ve joined forces with tiktok”
Idk Either
Idk Either - 15 minutes ago
Cherry Elliston
Cherry Elliston - 15 minutes ago
Wait Garrett can u speak Japanese
summer 22
summer 22 - 15 minutes ago
Right now fight club and the new album erys 🖤
ResidentsadBoi - 16 minutes ago
Dammit I thought Convolk was #1 on trending..
Hanna Davis
Hanna Davis - 16 minutes ago
Mine is Stranger Things. I watched all three seasons in less than two days
Camisado Stan
Camisado Stan - 16 minutes ago
I am currently obsessed with Panic! At The Disco particularly the song Camisado (as shown by my name😂)
Decalia Karma
Decalia Karma - 16 minutes ago
My fandoms right now are also bnha but i also have always liked attack on titan since i got into anime and i wanna get into voice acting for dub animes.
lacey meads
lacey meads - 16 minutes ago
HARRY POTTER AND MARVEL and it hasn’t changed since I was born :)
Rachael Hayes
Rachael Hayes - 16 minutes ago
i’m currently most obsessed with......wait for it......

*Ready Player One*
I know it’s late to it’s release but for the past month i’m watching nonstop
Zinkromo - 16 minutes ago
My fandom is currently freaking out that assassin's creed II turns 10 this year like WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN
Emily Mortiboy
Emily Mortiboy - 16 minutes ago
I’m really into Kehlani right now, I’m listening to her second album Sweet Sexy Savage which really fucking slaps
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White - 16 minutes ago
#1 Trending!!!!
Jenn Robbers
Jenn Robbers - 16 minutes ago
Obsessed with Lucifer and hyped about The Sandman graphic novel series coming to Netflix!!
Allegedly Tea Sis
Allegedly Tea Sis - 17 minutes ago
ahhh your video is trending, I guess we all missed you Garrett
BTSanime2013 - 17 minutes ago
15:14 who saw BTS Japanese poster in the upper left hand corner
Because I saw it right away
Melliee BTS
Melliee BTS - 17 minutes ago
Im stan BTS and i was so deeply happy because i saw a BTS poster in this video .. lol
Diana Flores Blazquez
Diana Flores Blazquez - 17 minutes ago
omg I love this. Wish this video lasted forever!!!
What'sUpItsJordan - 17 minutes ago
Brace Face Lace
Brace Face Lace - 17 minutes ago
This is the most entertaining and honestly humorous video I’ve seen in a while. So refreshing to watch a vlog that had bad angles and all about bragging😂
Janae Davis
Janae Davis - 17 minutes ago
candy bunny
candy bunny - 17 minutes ago
Do you think he has ever found the missing dogs?
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