Staying In a Japanese Capsule Hotel!

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jan looperloop
jan looperloop - 29 minutes ago
Who else things he diched his chanell or died
Molly Benson
Molly Benson - 33 minutes ago
Harry Potter
Katie Ripling
Katie Ripling - 3 hours ago
Elisa Mignon
Elisa Mignon - 4 hours ago
New passion currently is watching your videos aaaaah :)
I’m amazed on how I get every single word you say because 1: feels like your video is on 2x speed
2: I’m not fluent in English 💩
Bien le bonjour chez toi !
Angelic Gacha
Angelic Gacha - 4 hours ago
Why do I relate to Garrett's intense family and school story a lot
almostfunny - 5 hours ago
"Just one month later, and I'm trying to get better," said he.
Megan King
Megan King - 10 hours ago
Is he dead?
GMP Studio
GMP Studio - 18 hours ago
Garett are you still alive? No hate I no uploading is soooooooooooooo hard. But just wondering
Leah Clark
Leah Clark - 20 hours ago
i have now moved onto shane, garrett WHY i named one of my pets after you pls post!!!!!
Isabella Navarro
Isabella Navarro - 22 hours ago
:( we miss u come back
Mariz Anonas
Mariz Anonas - Day ago
Waiting for an upload .... checking YouTube everyday ...... ! GARRETT, I wish you and your squad did vlogmas.
Lina Farz
Lina Farz - Day ago
Right now it's either JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Osomatsu-San and My Hero Academia🤧💚✨
Blue Angel
Blue Angel - Day ago
I'm into werewolves and vampires because i think that they're so cool and harry potter because i rewatched the movie , then spend my time imagining being like them.
Dalilah Humphries
Dalilah Humphries - Day ago
My fandom is low and I love my hero academia and Harry Potter too also I would love to hear you try to pronounce my name :'))
Cheyanne J
Cheyanne J - Day ago
4 months later...
Has anyone seen this man?! He's been missing for a long time now....Actually does anyone know how he actually makes enough money to pay his rent....I mean
...really. This always happens and it cant be good for his wallet
Radiant Smile
Radiant Smile - Day ago
What happened to you ??? Sweetie ... are you still friends with Shane ??????🥺
Makenna Kaleido
Makenna Kaleido - Day ago
Some fav fandoms of mine are Gravity Falls, and We Bear Bears. I'm 24. I love animated stuff 🤷
I also collect dolls, stuffed animals, and just cute things in general
Makenna Kaleido
Makenna Kaleido - Day ago
Here's an interview Garrett did. Dated a couple months ago.
Shannon Lee Hanks
Shannon Lee Hanks - Day ago
Very into right now shane & Ryland
And I some what feel weird when typing that
5 Seconds of Summer
Harry Potter Side note book 4 made me sooo mad umbridge was a bitch.
And dragons
Puppylover 321
Puppylover 321 - Day ago
Everyone: Calmly asking why Garrett hasn't uploaded
Me: Where is he?! Is he okay?! Ahhhh!?
nondetergent - 2 days ago
this video is 4 months old but my answer to the question is The Dark Crystal series on Netflix. almost nobody knows abt it and im just in a corner whispering to myself my theories about the series
Stfu_Abby 62
Stfu_Abby 62 - 2 days ago
Come back pleaseee :(
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez - 2 days ago
Leah Hernandez
Leah Hernandez - 2 days ago
Teddy bears
Djm Mjmd
Djm Mjmd - 2 days ago
I love him but man I wish he would post a little more it’s hard to keep interested when they leave for months at a time
Candy Cat
Candy Cat - 2 days ago
Hey Garrett! I love you! My youngest brother absolutely loves My Hero Academia! Honestly lately I've been obsessed with watching you and the squad's videos and I wanted to become a youtuber myself but I don't even know how to start! Help!!!!
Cami the potato
Cami the potato - 2 days ago
Hello problably not going to see this but my fandom is either Shane 🐷.
And Billie eilish 💚🖤
The Talented
The Talented - 2 days ago
20:23 um is it me or is he predicting the future
Edit:am I the only one who checked all garrets social media to see if he is still posting
KarenChildress Bentley
KarenChildress Bentley - 2 days ago
Im so disappointed its like all my fav youtubers have just quit utube
• Tatsunori •
• Tatsunori • - 2 days ago
Mikelle - 3 days ago
Hey Garrett. We miss you bud :(
lets eat crayons
lets eat crayons - 3 days ago
Right now I’m really into Melanie Martinez’s new movie and album called k-12 and Jazmin bean. (Jazmin bean is a very underrated singer so if you see this you should listen to her music)
super natural Tanner
super natural Tanner - 3 days ago
1. you havent done a video in 4 monthes so your geting close to that 6 month mark
2. Mine is FREINDS 😝
0Flow0 - 3 days ago
I'd like to see his process of making these videos.. I mean he must laugh a lot when adding those random clips and stuff.
freya - 3 days ago
how is garrett single i would put a ring on his ass IN A HEARTBEAT
Lara :/
Lara :/ - 3 days ago
i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisaaa Blair
Lisaaa Blair - 3 days ago
4 months Garrett, 4 MONTS ☝️😂
Luis Ponce
Luis Ponce - 3 days ago
Would you date me?
Samantha Lamay
Samantha Lamay - 3 days ago
Gia 456
Gia 456 - 3 days ago
Garrett is very smart, intelligent, and very..okay, we all have to agree with this because I mean GENUINE like he literally cures me whenever I am depressed and he is the nicest person ALIVE!
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