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Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson - 20 days ago
Charlamagne you're crazy if in 2020 he gets his ass out he is done for musically You Can't Rap being a gangster when you faked all the s*** you were talking about and on top of it snitched on your own hood you are going to get topped and 9 trays or going to find where you are and they are going to make an example of snitchin six nine. That's 100% Hood facts bro he is not going to be able to move around in the streets like he was tell people to suck his dick blah blah blah he is going to get murked before the year is over I can bet you on that
310 blah blah
310 blah blah - 20 days ago
Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM charlameng better get READY TO SUCK HIS DICK!!! Nigga coming out next year 🤣🤣💀
Cecilia Webster
Cecilia Webster - 22 days ago
Hold up,after reading some of these comments I'm like first of all who raised you😕 didn't your parents ever teach you that ain't shit free in this world😕😕 don't take candy from strangers so on & so forth,so a man asked can you rap & offers you a life style & you just take it thinking it's safe because you've seen them on TV smh its a Mr Rogers in every neighborhood and kids know not to knock on his door during Halloween😕😡 you don't knock not ever especially not on Halloween that's his opportunity & you're parents warned you in that order right along with Mr Rogers is not only white he's black female or male, so how was Treyyway wrong? Ain't nothing free in this world mann,come on here's another example the boogie man don't look like a monster that's why as kids you say he's not real people!! Listen up the boogie man comes out at night meaning in the dark in hiding places where they can't be noticed,seen that's how they get you duhh😕 now this young man has met the boogie man invited him into his life all because he says can you rap😕 a simple conversation, now not only did the boogie man offer you silver and gold, candy and bubble gum you enjoyed it & wanted more steady taking not using your God given wit,"WHY" why is this person wanting to do this for me,when you know nothing about these people man come on, now you're not only taking from the boogie man you want him to fight your battles and he did now here comes the time for the"boogie man" too asked you for something😕 yeah what you didn't think they wanted anything from you after taking your basic ass to a big time rapper😕 now it's time for you to pay up & you're saying no😕 don't you think its a little too late for the word "NO" like don't you think you should've used that word a long time ago,like when you ordered the hit on Cheef Keif😕 like no man don't do that, now you wanna tell because you want out😕 that's not what you signed up for huh😕 yeah that's why they call people who act in that manner the boogie man,man or female the boogie man has no face they look like normal people until they mask comes off😕 #staywoke
Matthew Mayson
Matthew Mayson - Day ago
He will get poked 69 times in butt every day in prison
John Muth
John Muth - 7 days ago
Judge: "Anything you wanna add?"
Sixnine: "did you know my natural hair color is actually black"
Eoin Reilly
Eoin Reilly - 7 days ago
Nae Nae
Nae Nae - 7 days ago
69 just need medication💥
Once again Charlemagne your right 💪
William Cornejo
William Cornejo - 10 days ago
At the end of the day 69 still fire free the nigga
Gary Lococo
Gary Lococo - 10 days ago
I dont feel sorry for this dude he put himself there and his music isnt good he made one song i liked
monkey53821 - 10 days ago
The feds did test his gangsta........and he failed
Mongrel Game
Mongrel Game - 11 days ago
Its not good to know
Ms. Baltimore
Ms. Baltimore - 12 days ago
Takashi 69
Rat!! 🐀 🐀
I guess the Feds tested his Gangsta Blood.. Because he let's his Nuts Hang! Blood! Boom! The King Of New York! Blood!
I'm Untouchable
Blood! Boom!
Boom! I move Correct..🤔
Tree God
Tree God - 13 days ago
Righteous P and Zillakami ❤️
Rodrigo Torres
Rodrigo Torres - 13 days ago
breakfast club members acting like they hard on a pussy talk show.
HortonKansas - 14 days ago
Still a rat.......tatts or not.......
godlesssoldier1 - 14 days ago
Todays rappers are like gay teddy bears
Tarik Bekka
Tarik Bekka - 14 days ago
Charlamagne's "Oh, God" has me dead every time 69 says something false.
Lorenzo Claggett
Lorenzo Claggett - 15 days ago
Click the link 4 More 69 Content
truthtube1000 - 15 days ago
Well bye bye hiphop...but if they take our music...we should start doing theirs...country(take it back)...classical...rock...heavy metal...alternative...yodeling...
salsa. It will be FIRE 🔥 if we master other genres!! ...and then they'll wish they left black music alone. Black people master your skills now!!! Do something new(get your kids studying new genres)...put some bass in it(black culture and drums) and then take over that issh...I guess R&b will be coming back...hello stranger
Melo Dee
Melo Dee - 16 days ago
🧀 🐀 🐀 🐀
Superman - 16 days ago
Before I get caught in the crossfire, yes I did take the Batmobile.
And had sex with Selina Kyle (My bad, Bruce) and Talia Al Ghul (Again, Sorry Bruce).
Angela Winrow
Angela Winrow - 16 days ago
Trippy red is. Not. All that. Popular. Like 69. I guess
omni crux
omni crux - 16 days ago
watching these mumble rappers act like this makes me understand why idiots listen to this
Gerald K
Gerald K - 16 days ago
“he is a cooperative witness" that's a nice way of saying it
Scorp Jess
Scorp Jess - 16 days ago
The Breakfast Club called this! An CTG KNEW BEFORE ANYONE of these kids who scream treway!!! You do the crime (idgaf you grown ain't nobody make you Danny do shiot!) Do the time mofo!!!! Everyone who "believed" in this lame corny snitch FED cocksucker 69! He's no innocent mofo period!
Kenneth Young
Kenneth Young - 17 days ago
Brian tried to tell everyone one year ago....https://youtu.be/2XJa4yXS44I
#therogers Family
#therogers Family - 17 days ago
Telling ass little boy look at my background check me out I'm on the block that's my son and BM in the picture with me I'm really out here Baltimore City stamped on these streets fr
John blight
John blight - 17 days ago
eat each other you filthy criminals.
DannyNoriega - 17 days ago
Tekashi :(
38 YOUNGMONEY - 18 days ago
3:27 let’s see if you around next year damn🥴
aye lmao
aye lmao - 18 days ago
he’s gonna get killed. i’m already calling it.
Supreme H
Supreme H - 18 days ago
Angela Yee gets paid gwap to read. Y’all hoes losin lol
Dave Daluz
Dave Daluz - 18 days ago
@ 5:31 someone farted
Booty O Jay
Booty O Jay - 18 days ago
Charlemagne gonna have to suck his dick soon LMAO
Fredo Gee
Fredo Gee - 18 days ago
On me
IKNeukkechsVanYoutube Yiutube
And down goes his carierr, this guy was a one day flie😂
B-RIZZLE BIG PIMPIN - 19 days ago
Checkout my muddafuckin homebois muzik he a real boston pimp https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY1dPfCbJw2RoqfdlA6DtgyjCPuz58ahz 👍👍👍🔥👍🔥👍🔥🔥👍🔥👍
Tantu Hard
Tantu Hard - 19 days ago
Little did he know that Snitch Nine gonna snitch hes ass to prison XD ..... He went from Trayway! to the Gayway! real fast tho.
Paths2Business - 19 days ago
I remember it so clearly Charlemagne, you said it and I already knew it!
felion robinson
felion robinson - 19 days ago
Them niggas need to be in jail letting him get away with saying niggah. Yea( look where the niggas are now!
Edgar Espinoza
Edgar Espinoza - 19 days ago
Hahahahahaha. Test my gangsta. Hahahahahaha. That’s Justin Bieber with long colorful hair.
Blessed In So Many ways
Blessed In So Many ways - 19 days ago
Tekashi 69: I tell everybody test my gangsta
Uncle Charla: Oh GOD!
Flex Billy
Flex Billy - 19 days ago
envy talking like a triple og😭😭😭 what's your definition of a street dude envy, YOU!?!?🤔🤔😭😭😭😭
Trinidad Sanchez
Trinidad Sanchez - 19 days ago
He warned him
Trinidad Sanchez
Trinidad Sanchez - 19 days ago
I remember
KEVIN HEARTS FILL IN - 19 days ago
Jack Kuncze
Jack Kuncze - 19 days ago
2:31 char says “oh god”
Henry Sedillo
Henry Sedillo - 19 days ago
A Poem By EC
A Poem By EC - 19 days ago
6x9 took down the mob like Giuliani
Sammy and Gotti , as rumors circulate
He’s planted like Pacino and Donny
Co-conspirators Co-Conspirited give me the loot give me the loot , like the dynasty of biggie kids crate-dig believe in yourself dream big
Be you stay true now that’s what I call crew love I’m taking it for the crew informa
A something something A
Translation I ain’t in that man shoe
New generation I guess new rules
Same old sex appeal
Snitching is not the new cool
Still no honor Amongst thieves
Please believe
Her sex drive drives like her x5 sex Fly she bent over I saw her pink eye yes eye fame is her weapon make sure you shoot to kill
Fame monster
Real Dominican
Real Dominican - 19 days ago
Let him snitch😁means more scum in prison! He is a street kid the only thing is he’s not a gang banger.
Bound2blowDVD - 19 days ago
But why was he able to come on your platform
Quizzey Bossin
Quizzey Bossin - 19 days ago
https://youtu.be/E_WPVCDJ7_M TEKASHI69 DISS!!!!!!
Gary Ewing Jr
Gary Ewing Jr - 19 days ago
Bruh y’all really expecting him to be loyal and do hella time for niggas who robbed him and was sneak dissing behind his back??? Y’all trippin💀
Kushikimi - 19 days ago
Judge: is that all?
6ix9ine: I know who killed officer pendelbury
Larry Myers
Larry Myers - 19 days ago
Charalamagne needs to STFU
SuperRoycethe59 - 20 days ago
Lol charla keeps it real
mariam kamara
mariam kamara - 20 days ago
He is such a dumb ass now look at him!! Snitching.
BIG.BO520 - 20 days ago
i think they have no one to blame but his fans all those lil fake ass video game playing 12 year old internet trolls should go to jail w him 🤣
Kommunity Konnected
Kommunity Konnected - 20 days ago
He aint gonna do no fckn shows that for show😂😂
Kommunity Konnected
Kommunity Konnected - 20 days ago
This boy lost his damn mind
Brian Jenkins
Brian Jenkins - 20 days ago
He snitching... but these niggas was out gunning down innocent moms for imitations & sht... They the worst scum
Tremayne Williams
Tremayne Williams - 20 days ago
so nobody thinks he might gets killed,wow,they're talking about him making music,this shit serious,smh
Mansoor Alshamsi
Mansoor Alshamsi - 20 days ago
"Test my gangsta" hahahaha I remember hearing that alot when I was in HS in Cali, alot of them 14 year olds proved it more than Takashi snitching ass
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