SML Movie "Jeffy's Pet Shark!" REACTION!!!

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Dwayne N Jazz
Dwayne N Jazz - 4 months ago
Which one is better??? A pet Tiger, or a pet Giraffe??? 👀👀
Santiago Garcia
Santiago Garcia - 17 hours ago
I dont have anything to say
The Traveler Of Time.
The Traveler Of Time. - 7 days ago
The Traveler Of Time.
The Traveler Of Time. - 7 days ago
GameEditer - 3 days ago
Its sharkpuppet
Ada Perez
Ada Perez - 4 days ago
You guys should react to shark puppet he's hilarious
Xxjaylex Red hood
Xxjaylex Red hood - 15 days ago
One would be a red panda I want that as my pet their so cute😻
Eli Millan
Eli Millan - 17 days ago
A pet gir-affe
Raymond Arreazola jr
Raymond Arreazola jr - 17 days ago
Lol shark puppet was in there 😆
Ernest 32
Ernest 32 - 19 days ago
Joyful Yt
Joyful Yt - Month ago
Nayar Mikhael
Nayar Mikhael - Month ago
I’d have an owl
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz - Month ago
He is shark papet
Moneyboi Jae
Moneyboi Jae - Month ago
I want a saber tooth tiger
Faison Defang
Faison Defang - Month ago
Emma cloud1068
Emma cloud1068 - Month ago
I feel like the leopard still gone hurt you they are very adorable but wouldn’t want them in my house
Beau Buckland
Beau Buckland - Month ago
I say giraffe
Beau Buckland
Beau Buckland - Month ago
Btw I watch y’all channel and they are awesome your channel is my top 10 reaction
The big BullDog8
The big BullDog8 - Month ago
That's the shark from Instagram
yugioh the mountain of memes
I cant spell neighbor so I call it the hood
stephanie Scott
stephanie Scott - Month ago
If i got to havea shark like that thats the pet i would want
light yagami
light yagami - 2 months ago
Solivia V
Solivia V - 2 months ago
Well sometimes Brooklyn guy comes and there isn’t even a problem
Leonardo Ramos
Leonardo Ramos - 2 months ago
The look on Dwayne’s face when the shark screamed 3:50
Calvin Crosby
Calvin Crosby - 2 months ago
That's another YouTuber puppet shark
brooke.t.g.r - 2 months ago
Yo I started dying when I saw shark puppet 💀💀💀
Star Wars Boi
Star Wars Boi - 2 months ago
This was a colob between shark puppet and sml you should watch some shark puppet
MK-BTW-_- - 2 months ago
You guys uploaded this on my birthday
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - 2 months ago
Nicholas Veneziale
Nicholas Veneziale - 2 months ago
I want a wolf
Spectre1122 - 2 months ago
2 channels together... puppet shark and superbowserlogan
Dorian Rodgers
Dorian Rodgers - 2 months ago
i love foxes so much
mr. p
mr. p - 2 months ago
Yall got so much space LUUKY.
Hey Imprint
Hey Imprint - 2 months ago
😂 Look at Dwayne's common since face "really?"
Abstract_ Al
Abstract_ Al - 2 months ago
tiktok shark
DragonSlayer MasterJayeden
I would have a Dragon
DRIP KING - 2 months ago
Ghostly Venable
Ghostly Venable - 2 months ago
Plz react to shark puppet!!
Retro106 Gaming
Retro106 Gaming - 3 months ago
You guys should start clipping parts where you don’t have reactions. Cuz that gives the viewers a reason to watch the original
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez - 3 months ago
The shark has a channel it’s puupet shark
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer - 3 months ago
Reminds me of shark puppet scream
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 3 months ago
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 3 months ago
Javier Guerrero
Javier Guerrero - 3 months ago
Oh yeah I'm the shark yeah
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