SML Movie "Jeffy's Pet Shark!" REACTION!!!

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Dwayne N Jazz
Dwayne N Jazz - Month ago
Which one is better??? A pet Tiger, or a pet Giraffe??? 👀👀
Mystic K
Mystic K - 2 days ago
Dwayne N Jazz tiger
Eden Leppard
Eden Leppard - 3 days ago
Jonathan Hicks
Jonathan Hicks - 5 days ago
Isus McCants
Isus McCants - 7 days ago
a tiger
Enderwolf 1520
Enderwolf 1520 - 7 days ago
Dwayne N Jazz tiger
Lathan Elmore
Lathan Elmore - 7 days ago
If it were me if i had a tiger in my house Imma have to keep some to protect me in case he wanna try me
Quinton Badour
Quinton Badour - 10 days ago
Look up shark puppet
SuchMoisty - 10 days ago
Crystal Anderson
Crystal Anderson - 11 days ago
Do bowser jr goes to Disney world pert 1 &2
Kristine Figueroa
Kristine Figueroa - 11 days ago
Jasmine: *A long detailed explanation about the animal she wants
Dwayne: I wanna giraffe
Zach Blank
Zach Blank - 13 days ago
Jasmine wants a pet Raja
Amir Mcintyre
Amir Mcintyre - 13 days ago
That's is so funny 😂 I'm laughing now watching this
Malachi Maxey
Malachi Maxey - 13 days ago
This was on my birthday
Asm Kaneki
Asm Kaneki - 14 days ago
Did they break the fourth wall
omni king
omni king - 14 days ago
A fox
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez - 14 days ago
React to chilly
Dad Ni
Dad Ni - 14 days ago
I will have a dog 🐕 because Zay are so cute and so good at defensin
gaming central
gaming central - 15 days ago
Yall should check out shark puppets channel
Marissa May
Marissa May - 16 days ago
Please react to Jeffy's Backpack! 🎒
RUBIN TELISME - 16 days ago
A small
julie gonzalez
julie gonzalez - 16 days ago
I feel like the person who was acting the shark puppet was the YouTuber the shark puppet who has watched the shark puppet
Marsmello Mastercraft
Marsmello Mastercraft - 17 days ago
Nobody like me :,(

Electro Wizard
Electro Wizard - 17 days ago
#DRAMA HATER - 17 days ago
React to Jeffy’s magic pencil ✏️
Jaylin Lawrence
Jaylin Lawrence - 18 days ago
Tbone Supreme
Tbone Supreme - 18 days ago
Anime & Gaming Ent.
Anime & Gaming Ent. - 18 days ago
Mekhi McCargo
Mekhi McCargo - 18 days ago
It's the shark puppet
Paula Carroll
Paula Carroll - 19 days ago
I have a pet srgy
georgia fisherman
georgia fisherman - 20 days ago
That shark is called shark puppet his channel is so funny look it up its funny!!
despacito spider
despacito spider - 21 day ago
My sister has OCD and she was complaining about the shelves the whole time
Clxtch Reacts
Clxtch Reacts - 21 day ago
Y'all should do a skit with sml
DaToastGod Toast
DaToastGod Toast - 21 day ago
Tiger fetish 😂😂😂😂
Itz Nikk
Itz Nikk - 21 day ago
I count a bull shark..I almost got pulled in..
Clouded Leopards=YEAH
Bonnie Fazbear
Bonnie Fazbear - 22 days ago
shark puppets in it too ITS LIIT
Y0UR_4V3R4G3_L4T1N4_ L3M0N
That’s the shark puppet from Instagram. @the.shark.puppet
10k subs no vids Challenge
Omg y’all so close to 2 mill
Ghostphantoms Blaze
Ghostphantoms Blaze - 23 days ago
Baby shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo baby shark
It's Izic
It's Izic - 24 days ago
Cursing made it funny
MORE chefTone
MORE chefTone - 24 days ago
MORE chefTone
MORE chefTone - 24 days ago
MORE chefTone
MORE chefTone - 24 days ago
meow chan
meow chan - 25 days ago
Shark hungry
Jeffy have sex with nother shark
General Grievous
General Grievous - 25 days ago
That shark puppet actor actually colabirated with Logan and SBL crew bc he has his own YT channel that has funny clips the channel is called: Shark Puppet
Mega Void
Mega Void - 25 days ago
Jasmine: I want a tiger so when people come and rob us we got a whole tiger to defend us.

I want a giraffe....
Plushy Pit
Plushy Pit - 25 days ago
The shark is a different channel called shark puppet
Holland Bain
Holland Bain - 25 days ago
I Like this video
periodicty 411
periodicty 411 - 26 days ago
Isn't that shark puppet
David Saldana
David Saldana - 26 days ago
You guys need to make a jeffy playlist
C Hardy
C Hardy - 26 days ago
C Hardy
C Hardy - 26 days ago
LMovie"Jeffy'sPetShark! "REACTIO
Fusion-duelist Alex
Fusion-duelist Alex - 26 days ago
Jeffy caught a shark and that shark name is *Shark Puppet* and he has a YouTube channel as well .
Can you guys please react to one of *Shark Puppet* videos !? Please !? Just for me !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Damien Info Bastings
Damien Info Bastings - 26 days ago
Check out the Shark Puppet channel. That's where the Shark Puppet originated.
Presley Hesson
Presley Hesson - 26 days ago
You guys need to watch some Shark Puppet Compilations
Mike B
Mike B - 26 days ago
superLinkLucas 25
superLinkLucas 25 - 26 days ago
Kentucky fried chicken
Blaize Nixon
Blaize Nixon - 26 days ago
Mr. Sharky's shark puppet look up shark puppet on YouTube then you understand
Lori Harr
Lori Harr - 27 days ago
Brian Cabanilla
Brian Cabanilla - 27 days ago
It’s not Sml any more it’s sbl
Ericah love dogs and geckos reese
Watch behind the scen of this video on chills channle
John Herbert
John Herbert - 27 days ago
Xxl 2019
Kevin Preston
Kevin Preston - 28 days ago
The person is on the beet on a ledge type thing for the shark catching scene
Yaziel Guzman
Yaziel Guzman - 28 days ago
React to black yoshis kids please
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis - 28 days ago
Shark puppet helped with this sml movie
DJninja masked
DJninja masked - 28 days ago
Love your videos
Nevaeh Pinkney
Nevaeh Pinkney - 28 days ago
7:28 Dwayne’s face had me dead 💀😂
The Weird kid
The Weird kid - 28 days ago
React to black yoshi kids
Hacker 0986
Hacker 0986 - 28 days ago
Jasmine search up snow leopards and like them more
Dalton Sankey
Dalton Sankey - 28 days ago
You guys should watch the behind the scene videos if your curios how they do some stuff but there was no one in the water they had this little thing down on the boat
RaeNell Black
RaeNell Black - 28 days ago
Your late on sml 1234 videos out
Lyon Henry
Lyon Henry - 28 days ago
You really shouldn't get a giraffe cuz they can kill you one kick from a giraffe can kill you
Vin the star
Vin the star - 28 days ago
Can y'all Plz watch Shark Puppet
Candace El
Candace El - 28 days ago
were is Rosalina???
Mison Lee
Mison Lee - 29 days ago
As soon as I saw the shark come up I was like “oh hell nah lol “ not them.
Orc Warboss73
Orc Warboss73 - 29 days ago
Any form of censorship sucks. Period.
The Crispy Side
The Crispy Side - 29 days ago
I cant belive they got the shark puppet from tiktok in this video
Marvel fanatic MSDL
Marvel fanatic MSDL - 29 days ago
React to Shark Puppet compliation
Marvel fanatic MSDL
Marvel fanatic MSDL - 29 days ago
I don't know if you guys know but the truck in the video is actually Shark Puppet search it up on YouTube
Elaraa -
Elaraa - - 29 days ago
Tbh these is one of the worst sml videos ( well in my opinion)
BlueCrys - Month ago
"Say cheese!"
I see what he did there that slick bastard (≧▽≦)
LAZAR BLADE - Month ago
Yoo do black yoshis kids! It’s funny
YoshiBaby 21
YoshiBaby 21 - Month ago
One shot X
One shot X - Month ago
React to black Yoshi’s kids it’s very funny
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