Conan Staffers' Parents Give Tips On Improving The Show - CONAN on TBS

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PrimarchX - 18 hours ago
Man, those are some ancient Dell Optiplexes on the IT Director's desk. Upgrade time, Conan!
Sento 559 Productions
Sento 559 Productions - 19 hours ago
Lmao shout out to the vintage air pods.....4:07
UMER - 20 hours ago
Alabama 100 😂
SHANGHAI Chang - Day ago
is that Adam from Ellen Kevin the Cashier?
John Murray
John Murray - Day ago
O'Brien's staff must have off-the-charts moral. He's sharing the spotlight with all of them
joesl8 - Day ago
Bring back the bear, Joe's place, that weather guy, and that producer guy that thinks he's eccentric. Funny stuff
El Niño
El Niño - 2 days ago
Aahh just a little.
Joyce Dunn
Joyce Dunn - 2 days ago
Hilarious 😂
john adams
john adams - 3 days ago
thats some old ass dell computers
Ruben Gaspar
Ruben Gaspar - 3 days ago
is that adam from ellen? looks just like him
King Lewy
King Lewy - 3 days ago
agape tofa
agape tofa - 4 days ago
3.41 brings memories
bobbi mke
bobbi mke - 4 days ago
"how to improve" ==> Cowbells. L O T S more cowbells. SOO many cowbells, you'll get a BRAND NEW CHANNEL named "Coco's Cowbell Channel. All cowbells, all the time!"
Cowbells could be the "Secret Sauce" that makes you rich and famous. Cowbells at the car lot! Cowbells in Italian remotes! Cowbells meeting baby tigers and mama alligators! Cowbells singing with famous musical acts! I M A G I N E all the COWBELL THINGS you could do!
Ena Andovska
Ena Andovska - 4 days ago
Kevin the cashier. Played by adam
Sazm G
Sazm G - 4 days ago
The should have called squeaky chair guys parents!
Greg Hoover
Greg Hoover - 4 days ago
@6:26 that head whip, I lose it everytime
Due Decimal
Due Decimal - 5 days ago
poor innocent chairs!
Sergio Del campo
Sergio Del campo - 5 days ago
That's dude grand pa wasnt having it
jeffery nordgulen
jeffery nordgulen - 5 days ago
OMG I gotta go get my therapy
Ryt 1234
Ryt 1234 - 6 days ago
Staff of the parents Wtf 0:22
Nissa Alzhan
Nissa Alzhan - 6 days ago
Wait, what’s with Adam? I remember him being a writer for “ELLEN SHOW”
Wilburgur - 6 days ago
3:34 My GOD How LONG has Kramer been a staff member?
Makano T
Makano T - 7 days ago
Damn Kramer gained some weight sorry to see that. Still looks good tho. If u watch the video called Conan gives performance reviews or something like that from 2015 you will see a very skinny Kramer. Conan has put too much pressure on this young individual and thus has caused him to gain quite a bit of weight. Very disappointed in Conan tbh.
Miguel G
Miguel G - 7 days ago
The first chick is cute!
S0lgewd S0lgewd
S0lgewd S0lgewd - 8 days ago
"DO you like your chair??" Thug life moment
burteriksson - 8 days ago
Conan didn't accept the moving of his show from 11:35 p.m. to 00:05 a.m. That's just thirty minutes. His life-long dream was to continue the work of Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, but he let 30 measly minutes take that from him.
Why is that so? Well, NBC did pay him 45 000 000 dollars. That's forty-five million dollars. That's why he can toss a few office chairs around – he affords it.
He also got an irreplacable publicity- and promotion boost from the whole ordeal with NBC: everyone in the world now knows the story of Conan O'Brien – the man who was falsely played off his tenure at hosting the infamous Tonight Show.
Nils Johansson
Nils Johansson - 8 days ago
Best boss ever
New Music
New Music - 8 days ago
In 3:26 is that Adam from Kevin from Ellen
Phinneus Prune
Phinneus Prune - 9 days ago
Conan O'Brien is the funniest man on the face if the earth.
There ... I said it
Kenny Bania
Kenny Bania - 6 days ago
Phinneus Prune he is!
Michin Sin
Michin Sin - 9 days ago
That Kramer deja vu 😂
Brent Solem
Brent Solem - 10 days ago
Sagess Aries
Sagess Aries - 10 days ago
He broke chairs and damage the walls... hmm is he renting?
Saintthyagaraja Saravanan
Three new chairs
Lena De
Lena De - 10 days ago
my boss doesnt throw chairs but smartphones
i get him like a new one every 2 - 3 weeks
KATHERINE BUI - 11 days ago
Conan used the word 'obstreperous' perfectly LOL i love how smart he is
Skating Queen 2022
Skating Queen 2022 - 11 days ago
Adam = Kevin the cashier from Ellen 🤯
Fali Disu
Fali Disu - 12 days ago
This guy has long feet. My goodness 🤷‍♀️
brofenix - 12 days ago
Is this a reupload? Kramer lost a lot of weight a few years ago I think, plus Conan doesn't have a beard anymore I thought.
K Parker
K Parker - 12 days ago
Yeah, I'm guessing that too because Kramer also has short hair now
LordOfNothingham - 13 days ago
LMAO I use to do the same thing when I’d call my friends who weren’t home. I’d set the phone down, walk away. and let it ring until they got home.
Misbah S
Misbah S - 13 days ago
We love conan in a beard
Edd Kadiri
Edd Kadiri - 13 days ago
Hey Conan, you are the best.
Vaff Anculo
Vaff Anculo - 14 days ago
I can't stop binging these videos
Dennis De Slager
Dennis De Slager - 14 days ago
3:25 Isnt that kevin the cashier from the Ellen show?
Imran Ali
Imran Ali - 14 days ago
I well thought it was Peter Andre
Someone - 15 days ago
Kramer is getting fat again
A P - 15 days ago
No one does remotes like Conan!
Austin Reynoso
Austin Reynoso - 15 days ago
I never realized how ridiculously long his legs are until the beginning of this video...
Man Ransom
Man Ransom - 15 days ago
These people are awesome lol
Mekose - 15 days ago
This is the episode where Conan buys new chairs for his office.
Gloria - 16 days ago
Just noticed Ashley was also Conan's Secret Santa from a different remote.
Carlos - 14 days ago
Do you know if this is before or after that Secret Santa?
Zetsuke4 - 16 days ago
Wtf are those blue zigzag shoes
Qayyum Chariff
Qayyum Chariff - 16 days ago
This guy is literally Michael Scott in real life the only difference is his staff actually loves the stuff he does
Me - 17 days ago
I like how conan just destroyed 3 chairs and a wall in this video
Kono Dutch
Kono Dutch - 17 days ago
Give me a million dollars
The Truth
The Truth - 18 days ago
Best boss and best TV show host compared to Kimmel Fallon and Corden. Natural comedic personality!
Nicholas Spinicelli
Nicholas Spinicelli - 18 days ago
noisy and difficult to control.
J King31
J King31 - 19 days ago
These comments are just as great and funny as Conan's videos lol
João Cruz
João Cruz - 19 days ago
When you´re home alone and ear a noise
Milan B.
Milan B. - 16 days ago
João Cruz hear
collegerebel - 21 day ago
He left a trail of ravaged office chairs in his wake.😂
Btw, Ashley Olivia is pretty damn cute.😍
Spark Zuckerbum
Spark Zuckerbum - 21 day ago
Obstreperous: noisy and difficult to control.

He used it right 🤣
junk can
junk can - 21 day ago
Thumb in nose at 5:36. The perilous fallout of always having cameras rolling.
Kirsten Matthews
Kirsten Matthews - 22 days ago
The last grandma just roasted Conan
Kristi Watterson
Kristi Watterson - 22 days ago
Conan trolling his staff is always comedy gold 😂😂
Don Burgundy
Don Burgundy - 6 days ago
Luv ur bubage
BeeGee Bad
BeeGee Bad - 22 days ago
Conan went Conner McGregor on those chairs..
Eiron - 23 days ago
6:55 Thats socialism for ya
josesemy93 - 23 days ago
The second one, had his office decorated like home lol
Jon Citizen
Jon Citizen - 24 days ago
Hey it's Adam! Isn't that the same guy that plays Kevin the Cashier on Ellen's show? Didn't know they just work on multiple shows, guess it doesn't pay the greatest huh
mobucks555 - 24 days ago
when he threw the chairs I think I popped a blood vessel in my eye.
chantelle smith
chantelle smith - 24 days ago
Conan looks so good wirh a beard!
TheLettybird - 25 days ago
The Tryptophan in the turkey is what’s making you sleepy. No one in my family can stay conscious for more than two hours after eating turkey.
Nina Nadhila
Nina Nadhila - 26 days ago
Wait wait wait...hold that adam 3:38 "adam the cashier" from ellen show??
Clyde Buttkiss
Clyde Buttkiss - 26 days ago
PS dont watch this with water in your mouth
Amanda Collins
Amanda Collins - 26 days ago
Harry Gonzalez
Harry Gonzalez - 26 days ago
The chair thing is what made the hole thing funny
Cazza M
Cazza M - 26 days ago
noisy and difficult to control.
Pandaman - 26 days ago
Kramer got big
Horzinicla - 27 days ago
I'm pretty sure this is quite old. Firstly because of the beard, secondly because they used the clip of Conan throwing the chair in the staff performance review video.
Kevin Liang
Kevin Liang - 27 days ago
Nice going, Conan.
Bishop Tower
Bishop Tower - 27 days ago
You are the funniest... but why do you have trouble throwing a chair? I would have thrown it through the wall with little effort . I’m not bragging I think most people can sooooo Hope your ok get strong. Or better we love your work
B&H - 27 days ago
i love conan, best talkshow host with the best humor and funniest wits. wouldnt know who to watch when he retires from tv
Tina Lydia
Tina Lydia - 28 days ago
All I want is more remotes with the staff, more Jordan and more Conan without borders n yes more Kevin Hart. K thanks bye
Michael Strunk
Michael Strunk - 28 days ago
Office supply called the expense account has gone way high.
Nasim Biir
Nasim Biir - 28 days ago
Is Adam the guy plays Kevin the cashier on Ellen
Ryan Raich
Ryan Raich - 28 days ago
captions please for the deaf and hearing impaired.
Google User
Google User - 28 days ago
That must be a huge couch if it fits Conan.
bob smith
bob smith - 29 days ago
I hope this was filmed awhile ago, or Conan is seriously cheaping out on the IT budget.
Draggy654 - 29 days ago
The chair budget on this show is immense
D o e h
D o e h - 29 days ago
Good joke on the ringer Co
Im sure you've heard of Adal Ramones from Otro Rollo..
Kjell Elvis
Kjell Elvis - 29 days ago
lazy assed professional
lazy assed professional - 29 days ago
You ever think that someone needs to punch Conan once in a while
Francesca Dinsay
Francesca Dinsay - 29 days ago
I’m Ded!! The quick turn when Conan heard the chair squeak 😂
MAD MAN - Month ago
my boss also throws chairs... i work at target
Esteban Garita
Esteban Garita - Month ago
"You like your chair?" ROFL!!
Suraj Jena
Suraj Jena - Month ago
he's the jeremy clarkson + pedantic james may of america
Schumi - Month ago
No one:
No one at all:
Literally not a single soul:
Conan: I had a giant turkey burger for lunch!
Jawhar - Month ago
his improvised message on the answering machine shows how incredibly talented and funny this man is.
n1ko - 7 days ago
Jawhar Conan is really good in improv.
The Truth
The Truth - 18 days ago
Simon Mathiasen
Simon Mathiasen - Month ago
Wtf see Thoose shoes conan
Lafe Denton
Lafe Denton - Month ago
Oh wow a giant ground turkey burger. Your father must be proud of you for finishing your daughters sandwich
Mrityunjay bundela
Mrityunjay bundela - Month ago
Jimmy Kimmel works for Conan?
Louisa - Month ago
Help me here. What does I went 99 mean?
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