I bleached my hair by myself and this is what happened...

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simay özgentürk
simay özgentürk - 3 hours ago
8:11 what the fuck just occurred
The Kuddly Krab
The Kuddly Krab - 10 hours ago
At first when she got out of the shower I was like “what does she mean???? It doesn’t look bad” but then she started zoomin and I was like 😳 OH. NVMD.
Dee M
Dee M - 10 hours ago
Wait so are you trans?
catherine rainville
catherine rainville - 18 hours ago
Laura Natalina Pettinicchi
whats the app your using to edit your videos ? btw your hair are pretty
Wicked Side 77
Wicked Side 77 - Day ago
Ok... I'm 42 and binging on Antonio... so freaking beautiful and adorable
Ghazal Aljubouri
Ghazal Aljubouri - Day ago
Brad Mondo: *Ah shit, here we go again.*
blckpnks zone
blckpnks zone - Day ago
Did anyone else notice that those 2 pictures on the wall have been moving through out the whole video ?🗿
Ashley Noelle
Ashley Noelle - 2 days ago
can’t even sit through one of your videos. you’re annoying asf 😂
japanese wølf
japanese wølf - 2 days ago
I’m being honest I like ur makeup more than anyone, including james
The Bestest Queen There Is
This was on my birthday :D
Pine Apple
Pine Apple - 2 days ago
The closest you’ll ever get to hearing her actual voice
Sammy - 3 days ago
antonio needs acne medication coz its severe. she also needs laser hair removal for that 5oclock shadow, and in order to match the facetune: give her lip fillers and a nosejob. isnt she rich? why cant she afford some skincare? she cant always have a full face makeup on
Isabella Grace
Isabella Grace - 2 days ago
Sammy can you shut the fuck up 😂
Amanda Sellers
Amanda Sellers - 3 days ago
Wayyy too much editing! Annoying!
Lexi Lizarraga
Lexi Lizarraga - 3 days ago
what app does she use for her edits ?
GachaBlueGaming _
GachaBlueGaming _ - 4 days ago
Every YouTuber: bleaches hair
Brad Mondo: sTOnKs
Team SG.Luderz
Team SG.Luderz - 4 days ago
I’m getting a heartattack watching this
liquid trash
liquid trash - 4 days ago
tbh ur makeup is scuffed rn
Jessie Z
Jessie Z - 4 days ago
What’d he use to remove the tape ins!?? Help
jaceri grimmett
jaceri grimmett - 4 days ago
are u a boy?
A Radeker
A Radeker - 4 days ago
omg i hate you
shan - 4 days ago
Can we talk about her acrylics in gloves im about to get nightmares also they look like salad fingers
Ramey Marie
Ramey Marie - 5 days ago
youtuber: *bleaches hair*
brad mondo: “reacting to youtuber fail at bleaching their hair”
Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers
*comes back from shower still wearing full undamaged face of makeup*
Abbey Riley
Abbey Riley - 5 days ago
gurl why am i here 3 weeks later watching this for like the fifth time??? wtf am I doing w/ my life
erika saccone
erika saccone - 5 days ago
Girl you always look amazing though! I just recently bleached my hair and actually managed to make it work and get to a good base colour before dying it pastel pink but honestly idk if I could do it again lmao x
WhoStole MyChocolate
WhoStole MyChocolate - 5 days ago
7:32 is me when I get my test back xd
YourgirlChriss - 6 days ago
CRACKHEAD❤️❤️❤️😂 we love
Breana smith
Breana smith - 6 days ago
The wierdest thing is my grandmas name is bertha😂
Tania Beukes
Tania Beukes - 6 days ago
This vedio was very frustrating and annoying
chris kelley
chris kelley - 6 days ago
i bleached my hair on 1 am once and now i know not to do it without antonio’s help💘if anybody wants to y’all can subscribe to my channel, i make lifestyle videos and vlogs 😌but subscribe if you want. 💘
Janessa Fredericks
Janessa Fredericks - 6 days ago
Neontings Villarino
Neontings Villarino - 7 days ago
Omg how can you look so beautiful
Isabel Marin
Isabel Marin - 7 days ago
Hey I have to same Taco Bell shirt too 😂
anabelleb99 - 3 days ago
Where did u get it
spongebob - 7 days ago
great video gma bertha!
Claire - 7 days ago
1. Joana Ceddia
2. James Charles
3. Antonio Garza
kellsy h
kellsy h - 7 days ago
in the beginning Ant would look good with a goatee. Leave hair in a manbun and then goat :^D
princess ava
princess ava - 7 days ago
1:31 she’s a natural beauty omygod she dint need makeup
princess ava
princess ava - 7 days ago
bailey bowers
bailey bowers - 7 days ago
anyone notice how she took a shower with makeup on?
Xx_faith_Xx Xx_Gatcha_Xx
You are the best makeup person I watch
Dill pickle Fried ass
Dill pickle Fried ass - 8 days ago
You’re the only dude I would fuck.
Victoria Itkin
Victoria Itkin - 9 days ago
I can hear Brad Mondo crying.
Nevaeh Rose
Nevaeh Rose - 9 days ago
gram ma burfa?
Gamer Girl 21
Gamer Girl 21 - 9 days ago
okay i gotta a question is “she” or “he”
Isabella Romero
Isabella Romero - 9 days ago
The edit$
Rita Castro
Rita Castro - 9 days ago
My bf was like:”who’s that girl? She’s cute!”
U go girl ♥️
stephanie perez
stephanie perez - 5 days ago
Rita Castro that’s sad if he said that in front of you💀
Charlotte Hughes
Charlotte Hughes - 9 days ago
They’re all copying Joanna Ceddia
Mute - 9 days ago
I think she is a girl, I mean ger hair is stuck to her scalp.
Polar Obese
Polar Obese - 9 days ago
Antonio garza: *I’m going to bleach my hair.*

Brad mando: *Aww shit here we go again.*
LaKwaii Legend
LaKwaii Legend - 10 days ago
What I see on my recommended, BRUTALITY
Ri Sh
Ri Sh - 10 days ago
i dont support this
if god made you male you should be male.
Isabella Grace
Isabella Grace - 2 days ago
Ri Sh if you don’t support it don’t watch and don’t be trans lmao. She doesn’t have to follow your guidelines because sky daddy said.
Ri Sh
Ri Sh - 10 days ago
what the fuck...
Aaliyah Griffin
Aaliyah Griffin - 10 days ago
Unbotherd Maryy
Unbotherd Maryy - 10 days ago
Next time u bleach your hair, use a come along the way so the bleach can spread properly and wont get any browns or reds in your hair and are most likely to end on a nice tones of similar yellows than can be fixed with toner if anything. Tip? ;}
Anna Soul
Anna Soul - 10 days ago
They doing it (not you) so that brad mondo roasts them so they get more clout and money and brad gets more content. That’s how it works. I didn’t make the rules, the rules made me. (If you don’t get that I might be suing)
Zach Herron_ Fan girl
Zach Herron_ Fan girl - 10 days ago
It's_Axe_Bitch _77
It's_Axe_Bitch _77 - 10 days ago
I like your eye contacts! And your makeup is absolutely amazing, those eyebrows!! 🖤💜
syla’s crib
syla’s crib - 10 days ago
i bleached my hair but i have always I started the trend at my school lmao
Kiana Roark
Kiana Roark - 11 days ago
wait i can’t tell is antonio a girl or a boy
Rob Ojo
Rob Ojo - 11 days ago
I love your videos and you’re funny so can you make march
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