Drop Acid & Butter Baste Steaks | Matty Matheson | Just A Dash | EP 4

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Cohen Vanover
Cohen Vanover - 4 hours ago
Makes a salad, does not touch said salad.
decimus81 - 5 hours ago
i can here to see the definition of trying hard
MrCaptainmorgan420 - 6 hours ago
You're like the trailer trash of Gordon Ramsey. Fucking love you and your amazing cooking skills.
EminiEM - 10 hours ago
When did Ricky from Trailer Park Boys learn to cook so well.
Andrew Coleman
Andrew Coleman - 11 hours ago
I literally got an 1 secound after he said maybe they’ll be some ads that was fucking mind blowing
utopianfurbiscuit - 12 hours ago
A drone fly's by right after he says that there's one probably there haha.
mcman420 - 12 hours ago
i go through stages of different matty, some days i love him others i hate him some i cry with him some i laugh with him hes the hero we dont deserve, In timmy hortons we trust
THIRD I MUSIC - 13 hours ago
Dominic Chiodo
Dominic Chiodo - 15 hours ago
when he talking about chem trails and the drone flew by in the window😂😂
sp10sn - 15 hours ago
5:45 Beautiful Ben's job title... camera therapist 🤣🤣
Alex Blake
Alex Blake - 21 hour ago
"a little bit of butter" so u say that when cooking untill you've gone through half a pound of butter 😂 😂 😂
Dennis TheRodMan
Dennis TheRodMan - Day ago
The coach of the lacrosse team probably ended his life after his whole team showed up on acid
Dee Dee Bealer
Dee Dee Bealer - Day ago
our house LOVES Matty Matheson!! I am not a good cook at all but somehow I stumbled across your videos and have learned so much! I make steaks now and they are amaze balls!! thank you for your videos and all you have taught this Colorado mom!! I can't wait to find you on the street to whisper "You are the BEST Matty Matheson," one day.
Hulk12397 - Day ago
Please adopt me.... I’ll cook too.
The gaming Fanboy
The gaming Fanboy - Day ago
That noise makes me think he is still on shrooms
Life is Feudal PvP
Life is Feudal PvP - Day ago
Benny boy oooh benny boy
Stephen Bradley
Stephen Bradley - Day ago
I'm sorry but that's just an absurd amount of goddamn butter.
Jenni Rayflo
Jenni Rayflo - Day ago
I'm having a heart attack just watching this
Christian Pedro Valkonen
SOLD! NEW SUBSCRIBER! a hugs a coming if u ever in Montreal!
Njoom AM
Njoom AM - Day ago
He is the funniest
Joomy - 2 days ago
I was a lacrosse goalie in high school and I really want to know how tf your whole team played a tournament tripping off acid 😂
BMW W. - 2 days ago
He wears his hat like a special ed kid
C F - 2 days ago
DMT for truth baby
C F - 2 days ago
Chemtrails, Google it!!
McDingles Berry
McDingles Berry - 2 days ago
I just discovered you and I just want you to know, I love you!
67Loowit_scarab - 2 days ago
I like how he made a perfect seagull sound at the beginning.
Corthne Hamilton
Corthne Hamilton - 2 days ago
Yo when he said: "Flip it once, slap it on its belly ,and give me a sloppy". I was dead
Curtis Hodnett
Curtis Hodnett - 2 days ago
you know you're doing something right when I happily watch an add, while commenting and liking the video...well done Matty
Julian White
Julian White - 2 days ago
Why are you yelling lol
Thibaut Vandame
Thibaut Vandame - 2 days ago
I absolutely love that dead shirt but when that oil splashed I was totally horrified
Christopher Lai
Christopher Lai - 2 days ago
lol love the F bombs
Brent Nicol
Brent Nicol - 3 days ago
Best fucking chef ever! I get so happy when a new video is posted
pennywise804 - 3 days ago
Matty is the Sh**. His videos have a boring moment.....Food Network, you need to get this guy the money!!!
pennywise804 - 3 days ago
meant, never a boring moment..
SlowR - 3 days ago
Can we just get a full episode of "The young life of Matty, acid trips and all."
Jae Kim
Jae Kim - 3 days ago
Thanks for this AWESOME recommendation on steak and salad. I made it for my parents and it turned out GREAT! It was a 3 pound choice rib roast. I couldn't get prime rib 😭
tridentdathoe - 4 days ago
I actually saw you in LA at the flea market a couple weeks ago. I'm from texas was out there for work. I did not want to bother ya, but cool seeing you.
alldaylong - 4 days ago
Who makes this spoon?
alldaylong - 4 days ago
The drone at 1:52
John Paz
John Paz - 4 days ago
hey what electric or induction cooktop is he using?
alix pakarian
alix pakarian - 4 days ago
"I flew too close to the sun so no more acid"
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