Brian Ward
Brian Ward - Day ago
Little mix is better
parissr 98
parissr 98 - Day ago
Their views are too low for how good their music is and how talented they are. So unfair that artists who sample other songs get loads of views in a couple of hours and are more loved. I mean there is nothing wrong with sampling but this song here as well as Strip etc are original songs LM have written themselves and their hard work keeps flopping.
Lotdesa Snowden
Lotdesa Snowden - 2 days ago
Indeed 😊
Alyssa Hughes
Alyssa Hughes - 3 days ago
I LOVE these girls
James Lester
James Lester - 4 days ago
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - 10 days ago
This song is so good and chatchy👍.
They are all very beautiful😍and talented🔥.
They are all my favourites on this song💛. Ty Dolla Sign is killing it too🙂
Fox _Balch
Fox _Balch - 16 days ago
Every lyric video should be like this
Raúl's Music Box
Raúl's Music Box - 18 days ago
I've just posted a cover of this amazing song, could you check it please? ❤️
MDL - 20 days ago
Tradução e legenda em:
Beth CooCoo
Beth CooCoo - 23 days ago
I can't believe how amazing these girl's relationship is! They've inspired me so much and I'm on my way to becoming a singer! It's so much work and I have SO much respect for these girls!
Isis Brown
Isis Brown - 24 days ago
When the beat drop so did my grades
pein moon
pein moon - 25 days ago
Sabina Osmani
Sabina Osmani - 26 days ago
I love you perrie😗😗😗
Paola Guess
Paola Guess - 29 days ago
I invite you to listen my cover of “Think About Us” in my Channel ! ;)
Fathima Basheer
Fathima Basheer - Month ago
My favorite 😍💕 song is now insta top🤘🤘❤
Daxielys Naranjo Mendez
I just love this music
Emilylovescats - Month ago
'Do you think abut us?'
me: well, almost every song you sang is stuck in my head so yea I think I do
Dimond Spring
Dimond Spring - Month ago
My favorite part is when Perry songs then Jade drops the beat so good😍🌹💞♥️😍🌹💞♥️
Sally Cottle
Sally Cottle - Month ago
it is so much better with the wrap😭😘
Like and comment if you agree
Queen Jennifer Lol
Queen Jennifer Lol - Month ago
At first it sound like she's saying "earth" instead of "us"
Sodthong - Month ago
What a load of garbage...
Oops! - Month ago
You? Yep, I'm agree
Guy Tayeye
Guy Tayeye - Month ago
Do Y ou think a bout us
Rapheal Rapheal
Rapheal Rapheal - Month ago
Jade sang the best
Who agrees pls like
Sisa Nyathi
Sisa Nyathi - Month ago
Do you think about us.....of cause l do
Samuel .Pham
Samuel .Pham - Month ago
Can anyone make a bachata version of this song please!
Hermione Walton
Hermione Walton - Month ago
I'm starting to like Little mix now😍
JüJü Mendes
JüJü Mendes - Month ago
Algum Brasileiro?
유니 - Month ago
Aleesha Blair
Aleesha Blair - Month ago
2:09 USS?
Omnistar - 2 months ago
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Tr rana
Tr rana - 2 months ago
Angela O’ Conor
Angela O’ Conor - 2 months ago
Thats hit harder that my father belt !!!!! ❤️
kai - 2 months ago
i love ty dolla $ign's part alot 😂❤
Kri5tina - 2 months ago
♥️Love it! Hope you can check out my cover ♥️
KPOP6918 - 2 months ago
Though I really love their lyrics vodeo, i can't clearly see the lyrics…lol
Btw, their lyrics video 'only you' is also good...
André de Abreu
André de Abreu - 2 months ago
Who's listening to this in 2007?
Shilpa Thomas
Shilpa Thomas - 2 months ago
Jade's sass gives me strength.
meee youuu
meee youuu - 2 months ago
I actually really love this song 😊
Tor Bap
Tor Bap - 2 months ago
U know what's the best part of the song???

Jades part❤️❤️❤️
1997 E
1997 E - 2 months ago
Love you, so talented and you deserve more than you got
wäffłęš - 2 months ago
Let's make a lyrics chain, I'll start
When you dancing in the club
Steph. x
Steph. x - 2 months ago
i remember when this lyric vid came out and i clicked so fast and i listened to the song and then realized it was gonna be stuck in my head forever. some time later the mv came out and i was right. love these girls xx
Taylor Brxwn
Taylor Brxwn - 2 months ago
Lucy Mclaren
Lucy Mclaren - 2 months ago
Mikee _mikee
Mikee _mikee - 2 months ago
#leigh Ann /jade
Nimra Khan
Nimra Khan - 2 months ago
Deyr shaista 😘
Jaylah Flex
Jaylah Flex - 2 months ago
I Love y'all song❤️❤️ so much 💙
HAIR hair
HAIR hair - 2 months ago
1:29 one of the best Jessy's lines
Samer Akl
Samer Akl - 2 months ago
I love little Mix
Ceren Gevrek
Ceren Gevrek - 2 months ago
monica hansen
monica hansen - 2 months ago
monica hansen
monica hansen - 2 months ago
monica hansen
monica hansen - 2 months ago
1000 subscribers with no videos challenge
Why these queens are so underrated. How hasn't this reached 1 billion yet?!!
Karen Stubbs
Karen Stubbs - 2 months ago
Perry , Jade , Jessy
Rique Kordei
Rique Kordei - 2 months ago
Uma bosta
Billie is my Eilish
Billie is my Eilish - 2 months ago
They have literally never made a bad song.
juliano isaque
juliano isaque - 2 months ago
think about us...a melhor
Tor Bap
Tor Bap - 2 months ago
Leigh Anne should sing more parts
Guys don't you think her voice is heavenly😭😭
Tor Bap
Tor Bap - 2 months ago
Director:how much effect do you want?
Lil mix: we guess all of em
Just love them😘
Green Smoke
Green Smoke - 2 months ago
Gayathri Mahesh
Gayathri Mahesh - 2 months ago
This is the opposite of wings
Isa studio
Isa studio - 2 months ago
Love 😍😍😍😍😍😍👍
AlinaGaming LetsGo!
AlinaGaming LetsGo! - 2 months ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Click this button
And it will turn blue
марина колева
марина колева - 2 months ago
Rachel Blackburn
Rachel Blackburn - 2 months ago
Jesy is awesome I'm seeing all of them this year yayyyyyyy on Halloween day do u think about us #no1 fan
Norwall Music
Norwall Music - 2 months ago
Very nice job on this video
Razaullah Khan
Razaullah Khan - 2 months ago
Pushtee Raichura
Pushtee Raichura - 2 months ago
Is it just me that likes the version without ty better 🤔
Kürbistumor und Harry Potter Fangirl
0:12 I've got the poster😍😍😍
Bruno fernandez garrido
Bruno fernandez garrido - 2 months ago
How can Justin Bieber have 32 million more subscribers on YouTube than them? I'm horrorized
Rachel Blackburn
Rachel Blackburn - 2 months ago
Jesy lol
Rachel Blackburn
Rachel Blackburn - 2 months ago
Jesus is my favourite in the group but there all awesome
Rachel Blackburn
Rachel Blackburn - 2 months ago
Little mix I'm you're no 1 fan I'm seeing you this year there awesome wish I could meet them backstage I'm so proud of them yaaas queen's carry on I'll keep track #no 1 fan
Tehreem Hussain
Tehreem Hussain - 2 months ago
I lyk the non collab version but ty dolla has gorgeous eyes 🔥🔥🔥
Emilylovescats - 2 months ago
This song reminds me of my chrush...

40 likes and I will ask him out💕
lukas Dylan fun
lukas Dylan fun - 2 months ago
Goooo little mix
Inara Falcao
Inara Falcao - 2 months ago
Amei esse música 😍😍😍
Minna S Family Faves
Minna S Family Faves - 2 months ago
Hi, y'all! This is such a great song! Please check-out my #FunFitnessChoreo to "Think About Us"! Thank you so much!
OkChan oktavia
OkChan oktavia - 2 months ago
Im so addicted with this song...
Isabella Haran
Isabella Haran - 2 months ago
Sounds like a sia song I love itttt💗
かずき - 2 months ago
maldha masoodh
maldha masoodh - 2 months ago
Little mix:do u think about us?
Me:yes,i do always☺☺☺
maldha masoodh
maldha masoodh - 2 months ago
Little mix😌❤👊
Ramal A
Ramal A - 2 months ago
Wait guys the parts of them in this look exactly the same as what they looked like in Music Vid, why did it take so long to put the vid out then? 🤔
young eun song
young eun song - 2 months ago
Like 👍
Woman like Ahri
Woman like Ahri - 2 months ago
Jessy Lawrence
Jessy Lawrence - 2 months ago
My neighbor said 1direction is better than he's RIP😎💔🤫
Jennifer - 2 months ago
Horzila The Warrior
Horzila The Warrior - 3 months ago
Best girl group 😍☺💋💋💋😙😙😘
Jasmine Watson
Jasmine Watson - 3 months ago
I love Little Mix!!

Well,who doesn't??
Mr. Random
Mr. Random - 3 months ago
Any on else thought it said "do you think thanos/banos?
Ashely Vasquez
Ashely Vasquez - 3 months ago
Patricia Castañeda
Patricia Castañeda - 3 months ago
*think about us*
Robbie Webster
Robbie Webster - 3 months ago
Little Mix is Lit 🔥🔥🔥
Menahil Hassan
Menahil Hassan - 3 months ago
God dayumm it hits somewhere deep inside 😍 Little Mix never disappoints ♥
This is the track i needed ♥
Asenla Imsong
Asenla Imsong - 3 months ago
this song is beautiful
stewart mason
stewart mason - 3 months ago
my fav song miss my husband 😑
Veronica Windom
Veronica Windom - 3 months ago
Abbie 7
Abbie 7 - 3 months ago
Love all there songs
Hoa Nhat
Hoa Nhat - 3 months ago
Next videos