Pete Davidson Got Stuck Paying for Kid Cudi's Birthday Dinner When Kanye West Crashed

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thelonious monk
thelonious monk - 3 hours ago
they should totally do a sketch that riffs on pete not being brave enough or rich enough to handle that dinner tab.
JakeTakesTheCakes - 5 hours ago
I love how he does everything to avoid admitting he lives in his mom's basement (well, basement of the house his mom lives in but still)
YSL Kakashi
YSL Kakashi - 5 hours ago
fuck Pete don’t fw him after what he did to mac
JakeTakesTheCakes - 5 hours ago
It's incredible that Pete Davidson can be so relatable and yet live the least relatable life
JOKE'S ON YOU - 7 hours ago
Pete: So I went to Kid Kudis birthday...

Am I the only one who cant wait till Fallon fucks off?
MattIsLoling - 9 hours ago
jimmy fallon's fake laugh makes me want to jump infront of a moving train
Caroline Kessler
Caroline Kessler - 9 hours ago
I feel like Pete is getting funnier I’m proud of him
Kevin H
Kevin H - 11 hours ago
Fake laughing is so hott right now
Tip Drip
Tip Drip - 13 hours ago
Pete: pays for kim, kanye and cudi's dinner

Meanwhile: lives in moms basement
thelonious monk
thelonious monk - 15 hours ago
who does that orders extra shit and doesnt pay when its your friends birthday and your a multi millionaire would have straight up said to k&K umm i dont have the money for your fancy shit so your paying
RuSTeD01100 - 18 hours ago
How tf are these people even famous. 🤦🏼‍♂️
RuSTeD01100 - 18 hours ago
This host is the most annoying of them all
MrETHEX100 - 20 hours ago
He has on the AJ JORDAN TROPHY 🏆 ROOM 5s T shirt on a month before released I’m sure the shoes as well. But whys he wearing the Osh kosh Bgosh and btw who tf is he. 😂
Deeq Adan
Deeq Adan - 23 hours ago
Favorite white kid on SNL dont kill yourself please
Mikal Espyyy
Mikal Espyyy - Day ago
The dude is actually really funny
Blake - Day ago
Dude wtf is this show. Host looks like hes trippin on acid trying to act calm n shit. Hes laughing at everything like its insanely funny when its not.
David K
David K - Day ago
I'm guessing his teeth are fake? So freaking obvious, it's hard to ignore...
Big 1400
Big 1400 - Day ago
OMG the crazy Stuff !!?? LLOOOOLL!!!
HydroDragonN - Day ago
"He's the best musician that ever lived" Yeah I love Cudi, but Speedin Bullet To Heaven disagrees
HydroDragonN - 4 hours ago
thelonious monk yeah I totally agree
thelonious monk
thelonious monk - 4 hours ago
there are so many people qualified to actually make a statement like that who wouldn't because they know its an impossible thing to quantify, not to mention unnecessary. So basically its him saying clearly i don't know what Im talking about by saying he knows what he's talking about. listen to me because im up here and famous and shit Im saying he is that great even though you don't know the limits of my knowledge about music. Pete's a sweety though i just think the ego is a bit ridiculous although id be be convinced i know what im talking about if id just pashed kate beckinsale.
HydroDragonN - 8 hours ago
thelonious monk yeah, all people way more talented than Cudi.
thelonious monk
thelonious monk - 15 hours ago
mozart bjork jeff buckley thom york herbie hancock tchaikovsky stevie wonder
Rob - Day ago
Pete looks like he tripped and fell into a cryo-sleep chamber in 1987 and just got out.
NukeBlast 117
NukeBlast 117 - Day ago
lmao 😂
Dude Fest bug outs
Dude Fest bug outs - Day ago
Jimmy Fallon... very strange man lmao
Dude Fest bug outs
Dude Fest bug outs - Day ago
This guys fucking awesome lmao
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez - Day ago
Punk ass dork.. these people wouldn't give a fuck about him if he wasn't FAMOUS
krazeintroduces - Day ago
Am I the only one wishing I was as stoned as Fallon is?
Daniel Son
Daniel Son - Day ago
I legit loved him until he mentioned MGK
Daniel Son
Daniel Son - Day ago
Jimmy’s ultra fake laugh makes me cringe
Andres Alvares
Andres Alvares - Day ago
Corie Mcphearson
Corie Mcphearson - Day ago
I'm dying he's so funny
funkiestoyster - Day ago
Pete!! How the hell you a fan of mgk? That kids a marketting gimic brohamian! Youre too talented to roll with that clown.
eddie wap
eddie wap - Day ago
Fallon's fake laugh is terrible
eddie wap
eddie wap - Day ago
I hate how they laugh like they haven't heard the jokes 10 times already.
Spencer Verstegen
Spencer Verstegen - Day ago
MGK!!!! Let’s goooo
Been Trill
Been Trill - Day ago
That laugh make this unwatchable
Star Lord
Star Lord - 2 days ago
Way does everyone feel bad for him?Nice outfit.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis - 2 days ago
Jimmy Fallon needs to stop this fake laughing man. Dude is such a phony.
Nicholas Tyler Brown
Nicholas Tyler Brown - 2 days ago
Love the MK11 shirt, Pete 😉
D T - 3 days ago
He has dark circles around his eyes. I hope this is just from lack of sleep.
thelonious monk
thelonious monk - 15 hours ago
he has a condition he has spoken about it before cant remember what its a physical illness which did account for the dark circles but it could also be from lack of sleep. He dealt with depression and insomnia often occurs with that
Tricky Ricky
Tricky Ricky - 3 days ago
Who dresses the kid, Helen Keller?
Charli’s Channel
Charli’s Channel - 3 days ago
Pete made it through the other side. Good for him.
Aaron Richardson
Aaron Richardson - 3 days ago
He looks like a coke head low key
jack smalls
jack smalls - 3 days ago
He’s so cool
SirMarkFrancis - 3 days ago
Who else paused this as at 2:36 to read the comments?
Ed Jones
Ed Jones - 4 days ago
Two of the people I despise the most in one video.
Isaac Brown
Isaac Brown - 4 days ago
How do you go to a kid cudi dinner party and not expect Kanye to show up?
Official Krazee
Official Krazee - 4 days ago
Dude looks like a crack head version if johnny cage..i almost died when he said he looks like a douchebag and they looks so much alike
Frankie Jimenez
Frankie Jimenez - 4 days ago
This guy is going to kill him self. You can see it in the way he acts and his eyes.
Camdalamda - 4 days ago
Wow, I never realized it, but Pete Davidson is a huge fucking douche bag. Fuck that guy.
Ian Kirkwood
Ian Kirkwood - 4 days ago
Be a great story if it didn't have the host laughing every 20 seconds.
MarieC NP
MarieC NP - 4 days ago
I love him
Jess M
Jess M - 4 days ago
Cool dude
EleFantMonty - 4 days ago
Why does he remind me so much of Biff from Back to the Future??
Jonathan Ulloa
Jonathan Ulloa - 5 days ago
Anna Harris
Anna Harris - 5 days ago
Shawn Villalobos
Shawn Villalobos - 5 days ago
This dude is so cringe.
Kristen Vogel
Kristen Vogel - 5 days ago
He’s the most adorable person xD
haha gidid
haha gidid - 5 days ago
Pete: kim & kanye very sweet people had a great time!
Comments: how dare they let poor pete pay??? now he’s probably broke
thelonious monk
thelonious monk - 14 hours ago
um yeh you can be sweet and also be entitled ostentatious and ignorant. They're oblivious because they're narcissists and they aren't developing their emotional intelligence. What multi millionaire doesn't buy dinner on their friends birthday and lets a comedienne pay. Unless the comediennes Seinfeld this is just rude.
Elma R. Kukaj
Elma R. Kukaj - 5 days ago
He's such a Staten Islander...
Joe Young
Joe Young - 5 days ago
Trying to bring back that 80s overall look, lol. Not cool. Vanilla ice type stuff.
zuga -
zuga - - 5 days ago
I always think he looks like an anime psychopath idk why, I think it is eye's and teeth/smile part
Tabali Tigi's Channel
Tabali Tigi's Channel - 5 days ago
so, this is a paid ad for mortal kombat it...
Luis Dailey
Luis Dailey - 5 days ago
I need a friend like Jimmy laughing at all my shit like that... After awhile I'll rip his fucking head off though with that weasel ass laugh
JxBANE - 5 days ago
Dang, I’ve never watched Pete Davidson before but he is pretty funny
We are 5 sense simulation
Pete looks like an adderal addicted racoon zombie boy who also smokes crack occasionally.
Jimberlin - 6 days ago
He has drug addict written all over him
Helen Yellin
Helen Yellin - 6 days ago
I'm convinced Jimmy and Pete shared a bone before the show! I've never seen Jimmy laugh like that!
Rohan Vora
Rohan Vora - 5 days ago
Helen Yellin Jimmy’s fake laugh is obnoxious
Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs - 6 days ago
Hey his overalls hes ironically wearing for national television are halfway buttoned oh wait that was intentional as well. Cool
Y0utub3me - 6 days ago
this mothafucker hella funny lmao
slackerman1967 - 6 days ago
Dark rings around eyes....Drug addict
phantomx 100
phantomx 100 - 5 days ago
Or, lack of sleep
kyojinsayian4200 4lizife
There's this guy johnny fruck you
BorisandChromeLuxx - 6 days ago
Fallon is so fake!
Alex - 6 days ago
Kanye West is trash af
UberSeamus - 6 days ago
Legit best video game endorsement ever
Anthony Arroyo
Anthony Arroyo - 6 days ago
Pete got a huge fucken mouth
Eickvos Hutchinson
Eickvos Hutchinson - 7 days ago
This dude should be the joker I would pay money
Matthew Awill
Matthew Awill - 7 days ago
It actually is a good game lol
hyeboi - 7 days ago
Still trips me out how this crackhead messing with Kate lmao
Smoothie Cow
Smoothie Cow - 7 days ago
I swear this dudes coked out I love him to death tho he’s the homie . You can see him get the shakes . I could be wrong don’t hate just tryna make an observation . Could be very wrong hahaha
King kikko
King kikko - 7 days ago
I love how hes wearing a mk11 shirt
Young Russian
Young Russian - 7 days ago
Every man calls his lair mancave#fact
paris scruggs
paris scruggs - 7 days ago
That shirt is fuckin dope
Sheriff - 7 days ago
I really like the character....scorpion
Jack Gookler
Jack Gookler - 7 days ago
Lacy Jennings
Lacy Jennings - 7 days ago
I just kept waiting for him to say "Yo my card has a limit!" 😂😂😂
mike inGA25
mike inGA25 - 7 days ago
Awkward 😬😬😬
Shavone Granville
Shavone Granville - 7 days ago
i see why ariana broke up with him
Gabrielle Greene
Gabrielle Greene - 7 days ago
His nonchalance and personality reminds me of Adam Sandler.
Benjamin Jackson
Benjamin Jackson - 7 days ago
Haha Pete is a fuckin child
DrWizzles - 7 days ago
This just in: Pete pays for dinner, then runs and tells everyone about it. Good job, Peter.
Jk, they sonned him. Not polite of them at all.
haha gidid
haha gidid - 5 days ago
MarS - 7 days ago
I hate Jimmy Fallon’s fake laughs I wish they can just edit those out and leave the audience laughs in.
Andrew Wagner
Andrew Wagner - 7 days ago
Edward Vazquez
Edward Vazquez - 7 days ago
Pete: haachooo! (sneeze)
Jimmy: 💀
DoctorJinks - 8 days ago
Of course he shouts out MGK at the end lol 💩
Angelus VanDervoort
Angelus VanDervoort - 8 days ago
Wow gotta take dat mortal kombat 11 shirt to the show
The Boss
The Boss - 8 days ago
Lol he shouted out mgk that how much help he needs. All of it
Norm HD
Norm HD - 8 days ago
Jimmy: "I like his teeth. Let's bring him on the show!"
Pete: "I'm famous for nothing =D"
Norm HD
Norm HD - 8 days ago
Just a permanent dreadful smile is all I see
Norm HD
Norm HD - 8 days ago
He looks like a total dumb fuck
God - 8 days ago
Are Pete’s teeth growing?
Oliver Waldo
Oliver Waldo - 8 days ago
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