Pete Davidson Got Stuck Paying for Kid Cudi's Birthday Dinner When Kanye West Crashed

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Dank Maymays
Dank Maymays - 7 hours ago
Why does Jimmys laugh sound so fake
Hazard - 12 hours ago
Jimmy is so awkward around pete
Who misses Ariana x Pete
Gurung Bros
Gurung Bros - 19 hours ago
Idk if it's gonna fit. That's what she said.
rika ft
rika ft - 22 hours ago
“My boy mgk’s album coming out” haha i’m die
Mmm Chestnut
Mmm Chestnut - Day ago
Oooh I like his shirt
Krypticate - Day ago
Pete: says something remotely funny
Jimmys desk: ah shit here we go again
Lynn Whitehead
Lynn Whitehead - Day ago
Pete Davidson love his humor funny af
Blitz Jaco
Blitz Jaco - Day ago
“He’s The Best Singer Of all time” Meanwhile MGK
Classy sassyBiTcH
Classy sassyBiTcH - Day ago
I fucking love Pete, how do I meet this guy? I love his authenticity. He's so fuckin funny and real 🤣🤙😍
Franky Zendejas
Franky Zendejas - 2 days ago
Eeeewwwww I can’t believe Ariana dated THAT thing
Tony Guardado
Tony Guardado - 3 days ago
I see he might play mortal kombat
Ronald Trejo
Ronald Trejo - 3 days ago
David Spade???
LucidDreams - 3 days ago
Pete Davidson is literally just a normal guy but like famous. He's so real it makes him like a million times funnier than most celebrities
Oggydogg 313
Oggydogg 313 - 3 days ago
Pete comes off as a fucking asshole loser pill head child!
itsjustjosh - 3 days ago
So.... is nobody gonna notice that he’s wearing a Mortal Kombat 11 shirt?
KingK21 !!!
KingK21 !!! - 3 days ago
Holy shit...2:52 was that a genuine laugh? That look back?
Joshua Soler
Joshua Soler - 4 days ago
This dude is honestly one of the funniest natural people
Wiz Kid
Wiz Kid - 4 days ago
Nobody gonna point out his dope ass Mk11 t-shirt? Alright just me
Jameson Elliott
Jameson Elliott - 4 days ago
Love how honest Pete Davidson was. "Getting paid by mortal Kombat to be here"😂
ALEX GONZALEZ - 4 days ago
Bob likes to make stuff made his game booth
codysett1 - 5 days ago
I hate pete but this was halarious
Swati Thakur
Swati Thakur - 5 days ago
Kid Cudi is the fuckin shit ! Greatest one ever lived !! Hmmm hmm Hmmm!
miamiwax - 5 days ago
Pure cringe
malaikah baig
malaikah baig - 5 days ago
okay I’ve never realized how funny Pete was
ro 14
ro 14 - 5 days ago
Fades Checking
Fades Checking - 5 days ago
Legend says he’s still trying to pay for the dinner 🍽!!!
A Ghost.
A Ghost. - 6 days ago
Why is Pete davidson famous... And why does he dress like will Smith from 1994
A Ghost.
A Ghost. - 6 days ago
He's literally infamous for being friends with people who are actually famous.
Nik K
Nik K - 6 days ago
jimmy fallon needs to stfu
Yeet Boii
Yeet Boii - 7 days ago
Is that a mortal kombat shirt
TheAngelArrow - 7 days ago
lowkey chill and savage at the same time, love this guy
Blaine Dunkle
Blaine Dunkle - 7 days ago
Why tf are people trying to make coveralls fashionable
Maur Laughter
Maur Laughter - 7 days ago
Great birthday party gift
Maur Laughter
Maur Laughter - 7 days ago
He's so funny
Beqa Mikautadze
Beqa Mikautadze - 7 days ago
Pete: 0:47
Michael Jackson: am I a joke to you? he-he?
Robot Art
Robot Art - 8 days ago
two unfunny fools.
Robot Art
Robot Art - 8 days ago
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - 8 days ago
I dont get it, what does Pete Davidson DO, I know he’s in fuckin Broadway shows, but does he do anything else than looking miserable?
creme de la creme
creme de la creme - 8 days ago
He’s so cool with his painted nails and one shoulder overalls.
Rondew - 9 days ago
Everything was cool until he said mGK my boy.
Jonathan Booth
Jonathan Booth - 9 days ago
I started a joke !!!!!!
F this dude
liquid79 - 9 days ago
God, Fallon's fake laugh and clapping 🙄🤮
GunTotinMinnesotan - 10 days ago
Yes, call it man cave. Don't fold to stupidity.
Neuro . Genesis
Neuro . Genesis - 10 days ago
I wanna slap him for wearing that fucking dumbass gettup. You're a millionaire many times over why would you want to look like that?
Caden Petty
Caden Petty - 10 days ago
pete is so funny
SomeOneOnline - 10 days ago
This is the biggest L
Triple B
Triple B - 10 days ago
1:20 is that tattoo similar to mgk ? 🤔
Referî - 10 days ago
This nigga Pete Funny Aff 😂😂😂 Like his literally not telling jokes and ya still laughing
Hans Anders
Hans Anders - 10 days ago
After Ariana leaf him he sucks MGK's Dick.
BeccaPekkaRekka - 10 days ago
Sonya Kim
Sonya Kim - 11 days ago
After this came out I hope everyone took him to dinner 🤣🤣🤣 Living in his moms basement 😅🤦🏻‍♀️
rattydrops - 11 days ago
There is a dent in that desk
PENNY WISE - 11 days ago
Plot twist not pete crack head from under a bridge but look the same !
Stephanie Rogers
Stephanie Rogers - 11 days ago
His look is unique..I love it
B a c o n
B a c o n - 12 days ago
“He’s the best musician that ever lived” MGK is quaking
Chancelord K
Chancelord K - 12 days ago
I tried but I just cannot watch a single thing that Jimmy Fallon is in because of his over the top fake ass laugh. It is the most annoying thing in the world. Like dude stfu
Saul Estrada
Saul Estrada - 13 days ago
Damn bruh, cant even use man cave anymore...SMH!!
cookie - 13 days ago
He reminds me so much of a white Vince Staples
Mark Figueroa
Mark Figueroa - 13 days ago
Oh wow he literally lives in his moms basement tf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yulissa Carrasco
Yulissa Carrasco - 13 days ago
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez - 13 days ago
Mk11 !¡!¡ ..that's right Pete 💪
GameKnight 3
GameKnight 3 - 13 days ago
John O'Neill
John O'Neill - 13 days ago
I fucking HATE Jimmy Fallon. His fucking fake laugh and the annoying way he repeats shit his guest just said. Dude is EASILY the worst talk show host EVER!
bossman bm
bossman bm - 13 days ago
His eyes are black. Date ariana grande ur life becomes fucked these bitches ruin dudes lifes. Look at the Kardashians and the dudes they dated all end up suicidal
Anoobis - 13 days ago
He looks like Zombie Wreck-it Ralph
JustinFaiLz - 14 days ago
dressed like a retard
Can we get 69.000 subs without anywork ?
Pete Davidson : "Cudi is the best musician ever lived"
MGK : am i a joke to you
Owen Hope
Owen Hope - Day ago
JaggedRecordsVa Buddy Holly, Billy Joel, Chuck Berry...
Carter Payte
Carter Payte - 4 days ago
JaggedRecordsVa you really shit on prince there
Lance Edwards
Lance Edwards - 8 days ago
@JaggedRecordsVa you forgot Muddy Waters
JaggedRecordsVa - 8 days ago
Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Big Lead Belly, Robert Johnson, Duane Allman, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, BB King, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Les Paul, Jerry Reed, Roy Clark, Hendrix... must I go on, you fools? Kid Cudi doesn’t even deserve to clean the shoes of these masters
Sezov - 10 days ago
@Lance Edwards he ain't the best to ever lived lol
royalkitana - 15 days ago
yikes i thought the jokes about jimmy’s laughter were exaggerated but dear god i couldn’t make it
boboreo PhanaticMC
boboreo PhanaticMC - 17 days ago
she tryna be cray
swiftieschalamet - 18 days ago
jsjsjsjsk the funniest interview
Evan Childs
Evan Childs - 20 days ago
Pete? Is your nose stuck pinched?
How to and DIY channel
How to and DIY channel - 21 day ago
Is this clown homeless?
sarah kec
sarah kec - 21 day ago
this man rly had the audacity to say kid cudi is the best musician.
Romek S
Romek S - 21 day ago
Kanye is ,,best musician that ever lived,,seriously???I think Pete`s still on drugs
just a g Gram
just a g Gram - 23 days ago
why does his sense of style suck so bad
und3rground Patchett
und3rground Patchett - 24 days ago
3:55 in Jimmy thinks for a second he got that costume for his wife lol he looked pissed for a second
Andre The God
Andre The God - 24 days ago
Watching this high asf rn and Pete sounds hella weird
nisko C
nisko C - 25 days ago
He calls everybody the best musician to ever live 😂
Zakron ,
Zakron , - 26 days ago
I love how Pete realized how much of a loser he sounded like . ( I love him btw no hate )
sam montiforte
sam montiforte - 26 days ago
You got played, to be cool for a night.
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