'SNL' roasts R. Kelly, Gayle King interview

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really nice.
Yung_Dev✔ - 4 months ago
Rkelly memes on my channel! (Very funny )
Natalie her
Natalie her - 4 months ago
Illuminati puppet SNL they'll take anything and run with it cause Hilary was gonna win right. Kelly is guilty but dam everyday new news popping up BILL COSBY RIGHT
Zagula Biggs
Zagula Biggs - 4 months ago
Low effort attempt by USATODAY to get views and ad money
Dead Pool
Dead Pool - 4 months ago
Eating Oreos...
Chartina Askew
Chartina Askew - 4 months ago
Vermonster90 - 4 months ago
Unfortunately this type of aggressive behavior to a emotional situational based question is normal in some cultures, I would have felt very threatened if I was the interviewer. Imagine if you were a LEO? You'd have tased this man or worse if you had to get him to be compliant...
Mikeeon Blu
Mikeeon Blu - 4 months ago
Lol 😂
Timothy Ballard
Timothy Ballard - 4 months ago
Lmao! Pop Kultur R Kelly & Aaliyah T-Shirt (Protect The Angels Agency) https://www.popkulturclothing.com/online-store
TiltedBrimRecords - 4 months ago
Did you know there was a behind the scenes interview? R Kelly speaks on mumble rap. https://youtu.be/VvBIhyIUB2E
MIa Johnson
MIa Johnson - 4 months ago
And so many other clues lmao
Ruthie Bella
Ruthie Bella - 4 months ago
@John William Not true, I read the history of the illuminati, it goes all the way back to sun worship and Egyptian gods. I know that the 99% of people in the Illuminati don't even know the origin of the illuminati. Just like how most Catholics don't know the Roman Church is responsible for persecuting over 50 million Christians.
Chance St.Thomas
Chance St.Thomas - 4 months ago
0:30-0:38 lol
Lala Gomes
Lala Gomes - 4 months ago
Why 50 dressed like that 😂
Lala Gomes
Lala Gomes - 4 months ago
Why 50 dressed like that 😂
sunday mollel
sunday mollel - 4 months ago
This is not funny its stupid show I have ever watch no creativity there you can't use some one hard times as comedy wake up stupid black family
Etta James
Etta James - 4 months ago
where's the full sketch?
edgy - 4 months ago
John William lmao this nigga doing a shitty ass copy and paste
Danyaahl's Vision
Danyaahl's Vision - 4 months ago
Still missing weinstein and Vatican gang. Not expecting that to be quick on TV maybe someone can make their own parody since it seems whiteouts afraid to touch that. 😒 Stay tuned
Danyaahl's Vision
Danyaahl's Vision - 4 months ago
@Jack Shite 😂which judge you talking about? Man or YHWH? You sound as if no body knows who he or his bullshit he has done. Just cause you paid off a judge doesn't make you safe in the streets. He better stay close to that casting couch. Hope his genenics allow him to beat a sudden illness, stroke or death. Judgement day isn't over. #Repentordie
Jack Shite
Jack Shite - 4 months ago
Weinstein lawyers have made motions in federal court to delay his case. Rich of ay color get the best lawyers ...grow up... OJ walked Michael Jackson walked and they were as guilty as sin.. Thank libs for all the legal trickery used to delay cases... Do you know how we got the famous "Miranda decision"? " You have the right to remain silent etc" He was an illegal that raped robbed and murdered a white woman but claimed he didn't understand his rights so his confession was thrown out... If conservatives ran the courts there would only be a rock pile or a hanging tree...
G Lazarus
G Lazarus - 4 months ago
That was terrible. He needs to show more emotion.
Darkvamp77 - 4 months ago
Should have gotten Aries Spears
Broken King
Broken King - 4 months ago
This is.....
Whats the word? Starts with a Q....

Grady Battista
Grady Battista - 4 months ago
hey guys pro tip just go watch the video, its on youtube. Not these freeloaders.
Fancy Face
Fancy Face - 4 months ago
Play to much
Chris Paez
Chris Paez - 4 months ago
Loved it. I was laughing my ass off.
L W - 4 months ago
SNLs was the worst out of all the ones out there
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner - 4 months ago
Too bad Kelly was not stopped a decade ago when it became known he was a pedophile and rapist.
Vie Loi
Vie Loi - 4 months ago
Shameless clickbait at its finest
God Father
God Father - 4 months ago
Seems all this show does is mock people that are facing hard times.
vsedai - 4 months ago
Yes that is what they do! They can be very harsh so this show is not for snowflakes...they have always been meanies.
THANOS - 4 months ago
showing no sympathy for pedofiles.
Kellz - 4 months ago
Kev Nguyen I still bump his old music tho.
Kev Nguyen
Kev Nguyen - 4 months ago
But this is R kelly doubt anybody gives a shit about that piece of shit
GRJYESBNKIU99 - 4 months ago
you can't find more talented token comedy nègro's?
vsedai - 4 months ago
no Cosby went to jail.
Taylor Delma
Taylor Delma - 4 months ago
Kgaitsewe Mofolo
Kgaitsewe Mofolo - 4 months ago
I am dead meat finished 😂🤣😂🤣
parvezjakson - 4 months ago
I lmao @"feeling on yo boothhhyy"😂
Jason Robinhood
Jason Robinhood - 4 months ago
Instead of clues he should have said evidence
Dennis Manning
Dennis Manning - 4 months ago
Am I the only one that can't watch the over the air live broadcast because the sound mix is so bad...can't hear the talent, the mic level is so low, the audience track is normal. Don't care about this particular episode but would like to watch others realtime.
Andrew Carlson
Andrew Carlson - 4 months ago
The brother is going to jail!! He will be financially broke and ass broken soon! Scumbag! He could have been with almost any woman over 18!! What the hell was he thinking?? He and Smollett should share a cell!
E.T GropeHome
E.T GropeHome - 4 months ago
Wait wait wait wait
Harvey Weinstein
Bill Cosby
Christian church

You don’t get accused of rape 1 time to be a rapist. Usually rapists, pedophiles, peepers. They usually have a tract record of this sorta thing and R Kelly has a really bad history of messing with children. He’s obviously into children no doubt but how do I get you to open your eyes that your trying to defend s serial rapist. Your defending his outburst after he’s be tried like 10 times

I’m okay with defending vets or defending the crippled.
But we’re realllly trying to defend s serial rapist.
Oh my god people do you think people like to make up that they were raped, have their whole family think they were some victim then for what so like 10 other girls could come out saying the same thing we’ve seen these things happen time and time again you don’t get blamed for something one time like this.
Captain Sonnier
Captain Sonnier - 4 months ago
One again SNL is making a joke out of a horrible situation...did SNL think about the victims before making a joke out of this . SNL your horrible
vsedai - 4 months ago
They never think about the victims. You should stop watching and go to your safe space. They mocked Clinton for years never once thinking about how young Monica was.
mtman1 p
mtman1 p - 4 months ago
edgy - 4 months ago
John William ok but do you have Minecraft java edition and LEGO Star Wars the full saga on Xbox 360
Kiki Monet
Kiki Monet - 4 months ago
@J ROD 😂😂
J ROD - 4 months ago
Kelly, is that you?
Hans - 4 months ago
Does SNL create original skits anymore or is it all news spoofs?
rugr82day - 4 months ago
Yes, they create original skits and characters every week.
loudsnares - 4 months ago
Hans 90% spoofs 10% Live Music
Jack Shite
Jack Shite - 4 months ago
Because it is more politics than comedy … Comedy should make you happy and be something everybody can relate to... All this politics cr ap has done is further divide a nation.. You have no frame of reference having maybe seen 2 or 3 presidents and maybe 1 as an adult.. Our country was happier before PC diversity and the sexually confused getting control of the media and DNC @Kev Nguyen
Swirv One
Swirv One - 4 months ago
You don't actually watch the show do you?
Kev Nguyen
Kev Nguyen - 4 months ago
I mean if you have the materials why not use it
C17H25N - 4 months ago
The United Spot is way funnier.
Michael Robins
Michael Robins - 4 months ago
R kelly is disgusting
Roots - 4 months ago
After that interview, SNL was OBLIGATED to spoof it. The world was waiting for it. :). And Keenan delivered the goods!
KiTT FOXXE - 4 months ago
So much for Black History Month.. LOL heterophobic sociopath Jessie.. and now this Chester molester who can't pay his child support.
what'd a nigga..!
James Lyback
James Lyback - 4 months ago
No, you can't spoof a anti-Semitic Senator. No you can't spoof Jussie. But, you can make fun of a man who is fighting for his freedom amongst unverified accusations.
vsedai - 4 months ago
Wait THEY DID spoof Jussie.
Chris Paez
Chris Paez - 4 months ago
I thought you dumbasses were tired of politics? Which is it? Politics yes or no?
Daisy Randone
Daisy Randone - 4 months ago
of course this comes from a man
ifyouknew thenyouknew
ifyouknew thenyouknew - 4 months ago
But you believe in a liar
Burntburgers - 4 months ago
Everywhere on earth where blacks are the majority it’s a insane murdering raping thieving HIV infested shit hole
Rom Ulen
Rom Ulen - 4 months ago
Boy Kelly .. just a really stupid man
Ruthie Bella
Ruthie Bella - 4 months ago
@Gatcha Bish Your comment is evidence of your ignorance.
Gatcha Bish
Gatcha Bish - 4 months ago
@vsedai*Trolling* ; *_saying things you know are stupid so that you get a reaction out of the reader.._* I think my statement was clearly trolling.. Who tf is THAT racist nowadays? Oh yea.. The news..
vsedai - 4 months ago
@Gatcha Bish I think that you don't know what trolling is. And why would you want to troll people about R.Kelly? Are so upset that his victims may finally get justice?
Boxing Supraves
Boxing Supraves - 4 months ago
@Opinions, Facts And Logic and waste it all rofl
Opinions, Facts And Logic
Opinions, Facts And Logic - 4 months ago
He obviously ain't too stupid seeing as he was able to make more money than you probably ever have or ever will lol.
Sandra Napier
Sandra Napier - 4 months ago
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones - 4 months ago
How and where can one go about in getting in contact with the r kelly team to offer strong representation?
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones - 4 months ago
J C Google wants you to set up a pay pal account to gain access to blocked content containing individual contacts close to mr kelly (dead end)
T J - 4 months ago
Andrew Jones why are you asking the RUvideos comment section? I feel like you would have better success at googling it.
Matt Sherv
Matt Sherv - 4 months ago
Good sketch! Leslie is scary looking as f*** tho
Sandlin22 - 4 months ago
R Kelly rapes children
Ryukikon - 4 months ago
Sandlin22 just like your grandparents
Jack Shite
Jack Shite - 4 months ago
BHM BLM bahahahaha
Kellz - 4 months ago
Opinions, Facts And Logic same im thinking for myself and some of those ho’s are lying.
Opinions, Facts And Logic
Opinions, Facts And Logic - 4 months ago
And you know this how? Because LIFETIME told you??? Lol you poor simple man.
Gatcha Bish
Gatcha Bish - 4 months ago
*_You mean like muhammad the prophet of islam who is glorified via prayer 5 times a day when 25% off the entire world bows down and worships THAT CHILD MOLESTOR.._* *Yet youre not allowed to call muhammad out, otherwise youll be labeled as an islamaphobe*
Frame Control
Frame Control - 4 months ago
The sketch was actually mad funny, i think they sound bited the worst part.
rugr82day - 4 months ago
@Jack Shite , Linda Cardellini is the actress that played Velma in the live action Scooby Doo movies and she is white not Asian.
JK F1 - 4 months ago
@Jack Shite - Don't complain to me about makeup and blackface. Just pointing out, it has been in the news and I doubt it would fly in today's society.
Jack Shite
Jack Shite - 4 months ago
Then no make up should be allowed to portray any role if that is the standard? After 50 years they have an Asian girl play Velma in the scooby doo movies.. but that's ok cause she's not white? @JK F1
Jack Shite
Jack Shite - 4 months ago
Cause Gayle is Oprah's lover and the man of that relationship.. @JK F1
JK F1 - 4 months ago
@Charles Timothy - Who is "her"? Gayle King?
Jai Norman
Jai Norman - 4 months ago
That was not because r kelly is INNOCENT that man has done nothing wrong all those hoes lied on him for money.
Kellz - 4 months ago
Innocent until proven guilty and I haven’t seen enough evidence to say he’s guilty.
Liberals spread AIDS
Liberals spread AIDS - 4 months ago
R KELLY rapes children. Hes a pedophile pisser. I hope he dies in prison. Right after he gets his cheeks busted.
Unstoppable Goddess
Unstoppable Goddess - 4 months ago
Jai Norman “lied on him”??? Lied about* him...and no, they didn’t
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