Couples Swap DRIVE THRU Challenge

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Sheeta Sheeta
Sheeta Sheeta - 4 hours ago
they should switch clothes for a week.
Desy Saries
Desy Saries - 6 hours ago
entah artinya ap
i am from indonesian
hajra khan
hajra khan - 6 hours ago
#that girl in the back tho
Pauline Dickson
Pauline Dickson - 9 hours ago
Leve a like
Pauline Dickson
Pauline Dickson - 9 hours ago
Swap with nobody then there will be knowbody there
Amanda H
Amanda H - 10 hours ago
And gaby
Amanda H
Amanda H - 10 hours ago
Who is that girl in the background nicki
Billie's Avocado
Billie's Avocado - 10 hours ago
"a bottle of watta"
Had me dying 🤣
Cady Stidham
Cady Stidham - 16 hours ago
In the first switch you can hear niki saying “ i hate you i hate you i hate you”
Genesis ¿
Genesis ¿ - 17 hours ago
The fact that all four of them got beat up by an arm rest 😔🤚🏼
unicorn tobymac
unicorn tobymac - 20 hours ago
u should do it with your best friends
Ejro Jimenez
Ejro Jimenez - 21 hour ago
Nate and niki is so good
Loser Things
Loser Things - 23 hours ago
cesia barahona
cesia barahona - 23 hours ago
Did anyone notice one of the baristas are from their last drive thru video
Manisha Bhima
Manisha Bhima - Day ago
Ohh yeh umm at 2.40 u can see nicki's................
FK Ester
FK Ester - Day ago
Alguém Br?
Kelsey Payson
Kelsey Payson - Day ago
"Then move your face!"
-Nate 2019
Kalis - Day ago
Get in set but swap dogs
Lilia Loves rabbits
Have you found all of them??
mialinie gine
mialinie gine - Day ago
tha dogzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Maleah Couteret
Maleah Couteret - Day ago
I just love it the girls are fast cause they are small and the boys are big so they are alittle bit slower XD
XxJeana_Playz_Gaming xX
Can you do a buying everything in one color 24 hours pls??
Amy Ortiz
Amy Ortiz - Day ago
Sorry to say this but like when you guys are practicin Nikki like we can see your brawl for like two seconds is blue
nasir abbas
nasir abbas - 2 days ago
4:23 dead
Midnight Cookie
Midnight Cookie - 2 days ago
Kayleeah - 2 days ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️your soo amazing
Aubrey Bruch
Aubrey Bruch - 2 days ago
For the intro, Collin should say I’m your favorite, and then Nate should say, something the same, or something like And I’m the camera man
Amanda Shaffer
Amanda Shaffer - 2 days ago
I could of sworn that Niki was a tomboy from the twin swap video when you swap clothes and now she is in bitty shorts and a crop top
Amanda Shaffer
Amanda Shaffer - 2 days ago
I mean botty shorts
DIY TIME - 2 days ago
I love that they’re including their boyfriends in the videos more often!
eliza amazing
eliza amazing - 3 days ago
Gabi and Collin: it is you favorite
Not my favorite
eliza amazing
eliza amazing - 6 hours ago
@Savannah Heit I dont care
Savannah Heit
Savannah Heit - 23 hours ago
Gabi and Collin are my favs
Absolute Ava
Absolute Ava - 3 days ago
4:27 the person in the back tho
Ruby’s Adventure
Ruby’s Adventure - 3 days ago
Did the First Lady give Niki or Nate her/his card back
Simona Lukosiute
Simona Lukosiute - 3 days ago
I love how niki driving away said:
Thank you you’re not crazy!
Ken Kat
Ken Kat - 3 days ago
Nate: If you’re in a hurry don’t go to white caste
Employee: hi
Jasmine Perla
Jasmine Perla - 3 days ago
Do it with Alex I miss her
Daniella Garcia
Daniella Garcia - 3 days ago
With one of your friends
Meksay Kids
Meksay Kids - 3 days ago
If you look in the back you can see a girl 👧
Eden Hayenga
Eden Hayenga - 4 days ago
Who was the person in the back of your car?
Adriana Pacheco
Adriana Pacheco - 4 days ago
I love Collin and Gabi's intro😂😂😂😂
It’s gaming with gisalic !!
They did better this time..nice guysss
Also like if you agree
Sweet Cake
Sweet Cake - 4 days ago
The boyfriends should make their own channel together
Nate and Collen
Milagros Russo
Milagros Russo - 4 days ago
Maybe I’m just go to this channel because that person in the back
Avery Mullet
Avery Mullet - 5 days ago
anyone else notice how much collin kinda sucks at pulling up to the windows 😂
Aracely Gastelum YT
Aracely Gastelum YT - 5 days ago
I say niki and Nate get the best reactions ever
Liridona Sadikaj
Liridona Sadikaj - 5 days ago
Do switching seats with your dogs exept like your dogs under your legs
Gabriella Morales
Gabriella Morales - 5 days ago
Bro Collins and Gabi doing the Australian accents had me DYING !!! 😂😂😂😆😆😆👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
tianna smith
tianna smith - 6 days ago
Why do you swear all of the time
Carlisle Parsons
Carlisle Parsons - 6 days ago
Who do you like better:
Savannah Heit
Savannah Heit - 23 hours ago
Aliyah Hanford
Aliyah Hanford - 6 days ago
The girl in the blue hair looks like Billie Eilish
Juana Aguilar
Juana Aguilar - 7 days ago
I love Nick ❤️ and Gabi too
Isabel Xiong
Isabel Xiong - 7 days ago
Gabi and Collin were at Wendy’s not Arby’s! Lmao haha
SuperFun - 7 days ago
There was someone in both of your cars
Eshalkhizar Rehman
Eshalkhizar Rehman - 7 days ago
They all are in ine car
RaraMachine 2
RaraMachine 2 - 7 days ago
Gabi and Colin were doing an Aussie accent at an 'Arbys'
Me being Aussie what the f*ck is an 'Arbys'
April Limon
April Limon - 7 days ago
11:40 look at her face lol and 11:44 XD sista is shock 👀
April Limon
April Limon - 7 days ago
Gabi and her bf was more much of a fail cuz he took to long and he’s to big comment of u agreee stil love yal
A Panuco
A Panuco - 7 days ago
Note to self when I get older: if people switch like that in LA know that is probably Niki and Gabi...
James Cabrey
James Cabrey - 7 days ago
Well that’s a nice view niki XD
Amna Yasin
Amna Yasin - 8 days ago
you guys could have the other front seat down.
qpppsɾɾ Udjejeǝ
qpppsɾɾ Udjejeǝ - 8 days ago
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