Couples Swap DRIVE THRU Challenge

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abeer abid
abeer abid - 10 hours ago
umm i notic there is a girl on the back back
Isla Shore
Isla Shore - 13 hours ago
YOU SHOULD SWAP WITH GIANT STUFFED ANIMALS! so like, you order and then you take a life size teddy bear and put it in the seat!
Isla Shore
Isla Shore - 14 hours ago
Jessica Agostini
Jessica Agostini - 19 hours ago
Dunkin’ Donuts lmaooooo
Nour Alhouda
Nour Alhouda - 20 hours ago
I dont speak english😥
KJ - Day ago
اكو عرب بالطياره؟
Allandrea Streete
Allandrea Streete - Day ago
This was soonooo funny 😂😂😂😁😃
Courtney white
Courtney white - Day ago
Who is the girl in the very back seat
Fxreignmiaa - Day ago
You should have when they noticed that you guys were different you should have switched back and be like where is my card my card you gave my card to someone else that would’ve been hilarious and then told them it was a prank
Olivia Wilkins xx
Olivia Wilkins xx - Day ago
Collin and Nate should do the drive through switch up it would be rly funny 😂😂
chey - Day ago
i just love gabi and collin’s chemistry they’re so cute
Karlie Green
Karlie Green - Day ago
I always get so nervous for them when they switch 😂😂 and Gabi lol “ doo doo doo do doo” 😅
Sirine Messaoudene
Sirine Messaoudene - Day ago
Niki nd natee ofc!!!
Golden Hour
Golden Hour - Day ago
What is the outro song? It’s good
Itz _ Meh XDDD
Itz _ Meh XDDD - Day ago
Me: Monday mornings
Ushna Omar
Ushna Omar - 2 days ago
Who's that girl at the back 4:22 ?
Ivy Tran
Ivy Tran - 2 days ago
Gabi and lily please
Lolitha Lincoln
Lolitha Lincoln - 2 days ago
Can you do this again with your best friends
57 Yasinda Süper Sonic Faik Amca
Kaplumbağa Faik beğendi
shelly pearcy
shelly pearcy - 2 days ago
gabi and colin was court at 6:15
Merry Elizabeth
Merry Elizabeth - 2 days ago
At 2:40 her bra can be seen
HeyyoWassup Guys
HeyyoWassup Guys - 3 days ago
I love how you guys are matching somewhat
Emma Hedley
Emma Hedley - 3 days ago
i love niki and nate their so cute 2gether :)
Nurjahan Ramisa
Nurjahan Ramisa - 3 days ago
Niki & Nate
Samira Carrillo
Samira Carrillo - 4 days ago
I love Gabi and Collin😂
Vanessa Blue
Vanessa Blue - 4 days ago
Collin is my favorite 😂 😆
Sabrina Martinez
Sabrina Martinez - 4 days ago
Collin is so damn tall this challenge is hard for him 😭
yt bracala
yt bracala - 4 days ago
why do these videos always give me such anxiety
ori tawil
ori tawil - 4 days ago
Who's in the back ???
I absolutely love you
Vanessa Blue
Vanessa Blue - 4 days ago
ori tawil That’s their producer Erin
katie moffatt
katie moffatt - 5 days ago
Hi it's me again you guy should do a drive through switch. But gabi should turn niki into her and even buy a wig but put different make up on and niki or gabi can follow each other. And then they will get confused
katie moffatt
katie moffatt - 5 days ago
You guys should do a boyfriend swap..
Then niki is with collin and gabi is with nate then it will be awkward and fun at the sam time🤗
Graziella Flores
Graziella Flores - 5 days ago
Why was gabi have an accent
irna persib
irna persib - 5 days ago
Apasih mksd nya ga ngerti aku
Marvin Hawkins
Marvin Hawkins - 5 days ago
I was dying laughing when Gabi fell sorry Gabi haha
Dame TMS 2
Dame TMS 2 - 5 days ago
Why is there always a girl in the trunk
Bubbly Pandi
Bubbly Pandi - 5 days ago
was gabby wearing pants ?
Bubbly Pandi
Bubbly Pandi - 5 days ago
nate & hank seemed to be a bit intense at the beginning , like they where mad at each other .
Merel Muller
Merel Muller - 5 days ago
The fan had a good day at work
Kristy Morgan
Kristy Morgan - 5 days ago
am I late but who is the person in the back
Justbeing Adriana
Justbeing Adriana - 5 days ago
I'm sure the black guy from the third round, when he sees the video he's gonna be like I totally knew I wasn't crazy...
Kaylin Rodriguez
Kaylin Rodriguez - 5 days ago
U guys should do boyfriend swap With the drive thru swap Niki and Collin and then Gaby and Nate
Gabby Diaz
Gabby Diaz - 5 days ago
Collins australian accent is really good!
Kristen French
Kristen French - 5 days ago
Danna Garcia
Danna Garcia - 5 days ago
Quien es de atras?
Regina Ciara
Regina Ciara - 5 days ago
It would be so cool if you did Nicky and Nate swapping to Gabi and Collin, like the actual couples swap 😂😂
Luiza Matei
Luiza Matei - 5 days ago
I hate Gabi
I love Nikki!!
Athena R
Athena R - 5 days ago
Ok just so you know if your not Australian Aussies don’t talk like how Gabi and Collin were talking in the first round. I’m not mad just a bit frustrated cuz we just regular people
Bridget Hill
Bridget Hill - 6 days ago
For the next time you do this bring the passenger seat down so it's easier to get back there
Tati Yuliati
Tati Yuliati - 6 days ago
Apa cuman aku yg dari indoesia?
Sarahrania Faisal
Sarahrania Faisal - 6 days ago
You Girls Look Like Ariana Grande And Billie Ellish 😂😂
Danny gar
Danny gar - 6 days ago
Nicki and nate do more better
Angelica Pereira
Angelica Pereira - 6 days ago
LunarOrSolarEclipse Gaming
At 6:44 the dude working at Wendy’s was like what the fudge is this dude doing?
Lila Rozeta
Lila Rozeta - 6 days ago
Il love jour Channel ❤️
Taylor Africa
Taylor Africa - 6 days ago
Nate and Collin should switch
Taylor Africa
Taylor Africa - 6 days ago
Nate and Collin should switch.
Josephine Stuligross
Josephine Stuligross - 7 days ago
Who’s that girl that keeps appearing in the back of both of their cars 😂
Alexa roblez
Alexa roblez - 7 days ago
Nev Cuzi
Nev Cuzi - 7 days ago
You guys definitely succeeded btw small YouTuber here
Melisa Sahin
Melisa Sahin - 7 days ago
So isn’t anyone going to talk about how cute he is 🥵😘 9:55
Lil Ninja
Lil Ninja - 7 days ago
I lowkey feel like they should but fake tent on the windows so the people working in the drive-thru won’t see them in the back
Reagan Robinson
Reagan Robinson - 7 days ago
Celeberty swap plz bring Billie back🙃
Beth Young
Beth Young - 7 days ago
Giiiirrllllsss. You kill me literally get heart palpitations with these videos.
Jayla Middleton
Jayla Middleton - 7 days ago
(Gabi&Collin ship names)
N Ceja
N Ceja - 7 days ago
U guys should to it with ur older sister
N Ceja
N Ceja - 7 days ago
Cole:I’m stuck Ahhhh
Shauna Jenseirs
Shauna Jenseirs - 7 days ago
omg do the dogs that would be hilarious!! do collin and nate !!
Shauna Jenseirs
Shauna Jenseirs - 7 days ago
aw u can really tell how little makeup gabi is starting to wear
TERESIA WANJIRU - 7 days ago
TERESIA WANJIRU - 7 days ago
Marie Anderson
Marie Anderson - 7 days ago
Number of times they practiced on it👇
Curlygirlxo - 7 days ago
Y’all should do a thing where u start arguing in the drive thru
Sammi Hughes
Sammi Hughes - 7 days ago
Who that girl at the back of the car
Vee Vee
Vee Vee - 8 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed the girl in the back x
Isabelle Libiran
Isabelle Libiran - 8 days ago
I love Nate more💜
Alex 101944
Alex 101944 - 8 days ago
U should do boyfriend voice overs driver through edition plzzzz do iy
FluffPlayz - 8 days ago
Collin removing that seat and jumping over and falling made me die of laughter 💀💓
Carlos Dey
Carlos Dey - 8 days ago
Español alguien 😂🤫🤭
Lady Pow Pow
Lady Pow Pow - 8 days ago
Who are the people in the back
Ece Gücük
Ece Gücük - 8 days ago
Please do more swap challenges
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