Everything Wrong With Men In Black In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Neon Lux
Neon Lux - 20 hours ago
Take a sin off. Edgar CLEARLY stated that he was taking the girl with him because it was a long trip and he was going to need a snack.
Antonio Aguera
Antonio Aguera - Day ago
You didn't watch the movie at all? The bug takes the girl with him to have a snack for the long trip.. he even tells her
Bradarious Spar
Bradarious Spar - 2 days ago
11:34 I would've still shot him. I doubt Greasy Joe there's a quick-draw champ
Samantha Pepper
Samantha Pepper - 3 days ago
you were making me think of Newsies sooooo much. "The World", Sana Fe. "my old friend"
mi ke
mi ke - 4 days ago
well the WORLDS FAIR was in SEATTLE,WA in '62....Elvis made a movie of it. "It happened at the worlds fair"
mi ke
mi ke - 4 days ago
its how we got the Space Needle.
Shonir o
Shonir o - 5 days ago
The writing means russian kitchen in russian letters
Michel Balencourt
Michel Balencourt - 5 days ago
I had never noticed it was Vincent d'Onofrio (^^,) Thank you CinemaSins.
manifestgtr - 6 days ago
Oh shit! I didn’t know private pyle was the bug guy! I’ve been watching both of these movies for decades and never put that together
phillip wilson grande
phillip wilson grande - 7 days ago
The dude Jay is chasing is the guy K is finding
Crystal Cadenas
Crystal Cadenas - 7 days ago
11:20 just gonna mention that a freaking asteroid wasnt detected until a couple of days before it zoomed passed earth so...
Michael Bialowas
Michael Bialowas - 7 days ago
Watching this 2 years later and finding that a huge chunk of the population believes the earth is flat again
Mush Mello
Mush Mello - 9 days ago
He doesn‘t lose skin. He lost bones and Flesh
Lily playz Gacha
Lily playz Gacha - 9 days ago
This is random but I got 2 movies;you need to sin
Ugly dolls and Jurassic Galaxy
Lily playz Gacha
Lily playz Gacha - 9 days ago
😎🚏can you look at this please?
You were watching a cinemasins video
Thomas Hart
Thomas Hart - 9 days ago
Can you please to MIB INTERNATIONAL?
it is such a terrible movie
Tuni Scott
Tuni Scott - 10 days ago
Omg please do men in black international i started watching it n im just appalled at how stupid it is
thistubeisfucked - 13 days ago
Underground gas vain... VAIN! Not gas main.
Death Shock
Death Shock - 15 days ago
she was way to greedy
Maximus Gigantos
Maximus Gigantos - 15 days ago
Alien = Asian?
whack bird
whack bird - 17 days ago
Still the best MIB by far!!
Piergiorgio Lambertini Scollo
Sigh. The sign outside the restaurant reads РОШАЯ КУХНЯ, which is not random gibberish, but Russian Cyrillic.
If you add the first two missing letters, it reads XOРОШАЯ КУХНЯ, which means "good cuisine" in Russian.
Ser Arthur Dayne
Ser Arthur Dayne - 19 days ago
Culero sos puto
John Notmylastname
John Notmylastname - 20 days ago
OOOOOOHHHHHH you idiots!!!!
Best line in the movie. He gets his ship shot down and that’s the first thing he says. Vincent was fantastic in that movie. Every scene he had was gold.
Real Eyes Realize Real Lies
Orion Belt is a part of the Orion Star Constellation, a sin for you for not knowing basic Astrology. 😁
Zach hill
Zach hill - 28 days ago
Kyxhr is apparently Russian for Kitchen. The R is supposed to be backwards though, like "toy- r- us" used to be. Couldn't powar though because it to close to the word power and that's pretty much all google would show for results.
Wiggysan Wiggysan
Wiggysan Wiggysan - Month ago
FACT: *Vincent D'Onofrio deserved a fucking OSCAR for this performance*
Alec Muchmore
Alec Muchmore - Month ago
5:54 "Mozambique here!"
Reed R
Reed R - Month ago
I was hoping for the sin for how the alien fits the ship inside the back of the Zap-em van
Rob Staley
Rob Staley - Month ago
alot of these sins were completely bullshit and not sins at all... this video is a sham
Starcraft5477 - Month ago
"Honey, this one's eating my popcorn."
Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess - Month ago
You forgot Tony was in Spy Kids. ;) +1 sin for you.
Dudepool - Month ago
I'm adding a sin for Wills stupid suit at the end of the movie. It aged about as well as his acting career has.
Ace Nunez
Ace Nunez - Month ago
When I saw the twin towers at like,6 something I literally had to Google when this movie was made just cause I was curious.
Grey Shadows
Grey Shadows - Month ago
Class one quarantined planet? What is that from???
Jack Searle
Jack Searle - Month ago
r.i.p rip torn
eraZure - Month ago
12:45 pretty sure he says “a cab”
eraZure - Month ago
11:47 *grabs several pictures*
“It’s the only one left”
angel parrilla
angel parrilla - Month ago
3:10 you're sinning a movie for.... your alcoholism?
14:50 roaches are just nerves and stuff, you can cut their heads iff and they can live for like 8 more hours or something like that.
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast - Month ago
Is it "J" or "Jay"?
loky hb
loky hb - Month ago
sin 51-52 is in russian bruh it's not gibberish... lol....
weeks weeks
weeks weeks - Month ago
Just rewatched the movie. Main sin for me was why did the whole MIB apart from Zed, Jay and Kay did not worry about the impending doom? The one guy even had time to sip his coffee and do some paperwork
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K - Month ago
Maybe everyone in the park is a Alien.
Sovek - Month ago
Thats not a rifle, thats a shotgun.
Farhad McTawers
Farhad McTawers - Month ago
"Cook kitchen"
onehellofa youngling
onehellofa youngling - Month ago
You are so fucking annoying I got cancer watching this.
Any Ratac
Any Ratac - Month ago
8:51 I’m 87% sure that’s cyrillic and if that’s the case, you’re reading it wrong
Mack Spauer
Mack Spauer - Month ago

I haven't mentioned it previously, but it *still* bugs me that "pressing backspace 21 times" is wrong, to erase the entire name only 20 backspace presses are required, and seeing as they keep "J", only 19.
I just saw the M.I.B. pitch meeting from Screen Rant, and it made me think of this exact thing.
Now I can sleep again, knowing that the internet is fully aware of my observations. Oh joy.
Ami Ami
Ami Ami - Month ago
I really thought the kid with physics book thing was a bit much. Though I may not have understood it at that age, I was definitely trying to read about quantum stuff at that age because of how cool discovery science made it sound
Dan-Anh N
Dan-Anh N - Month ago
CinemaSins, you also forgot...
“How did J and K get clean in about 30 seconds???”
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson - Month ago
I could be wrong but the neon sign looks like Greek a bit
Cunning Smile
Cunning Smile - Month ago
MIB has branches EVERYWHERE.
He is not referring to the cat's collar. Orion's belt is a group of stars in the Orion constellation.
uncharted7again black king
8:24 facts he deserves it
mikesteelheart - Month ago
"Character in comedic trouble while other character is distracted" cliche (9:03)
tunit20 - Month ago
13:30 yes! I love that observation
tunit20 - Month ago
8:50 , the first one could be jibberish or just a name of a restaurant. The second one mean kitchen in Russian.
tunit20 - Month ago
4:37 isnt he supposed to take off a sin for that?
Rebron - Month ago
5:55 Mozambique here!
PoorWatcher - Month ago
The sign in the reustaurant says Рошая Кухня . Кухня means "cuisine" or "kitchen". Рошая is total gibberish, but i assume they meant either Russian (Русская) or Good (хорошая)
thisamericandyke - Month ago
Yeah the neon sign just means ‘good kitchen’ in Ukrainian. Little Ukraine is in the East Village, so they’re probably near there.
Valentino Melvin
Valentino Melvin - Month ago
U speak to fast
Samuel Aurelus
Samuel Aurelus - Month ago
Arch Enemy
Arch Enemy - Month ago
The only thing wrong with men in black is the reboot
Joseph Marsch
Joseph Marsch - Month ago
I always forget hes a rapper too.
Ernie Fear
Ernie Fear - Month ago
Ok, now we have a problem
Sajirou Plays
Sajirou Plays - 2 months ago
Also "He's in A cab" not "He's in THE cab" - 1 sin.
Sajirou Plays
Sajirou Plays - 2 months ago
Well let's say the alien cannot breathe our air for long, or needs nutrients only available on his planet that is stored in the suit's neck area, thus being stabbed through that neck tube, he cannot receive the liquids and such keeping him alive. Thus, it kills him just slow enough to give the exposition to J and the sexy as hell Linda Fiorentino Coroner.

... -1 Sin.
Michael Michael
Michael Michael - 2 months ago
Elevator is closed at night and stairs are faster when you can run
L&R II - 2 months ago
He was trying to say bell, not belt.
Wilford motherloven Warfstache
3:16 yeah that’s why you made this channel
Jayden Marvel
Jayden Marvel - 2 months ago
*Back to the time when CinemaSins took 16 minutes to go through 104 sins*
wcemichael - 2 months ago
Ok. the 8 track makes sense cause it dates K and how long he's been doing his job
WHAT YOU DIDN'T NOTICE was the Elvis cassette was inserted upside down. 1 sin for Cinema Sins (ding)
Beanquackers - 2 months ago
I love going into the comments of these videos to see cinimasins get corrected constantly
Jesús Malverde
Jesús Malverde - 2 months ago
Powar kyxhr is Russian man, it’s not gibberish. You should’ve been able to figure that out the moment you noticed a backwards “R”
Karthik B.M.
Karthik B.M. - 2 months ago
I know Tony Shalhoub.
Sam M
Sam M - 2 months ago
At 9:04, The car is facing the WTC, but Reggie's going to New Jersey
Jacob Persico
Jacob Persico - 2 months ago
I don't agree with a lot of those "sins" but some of them are true.
Fortnight is Cool GG
Fortnight is Cool GG - 2 months ago
Sorry to be a pussy but people did notice that car on the roof it was on the newspaper
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison - 2 months ago
A lot of these "sins" are b.s. Just saying.
Lana Nguyen
Lana Nguyen - 2 months ago
The 8-track player is upside down.
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