Everything Wrong With Men In Black In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Marc Peterson
Marc Peterson - 4 hours ago
The whole movie is absurd and implausible beginning to end. SO WHAT? It's just fun.5000 sins to these guys for making an issues out of minor details.
Michael Tótin
Michael Tótin - 15 hours ago
You forgot about Alley macbeil, Gattaca and GalaxyQuest for Tony.
Maria Eddy Cesario
Maria Eddy Cesario - 16 hours ago
Vincent d'Onofrio IS great!!
Colorme Dubious
Colorme Dubious - 16 hours ago
The 1964 World's Fair was held in Queens because Robert "Bob the Builder" Moses wanted to leverage the construction and "profits" into completing his long-term vision for Flushing Meadows Corona Park. He'd actually successfully advanced his vision with the 1939 Fair but his own ego got in the way (he massively pissed off the international governing body) during the planning and promotion of the 1964 Fair, which ultimately became one of the (if not the) greatest financial failures in the history of World's Fairs. It also helped expose his shady practices with construction and service contracts and became one of many "dominoes" that led to his eventual fall from power.
THE16THPHANTOM - 16 hours ago
you forget he's a rapper because he is cringe AF as a rapper and forgetting is the only way your brain can help.
John Daidone Blue Jackal Lucario
5:56 Black Friday Reference. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.
Jasmyne Davis
Jasmyne Davis - Day ago
Ah nigga i got a fuckin netflix movie you gottta fucking reaamm
tom carpenter
tom carpenter - Day ago
I like that guy from monk
Sam - Day ago
Finally, somebody else who appreciates Monk.
SailorWinxDreamer - 6 hours ago
Loved that show, he was excellent with his acting
Chickpea Gamer
Chickpea Gamer - Day ago
6:05 I think he meant that (from the point a round earth became common sense) up to 500 years ago everyone knew the earth was round, not that 500 years ago people learnt and started to believe it.
Jaded Joker
Jaded Joker - 2 days ago
Ted Kennedy morph into Newt Gengrich?
kittyface27 - 2 days ago
Will Smith is a rapper?
TheSaiyanPrincess89 - 2 days ago
That's roachist.
IndigoGollum Love
IndigoGollum Love - 2 days ago
6:26 He doesn't need to be told that because he knows no one would believe him if he did say anything.
WastedDollar - 3 days ago
10:29 Orions belt is a cluster of three stars in a line, the alien didn’t finish the sentence so he just assumed he meant belt, he didnt know at the time the cats name was Orion
Millennial Skeleton
Millennial Skeleton - 3 days ago
Everything wrong with Men In Black:

sonic23233 - 3 days ago
Squid or a kid
H.D. Armstrong
H.D. Armstrong - 3 days ago
LOL, That's roachist! I thought for sure at least 1 sin would be given for when the little prince was about to die, and was trying to tell J where the galaxy was. He was having trouble saying the word "belt", but after J said it for him, he was able to say 5 words after that: "That is where it is." WTF??
Moggy1000 - 3 days ago
I've just watched this video... it was a great film and you must be one sad sack to sit there and pick movies apart you jumped up obnoxious prat!!
K Llo
K Llo - 3 days ago
D Mal
D Mal - 4 days ago
What is ex machina mean?
derp_solar - 4 days ago
you sin him driving through new york like a moron, have you driven in new york?
Kellie Thornton
Kellie Thornton - 4 days ago
Oh man, you are gonna have a ball doing CS for the new Godzilla movie. Idk if it's just blatantly obvious or I've watched way too much CinemaSins
Shaun Benjamin
Shaun Benjamin - 4 days ago
At least 2 sins deserved to be removed for the song alone...also, the bug shedding its “Edgar suit” looks fan-fucking-tastic
ArchangelExile - 4 days ago
That's Liberty State Park in New Jersey. It's right off of the NJ Turnpike. You even see the TP sign to the right of the car.
theclasmasterking - 4 days ago
5:42 rip twin towers
Kali - 5 days ago
MiB names its agents after the letters of the alphabet that reflect their civilian names. So, that's 25 agents total for the entire state of New York, plus Z [Zed] running the whole show. Shouldn't this be sinned? Oh, and Zed is the British terminology for Zee, but that DOES sound like an actual name.
Retrospective sin: the new film STILL uses the alpha nomenclature, but now the MiB is worldwide. Same 25 agents? Or 25 agents for each MiB location worldwide? Wouldn't that cause confusion?
I'd be great at CinemaSins. :-)
Jormungand13324 - 5 days ago
12:08 calling a shotgun a rifle *ding* 14:57 forgetting that the cockroach alien was blasted in half and it was the top half about to attack K and J and that there couldn't be regeneration. *ding*
Murrlin27 - 5 days ago
GOD I love your audio outtakes!
Matt Horning
Matt Horning - 5 days ago
Then theres the fact at the end the doc is still covered in dirt and what not, but yet J and K both had time to get into completely clean suits.
-Deciduous Livingston-
-Deciduous Livingston- - 5 days ago
the wine part 🤣
Rosewood Scout
Rosewood Scout - 5 days ago
J+K=JK=Just Kidding
lakh brar
lakh brar - 6 days ago
u cant ruin mib
Movie Nerds
Movie Nerds - 6 days ago
3:20 It is later established that MIB send containment crew to clean up any evidence of the aliens. It can easily be presumed that K already sent containment crew to the morgue to clear up the alien before she could go back with her memory erased. One sin for that sin for overlooking that later established plot detail.
Liam McQuaid
Liam McQuaid - 6 days ago
I don’t think Vincent D’Onfrino gets enough credit for ANYTHING he does. He’s an amazing actor.
Josh Miller
Josh Miller - 6 days ago
2:13 Why does Will Smith jump onto a truck moving slower than he can run? Well, it’s because the truck, in the words of Vincent Bug’nofrio, “GAVE ‘EM A BREAK!”
Bill Krayer
Bill Krayer - 6 days ago
You also missed the wrong uniform number on Gilkey between the game and the newspaper.First 23 then HoJo's 20. I sin you for that oversight. Ding.
Aaron Spade
Aaron Spade - 6 days ago
Have you never seen the animation Jay’s always getting attracted all the time
Please No RPGs
Please No RPGs - 7 days ago
???????someone tell me why the rectum line is so underrated
selensewar - 7 days ago
Damn, almost under 100
Artex Grey
Artex Grey - 7 days ago
Powar Kyxkr is actually something which, if you reverse the last R and turn it into Я, will read Powar KYXHЯ (Повар Кухня), which is roughly translated into Chef Kitchen from Russian. And it is presented as a russian restaurant, so that's a sin off for actually doing their research and actually trying, instead of just typing slavic looking gibberish (ЭЖЧЯЦШЫЩЪЗЙ) like they always do.
Josh B
Josh B - 7 days ago
Sin 82-He said was bringing her along for a snack. But going back down to collect a snack wasn't as important as getting off the planet.
Sin 92-Same reason, he needed to get off the planet
Sin 93-He told the exterminator that cockroaches were underevolved brethren to him.

Also, no sin for revealing that they only wanted the galaxy because it was their missing marble?
Ryan - 7 days ago
"8 year old white girl, middle of the ghetto, bunch of monsters, this time of night, quantum physics books..." basically Will Smith would have shot my daughter for being advanced for her age and have a poor ass father.
Wes Prang
Wes Prang - 7 days ago
I want to know why Al Bundy's 4 touchdowns in one game didn't qualify him as an agent of MiB.
Darth Sirk
Darth Sirk - 6 days ago
Wes Prang Wrong type of physical prowess. It looks like the MIB are looking for people who are more military types. J was just an exception.
TenebrousFilms - 7 days ago
"...And is just casually carrying around a rifle?" Pre-9/11 New York?
Those_KindsofGaMES - 7 days ago
It’s not Jay it’s just J because his original name was James
Rae Shields
Rae Shields - 7 days ago
6:05 oh boy wait till he finds out about flat earthers
AWOwns - 7 days ago
J having lived in so many states makes sense when you take into account the fact that he was a military brat. That’s a retcon from the third movie, but it still makes sense.
SCU Later
SCU Later - 7 days ago
That alien in an alien gag is clever, but pc culture is less clever than it thinks it is...
Dave Robson
Dave Robson - 7 days ago
"Will Smith, who conveniently was off the next day and....yadda...yadda...yadda".
Pretty sure that a secret government organization privy to government access and advanced alien technology( like the neuralizer) could arrange for Smith's character to have the next day off.
Jaketin - 6 days ago
And im pretty sure that if you gonna choose to go work at some secret af goverment organization you prob dont even need to really think about do i have a day off or not
Zachary Perkins
Zachary Perkins - 7 days ago
5:52 mozambique here
spikedwk - 7 days ago
You called a shotgun a rifle.......typical "I know nothing about guns but I don't think you should have one" sin. *ding*
john Taylor
john Taylor - 8 days ago
Not going to watch this, there is not one thing wrong with men in black
Dj Pat
Dj Pat - 8 days ago
"That's roachist" lol
Jayson Lavallee
Jayson Lavallee - 8 days ago
Cat ex *meowchina
Suns Geek
Suns Geek - 8 days ago
I love CinemaSins!
Stephon Taylor
Stephon Taylor - 8 days ago
I always thought he said (He's in a cab) damn you learn something knew everyday lol and also he brought her for a snack or at least I thought he said that....
danteelite - 8 days ago
Regarding the tiny alien; As a kid I said the same thing and asked my bug sissy why he died. She gave me a good theory as a response, she said his suit was probably a life support suit and when it was damaged and then opened he was exposed to Earth atmosphere which probably killed him. He probably had his own special atmosphere in there with a different type of air consisting of different gasses and chemicals and needed that to survive.
Poor guy died because his _"Iron Man"_ suit broke. ... I said his _Iron Man_ suit broke. Hehe because it was a man... made of...
Oh nvm.
Anyway, my sis smart and I think that's why he died. That's just a theory, a sis theory!
Aaron Leigland
Aaron Leigland - 8 days ago

-every 8 year old
Ameha K
Ameha K - 8 days ago
"Fuck my ass" no thanks lol
Shalin Bhatt
Shalin Bhatt - 8 days ago
9:00 looks like Liberty State Park in Jersey City
Ancient Stupidity
Ancient Stupidity - 8 days ago
5:31 Wouldn't somewhere in Canada make more sense? It's technically more diverse.
Taylor Steer
Taylor Steer - 8 days ago
You asked: why did he even bring her especially if he just tosses her aside later.
I answered: he says “long trip, need a snack” and if you are going on a long drive and see a snickers you’d probably grab it as a snack, but if you get halfway there and realise you left the snickers you’re not going back for it.
Forest Eagle
Forest Eagle - 8 days ago
Assuming this scene takes place in the countryside that’s not an unreasonable number of stars (1:50)
The1True Pineapple
The1True Pineapple - 9 days ago
I had an MIB International ad before this.
Wooden Chair
Wooden Chair - 9 days ago
13:15 it's sins like these that make me wonder if you even watched the movie. She even wondered the same, and got the responce that it would be a long trip back and he'd like a snack. =_= you had one job dude...
graiven corvin
graiven corvin - 9 days ago
well to be fair the bug said he takes the Girl as a Snack with him and as she fell down into the tree it was just to risky to turn back for her so that actually makes sence
Master Chief
Master Chief - 9 days ago
you forget about will smith being a rapper because he hasn't released something new or a album in 10 years
Brian Morrissey
Brian Morrissey - 9 days ago
"oh, fuck my ass" - ... i don't even have a clever thing to say ....
DarkWestern - 9 days ago
Fuck *MIB!* What a worthless pile of shit! I agree! This film should be forgotten!
Embrace Truth
Embrace Truth - 9 days ago
OK - is there anybody here who believes the earth is flat?
Wyatt - 9 days ago
11:41 Up until I watched this video for the SECOND time I thought he said "Where Do You Keep Your DAD" and that part of the movie was so confusing until now XD
phillip caudill
phillip caudill - 9 days ago
Ok ok I got to say it u get a sin for the Robin Williams reference since he hate the movie it's from
Sam Wallace
Sam Wallace - 9 days ago
The neon sign is russian
Cj - 9 days ago
Whats with the random bass thumping at 15:35 ?
GamingDan - 9 days ago
8:20 being honest. Mike Williams, a plumming business, also has backwards lettering on the front of their vans. So that is a business sin, not exactly a movie sin. +1
aaron plowman
aaron plowman - 9 days ago
The real sin is that he drinks wine shits nasty as hell
Leigh Campbell
Leigh Campbell - 9 days ago
The 20th anniversary was 2 years ago!? Fuck I feel old... gonna go sulk into my wine now.
Michele Speranza
Michele Speranza - 9 days ago
Tony Shalhoub was also Alexander Minion in Spy Kids
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright - 9 days ago
Wait, if you guys uploaded this video in 2017 then why did I only get the notification for it today on June 6th 2019?
J Hehl
J Hehl - 9 days ago
Because RUvideos is reeeaaalllllly slow to notify people 🤔
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright - 9 days ago
I think the little alien died because he couldn't breathe Earth's atmosphere and the vessel was compromised or something
joshskier - 8 days ago
That's what I always got out of that scene, too. The way he was acting reminds me of late-stage hypoxia.
hulk fan
hulk fan - 9 days ago
9:13 I agree. Especially in Booksmart when she vomits all over that hot chick's almoat naked body. It really turned me off from the movie
PataponCreeper - 9 days ago
good lord, I remember and CinemaSins remembers it was a cephalapod not whatever the fucking wiki says, the fucking wiki got it wrong and I knew that cause I at least watched the movie with subtitles once
ApxGmrElite 12
ApxGmrElite 12 - 9 days ago
9:12 this scene reminds me of Independance Day
KingCurry - 10 days ago
That last one is your own damn fault not the movies.
scools4you - 10 days ago
That "Ren & Stimpy" reference at the end with the red button, oh how I missed those early 90's cartoons shows, classic
stonerhe1979 - 12 days ago
You know this is fantasy right?
Michael Lara
Michael Lara - 12 days ago
"She's not gonna look up into space right now? OHH fuck my ass!" That was the best part of this video, remove a sin for that.
Some Fella
Some Fella - 12 days ago
Well without light pollution from cities is areas like deserts you would be able to see that many stars do these guys even do research
MasterCrazyYT - 12 days ago
This is probably the most sins you’ve removed from a movie
Joe schley
Joe schley - 12 days ago
did anyone at cinema sins watch the movie before making this video? the roach says why he is bringing the girl with him. "it's a long trip, I'll need a snack". they even used the clip where he says it in the video......🙄
Hug0Pro - 12 days ago
U clearly never left the city if u think that aint real Sky lol.
Stars are even brigther
Alexandro Brin
Alexandro Brin - 5 days ago
his so right were I live you can see the curve of the milky way because the sky is so clear
Jak Stone
Jak Stone - 7 days ago
lol, I wondered the exact same thing. Like dude, I've seen them even brighter than that, have you literally never left the city in your life? XD
Hug0Pro - 8 days ago
@joshskier are you for real? Wtf? How can they even survive with that lack of knowledge? XD I am not from the USA, but now i know one of the few places on America to not go now 😂😂 I have allways been a rural type of guy haha
joshskier - 8 days ago
Seriously though, 30ish years ago LA had a major blackout and people were calling the police and shit because they thought something was wrong with the sky. It was the Milky Way strip.
Kris Higginbotham
Kris Higginbotham - 13 days ago
Oogie Boogie and The Judge.... well played, good sir!✌👍
Hassan Chaudhry
Hassan Chaudhry - 13 days ago
I hope cinemasins makes a video about Men In Black 2 soon
Heisenkirk 2000
Heisenkirk 2000 - 9 days ago
Wish granted
MrBjorntsc - 13 days ago
Have you seen the stars away from a city in a dry cloudless night? More stars that they showed. -1
Phillip Hodges
Phillip Hodges - 13 days ago
You get a sin for not knowing the difference between a rifle and a shotgun
TheGlobuleReturns - 14 days ago
This remains the most ironic channel on youtube
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy - 14 days ago
Does nobody see the car upside down in the tunnel? Yeah someone did it shows up in the papers later in movie.also he says a cab not the cab. Judging by the comments the writing on the window was russian,and other "sins" were wrong.someone should do a "everything wrong with everything wrong mib" clip
WanderinWolf - 14 days ago
Sin 36 - Security Camera

Sin 52 - I believe the signs are Russian, "РОШДЯ КУХНЯ." Which via Google Translate, since I don't speak Russian, translates to Rose Kitchen.

Sin 70 - If you look in the background, there are other MiB agents gathering other groups of people to neuralize.
Sin 77 - J says " he's in "A" cab"

Sin 80 - K's preference, it is his car
Sin 82 - The Bug says, "it's a long trip, I'll need a snack." and he didn't have the time to go back for her.
Sin 97 - Timed, from the moment the 8 minute alarm goes off until K finishes the sent, "tell the Archilleans we have the Galaxy." Is 7min 2sec (+/- 1-2sec). Figured you would take a sin off for that one since it is in the 8 minute time constraint the movie set itself.
Sin 101 - It actually sets up the squeal. If you are going to comment about her not being in the sequel, then it also needs mentioning that J has gone through a lot of partners between movies. "Pops," the security guard for MiB quotes on it, "Neuralized another one?"
Kora Na
Kora Na - 8 days ago
Sin 52 - It says "рошая кухня" and there's no such word in Russian as "рошая". Perhaps it was meant to say "Хо рошая" ... Which means quality/good kitchen/cuisine. Or it could be the name of a guy "Рошай " like Roshay's Kitchen . The real problem for me there is that I can't imagine there being a Russian restaurant like that out in the open except may be on Brighton beach and even then I can't really imagine because it's too simple of a name for a Russian restaurant. I can see a Chinese person naming their restaurant like that. But never in a million years would a Russian especially on Brighton beach name their restaurant like that. Not in a million years. It's hard to explain ,and I could be wrong, but I'm willing to bet my money that there is not a single restaurant in the world named "Хорошая Кухня" in Cyrillic named by a Russian outside of the Soviet Union States.
joshskier - 8 days ago
Sin 101 - J actually does comment on her, and said she decided to go back to the morgue.
Ra's Eternal Wisdom
Ra's Eternal Wisdom - 14 days ago
Strangely I grew up on Monk but forgot he was in MIB. I just called the actor Monk from then on
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