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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - 3 months ago
Did we miss any MCU tropes?
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Super Ruler
Super Ruler - 15 days ago
You know how you said the fourth phase would have Marvel puking in the gutter well Sony might have lead to that.
Efaz Ahmed
Efaz Ahmed - Month ago
Give us honest trailer on avengers endgame!!!!!
I am Kermit the frog
I am Kermit the frog - Month ago
I believe I heard an ad that had you be the voicing person for it just at the end of this video
Joseph Imperia
Joseph Imperia - Month ago
Bored Ninja
Bored Ninja - Month ago
Screen Junkies jumping out and taking out enemy vehicles by hand
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez - 35 minutes ago
The neverending story 😃
ghostbusterdal1 - 6 hours ago
please do an honest trailer for the boys, you got me to watch the show, and now its one of my favourite shows
Gabe Stein
Gabe Stein - 14 hours ago
The two biggest letdowns of the MCU are
1: it's like The Incredible Hulk movie isn't even associated with the MCU other than those references in the first Avengers movie because if it were put into the MCU as largely as the other ones Robert would've had control of the Hulk ever since Avengers 1 but of course more badass than Avengers endgame. Think the Bruce Jones version of the banner-controlled Hulk and not specifically the professor Hulk
2: This is what everybody commonly gets wrong. Arthur's quote is that advanced science is indistinguishable from Magic. That doesn't mean Magic is science we don't understand
And this is about honest trailer
1: 90% exactly of the MCU villains are great
2: calling the villain just the evil version of the hero is a massive oversimplification.
Kaijucifer - 21 hour ago
Well, you were wrong about one thing. Marvel copied Godzilla with the Cinematic Universe thing. That shit was done as far back as 1962. Godzilla. Rodan. Mothra. King Kong vs Godzilla. Mothra vs Godzilla. Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster. Invasion Of Astro-Monster. That's 1954-1965 and it didn't stop there lol.
Ted Brodhead
Ted Brodhead - 21 hour ago
Banner had a dog in the incredible hulk
bruce wayne
bruce wayne - 22 hours ago
do spiderman far from home
QuteFace - Day ago
I wish I got “leg scissored” in a marvel movie
Sami Ullah Khan
Sami Ullah Khan - Day ago
Award for Leg Scissors goes to Natasha Romanof
Bren Dan
Bren Dan - Day ago
You forgot one casts, Heroes with kids(Iron man, Ant-Man, Rocket(Because Groot call him dad when he got snapped) and Hawkeye)
Bren Dan
Bren Dan - Day ago
How is Howard, Odin, T Charka evil fathers? Ego and Thanos are the true evil fathers
Saturn V
Saturn V - Day ago
As it turns out, Nick Fury will never be a hipster!
limyohwan - 2 days ago
some of those leg scissors look like flying triangles to me
Nathen Ellis
Nathen Ellis - 3 days ago
Watched "The Boys" ... it was pretty good
Voidz - 4 days ago
the people working on these movies must have daddy issues
manoj joshi
manoj joshi - 4 days ago
Plz do broly
Psyco Nick
Psyco Nick - 5 days ago
Oh we are using made up names then i am Batman
GyvonJ - 5 days ago
PEOPLE OF COLOR Less than HALF 1/2 A SECOND!!!! lol
Zero - 5 days ago
Was that Elon Musk in the Iron Man 2 cameo?
mus mus
mus mus - 6 days ago
good man..😉
F. I. R. E.
F. I. R. E. - 7 days ago
"If rock docs have taught me anything, Phase 4 will have the MCU _puking in the gutter,_ wondering where it all went wrong."
Oh, I know _exactly_ where they went wrong.
Spider-Man: Far From Home's mid-credits scene.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack - 10 days ago
Ebony Maw looked more like Voldemort than Squidward. He didn't even have a nose.
zact lee
zact lee - 11 days ago
Heres hoping phase 4 will end this shit.
SoTyp Me
SoTyp Me - 11 days ago
Didn't watch this for the longest time coz I thought it had Endgame spoilers
21melpomene - 12 days ago
I've only ever moderately been into superhero movies, but I totally understand the appeal and am glad to see so many people united in their love for something rather than disdain.
Not a Meme
Not a Meme - 13 days ago
Or an actual good character

Aaaaand they’re dead
ZonkoTheGreat 2000
ZonkoTheGreat 2000 - 13 days ago
Jitana Martinez
Jitana Martinez - 14 days ago
They way they skipped over poc 😂
Banana Cookies Eater
Banana Cookies Eater - 14 days ago
He’s Gonna Do One For DCEU Soon
Doomware - 14 days ago
I believe they forgot taserface in the bold introductions. He was a hero to those pirates!
Micher J
Micher J - 15 days ago
That prediction about phase 4 is looking terrifyingly accurate so far
ryan leone
ryan leone - 15 days ago
That Jackson Pollock joke doesn't make sense, nor some other Quill's jokes, wasn't he like 10 when he was abducted from Earth?
Alec King
Alec King - 16 days ago
300th.... 3000.... coincidence?
Fiddler OnTheNet
Fiddler OnTheNet - 16 days ago
Did you guys really make a multi-hit-combo section and NOT include Yondu's arrow?
Kelly H20
Kelly H20 - 16 days ago
The real villain is Sony
Aidan O'Neill
Aidan O'Neill - 16 days ago
Ngl when I first saw the thumbnail for this video I instantly thought that Captain America was the Flash until I realized it was about the MCU.
Cassiel Urban
Cassiel Urban - 16 days ago
Yeah, I just love MCU and marvel movies 😂
Montesama314 - 17 days ago
Black Widow = Leg Scissors.
Montesama314 - 17 days ago
Honestly, Phase 4 will probably be fun to watch as it all fell apart.
Mad Dog Entertainment
Mad Dog Entertainment - 18 days ago
I can tell you where it all went wrong: Disney vs Sony.
Fucimanusmaster `
Fucimanusmaster ` - 18 days ago
This is not trailer
Orange Tween Studio
Orange Tween Studio - 18 days ago
Can you do "The Boys" honest trailer then?
180abbey - 19 days ago
In multi combo you missed thanos
Israel Lai
Israel Lai - 20 days ago
lmao even your list of TV shows left out the Hulu shows
PiCheZvara - 21 day ago
Actually, this video made me appreciate movies like Batman vs Superman, Aquaman and Venom just because they don't seem so cookie cutter like Marvel. They are imperfect, yes, but they at least feel less homogenous and monotone.
Hudson De Spain
Hudson De Spain - 21 day ago
You guys have to do one for THE BOYS!
Dash Morris
Dash Morris - 21 day ago
Naruto Shippuden honest trailer
ChroDynasty - 21 day ago
So... is no one gonna talk about the critical role reference? I mean, the “We can do no wrong! We’re golden gods!” Phase is uh... I mean I think anyway?
Jamma77 - 22 days ago
7:33 You missed the punchline!
TheMarionick - 22 days ago
Rip the chance of Peter Parker ever becoming best buds with teen Groot.
Louie Sutton
Louie Sutton - 23 days ago
Wrong. Spider man is not in the MCU
Math - 23 days ago
7:43 Is that Elon FUCKING Musk?!
hummingbirdcity - 24 days ago
Natasha is 80% of leg scissors.
D'angelo JacobHymenShits
D'angelo JacobHymenShits - 24 days ago
Well the rock gods might be right with this one
Pushkar Gautam
Pushkar Gautam - 24 days ago
Probably the best honest trailer.
Tyler Dunn
Tyler Dunn - 24 days ago
Legit almost paused it to google what mcu movie Adam Sandler is in 😂😂
Synalbatros - 25 days ago
Anyone watching this when we found out spiderman isn't MCU anymore
didderjade - 26 days ago
"PEOPLE OF COLOR" unexpected KO
Daniel Maluenda
Daniel Maluenda - 26 days ago
The "woooo! We can do no wrong!" Phase.
aquamarine ancient soul
aquamarine ancient soul - 26 days ago
What is the music playing?
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