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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - Month ago
Did we miss any MCU tropes?
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Meh.jesty 02
Meh.jesty 02 - 4 days ago
LinenCloth Productions
LinenCloth Productions - 7 days ago
LinenCloth Productions
LinenCloth Productions - 7 days ago
Hey...y’all should do the British Bake Off! Seriously! Please?!?
Matthew Richardson
Matthew Richardson - 17 days ago
Shill Junkies, just admit your Marvels petty puppet or drop any semblance of having integrity. #DownwithMarvel
Alex Swin 2.
Alex Swin 2. - 20 days ago
Somyong Kim
Somyong Kim - 30 minutes ago
I'm pretty sure half of the science-talk was just blabber
John Ktejik
John Ktejik - 3 hours ago
The work required to make these... like... collecting all clips of dual wielding! Wow. Great job
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 6 hours ago
Who else is getting “The Boys Add” With honest trailer every time they watch this??
hounddog 123
hounddog 123 - 8 hours ago
Thanos didn’t save any of the universe because he killed half of all livestock too
vasan th
vasan th - 12 hours ago
Multi hit combooos 😂🤣😂🤣
MARVELous Smol Pidgeot
MARVELous Smol Pidgeot - 12 hours ago
7:44 Elon Musk has been prepared to take Area 51 for years. He knew Tony owned it. This man knew our time would come.
Eva H
Eva H - 13 hours ago
Supreme Victory 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Brown Knight
The Brown Knight - 14 hours ago
The MCU as a whole has been a 6.5/10. The MCU without the Russo's - 6.10.
Johannes Hilding
Johannes Hilding - 19 hours ago
Please do Hellboy!
Auntor Ahsan
Auntor Ahsan - 19 hours ago
Endgame where
Niran G
Niran G - 21 hour ago
After watching stranger things s3 the ending made me lol
VANYA TIWARI - 22 hours ago
"Star Lord.
Jradix - Day ago
got the boys ad and thought it was part of the video
Michelle Ritzer
Michelle Ritzer - Day ago
Do Hacksaw Ridge
Michelle Ritzer
Michelle Ritzer - Day ago
Do man on fire
Leonardo Amador
Leonardo Amador - Day ago
Spiderman would beg to differ...
Oscar Chambers
Oscar Chambers - Day ago
Ethan Schneider
Ethan Schneider - Day ago
4:17 Dang, y'all really did forget about the Netflix shows.
Sora Kuu
Sora Kuu - Day ago
6:53 YES! Remember what happened in Far From Home...
I'm sorry🤣
Taegen Doscher
Taegen Doscher - 2 days ago
The ad I got before this video was an ad for The Boys. Voiced by Screen Junkies. Craziest coincidence ever.
Ron Faust
Ron Faust - 2 days ago
I am groot"have me rolllin 🤣
Cozy McFee
Cozy McFee - 2 days ago
Genius insights!
ray jacobs
ray jacobs - 2 days ago
do Flash Gordon 1980...please!!!
Kevin Michaud
Kevin Michaud - 2 days ago
In parkers defense alien is 40yrs old
Stephanie Freeman
Stephanie Freeman - 2 days ago
You forgot the sky beams!
Torrey Wang
Torrey Wang - 2 days ago
As a gamer, I approve of the multi-hit combo trope
Part of me felt overjoyed when I saw those multipliers
Diurnal Days
Diurnal Days - 2 days ago
Can't believe I got a The Boys advert in the Honest Trailers epic voice right before this video
Multi-waves Offischal music
Got the boys ad then it said presented by the boys
John O'Neill
John O'Neill - 2 days ago
"Cut some carbs!".
Endgame Thor: "Yeeeaaahhh... About that..."
Fance Lohan
Fance Lohan - 2 days ago
What about the blue beam in the sky?
Ole Rüther
Ole Rüther - 2 days ago
Where is endgame?
Efe SARIDİKMEN - 2 days ago
Do punisher
Shadow K
Shadow K - 3 days ago
Do Good Omens!
Thomas fan 1945
Thomas fan 1945 - 3 days ago
However hard you try, the MCU can’t be made fun of. Your tryin to hard if you are going to, just go for DC
Robert Feagins
Robert Feagins - 3 days ago
I love your videos you guys are awesome can you please do end game
kitty catse23
kitty catse23 - 3 days ago
Paula Troncoso Diaz
Paula Troncoso Diaz - 3 days ago
Hi, guys. Would you consider to put subtitles in english for non-english speakers? Sometimes the Epic Voice guy talks too fast and I can't understand him
Shivani - 3 days ago
It's too much of a slog to keep up with the MCU after Endgame. I'll probably only watch future Marvel movies on an airplane.
Lilac Pilot
Lilac Pilot - 3 days ago
Cast Iron Geek
Cast Iron Geek - 4 days ago
HAHAHA....love you folks!
KDonkey4lyf - 4 days ago
Oh come on! I wanted a daredevil honest trailer!!!
Gisela Vania
Gisela Vania - 4 days ago
New hairstyle + cutting carbs
Mike Seo
Mike Seo - 4 days ago
First thing I thought of when you said "Dual Wielding" was Hulk from Ragnarok... but you didn't even show it D:
Reyzha Sevenz
Reyzha Sevenz - 4 days ago
Odin: "Are you Thor the God of Combos?"
Should've titled "God Bless CGI"
pokechatter - 4 days ago
The tone change for the starring at 6:32 struck a cord.
Red reaper
Red reaper - 4 days ago
t'challa had the best biological father in the mcu
Oof !rupees
Oof !rupees - 4 days ago
I got a the boys ad right before this.
The Mysterious Mind
The Mysterious Mind - 4 days ago
I love this 3000!
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