HIDE AND SEEK in my new house!

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SSSniperWolf - 4 months ago
Who won this hide and seek game AND WHO HAD THE BEST HIDING SPOTS???
Christian Polanco
Christian Polanco - 20 days ago
Elena Poposki
Elena Poposki - 23 days ago
So far you are winning
Sophie Wunsch
Sophie Wunsch - Month ago
Sniper won lol that would be scary but I’m little so like I could move around
•Lemon Tea•
•Lemon Tea• - Month ago
Lazy_ Kent
Lazy_ Kent - Month ago
I think you won
Iva Gjorgieva
Iva Gjorgieva - 2 hours ago
Fortnite Girl=SSSniperWolf=Lia😁
Matthew Roman
Matthew Roman - 3 hours ago
Lu do
Lu do - 18 hours ago
The winner is sausage. He is THE boyfriend so he always wins.
Lu do
Lu do - 18 hours ago
geweldig (great in english)
Bradly Carlisle
Bradly Carlisle - 19 hours ago
That fat guy look like a samari with boobys
kim - 22 hours ago
crazy how the pantry is the first check
Akira Montgomery
Akira Montgomery - Day ago
pika pool
pika pool - Day ago
Digital won
Kayla 598
Kayla 598 - Day ago
0:27 sausage sounds like my dad😂😂
Elise Enerson
Elise Enerson - Day ago
I know it was just a ponytail but her hair was lookin fine AF in this video
Alyssa Ortiz
Alyssa Ortiz - Day ago
Sausage kinda fat
Alyssa Ortiz
Alyssa Ortiz - Day ago
Sausage looks weird
Loli Gillion
Loli Gillion - Day ago

Enfbrvf rvrvrvfvvtbtriotjihojfbt
Roxi Mnry
Roxi Mnry - Day ago
SSSniperwolf's bf kinda looks like Post Malone like if u agree
Ella Devena
Ella Devena - Day ago
The beginning 😂😂😂 hilarious
Kevin Desmond
Kevin Desmond - Day ago
Kensy Dorrelus
Kensy Dorrelus - Day ago
Sssniper wolf pack
Trixshotz - 2 days ago
*-I hate life-*
Katerina Merino
Katerina Merino - 2 days ago
U won this hide and see. Do more
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack - 2 days ago
U do sssniperwolf aka lia
Rocky - 2 days ago
This Guy is Lucky Bastard 😍
Mia - 2 days ago
Their relationship 🥰😊
faith mungai
faith mungai - 2 days ago
This house is nice.... LA has dope houses.. Duhm
gachi gloop
gachi gloop - 2 days ago
*how do you hide someone that big!*
ellie Bean1616
ellie Bean1616 - 2 days ago
Melek Is here
Melek Is here - 2 days ago
He be like fe do fun I smell a girl with a big bum who heard the from sausage
taylor walker
taylor walker - 2 days ago
You won
Bean Jelly
Bean Jelly - 2 days ago
I love how lia is slapping sausage
Kari Olsheski
Kari Olsheski - 2 days ago
Sausage: fe fi fo fum I smell a big bum lia: I have a bum bum bum
Zachary Ehrenthal
Zachary Ehrenthal - 2 days ago
Do a part two
Galaxy Wolf ÓwÒ
Galaxy Wolf ÓwÒ - 3 days ago
Anyone else think it’s so cute how much sniperwolf and sausage go together🥺❤️
Gabriela Morales
Gabriela Morales - 3 days ago
Me: knock knock
My friend: who's there
Me: Dad
My friend: dad who?
Me: ................
Rachel Cabuhat
Rachel Cabuhat - 3 days ago
Next moved spots!
Nataly Mejia
Nataly Mejia - 3 days ago
You had a good hiding spot.
Reak Smey
Reak Smey - 3 days ago
Obviously you how did you get the damn up there that's the god spa
Paige Winkler
Paige Winkler - 3 days ago
Lia won
N1vanator321 - 3 days ago
*teleports down*
elizabeth roman
elizabeth roman - 3 days ago
Sssinper has the best hiding spots
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