Ghetto Avengers | Rudy Mancuso, King Bach & Simon Rex

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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso - 2 months ago
Anthony fish
Anthony fish - Day ago
Aniea said your cute.
TribalGuitar 956
TribalGuitar 956 - Day ago
That not peter Parker
Suhail QUALANDARI - 3 days ago
He didn’t get the sixth the stone
Raptorz Fornite
Raptorz Fornite - 5 days ago
Your wearing miles morlas
Sean the lamb
Sean the lamb - 9 days ago
End game?
Gerda Overeem
Gerda Overeem - 5 hours ago
Coolboy gamer3
Coolboy gamer3 - 5 hours ago
Turn on your caption at 1:44 it says Batman instead of ant man 😆😆
Cody Burdette
Cody Burdette - 10 hours ago
massacre vyce
massacre vyce - 11 hours ago
7:23 thanks me later
dead pool
dead pool - 12 hours ago
3:41 black Panther: wakanda forever!!!
Thanos: **yeet**
Josh Keelin
Josh Keelin - 13 hours ago
I feel bad for all of them press on this and you’ll cry if you cry you like 7:50
Jerrick Salazar
Jerrick Salazar - 14 hours ago
I still enjoyed this video though
Jerrick Salazar
Jerrick Salazar - 14 hours ago
Am I the only one realizing they needed 6 stones instead of 5?
DAB_Ant - 16 hours ago
Yoooo jonah
Thaotougamertv - 17 hours ago
6:41 “Go To Hell Papa Tella Tubby!”
😂 😂 😂 Asian Thor Is A God XD
TheBroken Hearts
TheBroken Hearts - 17 hours ago
I realized he's not Peter Parker he's Miles Johnson if you can see the graffiti idk if I spelt that right but that's miles
许升凡 - 18 hours ago
Adael Flores
Adael Flores - 19 hours ago
That's Jonah from David dobrik Jonah is Iron Man
Justin Pro7
Justin Pro7 - 19 hours ago
Do a endgame version
Legendary Brawler
Legendary Brawler - 22 hours ago
6:49 dale dale. Mata esa uba 🍇
Go go kill that grape
Avant Yearwood
Avant Yearwood - 22 hours ago
Rudy’s character is miles Morales power: Venom strike and invisibility there
Legendary Brawler
Legendary Brawler - 22 hours ago
Una flor morada = thanos
Matouq Alsheeha
Matouq Alsheeha - 23 hours ago
Scorpion _5678
Scorpion _5678 - Day ago
Rudy sounded like Spider-Man somtimes
ducky ducky
ducky ducky - Day ago
‘Go to hell you purple tells tubby’
Daniella Asmr
Daniella Asmr - Day ago
7:59 Spider-Man starts dying iron man *trys to close eyelids* Spider-Man- your supposed to tell me it’s going to be OK. Iron Man -it’s not going to be OK there’s not a freaking hospital around! Also I love the Thor he was mad funny go to hell Teletubby is one of his catchphrase lines LOL
dank A
dank A - Day ago
6:42 keep spamming the time
dank A
dank A - Day ago
0:27 keep spamming the time
Christopher Rodriguez
its six stones in total so you had it all wrong and didnt get all the stones
DX DEWZA - Day ago
J.Z.B เอาไปพากโครตมัน
MAurice Sk8s
MAurice Sk8s - Day ago
7:46 arcuate as f***
Julian Silva
Julian Silva - Day ago
Bruhhh iron man funny asf I’m dead😭
LightProgamer2 - Day ago
what about andrew b. bachelor
Electrical Maniac
Electrical Maniac - Day ago
Asian Thor:"gO tO hElL pUrPlE tElEtUbBie"
Nini Kun:}
Nini Kun:} - Day ago
Your Miles
γιωργος κρ
There are 6 Stones no 5
Tyler Yagual
Tyler Yagual - 2 days ago
There 6 stones
Jay ceasar
Jay ceasar - 2 days ago
GO TO HELL Purple teletubie
Cthao559 - 2 days ago
That was hilarious 😂 p
Fortnitelover 62
Fortnitelover 62 - 2 days ago
6:41 go to hell purple teletubie
Alexis Justaguy
Alexis Justaguy - 2 days ago
I like it when Thor said Oh Snap
Amanda Panda
Amanda Panda - 2 days ago
Yesssssss I can’t wait for the next one
DLM Darky
DLM Darky - 2 days ago
Am I the only who noticed spooder man is miles instead of peter Parker
power salmon
power salmon - 2 days ago
He only got 5 stones he needed 6
Tang Tang
Tang Tang - 2 days ago
There are six infinity stone not five
David IsAOkay
David IsAOkay - 2 days ago
No one:
Literally no one:
*soy señor Hulk*
Calvin M.
Calvin M. - 2 days ago
“Do you feel me inside you” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alex tsmmi
Alex tsmmi - 3 days ago
I am thor, son of odin, king of Asgard, god of a thundeerrrrrr🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Random Guy
Random Guy - 3 days ago
Ann-Marie Loureiro
Ann-Marie Loureiro - 3 days ago
i was eating purples grapes and looking at Bach lol
Neshaun Palmer
Neshaun Palmer - 3 days ago
a KingBach I came back right
Samantha Serato
Samantha Serato - 3 days ago
No peter 😣😣😭😭
Farrel McConnell
Farrel McConnell - 3 days ago
That Spidermans name is miles morales not peter Parker
jazzy T
jazzy T - 3 days ago
and ironman is named jonah and is also in david’s volga go check him out
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