73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

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Martin - Hour ago
Any African American who still supporting this traitor MAGA lunatic, have lost their minds and history.
Tabeer Zahid
Tabeer Zahid - 3 hours ago
interviewer: what do you love about Kim?
Kanye: i married her
Edward Stuart
Edward Stuart - 4 hours ago
Do people even know why the kardashians are famous. Just hearing their name makes me want to commit toaster bath
Peter Evans
Peter Evans - 6 hours ago
Eww this walking bag of plastic
Doğa Tuzcuoğlu
Doğa Tuzcuoğlu - 7 hours ago
Wow this was an underwhelming experience
Karly Franny
Karly Franny - 8 hours ago
kanye being offended for 11 minutes
Rodney Smart
Rodney Smart - 8 hours ago
Vos Races
Vos Races - 9 hours ago
interviewer : What's the best part about living ?
kanye : living
C Yang
C Yang - 10 hours ago
I like that she always kept eye contact with the interviewer. It's impressive.
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro - 12 hours ago
Dude: Guys you mind if I take a look around?
Kim: Yeah of course!
Dude: looks around anyway
deep blue
deep blue - 12 hours ago
i'd like to see the guy who's interviewing
Tom Tomorrow
Tom Tomorrow - 12 hours ago
Kim: North is into Bill Nye the science guy
North: I wannnaaa meeet himmmm
Prince Larbi
Prince Larbi - 13 hours ago
He really wanted a pair of yeezy?😂
Abigail Naka
Abigail Naka - 13 hours ago
No offense but the house looks too plane and simple. I think it needs more color or something. The house needs to look alive 😂😂
But I like it anyway.
Luis José Rodriguez
Luis José Rodriguez - 16 hours ago
Ben is back with Julia Roberts. Love it.
Abby Ratliff
Abby Ratliff - 16 hours ago
Kim sounds like a good mom
Ɓяαηɗ Ɓяαηɗ Ƥσωєяѕ
Paivi Tee
Paivi Tee - 16 hours ago
Fake is the new black. Again
Bree M
Bree M - 17 hours ago
Kim awkwardly walking backwards down a mile long hallway.
Мэри Сью
Мэри Сью - 17 hours ago
Такие детки славные
June Girado
June Girado - 18 hours ago
I love priyanka's, CL's and this one ❤️
jess_a_banana - 21 hour ago
Wait she can smell cavities?
Roger Olmo
Roger Olmo - Day ago
So fake and weird
Holier - Day ago
no mames pinche prietas obesas ya paguenle un nutriologo
SHH - Day ago
Interviewer: So who is the most excited for next kid?

Kim: North

Kanye: Hold My Beer!
el barrett xD
el barrett xD - Day ago
I hate Kim kardashian
J - Day ago
they chose the best song ever to intro with
Jeremiah Githua
Jeremiah Githua - Day ago
OMG! MUST WATCH https://youtu.be/5QxUPAmnvHM
Meme World
Meme World - Day ago
Kylie must be really pale because her kids are the same color as her
Kopperz LD
Kopperz LD - Day ago
Kanye smile's!
Julio Carhuamaca
Julio Carhuamaca - Day ago
0:08 me entering heaven
Vitória Poletti
Vitória Poletti - Day ago
Baby b why, I like of the new video 💞
Jessica Buntz
Jessica Buntz - Day ago
they are the most beautiful celebrity kids ever, like the mcclure twins, the prince family, brits place, the ohana adventure, and the shaytards, just to name a few. period.
Kolbot Pen
Kolbot Pen - Day ago
Kanye smiles
*World War III Averted*
Slav V.
Slav V. - Day ago
Why does Kanye seem like a robot?!
Alessandra Tullini
Alessandra Tullini - Day ago
She’s magnetic
Business lady
Business lady - Day ago
I love her as a mother
Maria Manuela
Maria Manuela - Day ago
I love how *kanye* gets entertained with the kid
Raul SLS
Raul SLS - Day ago
children don’t even react to the camera, they’re so used to it, to a successful life × _ ×
Maria Manuela
Maria Manuela - Day ago
Kanye is my mood in this video
Nita Jierapipatanakul
Nita Jierapipatanakul - 2 days ago
Do u guys realize how the bowl of cereal didn't fall over
good content
good content - 6 hours ago
Nita Jierapipatanakul timestamp?
Milan Adams
Milan Adams - 2 days ago
The start💀💀😂
Sylvain Moneymaker
Sylvain Moneymaker - 2 days ago
1:10 I know where everyone is looking at 😂😂
Creamy_Bunny - 2 days ago
You don't end a call by pressing on the top left of your iphone... it was too obvious that it was a recorded video of her mom :/
Karthiga At_Almonds
Karthiga At_Almonds - 2 days ago
Is ur husband left handed..
Of the dark
Of the dark - 2 days ago
*Why does the house looks so empty?*
2isAlfa - 2 days ago
Last question more funny if asked to Ye himself but still that make laugh
Anica Apostol
Anica Apostol - 2 days ago
The way Kim calls her mom then hangs up on her mid sentence after bragging about her shoot...😳
Anica Apostol
Anica Apostol - 2 days ago
Anyone else find it wierd that there's literally nothing anywhere in the kitchen. Looks like an empty house with furniture..no personality..🤔 taking minimalist to the max
gutem aggszz
gutem aggszz - 2 days ago
Ja te segui no instragram felicidades
Phumelele Nzuza
Phumelele Nzuza - 2 days ago
him: do you think I could get a nice pair of Yeezy's?
Kim: nice try
xXRøxy. - 2 days ago
Interviewer: 𝕂𝕒𝕟𝕪𝕖,𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕕𝕠 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕨𝕚𝕗𝕖?
Kanye: *My wife*
Hekla DP
Hekla DP - 2 days ago
U V - 2 days ago
7:20 sweet and smart but she can’t even count to 3 😂
Dagmar Launer
Dagmar Launer - 2 days ago
Kitchen is epic absolute dream
Gözem Çelfiş
Gözem Çelfiş - 3 days ago
Aziz mi??? :D :D :D Aziz Batı :D :D :D
Not Elon
Not Elon - 3 days ago
The interviewer:
Im connor the android sent by cyberlife.
The Gacha Gang
The Gacha Gang - 3 days ago
Lol the beggening was funny😂
Dot br
Dot br - 3 days ago
Nice interview
Jake Morrison
Jake Morrison - 3 days ago
Kim:Alright bye mom

1min later

Doorbell rings

Mom:I’m here to steal your shine
Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee
Interviewer: Who do you love?
Kanye: me
Georg Mörgæs
Georg Mörgæs - 3 days ago
they need a black camera man
Bish What
Bish What - 3 days ago
There bathroom is bigger than my house •_•
ThatDeluxeBoy - 3 days ago
In armenian inch peses means how are you
AutiWomensm Alias XxIntoDaRiverxX
This interviewer is so anoying, i would never ever let him in my house with my kids...i dont trust this guy...too much questions...and i dont think they feel comfortable with this interviewer...
Nana GYamfi
Nana GYamfi - 2 days ago
they probably do they were asked to do ''73 questions'' and this interviewer does everyone so...
Icecream.oreos :3
Icecream.oreos :3 - 3 days ago
Wow Kanye’s smiling
Mayra G
Mayra G - 3 days ago
If they have another boy it would be so cute to be saint and saint jr
Mr Viral Man
Mr Viral Man - 3 days ago
Who else noticed that there's no sink at 2:16
Teddy Hall
Teddy Hall - 4 days ago
Her house looks like an Apple store!
Emma Pierskalla
Emma Pierskalla - 4 days ago
We keep it real, and there is no real situations?
Benjamin Griffith
Benjamin Griffith - 4 days ago
I pray that the whole family dies including children
Chyna Oats
Chyna Oats - 4 days ago
In one of the episode keeping up with kardishan all north did was bus and north should be in episode
Lul Abdi
Lul Abdi - 4 days ago
angelica J
angelica J - 4 days ago
Im casually liking all the comments abt kanye
Billies Bil Sack
Billies Bil Sack - 4 days ago
2:27 Kanye in the back when (shy?) face planted
Cathy O Hanlon
Cathy O Hanlon - 4 days ago
Whats up with Kanyes eyes when he answers the door??? Looks like they change or something....weird...
icony petersツ
icony petersツ - 4 days ago
Is it weird that every time I see Kanye I think he is about to cried for 3 hours
Two Beautiful Sisters
Two Beautiful Sisters - 4 days ago
Omg Kim Kardashian daughter is so cute
Nadia Michelle
Nadia Michelle - 4 days ago
Kanye’s fuckin weird & has no personality
Ricky Miller
Ricky Miller - 4 days ago
She done really well controlling all her kids.
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