73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

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XREAPERxLIFEX Xoxo - Hour ago
I wish i was one of there kids
Kyla Smith
Kyla Smith - 2 hours ago
These comments got me tripping so hard
Sarah Ogent
Sarah Ogent - 2 hours ago
Those children are so beautiful. Minus Kanye.
Jaymond Meier
Jaymond Meier - 3 hours ago
Interviewer: What THREE words do you hear most often when people discribe you?
Kim: SWEET and SMART...
shey - 5 hours ago
AHAHAHA im laughing so hard ab this kanye comments!
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia - 5 hours ago
Can you do 73 Questions with Lily Collins!! 🤩🤩
Brianna S.
Brianna S. - 5 hours ago
Kanye what’s your favorite part of being a dad?

The kids
Brianna S.
Brianna S. - 5 hours ago
Wait since when does she have 3 kids😭😭
Samantha Chicca
Samantha Chicca - 6 hours ago
I’m a fan, but this is so awkward 😑
Kebe Omar
Kebe Omar - 6 hours ago
Tell us Kanye why did you smile throughout the interview ?

Kanye : it’s natural I was born like that !
Katrina Hoyte Hoyte
Katrina Hoyte Hoyte - 7 hours ago
Evelynn Lee
Evelynn Lee - 8 hours ago
Do Tyler the creator
Nilda Gamez
Nilda Gamez - 8 hours ago
Fakery for the masses!
Ankush Jangral
Ankush Jangral - 10 hours ago
What a fuckin house💓💓💓
Kiwi - 10 hours ago
The FaceTime call was a pre-recorded video..and she went to the top of her screen to end the call...
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - 10 hours ago
Interviewer: So Kanye, how would you describe yourself?
Kanye: Kanye
Aisha Sutharsan
Aisha Sutharsan - 11 hours ago
Interviewer:What is the best part of being a dad
Kanye:The kids
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 11 hours ago
American Patriot!
American Patriot! - 12 hours ago
Why would anyone think Kim Kardashian is hot. She has the body of a cow and the brain of a turkey
Soz Ziad
Soz Ziad - 12 hours ago
Interviewer: how do you prepare for final exams ?
Me: reading kanye comments

Charlie Rivera
Charlie Rivera - 12 hours ago
Methodz - 12 hours ago
When is yhandi gonna drop
John D
John D - 12 hours ago
What a depressing looking house, looked like a insane sterile padded cell!
Crypto Mogul
Crypto Mogul - 12 hours ago
Butt ugly kid.
Rocio Ch. A.
Rocio Ch. A. - 13 hours ago
Interviewer: So, how do you feel about Kim?

Kanye: lucky bcs of me
Bigdick Sjzhdu
Bigdick Sjzhdu - 14 hours ago
Georgous woman
Jay Santana
Jay Santana - 15 hours ago
Interviewer: How expensive was this house?
Kanye: Expensive
Sysy Seife
Sysy Seife - 16 hours ago
This house is so empty... o:
Pink Stalin’
Pink Stalin’ - 15 hours ago
Sysy Seife not as empty as Kim’s brain lol
leez peez
leez peez - 17 hours ago
interviewer: so kanye what do you do with your money?
kanye: *spend it*
Don Wal
Don Wal - 17 hours ago
yall are killing me with these kanya comments
Faith Decolongon
Faith Decolongon - 17 hours ago
"Babe north drew on the wall, we have to buy a new house"
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - 10 hours ago
Faith Decolongon 😂💀
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 19 hours ago
Wow, Kim's house is big and strange. How come see doesn't decorate.. She barely has furniture. Reminds me of some underground dig
Simran Kanu
Simran Kanu - 21 hour ago
shadow 09
shadow 09 - 22 hours ago
The baby is adorable
Tanner Collins98
Tanner Collins98 - 22 hours ago
Who else loved that they where playing the flashing lights instrumental?
Tanner Collins98
Tanner Collins98 - 22 hours ago
The interviewer:what’s the best part about marriage?
Kanye:being married
Nora Fuerte
Nora Fuerte - Day ago
Boooooooring!!! It’s all about the money for them 😒
Arjun D.
Arjun D. - Day ago
Lil One
Lil One - Day ago
Don’t you think Kim has changed a lot after being a parent she look so happy and cute
BellaNavella - Day ago
The house looks like a psych unit - no color, no furniture, no nothing
Jason Salierno
Jason Salierno - Day ago
The best part of this interview is Saint's hair and that face. Also "Sprite".
MaryJane McCoy
MaryJane McCoy - Day ago
The most boring mansion money can buy. May as well be an empty warehouse.
Crying in L.A.
Crying in L.A. - Day ago
Smart huh?
Julie Bella
Julie Bella - Day ago
Kanye is low key really funny 😂
Xx gmariii xX
Xx gmariii xX - Day ago
“What’s the most over used phrase right now?”
“Probably it’s lit”

*Travis Scott Rage Mode ACTIVATE*
Minaa Cutthroat
Minaa Cutthroat - Day ago
These Kanye comment have me dead
yay or nay
yay or nay - Day ago
73 questions with Kanye !
xx5HAY1Axx 024
xx5HAY1Axx 024 - Day ago
Interviewer: what's your favorite thing about yourself
Kanye: myself
Lauren Fletcher
Lauren Fletcher - Day ago
I love the house but its so white that would drive me crazy espescially with kids
Kanye looked dead the whole time on this.
John Lloyd Abero
John Lloyd Abero - Day ago
Can you do next 73 questions with the questioner
Rachel Daniella
Rachel Daniella - Day ago
I could see Kanye smiling through out maybe he was happy that he was not interview cuz he seem dumb in answering
Gosiame Modiragale
Gosiame Modiragale - Day ago
i've been SCREAMING at these comments for a while now
Kateyan - Day ago
I never heard her talk until now. Her voice is so unpleasant and shrill. Typcial american women screech voice.
bridget oubre
bridget oubre - Day ago
How are there “no real situations” huh?! Unless she’s saying everything they face is contrived. I’m so confused. What’s the best part about being a dad? Kids. Lmfvo yeah ya can’t be a dad without those. How do these folks get through daily life or sustain any type of business.
Pamlia Mouzon
Pamlia Mouzon - Day ago
She doesn't want people to focus on her bottom....but made it bigger so she can carry around more weight? or so people would focus on it? 😂 Gotta love her!
Alka Kindo
Alka Kindo - Day ago
Interviewer: So Kanye who has the best album ?
Maisie - Day ago
Wow! It should be something very expensive to make her happy! I mean you guys are so superficial! The situation is very sad. I feel sorry for you guys.
R3VO7UTION - Day ago
the smell the cavity comment was her way of saying the interviewer has bad breath
Giraffe Girl
Giraffe Girl - Day ago
This guy must be quite nervous before doing this interview! 😉
Listya Widyaningrum
Can't focus on the video bcs of the comment section 😂
Nmqg Nmqg
Nmqg Nmqg - Day ago
73 questions with kiernan shipka!!!!❤❤❤
Crafterzz - Day ago
The kids make it feel so not scripted.
Kyla Jane Cortado
Kyla Jane Cortado - Day ago
Ok 100% of these comments talk about kanye lol
games zone
games zone - Day ago
Rusita Santana
Rusita Santana - Day ago
8:29 " for my MaNY TalEnTs" jajajajjaja yeah suuuuuuureeeee😂😂😂😂😂
Bara 226
Bara 226 - Day ago
*Interviewer: Kanye how old are you* ?
*Kanye : My age*
S M - Day ago
Her kids are so cute 😍
Cleber Ramos
Cleber Ramos - Day ago
The house seems so cold and empty like their life.
Nino Darchia
Nino Darchia - Day ago
73 Questions with BTS? you can do it one by one if you don't want chaos :D
Jas D. Unicorn
Jas D. Unicorn - Day ago
I had no idea Kris built the empire at 50.
Jas D. Unicorn
Jas D. Unicorn - Day ago
This is why I love Ye!!!
Nur Dhea Dwi J
Nur Dhea Dwi J - Day ago
“Chi is into anything food”
Chi is definitely me when period time. And the fact when Kanye is playing with Chi, I can’t, too cuteee...... 😭💙
Jeremiah Anders
Jeremiah Anders - Day ago
Can I be one of those kids 😩 my life would be so easy
Johnson Yang
Johnson Yang - Day ago
Jeremiah Anders sameeee
Patric 7
Patric 7 - Day ago
Interviewer: What is the best part of being rich?
Kanye: The money
Kim: am I a joke to you?
George Costarica
George Costarica - Day ago
I am a hater but I appreciate how Nas is containing himself in this video. Containing his narcissim and trying to not to be rude even though its inherent in his personality
若清风雨水 - Day ago
which mon,she has two.
Ice cold
Ice cold - Day ago
Interviewer : what's your favorite part about eating
Kanye : the food
83_Bismuth - Day ago
Kanye is a complete idiot in the vid. Is it part of scenario?
Chassea Elisse
Chassea Elisse - Day ago
Interview:what drives you most crazy
Kim:unorganised closets
Me:(looks at closet)
Also meh:that’s gonna be a problem 😬
chichi mata
chichi mata - Day ago
We just gonna ignore the fact that wasn’t a real FaceTime
Khyati Jain
Khyati Jain - Day ago
Oh god most of these comments are for Kanye 😂😂
Thumbelina Nadya
Thumbelina Nadya - Day ago
73 questions with Rihanna please..
Ruzli Zairazi
Ruzli Zairazi - Day ago
Family and pet
Eat more gluten
Eat more gluten - Day ago
Did anyone else think of simgm when Kim hung up on Kris while she was still talking? 😂 obviously scripted but I still thought it was funny
Ky Singzzz
Ky Singzzz - 2 days ago
Wow their hallway omg 🤤🤩
Paris Anderson
Paris Anderson - 2 days ago
So fake . I think when She called her mom I believe it was a recorded video of her LOL
PrinceOfPassion - 2 days ago
All Chicago wanted was some cereal...
cqtaylor - 2 days ago
Interviewer: Kanye, what's -
Kanye: Interviewer, I'mmah let you finish, but Marvin Gaye has a better question.
Marvin Gaye: What's Goin' On?
Jessica Barragan
Jessica Barragan - 2 days ago
Interviewer: “so Kanye, what’s your favorite thing about award shows?”
Kanye: “My rants”
TheLizzy512 - 2 days ago
The comments > the actual video. Lmao.
Judy Sherif
Judy Sherif - 2 days ago
73 questions with Billie Eilish
Judy Sherif
Judy Sherif - 2 days ago
Do 73 questions with Ellen Degeneres
Emely Ruiz
Emely Ruiz - 2 days ago
that was the fakest ft call ever lmaoooo
Conceição De Jesus
Conceição De Jesus - 2 days ago
Brasil love you!
Anita Mlem
Anita Mlem - 2 days ago
Kim is actually a very genuine person 💛
Jack Shepler
Jack Shepler - 2 days ago
As a longtime Kanye fan, hearing Family Business play in the background as he plays with his children really brought a tear to my eye and a chill down my spine.
Ashley Hayward
Ashley Hayward - 2 days ago
Interviewer: What is your favorite part of the shower?

Kanye: the shower
gisell lopez pari
gisell lopez pari - 2 days ago
Que casa tan fea
BYND X 403
BYND X 403 - 2 days ago
Interviewer: What word best describes you?
Kanye: Me
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