Our EPIC New Setup!

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Henry Mateja
Henry Mateja - 14 days ago
12:38 Jake?????????????????????????????????????????????
Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname
I love how annoying Jake is. I'm not being sarcastic, I find it funny
Pitta /
Pitta / - 20 days ago
4:17 Super Mario Linus moment
Naruto Juggoo
Naruto Juggoo - 25 days ago
Gregory Paul Drapeau
Gregory Paul Drapeau - Month ago
I did not get a free Linus with my QLED tv I got yesterday.
Rupen Johal
Rupen Johal - Month ago
are they high
milkamilla - Month ago
Jake is like Linus' and Yvonne's loud-mouthed teenage son
Gregory Paul Drapeau
Gregory Paul Drapeau - Month ago
You said that you would keep the Samsung TV.
Andrew McArdle
Andrew McArdle - Month ago
Where is the leather couch from?
Tony Ko
Tony Ko - Month ago
There is a better way to mount that TV so it's flush with the wall, no?
Punksnotdead - Month ago
Linus, you're really horrible to Yvonne... That was incredible peel game, better than yours has ever been :p You know you're punching, be grateful :D
Bradley Napier
Bradley Napier - Month ago
whats the name of that couch
Josh Welch
Josh Welch - Month ago
waste of money
Gunmetal Grey
Gunmetal Grey - Month ago
jake is so cringey kick him out
Rick Brannigan
Rick Brannigan - Month ago
Should do a high level gaming pc that has a console like form factor and is super subtle so it can sit under the TV
rootsnanny - 2 months ago
What couch was that?
BigMac's TV
BigMac's TV - 2 months ago
Harman Kardon is owned by Samsung right?
Joseph Farhat
Joseph Farhat - 2 months ago
Diss liked for, using a 4letter word in title....
EPIC .... can go take its 12mounth exclusive, not crappy games only service.... * * insert tirade of cussing * *
The Czech Jet
The Czech Jet - 2 months ago
why do i feel like linus is the worst person to play video games with?
Daniel Sawatsky
Daniel Sawatsky - 2 months ago
what is the couch that reclinesas
Adam Conn
Adam Conn - 2 months ago
I would've used just a really long crowbar.
Adam Conn
Adam Conn - 2 months ago
for the sides
Mickel Ntek
Mickel Ntek - 2 months ago
and i watched this video with a mono earpiece lol.
Martin Ninov
Martin Ninov - 2 months ago
Linus peel game is epic!
Game Select
Game Select - 2 months ago
I know what could go wrong everything
Nick Dillon
Nick Dillon - 2 months ago
So many opportunities to respond “that’s what she said” lolol
Arturo Tabera
Arturo Tabera - 2 months ago
So chinese have wood too?
Gregory Paul Drapeau
Gregory Paul Drapeau - 2 months ago
Linus Media Group only NO FLOAT PLANE MEDIA!
BLS Paramedic
BLS Paramedic - 2 months ago
Kind of a weird question but, does anyone know where they got the coffee table from?...
Alen Berberovic
Alen Berberovic - 2 months ago
DesMuttEr - 2 months ago
Where buy loveseat reclining???? Mr linus minute 15:15
Ultimate Gaming
Ultimate Gaming - 2 months ago
Props to Samsung.
Andrew Wayne
Andrew Wayne - 2 months ago
I bought this soundbar system after watching this video and it is amazing! The install was simple and you can mount the speakers on the wall very easily. Thank you Linus for this video!
zip zip
zip zip - 2 months ago
+Andrew Wayne you should since you got ripped off.
Andrew Wayne
Andrew Wayne - 2 months ago
+zip zip next time I'll make sure I ask you before I make a purchase on something that I want being that you decided that you needed to inject yourself the comment that had nothing to do with you. I'm not saying that you can't voice your opinion on a product that you may or may not like but this certainly was not the place for you to put your stupid opinions in. So take your self-loathing and stick it up your ass.
zip zip
zip zip - 2 months ago
You should have bought a real surround set up instead of a simulated one.
Spy Convention
Spy Convention - 2 months ago
Can you speak just A LITTLE LOUDER?
M0F0750il - 2 months ago
This video was "fine" lol gf would have gave me a seriously nasty look if i would say "fine" that like he did
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson - 2 months ago
Ben Dunlap
Ben Dunlap - 2 months ago
why is none of the drywall finished??
Sandwich - 2 months ago
Anyone else reckon if Linus had nasa grade computers he would still treat it like a 2004 Nintendo ds
Woxot - 2 months ago
please tell me you're not leaving the walls like that?
Maggie McFee
Maggie McFee - 2 months ago
Honestly, Yvonne just needs to stand in the background of every video and point out when the guys are about to do something dangerous or dumb.
masterdftw - 2 months ago
One Linus, Two hands, Drops eveything!
LiberationMusik - 2 months ago
Don't know if it's been mentioned but one thing to note on why it's best to use ARC and plug directly into the sound bar is that TVs don't typically pass lossless audio through to the sound bar. It seems most TVs will usually convert your HDMI inputs into 2.0 or something else but not pass through true DTS or Dolby Atmos.
RedMouth - 2 months ago
Jake is dumb fire him
kenshin767 - 2 months ago
Watches video for the second time for all the lulz.
King Cobra
King Cobra - 2 months ago
That pill was sexy
OhWhaleJosh - 2 months ago
Does anyone know what the keyboard and mouse pad combo he has is?
MaxHedrm - 2 months ago
Accoustically, that is NOT a ceiling. Good luck with that. I bet those echos are just great too.
Žiga Bradaš
Žiga Bradaš - 2 months ago
With every video Jake is in, it makes me think more and more that he's some rich kid that's actually somehow related to Linus and is "working" at his company just to do something. I mean who treats their boss like a high school homie while driving a BMW...
Keanu Govender
Keanu Govender - 2 months ago
Why don't you use a ps4 for your set ups
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill - 2 months ago
So do you guys like not have drywall tape or spackle or anything like that?
Nano Gamer
Nano Gamer - 2 months ago
What model is that couch? I want to buy it!
Techspotter - 2 months ago
What if linus was a bodybuilder?
Mike Cunningham
Mike Cunningham - 2 months ago
11:26 for the full peel 👌
TECH N DJ - 2 months ago
12:34 what the he'll?
David Williams
David Williams - 2 months ago
How much was this? How much was that? Why is this so expensive?.... Linus is so tight you can hear him squeak when he walks lol
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
god dang i thought ill buy one with free linus inside ...
Marethyu - 2 months ago
Holy shit Jake thicc as fuck
HelplmAlive - 2 months ago
MIssion Impossible Fallout is awesome.
Purple High
Purple High - 2 months ago
console peasants
Ahmad Ibnu
Ahmad Ibnu - 2 months ago
The next google office
master skywalker
master skywalker - 2 months ago
at 15:26 Jake flips off the camera
safetydancer87 - 2 months ago
Jake makes me not want to watch any video he is in.
Tim Tytgat
Tim Tytgat - 2 months ago
can they sponsor me also
Life4bombs - 2 months ago
Jesus Christ, Jake. I hate you so much.
reezlaw - 2 months ago
Let's buy a giant TV and then sit 1 km away from it
Turnspit - 2 months ago
Well... I have 2 Subwoofer... It's not stupid... :-(
psychorabbitt - 2 months ago
Why would you mount a huge TV on a clearly unfinished wall?
ftme4 - 2 months ago
Unpopular opinion...I fuck wit jake lol dead ass tho
PyrateStudios - 2 months ago
So what movie was that clip from? Or is it just some random demo clip?
Robyn Allen
Robyn Allen - 2 months ago
I accept old setups..
Goran Smolec
Goran Smolec - 2 months ago
I think Jake is from The Simpsons family
MBZ21 - 2 months ago
512 total watts??? i am not impressed...
Hosen Ebrahem
Hosen Ebrahem - 2 months ago
I love samsung
Your Name 5736
Your Name 5736 - 2 months ago
15:26 wait did he just flip me off
Dusan Lazic
Dusan Lazic - 2 months ago
What race game is that?
Corvis Anatares
Corvis Anatares - 2 months ago
Be extremely careful with the OneConnect cable. Those are not at all robust. I actually do not like the entire OneConnect system.
Jonni IInferno
Jonni IInferno - 2 months ago
LOL - "I literally just paid him to do that"
Redax101 - 2 months ago
What type of couches did you use?
Pizza Slice
Pizza Slice - 2 months ago
I want my free Linus!
Music - 2 months ago
What movie was it at 15:19?
Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson - 2 months ago
does jake own other clothes?? Linus I think you need to pay him more so he can update his wardrobe XD
SHANE Beukes
SHANE Beukes - 2 months ago
jake is gay
SHANE Beukes
SHANE Beukes - 2 months ago
jake is gay
SHANE Beukes
SHANE Beukes - 2 months ago
jake is gay
Ntinos G
Ntinos G - 2 months ago
isnt a bit high installed ???
ayyy lmao
ayyy lmao - 2 months ago
linus wanted a mancave jake wants a pussy cave, they screwed linus over he got the pussy cave
Straight 2DVD
Straight 2DVD - 2 months ago
wow what an ugly pig yvonne is uggghhh
Phil G.
Phil G. - 2 months ago
Damn this comment section, yikes.
Keshavio 219
Keshavio 219 - 2 months ago
Linus calling it "not man cavey" is the most hilarious shit. This dude just squeaks all day in his testosterone lacking figure stfu.
Cole - 2 months ago
Funny how I got exact same TV
PixelPickaxe - 2 months ago
Jake is my spirit animal
TheGamer 45
TheGamer 45 - 2 months ago
4:15 that Mexican accent
DaemosDaen - 2 months ago
@3:35 best $5 you ever spent.
Adam Lindley
Adam Lindley - 2 months ago
Only a Q7 ?? man you could have gone with the Q9 !
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson - 2 months ago
Welcome to Linus Tech Tips - It's Jenga!
Pogi Problems
Pogi Problems - 2 months ago
2:44 Epic Indeed!
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas - 2 months ago
I seriously doubt those speakers are reflecting off the ceiling correctly considering the fact y'all have no sheathing or covering/drywall on the ceiling and it's just a bunch of bare joists. It probably works somewhat, but I doubt you're getting the full effect as intended.
Stavros Afentoulis
Stavros Afentoulis - 2 months ago
I'm sick of Linus getting free shot from Samsung and him making a video about it.
Atakan Berkmen
Atakan Berkmen - 2 months ago
12:36 is that H Jon Benjamin?
zaoc - 2 months ago
... how you treat a 75" screen when you didn't pay for it yourself.
david benjamin
david benjamin - 2 months ago
I love ur videos but wtf u spent thousands of dollars on pcs but u dont have a telsa wow
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