Little Mix - Wings (Live at Kiss Secret Sessions)

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Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - 2 months ago
They are so beautiful😍and talented👍. They all have an Incredible voice and they are Incredible live🔥. I love the outfits😍.
I love how confident Jesy is and i love her energy during Wings performances🙂.
I love how happy she looks when the audience sings💛.
# jean mitchele
# jean mitchele - 3 months ago
Love you Jessy without you it willing down
Char Limp
Char Limp - 5 months ago
Tove Lo Pop Electronic
Char Limp
Char Limp - 5 months ago
Ilse DeLange Country Pop
Char Limp
Char Limp - 5 months ago
Zara Larsson Play with Pop
Kirsty Dumfeh
Kirsty Dumfeh - 6 months ago
My favorite is Jade because she has a strong voice and she seems very passionate about her dancing.. And she's very cute😳

Even though she's 12 years older than me
Eleonora Mingari
Eleonora Mingari - 8 months ago
Female version of Take That
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - 11 months ago
They are queens and Jade is so pretty
 - 11 months ago
I want to see them but I‘m from Germany 😭❤️
socialcasualty - Year ago
All four of them look amazing all the time but something about this particular concert/performance is just like... damn... they all look SO GOOD.
mariam maher
mariam maher - Year ago
00:00 to 00:17 I can't hear anyone except jesy 😂 (with her amazing voice)
Emma V
Emma V - Year ago
Jade looked so fucking hot that day
James Conway
James Conway - Year ago
I Love you so much and I am your big is fan Love from Lexi Conway little mix xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1234123412341234 happy Love and Lexi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nba91182 nba91182
nba91182 nba91182 - 2 years ago
Selena Charles
Selena Charles - 2 years ago
i love little mix
Sina M.
Sina M. - 2 years ago
These Girls are so amazing😱💕 They slayed every Performance😱
Typical Anthony
Typical Anthony - 2 years ago
OMG OMG. I love Little Mix sooo much. their song Secret Love Song helped me come out to my parents. And I'm sooo proud to be a mixer ❤
Biasmeuh - 2 years ago
Is it necessary for Jesy to scream
Amalia Wahyuwiddyati
Amalia Wahyuwiddyati - 2 years ago
LaShawn Pierre
LaShawn Pierre - 2 years ago
I appreciate this group so much OMG! Like, their music is so harmless and fun and it just has that old pop sound that I appreciate from like the 90s. Very spice girls vibes, if you know what I mean
itsbronte - 2 years ago
Wish they wouldn't mime some of it 😕🙁☹️😶😐😑🙄
Claudia Albino
Claudia Albino - 2 years ago
SammietheAverageGirl - 2 years ago
I'll never be over how good they are live. I can't think of any artist or group with such consistently good live vocals.
Kara Camille Delonas
Kara Camille Delonas - 2 years ago
Best group since the spice girls.....don’t even disagree you know it’s true
Marissa Torres
Marissa Torres - 2 years ago
ook j n
Caax _
Caax _ - 2 years ago
Jesy so powers
Leigh so seruous
Perrie so pretty hight vocals
And jade so funny and lovely
Sorry my english is bad:(
 - 2 years ago
Those are real fans. 😉👏💖
Irene Flires Nuñez
Irene Flires Nuñez - 2 years ago
Love You perrie y jade love you 😍😘
Hannah James
Hannah James - 2 years ago
Jesy Nelson's voice very lovely
Perrie Edward's voice very good
Jade Thrilwall's voice was gorgeous
Leigh Anne Pinnock's voice very good
Onedirection Stylinson
Onedirection Stylinson - 2 years ago
they are so talented and beautiful
Angiie Page
Angiie Page - 2 years ago
love Perrie so much xx
Esraa - 2 years ago
Im so impressed by their ability to sing live!!!! 😍
Shelly Flam
Shelly Flam - 2 years ago
3:15 - 3:25 ♡
Ananya Madan
Ananya Madan - 2 years ago
why do i start crying everytime the audience sings?!? be it any performance. it makes me feel so very proud of my girls. 😭😭
Hannah James Horam
Hannah James Horam - 2 years ago
Wings is my favourite song
Dream Cone
Dream Cone - 2 years ago
The 117 dislikes people have no ears nor eyes
L̷e̷r̷r̷i̷e̷ ᴍᴏᴛɪᴠᴀᴛᴇ
@Omar Andrés Espino Borda *137 - 2 years ago
my little butterflyes
Amadeu Caramelo
Amadeu Caramelo - 2 years ago
The anthem never dies
Ricki Anne Robarios
Ricki Anne Robarios - 2 years ago
Luv them!!
Julia - 2 years ago
Is little mix coming to america soon?
Tay lur
Tay lur - 2 years ago
omfg jesys energy in this slays me 💗💗👌
human ok bye
human ok bye - 2 years ago
jesy's energy in wings is what I live for.
Marissa Torres
Marissa Torres - 2 years ago
Yashvi Sr. I'll l lk hj
Alvin Padulla
Alvin Padulla - 3 years ago
they are life reliver
Alik Ahmetov
Alik Ahmetov - 3 years ago
Jesy dances energy
Trinity hawkes
Trinity hawkes - 3 years ago
They have so much fun up there!!👍❤️
Ricky Garcia
Ricky Garcia - 3 years ago
has perrie ever really belted out that note eith her chest voice at 3:20 ?? she always uses head voice there and i want her to blow thr roof off at 3:20
Major Mayhem
Major Mayhem - 3 years ago
So this is the new Spice Girls?
Monica Simmons
Monica Simmons - 3 years ago
Omg did anyone else see jade at 0:59
What is it ? I couldn’t notice anything. Can you tell me?
khadija fatima
khadija fatima - 10 months ago
Mixer From The Caribbean
Mixer From The Caribbean - 2 years ago
Monica Simmons lol I was searching to see if anyone else noticed😂😂😂😂
PCYGOLDENCHILD A. - 3 years ago
the sad part about this performance is that they lip sang the chorus. It's pretty obvious and if you don't see that well that's a problem. I know they can sing the chorus so why not do it. A little disappointed by this.
Jave Salazar
Jave Salazar - 2 years ago
Meccala Akbar they harmonize so well that you thought that they are lip syncing 😂
Brii Mousebear
Brii Mousebear - 3 years ago
I love them ♡♡♡
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