DaBaby Crushes Ice Cream While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 4 days ago
Thanks to everyone who came out to ComplexCon! Let's make it a full spice lord takeover next year.
TheDerrickrichardson - 21 hour ago
Mmh hub xx
MAD_ Moneer
MAD_ Moneer - Day ago
where is elooonnn
RugRat TV
RugRat TV - Day ago
First We Feast May You Subscribe To My Channel
DubsUpB - Day ago
that crowd laughing at anything they say wtf 😒
Luke Kowalski
Luke Kowalski - Day ago
Mean Mutha couldn’t agree more
Bydie Bydie
Bydie Bydie - 8 hours ago
Best show on YouTube..
James Roan
James Roan - 9 hours ago
You got dababy on and blew it with some live audience BS... and they sounded like a Nickelodeon laugh track shieet
Dj_KRock - 9 hours ago
Da baby: I can’t say that children are out there. Also Dababy: 12:04
Ace Glory -Official-
Ace Glory -Official- - 9 hours ago
I’m up next 🤫
AIM: 1k subs with no vids
Dababy should say “ huh” whenever Sean ask a question
RealRullah 727
RealRullah 727 - 9 hours ago
S/O DaBaby but how'd you get that Google Pixel 4 Sponsorship??
Nebraxican - 9 hours ago
sounds like a laugh soundtrack
Push - 9 hours ago
i wanna see the concert clip lol
Nite Knight
Nite Knight - 9 hours ago
I would like to know how much hot sauce is on the first 9 wings.Is it just a dab spread out?
darkknight12348 - 9 hours ago
Don't bring crowds ever again, this shit fucking sucks dude.
Ashantay Lumpkins
Ashantay Lumpkins - 10 hours ago
Are u sure he didn’t punch anyone after the show?🤣
Ciao Bello
Ciao Bello - 10 hours ago
How is your mouth hot with all that ice?
Bradley Campbell
Bradley Campbell - 10 hours ago
Kevin Gates would be hysterical, even lil pump or blueface might be pretty funny.
Twenty Afterfour
Twenty Afterfour - 10 hours ago
12:06 - That’s What I say about life everyday
GHozt93 7
GHozt93 7 - 10 hours ago
please invite Zlatan Ibrahimovic !!
OG LTZ - 10 hours ago
We need Kevin Gates!
Andrew Zavala
Andrew Zavala - 10 hours ago
That’s such a fake crowd laugh
They laughed when he opened his mouth
Chris Wellz
Chris Wellz - 11 hours ago
Damn. Doesn't feel as intimate and personal anymore with the audience. Another youtube channel did this same thing and it ruined the vibe.
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana - 11 hours ago
Dimples oooooooouuuuu he sexy
Tree T
Tree T - 11 hours ago
I didn't think he'd be this well spoken
PVNCHO PROD - 11 hours ago
sean u the goat for throwing a jug a milk at someone and getting away with it
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR - 11 hours ago
*HaHa “DaBaby” Davis* #ps4 #xbox
GoGarr - 11 hours ago
what's with the laugh track?
kamorasellers - 11 hours ago
I smiled all through this
Atrix - 11 hours ago
yea not a good format
Brian Ramirez
Brian Ramirez - 11 hours ago
Bro why havent yall had ryback on here yet wtf??
Boz - 12 hours ago
DaBaby: (ice cream & whole chicken wing in mouth before interview even starts)
Sean: So you like to begin rapping before the beat even starts?
Najah Lawal
Najah Lawal - 12 hours ago
They are both his name john and kirk.
Shafiu Sadik
Shafiu Sadik - 12 hours ago
Aw I wanted to see Dababy cry
John Siliga
John Siliga - 12 hours ago
I want to see Marshawn Lynch on this channel
Warm Gooey Cookie
Warm Gooey Cookie - 12 hours ago
Do Matt Mercer!
Howard Wayne
Howard Wayne - 12 hours ago
I'm convinced that Sean doesn't have tastebuds in his mouth!!!!
NickB - 12 hours ago
oh there's an audience now...? ok
aye bruh
aye bruh - 12 hours ago
please please please get kiernan shipka on the show
DJ McGowan
DJ McGowan - 12 hours ago
This man dababy be high ash🤣😂
Jungwoo Roh
Jungwoo Roh - 12 hours ago
Please get sacha baron cohen on the show!!!!!
sean pae
sean pae - 12 hours ago
dude drank water and they laugh wtf
Lynn Huguely
Lynn Huguely - 12 hours ago
Hey that's that rapper. That's nice he's doing this. He looks like a nice young man.
Vlone Carti
Vlone Carti - 12 hours ago
“Aye, Fuck it”
Too Much Sauce
Too Much Sauce - 12 hours ago
DaBaby is the type of guy to raise his hand to ask a question
Metalhead - 13 hours ago
Someone please please please please get Samuel L. Jackson in the hot seat!
Ya Boi
Ya Boi - 13 hours ago
Get ski mask the slump god!!!
King Keston
King Keston - 13 hours ago
Dababy:i dont drink milk
Dababy:eats ice-cream😐
HFL Football
HFL Football - 13 hours ago
When da baby said Krispy Kreme doughnuts with the hot sign on, I just thought I got a dozen of hot ones downstairs a few hours ago
Mya - 13 hours ago
I Agree With Da Baby, If An Artist Ain’t Saying Nothing In The First 30 Secs, Then The Song Will Loose My Attention🤷🏽‍♀️
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson - 13 hours ago
Da Baby has got to be the worst guest that Sean has ever had on Hot Ones. The guy is a complete idiot and can't even answer the questions in an intelligent way.
Ray Rivera
Ray Rivera - 13 hours ago
These niggas funny 😂 “you get a t shirt”
erol Daner
erol Daner - 13 hours ago
The music industry is so thirsty for rappers its easy to become 1 that's why we have so many of them 😑 I'm not impressed
Cody - 13 hours ago
Get Slaine on
Alex - 13 hours ago
Lisa Anthony
Lisa Anthony - 13 hours ago
I love how versatile DaBaby is when it comes to people. He pretty much gets along with everybody
Jose Santana
Jose Santana - 13 hours ago
Get j cole on!!!
eboy scoob
eboy scoob - 13 hours ago
dababy: chews wings
audience: *WOOOOOOOO*
Cristiano Attié
Cristiano Attié - 13 hours ago
Big fan of the show since the beginning but I have few comments.
1. The new format lost the feeling of the guess were invited for a friendly chat with friend while eating spicy food from the YouTube view. I don't know the feeling of the live audience.
2. The loud laugh from the background looks more like a comedy show
3. Too much light with your shadow in the back
I didn't like the new format. Looks more prank show with guest eating while people laughing loud.
Mak Mak
Mak Mak - 13 hours ago
Halle Berry is still the best to do it. My opinion.
GEB 4 - 14 hours ago
12:03 imma just leave this here
Saad S
Saad S - 14 hours ago
One of the smartest guests on hot ones
Hat Salt
Hat Salt - 14 hours ago
They wanted dababy dead
Katedagreat - 14 hours ago
Get Doug DeMuro on next!
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