The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

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Vishal Jadhav
Vishal Jadhav - 16 minutes ago
I like your work sir
Please come to Indian restaurants.
Fatou Mendy
Fatou Mendy - 23 minutes ago
How does he just pick up decomposed shit, with his BARE HANDS...the bravery
Fernandez Fernandez
Fernandez Fernandez - 38 minutes ago
You know it’s serious when the camera man gets involved
Awoopa_ Paul
Awoopa_ Paul - 43 minutes ago
Okiedokie let's eat 🍴
YAHSuN - 44 minutes ago
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins - Hour ago
Nino would do better and have the pictures to prove it
TheSlimmestShady - Hour ago
“The most ‘Ridiculous’ moments” huh?
I wonder why that title..
*sees last clip*
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion - Hour ago
What's the episode name on that last restaurant
Frod o
Frod o - Hour ago
Lmao the bird in the kitchen lol
Andrew Kho
Andrew Kho - Hour ago
Gollum Trzymający Chomika W Świetle Księżyca
*What is that? A fucking pigeon*
Ella Pearl
Ella Pearl - Hour ago
The sound effects on the lobsters though
EM Gee
EM Gee - Hour ago
Brought the mouse in his pocket? How dumb are y'all
Aqso Leyanydra
Aqso Leyanydra - 2 hours ago
"**fuck off fly**
Cody Allen
Cody Allen - 2 hours ago
2:28 another perfect example of not taking responsibility and straight up lying! Blame the whitey
Tristan Martell
Tristan Martell - 2 hours ago
9:17 I can’t breathe 😂 “fuck off fly” he sounded so depressed 😂
Brianna Torres
Brianna Torres - 2 hours ago
When he said “F*ck off fly” I died 😂😂
Abigail Heffley
Abigail Heffley - 3 hours ago
I wanna see him try McDonald's
Santi Abiyanto
Santi Abiyanto - 3 hours ago
14:05 gayyyy
Cozy Vids
Cozy Vids - 3 hours ago
The most fresh thing, is that pigeon flying around😂
Satchin Joseph
Satchin Joseph - 3 hours ago
demonsluger - 3 hours ago
wrong to serve the vegetarian what she not wanted but she can fuck off being a vegetarian.
K-Los - 3 hours ago
Ellie Grace Banks
Ellie Grace Banks - 4 hours ago
who tf would walk around with a mouse in their pocket for planting purposes? Idiots.
BLACKSYNTH - 4 hours ago
its at the front doooor.... "like where? " where is the front door in your mind. GOLD
Benjamin Jordan
Benjamin Jordan - 4 hours ago
Gordon: When's the last time you saw a mouse?
Guy: I've never seen a mouse, sir.
Stephen Seehorn
Stephen Seehorn - 4 hours ago
Haha his producer totally planted that mouse.
NeruKO Chan
NeruKO Chan - 4 hours ago
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday - 5 hours ago
1:31 *I thought our poor Gordon was crying!* 😭😂
Polish Jerry
Polish Jerry - 5 hours ago
Fuck you fuck yOu
4nyth1n9 - 5 hours ago
"This is ridiculous!!"
Wow that's what I was gonna say about you and your terrible service!! 😃
San's Shiber
San's Shiber - 5 hours ago
Gordon: Fuck off fly
The Fly: Shut the fuck up you raw skinned human
San's Shiber
San's Shiber - 5 hours ago
Gordon: Fucking pigeon
The pigeon: Leave me alone you bland donkey
Andy Proveaux
Andy Proveaux - 5 hours ago
That's norm mcdonald as pidgeon yall
Ino Koludrovic
Ino Koludrovic - 6 hours ago
Thank god Smellavision is still not a thing...
FuckYouAndYourCousin - 6 hours ago
The fly and the mouse are working on a buddy cop action film with Chef Ramsay as the villain. The pigeon is writing, directing, and producing.
Cici Bracken
Cici Bracken - 6 hours ago
So it Turns out that guy didn’t actually get sick. You can’t get food poisoning minutes after eating spoiled food. It would have to first digest to enter your system and cause you to get sick JUST SAYING
Fat Bear
Fat Bear - 6 hours ago
You want to fak with me I want to fakc with you
Heat Trigger
Heat Trigger - 7 hours ago
*fuck off fly*
King Bouncer
King Bouncer - 7 hours ago
Where is the front door in your mind?
Rayz Days
Rayz Days - 7 hours ago
13:58 love this man
Rayz Days
Rayz Days - 7 hours ago
9:20 fuck off fly 😂😂😂
Rayz Days
Rayz Days - 8 hours ago
6:34 gave my man a Mondo burger 😂
Rakvalen Sypher
Rakvalen Sypher - 9 hours ago
that last restraunt should be renamed to *dick beaters
Rakvalen Sypher
Rakvalen Sypher - 9 hours ago
fuck off fly
President WHAT
President WHAT - 9 hours ago
Are you trying to kill me with cringe Gordon?!
조홍근 - 9 hours ago
Every second of this video made me say fck. Lol
Gaming with Jaspreet
Gaming with Jaspreet - 9 hours ago
And i see foreigners saying that indian food is unhygienic which is actually cooked in front of customers
Shane is the best YouTuber ever!
He obviously has it on film like wtf. Y’all just in denial about your restaurant. Why would one of the most famous chefs in the world plant a mf mouse my dude.
The Tormentor
The Tormentor - 10 hours ago
13:58 who would win?
A honey badger=gorden ramsy?
A wolverine=that guy?
I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS!! - 10 hours ago
Where is the health inspector?!
LSgrimm91 - 10 hours ago
As a meat-pie-eating Australian, I am offended by that... thing. WTF is that?
AZBAJA1000 - 11 hours ago
never eatn out again
Sam .P
Sam .P - 11 hours ago
Why do the servers even stay there if the owners take their tips like that?
Abra Xas
Abra Xas - 11 hours ago
5:20 HAAHA the HIGHEST dude in the kitchen has the clearest view LMAOOOO SO HARD
Sarah Kerr
Sarah Kerr - 12 hours ago
8:11 were any other Australians dissaponted in that "meat pie"
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson - 12 hours ago
"We don't have a problem with mice."
"So why do you have an exterminator come in once a month?"
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson - 12 hours ago
"It was at the front door."
"Where is the front door in your mind?"
Tomasz Zaleski
Tomasz Zaleski - 12 hours ago
Do those fucking restaurant owners have bloody food safe certificates? Fuck me! There are plenty places like this in America! Shit!!!
Evil. Emu
Evil. Emu - 12 hours ago
"God bless America." Atleast its a patriotic dish.
Marion Dorta
Marion Dorta - 12 hours ago
Wtf that is not a meat pie
Arabella - 12 hours ago
"Who do you think you are?!"
*G O R D A N F U C K I N G R A M S A Y*
Sonicproart101 Sonic
Sonicproart101 Sonic - 12 hours ago
“I think you pulled that mouse out of your pocket”seriously 😒
BRONZE AUSSIE - 13 hours ago
aussie meat pie? more like a corrnish pastie. first thing pies have gravy
Alessandro Fasano
Alessandro Fasano - 13 hours ago
You need to try Salt Bae ´s restaurant in dubai
JohnLoCicero - 13 hours ago
That Sal's guy is a total scumbag. But not knowing how that sauce is billed in the menu, I can't for sure say it's wrong for him to use pork bones. Other than the fact that there was a bone fragment in the sauce. All I see is a vegetarian not liking the bone. Did she say she was a vegetarian? Is the sauce called "marinara?" So many questions. Again, though, I would probably defer to the lady being right for being upset based on all his other behaviors.
Ellie Wang
Ellie Wang - 14 hours ago
can we please give Gordon some fucking gloves for the love of god
Karl Davis
Karl Davis - 14 hours ago
> 9:07 California where that dark spot is.
You got that right.
Ninja Papi chulo
Ninja Papi chulo - 14 hours ago
9:17 “God bless America” “ *Fuck off fly* “
ref sp
ref sp - 14 hours ago
There is the pigot from the "police is after me" guy they find him
Geometrik 95
Geometrik 95 - 15 hours ago
Is the lobster supposed to be alive or something? I don't understand, I don't know much about cooking
Cory O'Neile
Cory O'Neile - 16 hours ago
Yeaaah, I'm Australian and that sure as shit ain't an Australian meat pie, I tell you now.
Al Capony
Al Capony - 16 hours ago
I get it the meat pie is a joke to Australians but like the pie damn they sure are salty
Anna Cendall
Anna Cendall - 16 hours ago
shoutout to gordon for always being nice to the waiters , he knows they dont cook the food and theyre not responsible when things come out slow
Gavin Lenahan
Gavin Lenahan - 16 hours ago
Who throws people out of there restaurant
Cheekee Monkee
Cheekee Monkee - 16 hours ago
Who the hell is that guy claiming he was serving an Australian meat pie? We don’t serve crap like that down under - he’s delusional 🤦‍♀️
Henry Penney
Henry Penney - 17 hours ago
13:53 I really liked what he said for some reason
Marlon The ReedyGamer101
Marlon The ReedyGamer101 - 18 hours ago
I think Gordon Ramsay is Mr. Goodmen for sml
Samuella Alley
Samuella Alley - 18 hours ago
I shouldn’t be watching this while I’m eating..........
Jake Chartier
Jake Chartier - 18 hours ago
That meat pie can f**k off back to Australia with pleasure...🤣🤣 I can't!!
YOURMOM Prouductions
YOURMOM Prouductions - 18 hours ago
I know what's in the freezer it's 💩
5-Minute Conservative
5-Minute Conservative - 19 hours ago
What I find funny is these restaurants actually Invite Gordon to help them. They have to have watched the show at some point.
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez - 19 hours ago
The last one is my favorite
Charles Dupont
Charles Dupont - 19 hours ago
WholesaleUsedCarsGA - 19 hours ago
I love Ramsey, he is a true and honorary REALIST!
Wreck Tard
Wreck Tard - 20 hours ago
5:20 the smartest man in the whole fucking kitchen
TechScout - 20 hours ago
I mean why would Gordon go and find a dead rat and then plant it in the doorway and walk back out and then walk in with the camera on and be like “what I’ve found a rat and it must be your fault
ProSkilzGamer77 - 21 hour ago
fak u fak u fak u fak u fak u fak u fak u
Ivan Ce Qui
Ivan Ce Qui - 21 hour ago
10:52 looool he started to masturbate away the angryness
"I had fucking enough, I had enough, I had fucking enough"
k - 21 hour ago
Dang I fell down the hells kitchen hole on youtube again
Millie Lach
Millie Lach - 22 hours ago
You payed for the exterminator
Get your money back
SaltAndPapyrus - 22 hours ago
"And he is going to absolutely love it."
*2 fucking seconds later*
"He's not gonna like it."
Pory - 22 hours ago
i was REALLY expecting gordon to say "this cowboy burger didnt get a yeehaw from me"
strange 98
strange 98 - 23 hours ago
It's true. I was the deadmau5
Onyx Vapor
Onyx Vapor - 23 hours ago
It’s dryer than the saraha desert
Uriel Fulgencio
Uriel Fulgencio - 23 hours ago
Owner:"Chef Ramsay is going to like it 😌😊"
A few seconds later
Worker: " He is not going to like it " ..." He is not going to like it 🤷‍♂️"
Owner: 🙁😟

Ramsay: " what a mess , that is disgusting "
Lmao 😂
Finn Leijen
Finn Leijen - 23 hours ago
f u c k i n p i d g e o n s
Nilred - 23 hours ago
14:06 do you know guys which episode is it from?
Finn Leijen
Finn Leijen - 22 hours ago
Amy's baking company, s6e16
Bogdan Djuric
Bogdan Djuric - Day ago
What a mess!
TimiWackyFilms - Day ago
And the many attempts he tried to take out of his Burger.
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