Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

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Aoi Y.
Aoi Y. - Hour ago
Damn baby I thought you were getting breakfast!! I want 6 onigiri and make sure it's spicy I made hot oil for even more kick~
paul yang
paul yang - 2 hours ago
Brunch you say lol.
Maria Mateus
Maria Mateus - 2 hours ago
i have watched this video so many times, and i always act surprise every time
tinyGIRAFFE - 23 hours ago
7-11 has these AMAZING melon cream buns in japan. seriously one of the best desserts i’ve ever had.
Irving G.
Irving G. - Day ago
Do you have a like a second stomach?
Theresa D
Theresa D - Day ago
Oh wow, here in America you get hot dogs, pizza or nachos lol
Joker - Day ago
what is going on your stomach?
Bryok Temple
Bryok Temple - Day ago
If u go to Santa Rosa
At this restraint called Kirin
There best is the meat and fried tofu
Candiii - Day ago
*borderline incredible*
Lila Jansen
Lila Jansen - Day ago
Can we get more 7/11 vids please???
Alex Jimin
Alex Jimin - Day ago
why does their products seems so delicious?
i want to go to Japan to try that.
Bella Raine
Bella Raine - Day ago
I always enjoy your reviews,so entertaining but what's up with the dislikes,people are morons lol Loved your video!!
Leslie hernandez
Leslie hernandez - Day ago
My mouth is watery
Tiffy PressStart
Tiffy PressStart - 2 days ago
The ohayo milk pudding is my favourite, I clear a store of it when I see them.
Tiffy PressStart
Tiffy PressStart - 2 days ago
If he had bought the clam soup, there are actually real clams sealed up inside the package. It won’t taste restaurant grade but amusing as a North American tourist to see real seafood instant packaged food.
Aryan Manohar
Aryan Manohar - 2 days ago
Hot Oil: Am I a joke to you?
Hi, Bye
Hi, Bye - 2 days ago
Hannan saffiyah Maisara
where’s the UFO ramen?
jamwell lusifer
jamwell lusifer - 2 days ago
Try 711 in philipines lets see what you find
Jeannine Padilla
Jeannine Padilla - 2 days ago
Ahh.. missing Japan. Those onigiris and sandwiches were my go-to breakfast when in a hurry to work. But OMG. How can you eat everything all in one-seating! Was expecting you'll review them in the hotel but OMG you ate everything in one go lol
Dominic Giosso
Dominic Giosso - 3 days ago
Is there anything you ever dont like? Its like everything is your favorite.
Baher Yokhanna
Baher Yokhanna - 3 days ago
Funny thing is, I’m in America right now and there’s instant noodles here.
It’s just, not as good, they don’t have microwaves ;/ (7-11)
Gacha Lehua
Gacha Lehua - 3 days ago
Can you go to one in Hawaii pls
Yuu game studio
Yuu game studio - 3 days ago
Me: making money to eat
Mikey: eat to making money
Xiomaira - 2 days ago
Eat to make money*
RoseXGamingYT - 3 days ago
Mikes GF:where are we going to eat?
Mike: 7 Eleven
Mikes GF:😂you’re joking
Mike:want a bun
JJason Gaming
JJason Gaming - 4 days ago
You forgot family mart
Greg Bey
Greg Bey - 4 days ago
this video makes me wanna get dressed and walk down the street to Lawsons. I LOOOOOOVE living in Japan :)
لافانيا محمد
عرب وينكم
Tien Pham
Tien Pham - 5 days ago
*Mike Chen comes in a restaurant*
Food: *A new challenger appeared*
DrPixel Dude
DrPixel Dude - 5 days ago
Who else rewatches these 7/11 video like a million times 🤣
Gregory Ford
Gregory Ford - 5 days ago
FamilyMart gang
MrFarnanonical - 5 days ago
8:18 looks like konnyaku
liam dee
liam dee - 5 days ago
you look like epic asian
mlkyway12 - 6 days ago
Who's that artists at the background of idunno if it's a receipt or ticket or coupon at 15:52? Lmao . Anyone know them ? Kinda curious .
JeTt DeLa PeNa
JeTt DeLa PeNa - 6 days ago
Why cant they do this in 7-11 philippines...
Leli Benn
Leli Benn - 6 days ago
Mikey please I’ve rewatched these videos so many times give us another one 😩😩
Sunita Fisher
Sunita Fisher - 7 days ago
🌸 why did I watch this at 1am, now I’m starving
Ummmm any excuse to eat noodles 💕💗💖✨
Xx Traigen xX
Xx Traigen xX - 7 days ago
Is this Jackie chan?
Chris Jonker
Chris Jonker - 7 days ago
When he stops and shakes his head i feel like hes going to say its bad.
KiNG jAWBo - 7 days ago
Didnt your mother tell you not to talk with your mouth full
SavageBillahx2 - 7 days ago
I've probably watched this video like 6 times
MEGA RETARD - 7 days ago
Bruh when he said "I feel horny just squeezing it" my mind exploded 😂
Moises Alvarado
Moises Alvarado - 7 days ago
I like Chow Mein and Fried chicken and dumplings and pork and beans and hotdogs and chilli dogs I like Rainbow sherbet ice cream and Rocky road ice cream and my most favorite flavor of ice cream is Cookies and Cream Ice cream and I really love Cheese Cake
Moises Alvarado
Moises Alvarado - 7 days ago
And I really like Pizza and Pasta and Hamburgers and Fries and Salad so yeah I just love food because food is amazing and great what would we do without food and drinks I don't drink alcoholic beverages so yeah but other Beverages that are non alcoholic that I do love drinking are Water, Sodas, and Juices and my most favorite Soda is Root beer or Fanta Grape Soda and my most favorite juices are probably orange juice or even especially apple juice and I also like brand drinks like Gatorade and Powerade and Arizona and Koolaid and Minute Maid Lemonade and Pink Lemonade and my favorite flavor of the Arizona drinks is Mucho Mango and also I like the Green Tea and Honey with Ginsing that flavor of the Arizona brand drinks is good and also the Kiwi Strawberry flavor
Moises Alvarado
Moises Alvarado - 7 days ago
I love Ramen noodles and Sushi and Frog legs and Orange Chicken and Eggrolls and Fried rice and Beef and Broccoli and I really love Tofu and Kimchi and Squid and Octopus and Shrimp and so many other delicious foods
Moises Alvarado
Moises Alvarado - 7 days ago
I want to soon star traveling all around the world so I would like to visit Japan that would probably be one of the first places I'd like to visit and then many other places like Mexico and Germany and pretty much I would love to go to every country in the world
Meghan Paige
Meghan Paige - 8 days ago
This is how many times he said borderline
s f
s f - 8 days ago
Seth Vu
Seth Vu - 8 days ago
People just staring at Mike like, how can ha afford all this, or, can he eat all that?
E Girl
E Girl - 8 days ago
Hey Strictly Dumpling, your channel is so amazing that my math teacher literally watches your videos on his wall projector during class. No cap 🧢
tissue paper
tissue paper - 8 days ago
That bun has more feelings than my crush....
Ruth Umadhay
Ruth Umadhay - 9 days ago
You are amazing🤣👌
Elisha Beltran
Elisha Beltran - 9 days ago
711 food in the Philippines sucks!
eira William
eira William - 9 days ago
He looks like Jackie Chan's brother....
Webwvwvwv Wvwbwbveveve
Webwvwvwv Wvwbwbveveve - 9 days ago
Ethan Hang
Ethan Hang - 10 days ago
Lawson: I border line hate when this guy says borderline
Angelo Da Conceicao
Angelo Da Conceicao - 10 days ago
How can you eat that much Must have Tape worm
DBaangz - 10 days ago
Hish Mish
Hish Mish - 10 days ago
Try 711 in Egypt
Hero Hunter
Hero Hunter - 11 days ago
Sooo how can you eat all that in one sitting
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