Testing The Brain Sensing Headband

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Adam Mortimer
Adam Mortimer - 2 months ago
This is awesome! I own the muse 2. It works really well!
diva and the lunatics
diva and the lunatics - 2 months ago
put that thing on him with a large snake nearby
MonkeyGamer 2007
MonkeyGamer 2007 - 2 months ago
i tried to meditate just now and i stopped breathing for a few seconds
Liv Gee
Liv Gee - 3 months ago
This pretty much just proves that Link is exceptional at pretending Rhett isn't talking.
ZOD4 - 3 months ago
I always knew there was a dark storm going on in Rhett's mind.
Алина Бурьян
Алина Бурьян - 4 months ago
There’s a second one out!
Moe A
Moe A - 4 months ago
Amelia Walsh Walsh
Amelia Walsh Walsh - 4 months ago
Michael Jackson Space geek
Dang that’s a lot of birds link
drink z coffee
drink z coffee - 4 months ago
Interesting how Rhett's storm would grow stronger the more Link would talk. Link... Take a hint buddy... Listen to your friend.
Toldyaso - 4 months ago
I hate when people start talking about Canadians, they've always got to stick some French into the conversation. There is only 1 province in Canada that is French speaking, so stop painting us all with that brush. Ty.
Rafael Eduardo Dos Santos
Rafael Eduardo Dos Santos - 4 months ago
Adriana Lima 😍
Sylar Jordan
Sylar Jordan - 4 months ago
You guys should have smoked before this
Audrey Tibbits
Audrey Tibbits - 4 months ago
link had his eyes open during calibration didn't he?
Nepsa96 - 4 months ago
Classic best friend move to sabotage your friend's meditation to "win" having the most birds 😂😂😂
Hector Alvdo
Hector Alvdo - 4 months ago
I hate this episode
HikaruRain - 4 months ago
I would like that product. Just wold prefer it to have wale songs instead. Bird chatter drives me crazy after a few minutes.
SharpTheDemon - 4 months ago
John - 4 months ago
Does she have to speak constantly? I would go mad trying to relax when someone sits and speaks to me
Ethan Y.
Ethan Y. - 4 months ago
i dont like christie, she talks too much
Akshay - 4 months ago
*I cannot dislike Christine enough!*
Jessica Vetter
Jessica Vetter - 4 months ago
I am so irritated. This wasn't equal - Link and Christine were much louder during Rhett's than Rhett and Christine were during his.
Matthew Olsen
Matthew Olsen - 4 months ago
Shut up!!!  let the men meditate
6th Wilbury
6th Wilbury - 4 months ago
This video is inconclusive. Please bring Adriana Lima herself on to the show for further review.
Woodshadow - 4 months ago
Wow never wanted to punch Rhett more
Gavin Harper
Gavin Harper - 4 months ago
12:09 "Think of laVar Burton" immediate thunderstorms XD
Dog Lover Maya
Dog Lover Maya - 4 months ago
So, Link's brain shuts off when Rhett talks and Rhett's brain becomes more active when Link talks. Lmao
Krazi G
Krazi G - 4 months ago
He does look like a star Trek reject 😂🤣☠️
NTLE - 4 months ago
3:04 link=Frankenstein
lamenting taco
lamenting taco - 4 months ago
Shane White
Shane White - 4 months ago
Whitney Williams
Whitney Williams - 4 months ago
I’m confused as to why they’re talking
PedroMO7U - 4 months ago
I'm not a fan of ASMR but if you throw LeVar Burton facts in there, sign me up!
Korbin Lyons
Korbin Lyons - 4 months ago
i thought she said egg
Milxqi - 4 months ago
Honestly that girl was so distracting... STOP BLOWING IN THEIR EARS
Kroneexe - 4 months ago
Rhett is thinking about everything there is to think about 24/7, he's always been like that. Link just goes with the flow.
S B E V E - 4 months ago
Link looks high
Justin Alveranga
Justin Alveranga - 4 months ago
She's pretty
Louis - 4 months ago
Lol the top comments are mostly praise-bashing Link.
Altitude Pilot
Altitude Pilot - 4 months ago
8:35 my face on monday morning
jessica torres
jessica torres - 4 months ago
oh my god she was so annoying in this video
Cakes & Wonderous Wonders
Cakes & Wonderous Wonders - 4 months ago
Link really does look like he's fried his brain with the laser! Ha!
SB Film
SB Film - 4 months ago
she's cute as hell
Abrielle V
Abrielle V - 4 months ago
I was screaming at Rhett the whole time to shut up 🤣
Mork 666
Mork 666 - 4 months ago
I meditate a lot, it's called sleeping!!
Ferny Quintana
Ferny Quintana - 4 months ago
Christine showed her toes in that shoe game, she was soothin the boiis and she referenced Storm?

She can get it
Kevlar Burrito
Kevlar Burrito - 4 months ago
In Rhett's defense Link wouldn't shut up the entire time lol
Henry Gooding
Henry Gooding - 4 months ago
Dude I would be pissed rhet would get an immediate punch to the face if not a knock out. I feel bad for you link
Good Morñing
Good Morñing - 4 months ago
Hey who was that girl?
Also I love her uhh speech impediment or accent? Whatever it is tho I like it. 🙃
Emiri-Chan - 4 months ago
This low key made me irritated how they kept talking and blowing at him while Link was meditating
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