making and eating my first ever deep dish pizza

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Cam - 10 hours ago
Me: Literally likes this video before it really even started.
I'm just loving all your cooking vids. Hope theres many more to come cuz I've binge watched them all. Lol
Zen Mother
Zen Mother - 22 hours ago
Beep bep beep bepppp it’s gunna fall apart! 😂
Cory Waldron
Cory Waldron - 23 hours ago
Gotta do one with some of that Beyond Sausage
Jon Lydell
Jon Lydell - 3 days ago
This is gonna be an awesome recipe to try. I look forward to making on my channel. Thanks :P
Irene Dinnick
Irene Dinnick - 4 days ago
This is probably going to sound super stupid but can vegans eat yeast? Like ethically of course. My thinking is like I guess fruitarins or whatever they’re called don’t. I might be confusing myself. It’s late.
mydorksquad - 5 days ago
Wish I could whisk my problems away lol
Samantha Healey
Samantha Healey - 5 days ago
I’m hungry for some of your deep dish pizza cause it looks/sounds really good! I’m about to make some deep dish pizza one day in the way future cause I’m lazy but it’s a good though.
Harrison - 6 days ago
Bruh you ain’t gluten intolerant you prolly just had some bad bread my mans
CuteToad - Day ago
You're joking right? 😅 He has celiac disease and has been getting sick since he was a child
Cole Parsley
Cole Parsley - 6 days ago
You should call this series, “The Aries First ....”
Joy Paoletti
Joy Paoletti - 7 days ago
"I once knew a hobo, called two batches." -- old-timey homestar
Bo Jaxon
Bo Jaxon - 7 days ago
How did the other crust turn out?
Momoko Honey
Momoko Honey - 8 days ago
The reason you add the salt after you whisk is because if the salt sits on top of the yeast, it kills the yeast.
althea colleen
althea colleen - 8 days ago
as someone from chicago, julien did an amazing job on this pizza
Alessia Fontanella
Alessia Fontanella - 11 days ago
I'm speaking in the name of every Italian who got to see this video, I'm sure... guys, we all love you. We truly do. But please, don't call that pie a pizza. It looks beautiful and delicious, but you guys broke my heart every time you called that a pizza
Nikki Dogmom
Nikki Dogmom - 12 days ago
I’m totally trying this!!
Emily Joyce
Emily Joyce - 12 days ago
Dope as fuck 😂 love lunatics
Annarox Schweitzer
Annarox Schweitzer - 13 days ago
My family and I have used cast iron skillets to bake our deep dish pizzas in for years. I've honestly noticed a complete different texture in the crust. A golden crunch on the outside, while the inside is still soft. It takes a long time to perfect deep dish honestly. I could only imagine making it GF and Vegan comes with it's own challenges as well!
Panned a
Panned a - 13 days ago
ok I’m sorry but how is this zero calories? The only way that can happen is if youre eating plastic or getting absolutely 0 nutrients from this entire dish, which is impossible since the sauce itself is literally made up of multiple vegetables, which already contain multiple calories. Additionally, he says this in many of his cooking videos where its just not possible. I just wanted to put this out there so theres no misconceptions to how calories work.
Dazee Mae
Dazee Mae - 14 days ago
please put your recipes or a reference in the description bar ❣️ love you so much
A3x30 __
A3x30 __ - 15 days ago
Why do I keep on re watching this video
Bunny Bunny
Bunny Bunny - 15 days ago
Am I gunna do any of that .. no but um i gunna go heat up a hot pocket cause I’m high ... yeah :)
Kazefiend - 15 days ago
Watching him make that dough was a trial sent by god to determine if I am able to handle absolute madness. I love julien but like, read the yeast packet please.
Lozza Bear
Lozza Bear - 16 days ago
Anyone else replay that dance scene over and over and over in tears of laughter?~ BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP
Manpreet Sahota
Manpreet Sahota - 17 days ago
You couldn’t put the salt in the beginning because it would’ve killed the yeast 😬
Charlotte Cook-Henesy
Charlotte Cook-Henesy - 18 days ago
I’m sure someone else has said this, but, the salt will deactivate the yeast if they are together for too longer before the liquids are added.
The Wanderer_000
The Wanderer_000 - 20 days ago
I really like watching these videos, you sir are my new favorite cooking channel
Dahlia Cross
Dahlia Cross - 20 days ago
"just be more careful than I was" - he says leaving the WORKING hand mixer on its side like nothing's wrong
Riri Pasta
Riri Pasta - 20 days ago
Moq needs to come on as a guest taste tester on ur next cooking video lol
Tina Esnaashari
Tina Esnaashari - 23 days ago
One of my favorite sounds is just hearing you go "BEPBEPBEPBEPBEP!"
Emma Rababi
Emma Rababi - 23 days ago
No calories?!?
Faith Soprano
Faith Soprano - 23 days ago
"Don't mess with a pressure cooker."
_Has a running mixer just randomly lying on the counter._
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez - 24 days ago
Salt kills yeast
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen - 24 days ago
Julien, Make a Detroit Style deep dish! It is actually the best pizza on Earth!
Gabe Rosales
Gabe Rosales - 24 days ago
From what I know, you shouldn't let sugar, salt, and yeast touch directly because it kills the yeast. That's why in some videos they put them in separate wells in the flour. Once sugar is incorporated or dissolved into the dough, the yeast can feed on it because it's more diluted. :)
Sara - 24 days ago
"If I were a real chef. Or prepared." 😂
LeSSa - 24 days ago
38lizzieb - 27 days ago
this has probably been mentioned already; but the cornmeal goes in the pan before the dough goes in, dough doesn't go in the fridge to rise-it needs somewhere warm and dark to do that. (from someone who lives in chicago and has made homemade deep dish numerous times)
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson - 29 days ago
if you put all of your ingredient cups on a piece of butcher paper, you can pencil label them so you dont forget
llGalaxia - Month ago
Hiiii, as weird as this might sound you gotta try kneeding the pizza dough until it becomes as soft as your earlobe. Then let it sit in a bowl and covered. After the that the dough has been sitting for hours contemplating on yeast then remove the cover of the bowl. The dough should forgiving to work with haha. Try this recipe again.
Caitlyn Marie
Caitlyn Marie - Month ago
Please make meat lovers lasagna. I am allergic to dairy.
Caitlyn Marie
Caitlyn Marie - Month ago
You even said “activates yeast” while pouring the powder form in the mix of dry ingredients
Christine Scott
Christine Scott - Month ago
Yes you can eat deep dish cold yes it would still hold together
Avery Harshbarger
Avery Harshbarger - Month ago
You needed way more oil and also incorporate ingredients more🙂
Mac Nicole
Mac Nicole - Month ago
i appreciate being told i can stay as someone from chicago
Chronicles of Nadia
Chronicles of Nadia - Month ago
Watching this after Julien got his stand mixer makes me feel superior
E - Month ago
checking if it's salt or sugar is a cowardly virgo trait... YOU CHANGED, YOU'VE BEEN INFECTED!
Kathryn MacDonald
Kathryn MacDonald - Month ago
Omg, I also have never had deep dish, and was recently diagnosed with celiac. Im 1000% trying this 😍😍
Vic Toria
Vic Toria - Month ago
you really DIDNT do it to that dough it needs to be kneaded
Shayne Gelfond
Shayne Gelfond - Month ago
Bruh I'm born and raised in Chicago and I am telling you that cold deep dish is the bomb dot fucking com
Kaitlyn O
Kaitlyn O - Month ago
it look lke a pumpkin pie lol
Zero Large
Zero Large - Month ago
sauce on TOP!?!?!?
Haley Joseph
Haley Joseph - Month ago
I was so inspired by this video that I went all the way to my kitchen to microwave some frozen pizza :))
lalalalalalalala8111 - Month ago
Cold deep dish is bomb
Mirra Garbarino
Mirra Garbarino - Month ago
I’ve been watching him so much that ads for gluten free flour and other products like that are starting to pop up😂😂
Caity - Month ago
3:58 oh Julen what you doin?
kassie b
kassie b - Month ago
julien: be careful with a pressure cooker
also julien: *has a fucking mixer on*
Sydney Becker
Sydney Becker - Month ago
have I really been using my spatula wrong this whole time..? 😅
Caity - Month ago
Sydney Becker explain?
littleowleyes - Month ago
I really enjoy your cooking videos! Thanks for sharing them!
saturn - Month ago
i’ve lived in chicago for a good portion of my life, and until i went to california to visit some family i had no idea deep dish pizza, lou malnatis and giordanos weren’t everywhere. needless to say i was devastated.
also, your pizza slice held together way better than the ones i’ve had. gonna go to lou’s right now this has me craving some pizza
Meechee From hell
Meechee From hell - Month ago
It’s pie
Panic!at the disCHOI YOUNGJAE
julien in his channel just reminds me of a gentle but somehow chaotic dog
Christina Marino
Christina Marino - Month ago
Celiac question! What kind of 1 to 1 flour are you using... need a good one or do you mix your own?
sky - fi
sky - fi - Month ago
very disappointed to not get a cheesy cross section close up 😔
Zexonyte - Month ago
I'd really like to see Julien try making Detroit style pizza.
rori dominguez
rori dominguez - Month ago
no one:
julien: * mic’d up *
julien: * intense breathing and eating *
Hannah Schneider
Hannah Schneider - Month ago
SO inspiring! I went out immediately to get the right ingredients and made my own sushi for the first time! Thank you so much!!
Savannah Bickell
Savannah Bickell - Month ago
Salt retards the yeast (actually the professional term used 😂) so you have to keep them relatively separate- usually just adding them to opposite sides of the bowl is good enough
Jordyn F
Jordyn F - Month ago
2:58 the most precious face I’ve ever seen
folieayourmom - Month ago
julien!! sugar is what yeast eats while you bloom it (it wasn't bloomed) and salt kills the yeast which is why it was added last
folieayourmom - Month ago
@Keona I only know what I know from british cooking channels I'm the least superior. and blooming is basically just when the yeast gets to eat and then becomes alive or 'activated' which is what makes it work and makes doughs etc rise. if you don't activate the yeast by blooming it then the yeast won't rise ::))
Keona - Month ago
What the fuck is blooming? You mean proofing? Can we get some plain English for non chefs?
bri demi
bri demi - Month ago
this looks great, maybe i need to become vegan
Mariah Hickman
Mariah Hickman - Month ago
Im from Detroit and this wasnt a deep dish (the kind I grew up eating and seeing) this is what we call a Chicago style pizza. Deep dishes around here are always square, with the sauce under the cheese&you can grab a slice and go lol
Keona - Month ago
Dear yank, you do know there are different types of deep dish pizzas? There are also 49 other states. Not just Michigan. This is chicago DEEP DISH.
alicia alonzo
alicia alonzo - Month ago
i barely cook but i have seen my mom put any type of dough in the oven so it can sweat and grow
Grace M
Grace M - Month ago
It’s so funny cause when Jenna and Julien cook together Julien is a child but as soon as Julien is alone he turns into master chef Julien 😂
Lauren Rodriguez
Lauren Rodriguez - Month ago
Why can’t you do this everyday!!! Jk love these vids
Alyssa Brown-Carleton
Alyssa Brown-Carleton - Month ago
I am gluten free but not vegan. I miss pizza and bread. Chicago girl, so deep dish is a staple
blacky2o1 - Month ago
Next time you make it you should throw in some beyond sausage cuz I bet it's be pretty tasty
MmUhBash - Month ago
Try baking the crust for about 5-8 min first then dress it up ;]
Eden T
Eden T - Month ago
I know this will probably get lost in the comment section, but the adding the salt is an extra step because it will retard the yeast! I think I learned that on the great British baking show, where Paul Hollywood talked about how you should add the yeast and the salt to opposite sides of the bowl so it won’t kill the yeast
LadyNattington - Month ago
Can you make a video showcasing how you care for your knives? I can never get mine that sharp. Tell us your seeeeeecrets.
Allison Bonk
Allison Bonk - 2 months ago
5:25 Is like teachers betting on kids in my grade
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