Can You Feel It? with Kate Beckinsale

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Yohanna Xoxo
Yohanna Xoxo - Hour ago
if u watch closely kate was wording what jimmy said in the beginning
she's the most beautiful girl ever
Arma Lol
Arma Lol - 3 hours ago
Jimmy need acting lessons. Bad Acting with Fake laughs
Raquel Apulchro
Raquel Apulchro - 4 hours ago
she is so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
lastdropofpoison - 5 hours ago
There is acting then there's overacting then there is Jimmy Fallon
Sean - 6 hours ago
This guy is overacting... kinda annoying..
mgkpraesi - 9 hours ago
07:44 Proof that the whole thing is staged from A-Z
Johnathan M.
Johnathan M. - 10 hours ago
Her sexy feet should have been in that box. Gorgeous from head to toes!
André Pansera
André Pansera - 13 hours ago
This woman has the sexiest voice ever, I swear to god ❤️
mrnine324 - 13 hours ago
My GOD she is so gorgeous!
John Brank
John Brank - 13 hours ago
He’s copying the games that the Chinese people play
Chelsey Bio
Chelsey Bio - 13 hours ago
I miss Conan... Fallon's luster wore off a long time ago.
Spencer Wharton
Spencer Wharton - 13 hours ago
He is such a wimp
Hendro Azis
Hendro Azis - 15 hours ago
been kate's fans for years, and i can't believe how youth-like she is now. botox heh
Jam Tub
Jam Tub - 16 hours ago
This guy's so fuckin gay.
moon75866 - 16 hours ago
Kate you hot hot stuff
Lotta Maine
Lotta Maine - 17 hours ago
I'm definitely straight, but mygod do I find Kate Beckinsale EXTREMELY hot. Holyshitballs.
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien - 17 hours ago
Jimmy, you big girls blouse
Destrologando - 17 hours ago
So, she's Back in sale
n/a n/a
n/a n/a - 19 hours ago
Love her!!😍😍😍💙 i could listen to her talk all day! Could u imagine her talking dirty to you!👌🏾
ahoorakia - 21 hour ago
is she ever gonna get old?!
Lin Lin
Lin Lin - 23 hours ago
Is it my step dad?
itsTheALFA - Day ago
I thought Jimmy Fallon was funny until I watched Conan, Corden, Kimmel, and duh Fallon is so fake LMAO
armpitpuncher - Day ago
AKBingo did it better.
Lance Pena
Lance Pena - Day ago
Beautiful and her accent = HOT
But Sandra Bullock (54) is still the hottest mom in the world imo.
Pascal Tiberghien
Pascal Tiberghien - Day ago
This is so fake
Skodz Gaming
Skodz Gaming - Day ago
lol is it just me wondering how that person got cramped under that table ?
Grace London
Grace London - Day ago
And the Emmy Award for the "Most Over the Top Reaction to Stuff You Already Knew About from the Afternoon's Writing Session" goes to...
richard bello
richard bello - Day ago
What cowards
DubDanTV - Day ago
Shots fired at tom cruise... ouch. He's the only one that could fit in there or what.
CrimsonZ - Day ago
This is what overthinking looks like
David Stewart
David Stewart - Day ago
I used to like this show but he is a complete nightmare.
Berta Griese
Berta Griese - Day ago
Obsessed with poo
ki0ng - Day ago
She is still an older female
Patrick - Day ago
What’s up with her and poop 💩 lmao I think she wanted to touch some poop for real
Steve Campeau
Steve Campeau - Day ago
Why bottox or facelift Kate, you were so beautiful you didn't need that shit to stay beautiful!!
Pete E
Pete E - Day ago
Why are people saying he's fake? I don't. He's just scared af
Ole No. 1
Ole No. 1 - Day ago
I could look at her all day. 😍
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Jimmy was freaking Kate out and the crowd's noise freaking Jimmy too
armadillotoe - Day ago
She is lovely. He is a talking cockroach.
Sarvesh Hajare
Sarvesh Hajare - Day ago
Is it my step dad ....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tarryon Darrington
Tarryon Darrington - Day ago
'I'll touch poo if I have to' - Kate Beckinsale, 2019
Heads Up Studios
Heads Up Studios - Day ago
Jeezus...did he rehearse these stupid screams?
k to the c mofo
k to the c mofo - Day ago
Kate is the hottest woman on this jk
She is ADORABLE! Just stunningly adorably gorgeous.
dubtownman - Day ago
Kimmel is a waste of time
Neil Ongoco
Neil Ongoco - Day ago
That frog should have turned into a prince when Kate's so sexy and magical finger touched it.
Ihsan Halabjay
Ihsan Halabjay - Day ago
Jimmy always like a child 😑.
Somafera - Day ago
I love Kate Beckinsale 😍
SlikthePlayer - Day ago
Oh stoop it
yashwant singh
yashwant singh - Day ago
Fuck!!!!!!Kate is gorgeous af
Emily Booth
Emily Booth - Day ago
Really unfair to do that to a frog
Hey There
Hey There - 2 days ago
the frog was like, "please stop poking my head, i just wanna go back to my pond"
Pen Wednesday
Pen Wednesday - 2 days ago
What a woman
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin - 2 days ago
Oh IT'S A Bull-Frog. I 'm actually CAN'T DO THAT
D Max
D Max - 2 days ago
Oh lovely, lovely Kate Beckinsale...
🎵 Touch me in the morning, then just walk away... 🎵
Lalo Ortega
Lalo Ortega - 2 days ago
Hahaha it's a huge poo
Mark F
Mark F - 2 days ago
Conan for the tonight show 2020 Jimmy Fallon sit your fake ass down
EvilBlackCat - 2 days ago
Me: If I were ever to do this I'd have to stipulate no worms.
Show: Rolls out box of worms.
Me: I'm not even there and I'm nopeing out of this one.
Chris Dwyer
Chris Dwyer - 2 days ago
Most annoying audience to have ever existed
godisbollocks - 2 days ago
God dayum she's hot. She must need a can of dick repellent on hand at all times.
Zoe Rose Shakocius
Zoe Rose Shakocius - 2 days ago
i feel so bad for the frog
Елена Сватковская
Is Jimmy really scared of worms???? .......)))))) he was overreacting!!!
Jmichael Isbell
Jmichael Isbell - 2 days ago
She is obsessed with "poo", somehow though it still works for her.
tommy gil
tommy gil - 2 days ago
I love you Kate greetings from Ecuador ♥️♥️♥️ you're so perfect!!!
Aaron Jenkin
Aaron Jenkin - 2 days ago
The Mask Man
The Mask Man - 2 days ago
Is she really vampires killer?
Ya N.
Ya N. - 2 days ago
3:00 Jimmy’s just laughing like um Pennywise 😂😂😂😂😂
Alcemist01 - 2 days ago
Cutest woman ever! So natural and elegant!
InamberI - 2 days ago
Do you imagine waking up in the morning and find Kate Beckinsale cuddling you from behind?
Somafera - Day ago
No, because I'm an asshole and the world hates me, could never get that lucky.
Daniel Villalobos
Daniel Villalobos - 2 days ago
Oh gawd... even with the incredible Kate Beckinsale giving her best "sex pout" and laughing, I can barely handle this because of Jimmy.
Scott B
Scott B - 2 days ago
Be a MAN Jimmy! Put your hands in the box!!
Odin Ares
Odin Ares - 2 days ago
so bad acting .. like they don't know whats inside 🙄
Ardiano99 - 2 days ago
Forever young
Argyros Vivum
Argyros Vivum - 2 days ago
Anything on any new Underworld, movie?
Argyros Vivum
Argyros Vivum - 2 days ago
She’s beautiful!
John Walker Lee
John Walker Lee - 2 days ago
Milf Gilf she hot!
Mirnelle Mercado-Negron
the whole video is just me waiting on Jimmy to get over himself like bro cmon jeeezz
DJ JDB - 2 days ago
Kate is beyond beautiful.
Enrico - 2 days ago
I only get this weird cringe vibe with Jimmy fallon. Such and overactor.
james perreault
james perreault - 2 days ago
shes so hot
Azuan Aziz
Azuan Aziz - 2 days ago
so fake jimmy
Gabriel Lemut
Gabriel Lemut - 2 days ago
so fake
STOP - 2 days ago
Is it a poo?
kevnct 1
kevnct 1 - 2 days ago
Oh, it's marshmallow peeps GTFOH this shit must be set up some way
God Blessed America
God Blessed America - 2 days ago
She’s so beautiful.
tracy j.
tracy j. - 2 days ago
It's a huge poo 😆😆
Mr.Chow - 2 days ago
God damn i love her
Steakbread - 2 days ago
What a pansie..
b. bryant
b. bryant - 2 days ago
Is it poooooooohhhhhhh!?!?!?!? it gonna bite me!?!?!?!? 😍,that accent
Falken Vir
Falken Vir - 2 days ago
Act like a Man Jimmy...
Ben Huang
Ben Huang - 2 days ago
seriously, overacting so much Jimmy...........
W Smith meos
W Smith meos - 2 days ago
kate 😙😙😍
Vinayaka Halemane
Vinayaka Halemane - 2 days ago
Kate Beckinsale should do an episode of Ew.
I have never seen someone more fake than this guy...he plays this game with many guests still acts like its the first one...
TatoVargas - 3 days ago
Love Kate, but poor frog :(
peri - 3 days ago
i wish i was there when they told the intern, "we have a job for you..." he gets all excited and then that happens. the look on his face ,priceless .😂
Steve Thea
Steve Thea - 4 minutes ago
the blond one will get old quick and look like a wrinkly, saggy old hag by around the mid thirties. whites have a VERY short shelf life because of the lack of skin color and thin skin they age prematurely.
Craig Ster
Craig Ster - 3 days ago
Now she can go home & work out some more & talk about her poop phobia.
Work Shop
Work Shop - 3 days ago
who's foot is that? you ask who's foot is that... fucking weirdos
Michael J. Piazza
Michael J. Piazza - 3 days ago
No Kate you havent aged in like 15 years
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