Can You Feel It? with Kate Beckinsale

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lazyBert - 4 hours ago
kate or marisa tomei?
Almighty Lag
Almighty Lag - 9 hours ago
Her voice is by far the sexiest thing on earth...
Yee Dan
Yee Dan - 16 hours ago
Kate went full super mario accent on 8:07
Nono Ami
Nono Ami - Day ago
It's a huge poo不不不不不不不不不不
Ice Wolfe
Ice Wolfe - Day ago
She looks horny
Deborah Adair
Deborah Adair - Day ago
Great segment Jimmy and I do believe I know why someone put you up to the human foot thing. Lol
GOLF STRIM - Day ago
迮邿 郕郅赲訄.
phantom 7 cross rose
phantom 7 cross rose - 2 days ago
he probably had to change his panties, and fallon sucks roots
Magnifico Official
Magnifico Official - 2 days ago
Sounds cute.
Dennis Torres
Dennis Torres - 2 days ago
Omg What a FOX!!!手
赲迣迮郇邽邿 郋
赲迣迮郇邽邿 郋 - 2 days ago
衪苠 苤衎 衩............................
Rjsh Hoeba
Rjsh Hoeba - 2 days ago
Compare Jimmy's head with Kate
Pierre Lby
Pierre Lby - 2 days ago
Do Underworld 6 !!
Dan - 2 days ago
Kate Beckinsale has to be the sexiest woman
Ferry - 3 days ago
she wanted it to be poo so bad lol wtf?
Trumanz - 3 days ago
''1st world problem'' show
George Mavrides
George Mavrides - 3 days ago
Besides being gorgeous, she has nicely toned legs ... that definition on her thigh at 7:02 is so sexy.
Kelly Norman
Kelly Norman - 3 days ago
He's not funny he's actually retarded
Abdujabor Khalifazoda
Abdujabor Khalifazoda - 3 days ago
Kate "Poo" Beckinsale
Francisco Navarrete
Francisco Navarrete - 3 days ago
Kate is my love, I love her
迮郇邽邿 邽郇郋
迮郇邽邿 邽郇郋 - 3 days ago
迣訄郇 郋))
胯芥潦憭抒 - 4 days ago
Im sorry but thats not the beautiful Kate beckinsale face I knew..... I miss her original face...
sweyie kikhi
sweyie kikhi - 4 days ago
Over acting
MH Cook
MH Cook - 4 days ago
tiujay - 4 days ago
Man! That accent, plus the face! Simply beautiful! Selene...
Andrej F羹l繹p
Andrej F羹l繹p - 4 days ago
kate si sexiest woman in the world.. and that accent
Ginda Tumblin
Ginda Tumblin - 4 days ago
so hot
Charles Lewing
Charles Lewing - 4 days ago
She stopped aging at 29
crni gruja
crni gruja - 4 days ago
What woman would marry this man
creepy - 4 days ago
I can't get over it when Kate said is it a large poo
Just a human
Just a human - 5 days ago
Fuji APR
Fuji APR - 5 days ago
Like a sandra bullock
Marcin tak, to Ja
Marcin tak, to Ja - 6 days ago
Kate After all, she is a beautiful woman.
Gabriel Bush
Gabriel Bush - 6 days ago
rimisark - 6 days ago
she is the most beautiful woman in the world, i love her!
Oliver Trelka
Oliver Trelka - 2 days ago
hmm .. she seems very very self aware.. like a.. what is the word.... total bitch!
chettee - 6 days ago
The hottest milf walking on planet earth.
Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob - 7 days ago
Kate I have something for you to grab on to
Liza Jayne
Liza Jayne - 7 days ago
I have a terrible phobia of vomit, even seeing the word makes me nervous. Ive never seen another person who has the same phobia as me. Its nice to know that there are other people out there who feel the same and are open about it. She isnt joking when she says shell go home. I have had massive panic attacks when I see vomit. But its nice to know there are others out there.
Gabino Gudino
Gabino Gudino - 7 days ago
8:11 jimmy is so lucky
james friel
james friel - 7 days ago
my god those Kate legs.. so fine.
irish chancer
irish chancer - 7 days ago
Fake fucker
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - 8 days ago
I know I am captain obvious here but damn, her face is totally different. She was the most beautiful woman like on the planet with maybe 10 others and now she looks like some common play boy model
Constantine Pak
Constantine Pak - 8 days ago
I would like seeing her touching a dick ;)
alisa alferova
alisa alferova - 8 days ago
I feel so bad for the frog - he didn't like all the poking at all, poor fellow!
Warren Feagins
Warren Feagins - 8 days ago
"If I have to, I'll do poo." No woman has ever said THAT to me.
Maple Leafs
Maple Leafs - 8 days ago
Jimmy may need a vacation hes a little off his rocker.
Jeanette Jimenez
Jeanette Jimenez - 8 days ago
Absolutely hilarious 不不
Reesenguyenn - 8 days ago
How many times did Kate say 'poo', I'm dyinnngggg lmao
Kylie - 8 days ago
The audience acted like worms are gonna hurt someone. They are worms wtf. Literally can't hurt you
lazy Tizzy
lazy Tizzy - 8 days ago
kind of fake why she know exactly where frog is...
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