TRUCKLA: The world's first Tesla pickup truck

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Evan Rosenberry
Evan Rosenberry - 8 hours ago
*Elon Musk has left the chat*
Bjorn Sjogren
Bjorn Sjogren - 17 hours ago
Great show today at the Radar Summit in Stockholm. Tack för den.
Spann L
Spann L - 23 hours ago
First to get pulled over. Let’s me drive🤷🏾‍♂️
djay4487 deved
djay4487 deved - 2 days ago
wait you should make a ford model T body and put it onto a tesla chassis
lynx318therealone - 2 days ago
Tesla pickup release: Nov 21, 2019. Who's laughing now?
Karolis 1
Karolis 1 - 3 days ago
You should give it a lift and then it's good
James M. Meadows Jr.
James M. Meadows Jr. - 5 days ago
Elon Musk sees this and disables charging...
IISammII - 5 days ago
Now there's a real one lol
Elliot Tall
Elliot Tall - 6 days ago
Still got warranty? Nope
Dantae Simpsion
Dantae Simpsion - 6 days ago
Nice try
Marcus Conaway
Marcus Conaway - 6 days ago
This is cool an raw asf 😂but it’s ah pick up car she should’ve gave it a truck suspension
DarknoorX - 7 days ago
You missed writing random words in big white letters.
All car commercials have these.
Scandic - 8 days ago
Im late but watching Savage builds and i gota say truckla sounds like the mushroom and im laughing my ass off hahahahaha truckla yer killing me.
buildIT. - 8 days ago
Props for the Project but it looks like shit...
warrentowe - 9 days ago
Who of this persons are to be watch this video still today 2019?
Rosalind Smith
Rosalind Smith - 11 days ago
i am a woman engineer, i’ve been thinking myself.......what i can say is.......i bow to your supremacy......mic drop.....
SHAIT - 11 days ago
You have ruined the car
Cosimo D'Errico
Cosimo D'Errico - 3 days ago
I told you not to look me up
IN YOUR FACE... that small black electric truck in front of the gray 18 wheeler IS TESLA PICK UP TRUCK. But instead of pulling a house trailer with the windows and the box hook up in the back of the black truck is pulling a regular trailer. REMEMBER TESLA IS PULLING 300,000 POUND NO WANT BELIEVE HIM BUT FORD IS PULLING 1,000.000.000 POUND AND YOU CAN'T TRUST TESLA
Rob Pettis
Rob Pettis - 15 days ago
I want to adopt this young woman! You dear, and your team, are amazing! Nice job, very nice job indeed!
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner - 17 days ago
lol your advert got a car advert
Techy Plays
Techy Plays - 17 days ago
Available now here? Sweet
Chase - 18 days ago
anyone else find the voice annoying
yusuf ahmet
yusuf ahmet - 18 days ago
Just so way cool this is amazing 😲😎😉
T Greer
T Greer - 20 days ago
Aussies be like: that’s just a Ute mate
David Parsons
David Parsons - 20 days ago
Gotta love a ute
John Taylor
John Taylor - 21 day ago
El Camino car but updated and electric. Very nice indeed.
BigHead Boi
BigHead Boi - 25 days ago
you just change the back of the Tesla model 3 to a real model 3 Pickup truck?????
IonizedTester61 - Month ago
if tesla actually made this i would buy it
Janielle Buf
Janielle Buf - Month ago
Yay new commercial❤😍😍😍
Fra Tre
Fra Tre - Month ago
so 6 millions wants a TESLA PICK-UP
Shorne Pubique
Shorne Pubique - Month ago
the tesluck
mcmanus family
mcmanus family - Month ago
A TRUCK has a solid front axle and off road tires. Otherwise it's a car with an open trunk
Ernesto Ortiz
Ernesto Ortiz - Month ago
Available nowhere.
More precisely "now here"
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth - Month ago
This was better then all car commercials
Faith - Month ago
Poor model 3...
Albert Hood
Albert Hood - Month ago
Available .... nowhere. LOL.
Steven Hoberg
Steven Hoberg - Month ago
LOL! Awesome!
The Hostile Mob
The Hostile Mob - Month ago
Many men ask her if she wants to marry him~
Jolan XBL
Jolan XBL - Month ago
Available Now Here!
Russell Nelson
Russell Nelson - Month ago
0:55 The flinging of the charging cable would have been MUCH more fun if you had flung it straight into the charging port. Of could, you would have to film it backwards pulling it out, but whatever.
hi pie
hi pie - Month ago
You know Elon’s make a pick up I think from your idea
Frank Olivieri
Frank Olivieri - Month ago
From El Camino To El Electro
Senthil Kumar
Senthil Kumar - Month ago
Available NowHere Great job Simone
Tyler Spruill
Tyler Spruill - Month ago
i watched like a whole a go and the build video to and i am looking now and it has gone super viral
i thirzty
i thirzty - Month ago
"don't just leave a foot print when you can leave your ........"
Kings Man
Kings Man - Month ago
Would be Nice if Tesla makes the first truck and call it TRUCKLA: Simone Edition
eduardlee999 - Month ago
Next thing you know she’s a Tesla engineer
Marie Flores
Marie Flores - Month ago
I think ill get one......oh that’s y I can’t find them so I just came to the Tesla dealership for nothing time a 10 hour drive back
serafin mendozA
serafin mendozA - Month ago
Trucksla better name!!
Jeff D
Jeff D - Month ago
Good one
Wendy Cundiff
Wendy Cundiff - Month ago
Love it
George Moon
George Moon - Month ago
I've decided I'm going to have to sue . . . because the end of this video CLEARLY says, "Available Now Here" yet you STILL won't sell me one . . . .
The Ultimate Player
The Ultimate Player - Month ago
Available Nowhere😂👌
Alan Hembra
Alan Hembra - Month ago
I'd buy one.
Rene Flores
Rene Flores - Month ago
Why would you do something so controversial yet so brave?
Rajden DeNoyer
Rajden DeNoyer - Month ago
I saw her build it in a video like if you did
이수선 - Month ago
Mr Mysterious
Mr Mysterious - Month ago
But no 4g connection in the country 🤔
Christina Diab
Christina Diab - Month ago
Bro they even added a tailgate I aplaud them for that
TeslaFanBoi_ 100
TeslaFanBoi_ 100 - Month ago
Worlds first eco-friendly truck
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