The Netherlands - LIVE - Duncan Laurence - Arcade - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019

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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest - 6 months ago
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Елена Ромашко
Слава богу он неЛазарев два раза не проехал пусть едет Пугачева
Marianne Berstad
Marianne Berstad - 27 days ago
@Yasin Yılmaz hatari is my boss NANNE MARIANNE je vili Amercan bashar murad try toking me my bed try kild me my bed hatari nows my name
Juanjo Vale
Juanjo Vale - 29 days ago
@Таня Михайлишин👻
Marianne Berstad
Marianne Berstad - Month ago
@Yasin Yılmaz nanne Marianne je was toking me my bed try kild me my bed bashar hatari hannigan kild me you must aduest dem
Yasin Yılmaz
Yasin Yılmaz - Month ago
Dat was heele goeie müzik 👍👍👍...❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Mare Stuij
Mare Stuij - 3 hours ago
December 2019?
Harry van de Sunweb
Harry van de Sunweb - 5 hours ago
nou toch maar ff kijken of t wat was
circus actrice
circus actrice - 11 hours ago
I still listing it
Desoseeska - 12 hours ago
Much better than Netta
Stijn van Mil
Stijn van Mil - 17 hours ago
Who dislikes can’t to them loss🤣😂
bugo - Day ago
mahmood should win
ožbej 11
ožbej 11 - Day ago
Who 's here in december?
Steve v G
Steve v G - Day ago
Who is wild about Edsilia Rombley (ESC 1998/2007) being the host of Eurovision 2020?🙏🏾😍😍
Ronald R
Ronald R - Day ago
ia, a netherlander
DutchxGirl _xo
DutchxGirl _xo - Day ago
Nogsteeds kippenvel 🥺
Angela Xx
Angela Xx - Day ago
Italy better 😊
Johan Klomp
Johan Klomp - 2 days ago
Wat heb je zo dat goed gedaan en zo mooi gezongen. ik vind het zo goed van je.
Margarita Dubalari
Margarita Dubalari - 3 days ago
Australian woman the best!!!
Simon Vedholm
Simon Vedholm - 3 days ago
Роза Белая
Роза Белая - 3 days ago
Duncan laurence and Luca Hanni =💙 O noooo...😯😑
Shipendo - 4 days ago
Who else agrees that Norway is the real winner?
Regulus Arcturus
Regulus Arcturus - 2 days ago
They can't be the real winners when they were 15th in the jury vote, lol. 6th place is more than enough for Norway.
Victor Slemp
Victor Slemp - 2 days ago
Lorenzo Tucano Ok, Miranda.
Margaret Rose Laurence
Margaret Rose Laurence - 3 days ago
No. Norway isn't the real winner. ESC will be held in Rotterdam next year not in Oslo
Lorenzo Tucano
Lorenzo Tucano - 3 days ago
Go bore someone else.
Zuzanna Łatka
Zuzanna Łatka - 4 days ago
Who still listens that in december?
Romaisa sabour
Romaisa sabour - 4 days ago
Anyone watching in 2019 december
Joseph Bleasdale
Joseph Bleasdale - 5 days ago
*Kenny Van Vlamick enters the chat*
Hafizh WK
Hafizh WK - 5 days ago
Totally deserved winner. Go the Netherlands! Love from your former colony. 🇮🇩♥🇳🇱
Le On Hi Lal
Le On Hi Lal - 5 days ago
December 2019?
Fenne - 5 days ago
December 2019, still listening
Mithras Revisited
Mithras Revisited - 5 days ago
This will be forgotten about quckly. Australia was robbed.
Victor Slemp
Victor Slemp - 2 days ago
Regulus Arcturus It is very pointless indeed, since you’re not getting the point. It has nothing to do with who can potentially compete. And my main issue is the entries coming from Australia. It’s definitely something I can’t resolve, so you are right. Hopefully Australia won’t waste another 3 minutes of our show time next year. Have a good day/night. If Canada joins, I can guarantee you half of Europe won’t even watch the show. This is becoming a big circus and everyone just randomly joins in.
Regulus Arcturus
Regulus Arcturus - 2 days ago
@Victor Slemp As I have already mentioned, geographical location I not a requirement for participation. Kazakhstan, Morocco and Canada are the three remaining countries who could potentially compete in Eurovision. You obviously have some unresolved issues and prejudice so this conversation is pretty pointless at this point.
Victor Slemp
Victor Slemp - 2 days ago
Regulus Arcturus Sure. We should let Asia and America participate as well. It’s already a big mess anyway.
Regulus Arcturus
Regulus Arcturus - 2 days ago
@Victor Slemp They won't and they shouldn't. Both Australia and Israel are better than the majority of European countries in terms of results, entries and innovations.
Victor Slemp
Victor Slemp - 2 days ago
Regulus Arcturus I’m not talking about results here. Every single Australian song entry so far sounds similar to the previous one. There is no variety at all. I honestly don’t think the level is high enough for a contest like Eurovision. That’s my personal opinion, but as far as I know a lot of europeans would agree, too. Better end this conversation. We will never reach an agreement, so we’re basically wasting time here. I just hope they will stop letting Australia and Israel participate.
milopazi90 - 5 days ago
Its december 2019. Still cry listening to this.
Musa Jake
Musa Jake - 5 days ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Duncan: i got addicted to a losing game
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior - Day ago
What’s the point of this comment? No one: Literally no one: Humans thousands of years ago: I made fire
Bog Bog
Bog Bog - 6 days ago
Giulia Formenti
Giulia Formenti - 6 days ago
La canzone è bella perché non bisogna togliergli niente, perché anche la performance è bella ma non tanto da vincere.
a gacha story
a gacha story - 6 days ago
(insert netherlands tekst here)
Oliwia Goch
Oliwia Goch - 6 days ago
It' s Very Good that he won Eurovision Song Contests 2019!POLAND 😊🖒
Kacper Bednorz
Kacper Bednorz - 6 days ago
99% Voice
1% Efects
Qzusky - 7 days ago
december 2019 anyone
Melissa Kasavi
Melissa Kasavi - 7 days ago
december 2019 ?
Brian Bongailas
Brian Bongailas - 7 days ago
this is better than the music video [in my opinion]
Mikaella Karandokki
Mikaella Karandokki - 7 days ago
December 2019?
Ania - 7 days ago
My TOP 5:
1. Italy 👑
2. The Netherlands
3. Azerbaijan
4. Malta
5. North Macedonia
Brook 4575
Brook 4575 - 7 days ago
Brook 4575
Brook 4575 - 3 days ago
@lucy boynton i can sing all the song
lucy boynton
lucy boynton - 4 days ago
@Brook 4575 👏🏻👏🏻
Brook 4575
Brook 4575 - 4 days ago
@lucy boynton soldiiiiiii🎶
lucy boynton
lucy boynton - 5 days ago
Brook 4575
Brook 4575 - 7 days ago
Who will still watching it in 2020 ?
Alvine Mbapmo
Alvine Mbapmo - 7 days ago
So beautiful
Hilal Avci
Hilal Avci - 7 days ago
anyone still watching this like me in December 2019
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