Tiniest Piglet Found Running On The Freeway | The Dodo Little But Fierce

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Wilber Weez
Wilber Weez - 4 hours ago
Oh ! I wish Bubbles was ours ! So cute ! 🐷🐽🐷
Sheila Weldon
Sheila Weldon - 5 hours ago
Perfect story and the little one is so cute
Texas Panhandle
Texas Panhandle - 12 hours ago
Run over it
HunterLott Music
HunterLott Music - 18 hours ago
So adorable
Kari Manning
Kari Manning - Day ago
I'm in love!
Damon Libby
Damon Libby - Day ago
That will do pig.
Geovany Lizarraga
Geovany Lizarraga - Day ago
Hey why is BABE living in the UK??
Jayne Aikens
Jayne Aikens - Day ago
Poor baby, poor mumma. Happy she got saved 😍
Missfitmess C
Missfitmess C - Day ago
Piglets are the messiest eaters but it is absolutely the cutest mess ever!
Kathy Florcruz
Kathy Florcruz - 3 days ago
That little porker has been blessed! 💓
Blob fish
Blob fish - 3 days ago
mmmmmmm... bacon
Patty LaPunk
Patty LaPunk - 3 days ago
Go Vegan
Tommy Maltipoo
Tommy Maltipoo - 3 days ago
She looks absolutely 😋 yummy😂
willow english
willow english - 3 days ago
What a beautiful little piglet I love to have this baby so adorabe
Mannequinwizard - 5 days ago
THATS SOME PIG-----------------------
Alicia Barnett
Alicia Barnett - 5 days ago
God keep protecting and blessing all your creatures.
IAM REAL - 5 days ago
I hope this family had the awakening and no longer eats pork.
Anaelle SIDOT
Anaelle SIDOT - 5 days ago
Rita Ann Secrease
Rita Ann Secrease - 6 days ago
Deanna Crownover
Deanna Crownover - 6 days ago
I'm glad they didn't try to keep her as a pet. We are on a farm and I know what kind of pig that is. They can weigh in excess of 600 pounds when they're fully grown.
Ilze Grina
Ilze Grina - 7 days ago
Does anyone know some good vegetarian recipes?
Herbal - 7 days ago
This happened to me too!
Chandra Grant
Chandra Grant - 7 days ago
Beautiful people🙏🏻💕🌸🕊
Heidi Elle
Heidi Elle - 7 days ago
What a happy wonderful story. I am so glad she jumped down from the truck. I wish every piggie could have such a wonderful life with such caring, loving humans.
Ann turner
Ann turner - 7 days ago
Awww that is so brilliant what a happy story. What a lovely young lady you are to save this beautiful little creature. 🤗
Debi Ehrlich
Debi Ehrlich - 7 days ago
The milk drunk milk face sent me into a love coma... so glad you brought the little one home. ❤
lacroix g
lacroix g - 8 days ago
Allusive Ashly
Allusive Ashly - 8 days ago
If you are still eating pig flesh (it's carcinogenic to boot) after watching this humanity has little hope 😭 if u still are please watch DOMINION on youtube
Ravens999 - 8 days ago
Bless her
Dari Love
Dari Love - 8 days ago
She jumped to freedom.
LoLa Stacked
LoLa Stacked - 8 days ago
Star Light
Star Light - 8 days ago
Did the family knows when a pig grow it gets really really REALLY BIG!
savita subrahmanyam
savita subrahmanyam - 9 days ago
Please please stop eating animals 🙏🙏🙏🙏
robin patricio
robin patricio - 9 days ago
Brenda Jo
Brenda Jo - 9 days ago
Darling! I live in the Florida sticks. We have two pigs that roam the neighborhood. Cars stop for them. I feed them all the time. They are adorable. I am also a vegetarian. 🐖❤
R Alexandra
R Alexandra - 9 days ago
That piglet is really lucky... had she not fallen off the truck she probably would have ended up as ham/bacon....
Michael Paul
Michael Paul - 10 days ago
That little piggy is cute but now I’m hungry for a bacon Jr. Cheeseburger from WENDYS!
stephanie wright
stephanie wright - 10 days ago
Home, or hoiyum?
AVA DEA - 10 days ago
if only all people could see how wonderful, playful and sensitive pigs are... they wouldn't want to slaughter them anymore.
Jim McIntyre
Jim McIntyre - 10 days ago
These videos are so amazing! I can’t believe how many great stories there are.
Sonni Valentyne
Sonni Valentyne - 11 days ago
I love animals . but does anyone else find it ruduculouscthat these ppl attach all these feeings and emotions to ANIMAL? ... Its very misleading and not good especially when kids and ppl in general should know that attaching human emotions to animals actually hurts them.
Daily Truth
Daily Truth - 12 days ago
That's why being a Vegan Is the Only truly human thing to do. How could anyone eat her? Someone ate her mom and siblings. Let's get past how cute.... yes of course she's cute! And all the Awwws. Well then, DO NOT EAT MEAT, DO NOT EAT PORK. PORK = HER! Thank God she fell off the truck and was rescued..shes beautiful inside and out.
Brenda Cerena
Brenda Cerena - 12 days ago
Love it!
shrek glerkinsmeirk
shrek glerkinsmeirk - 12 days ago
Why does all these people say "basically" for every sentence
Madelyn Gates
Madelyn Gates - 12 days ago
Little Bubble knew what she was doing..she's a very smart girl. U go bubbles!! She's 2 cute 4 words..🌻🌺🐈🐰🐹🐴😤❤
Up the Ante
Up the Ante - 12 days ago
That little piggy is so adorable!!
Roguesue Ruby
Roguesue Ruby - 12 days ago
That little piglet was indeed special and lucky to be found by those amazing people thank you for caring enough for that little baby
Charles Moore
Charles Moore - 12 days ago
You found a bacon seed!
james b
james b - 12 days ago
We had the pleasure of rescuing a new born but we didn't manage to salvage the other unborn siblings from a dying mother in a black muck bog in India. We took her home, cleaned her up made a few photos with she & our son and proceeded with the milk bottle bit which quickly progressed to a bowl of milk, rice and fruits, which then escalated to rice with chicken broth, chicken bits and so one. We eventually took her to our farm where she had room to grow, visiting and bringing food to her everyday until she was a really big girl months and months later!
Caroline Wiggins
Caroline Wiggins - 12 days ago
Her mother gave birth on the truck.  It is heart-breaking.  I expect the others died really soon - either from exposure or from being crushed.   One day all animals will be free.  The tide is changing.
WestWard Pomona Gyrl
WestWard Pomona Gyrl - 13 days ago
Sooo cute!!
Barb Chiavelli
Barb Chiavelli - 13 days ago
Who could possibly give this video a thumbs down
Beautiful story
mar bar
mar bar - 14 days ago
mar bar
mar bar - 14 days ago
mar bar
mar bar - 14 days ago
It is so cute
Geisha1Fan - 15 days ago
Awww, I'm so hungry.
lucy bond
lucy bond - 17 days ago
The fate of the poor other little pigs that did not fall off the truck. Makes me sick.
John W
John W - 17 days ago
Pork sausage hahaha pigs are smarter than dogs most breeds of dogs are not as smart as a pig. And the way pigs are treated in America is horrible. They are used for medical procedures, food ect.
Nina W
Nina W - 17 days ago
This is sooooo cute!! I wished every pig could have a (long and) happy life like this
Shanon Lynn
Shanon Lynn - 17 days ago
She saved herself, thankfully. I wish this same fate for every pig on earth.
Tommy Cha
Tommy Cha - 18 days ago
I once seen a baby pot belly on the side of the road, this is the cutest pig and so adorable. I knew I had to rescue it and take it home. Once I got it home safely, I start up my grill and kaaba it. Man that was the delicious pig I eva eaten.
liverpoolfan superbluepers Owoade
Do cute
steph - 20 days ago
Does anyone know what breed of pig she is? I'm thinking kune kune 'julianna' but I wasn't sure as she looks a bit different in the face and such
tom patterson
tom patterson - 20 days ago
Thank you for that amazing story it touches your heart thank you. ___ it's true God works in mysterious ways he brought something into your life
Destination: tonsils
Destination: tonsils - 20 days ago
She needs turning into pork chops.
Kendra Borczuch-Kitts
Kendra Borczuch-Kitts - 22 days ago
Thankful for your heart on this rescue mission and sharing your story. ❤️🙏❤️
Jeiygo - 22 days ago
Innocent animals (harmless animals) should not be put in cages or anything like that! like 2:47 unless it's to protect their life in some way.
M Paxton
M Paxton - 23 days ago
Why so many dislikes? Anyone who can't find something to like in this is seriously a grump.
missnessaa8 - 23 days ago
Adorable 😂😂💞💓😍😘
boscoitalics - 23 days ago
Jacqui' Jacqui'
Jacqui' Jacqui' - 23 days ago
She was an adorable piglet...now not so much 😏
Five Skin
Five Skin - 24 days ago
I weep for the unlucky ones at the slaughter houses. Thankfully there are still good people left that see the beauty in pigs that dont believe in killing them.
Lorraine - 24 days ago
This is cute and also made me very hungry 🍖🐷^_^
Janet Pedersen
Janet Pedersen - 24 days ago
Just so adorable! Glad I am a vegetarian!
texmexspm - 25 days ago
Survived an industry that kills 99.9999998 of its victims. What an incredible story. This pigs life is more of a miracle than any of us.
nomad93 - 25 days ago
Please have some compassion and go vegan. These animals are no different than the dogs and cats we keep as pets and love as members of our family.
nomad93 - 17 days ago
+CPS2 I'm not saying people who eat meat are immoral, I used to eat it too after all. I'm saying the act is immoral, because there is a victim involved, and that's the animal. The food industry hide the reality of animal farming from the public, because they know if most people knew the horrors these poor sentient beings have to go through, they would never consume animal products. I will continue to speak against it even if it makes me unpopular.
CPS2 - 17 days ago
Please stop judging people because of what they eat.
D Pagne
D Pagne - 26 days ago
What is her name? So cute
tbh - 27 days ago
Sooooo don't eat them 🥓
CindyLee Fairfield
CindyLee Fairfield - 28 days ago
You guys are amazing!
Char del
Char del - Month ago
Thank you Thank you Thank you Both.
HeyYouGuys! - Month ago
Loulou - Month ago
I baked a ham for tonight but suddenly, I think it is gone a be no more pork for me...
No take her back him her put it fenced off from Dog or Cat or cat then keep it
Cherice Shumaker
Cherice Shumaker - Month ago
Baby pig!!!!!!!!!!
Svetla Nikolova
Svetla Nikolova - Month ago
I am cuteness and I know it! Aren't I the cuttest little piglet on the block, or what?
Dawn Mary bell did kill !!!!! Taylor
Oh my god ,that Little pig ,has more courage than I do ,she wanted to live her life ,and jumping off the truck that day ,saved her life ,what a incredible little girl ,she is I'm so glad she has been saved ,I love animals ,and I will never eat meat again !!!xxxx
Sha Leyva
Sha Leyva - Month ago
So cute 😍
pennysmurf - Month ago
This was a great story. Very touching
Xenia Torres
Xenia Torres - Month ago
Gods creatures, aren’t they something!
Chiara K
Chiara K - Month ago
Omg I want a piggy so bad
Walter Erhart
Walter Erhart - Month ago
I could be wrong here, but when I saw the pig playing with chickens, I thought of ham and eggs.
Hombre Uno
Hombre Uno - Month ago
looks like breakfast to me
Ur always right I’m so wrong
I’ve started eating fish to get my protein. I’d prefer that then eating these adorable animals who don’t deserve to be farmed on these industrial scales. If your gonna eat meat, just support locally breed and slaughtered small business. Their animals will have had at least a half decent life compared to the factory farmed animals.
Amy Gross
Amy Gross - Month ago
Taurus Girl
Taurus Girl - Month ago
Omg!! ❤️❤️❤️
S Tolin
S Tolin - Month ago
Vella Bella
Vella Bella - Month ago
Changed my entire idea of a pig😊
Tokyo Bunny
Tokyo Bunny - Month ago
Thank you To save her. She probably from some Meat farm.
Maricruz Martinez
Maricruz Martinez - Month ago
She is family not bacon.
Rahul Indian Lion
Rahul Indian Lion - Month ago
Stop eating and killing pigs
Karen - Month ago
Cute but what a nice way to make money....
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