Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

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Vanessa Grace Opon
Vanessa Grace Opon - 51 minute ago
Heikal MohammedNuur
Heikal MohammedNuur - 51 minute ago
"Winterfell" means winter(knight king) is falling at winterfell
nika nika
nika nika - Hour ago
gamis mefis dedac
გიორგი ა
Uhh i can't wait anymore!! I wish HBO did like Netflix and released all episodes at once, because that's so frustrating to wait every week for new episode.
Tana Murphy
Tana Murphy - Hour ago
I haven't been watching this show for a few years now and dont really care about it. What I want to know is is Ghost still alive?
Natasha Kara
Natasha Kara - Hour ago
Father Stark will go to the throne!!
Like White Walker 🤘🤘🤘
Noela Wakoli
Noela Wakoli - Hour ago
Everyone is talking about everything apart from how awkward it's going to be for Jon and Dany😬
Vinay Chanumolu
Vinay Chanumolu - Hour ago
Hope Jaime isn't killed..😥 Fuck mad king and fuck Danny..
Master Blek
Master Blek - Hour ago
Who else also believes that Ghost is already dead and under the spell of The Night King?
Vehicles Geestro
Vehicles Geestro - Hour ago
Wer Deutsch kann, der soll mich abonnieren.
Aber er muss nicht.
Ich abonniere auch zurück:)
Mateo Matt
Mateo Matt - Hour ago
I dont want to see Jon fighting in a fucking dragon.
That bitch From therapy
Jamie: need a push?
Bran: need a hand?
*awkward silence*
simon boyane
simon boyane - Hour ago
Hahaha hahaha this is marvelously witty
xmoeys - 2 hours ago
𝗟𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂'𝘃𝗲 𝗻𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝘀𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝗮 𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗹𝗲 𝗲𝗽𝗶𝘀𝗼𝗱𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀
Mitchell Johnstone
Mitchell Johnstone - 2 hours ago
Pod wins the game of thrones ez money
Itachi3040 - 2 hours ago
Daineris is nothing without her dragons.she does not deserve to rule westeros.john or tyrion would fit better
Lil Zee
Lil Zee - 2 hours ago
nihilominus - 2 hours ago
At least, they won't have to care about food anymore.
Aierek - 2 hours ago
Don't you fuckers touch gendrya
Kantshri Baronia
Kantshri Baronia - 2 hours ago
Dany is becoming so irritating by each episode!! On top of it, she made Sam cry!
Bit** deserves to die!!
Brokoli Bunder
Brokoli Bunder - 2 hours ago
S N - 2 hours ago
Legggo Night King aka The Drip king nigga
vega s
vega s - 2 hours ago
Leave Jamie alone. I love that man
Randomzollo - 2 hours ago
Drogon and Ghost will produce a strong Dragolf.
Adrian B
Adrian B - 2 hours ago
What is this Game of Thrones
Papa Franku
Papa Franku - 2 hours ago
merelina - 2 hours ago
I just want to tell that the 1st episode was awful.WhO aLrEaDy WaNtS tO kIlL mE!?(I love Game of Thrones with all my heart but it was...CARELESSLY)
Keyggi - 2 hours ago
what is that sword Jorah Mormont has at 0:20?
Yavitsono Nakhro
Yavitsono Nakhro - 2 hours ago
Sam: Errr your grace?
Yakkun - 2 hours ago
My take on GoT ending: Jon Snow defeats the Night King. However, he needs to replace him in order to force the Walker army back north. Many other main characters die.
A. I
A. I - 2 hours ago
she killed the brother who told her the bedtime stories
Tutu Paul
Tutu Paul - 2 hours ago
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Tutu Paul
Tutu Paul - 2 hours ago
My wife thinks she’s smart,coming home late with different perfumes and always kept saying it’s hers,I purchased a service to hack her WhatsApp from hilaryhk422@gmail com and saw all her hidden messages..
Orchestrate! - 2 hours ago
But she wanted those elephants
Ricca Caranghe
Ricca Caranghe - 3 hours ago
Omaygash. Im so excited!!! 😱😱😱😱
doro626 - 3 hours ago
Put Jaimie in the tower window. Push him out backwards. If he lives, then his crimes are forgiven. Trial by Parapet.
Rich Butter
Rich Butter - 3 hours ago
Dany is setting up to fall
Алексей Воронин
Что не одного русского комента?))
Jules - 3 hours ago
people are complaining about what dany said and like. we don't have the whole footage, we don't know the whole context. we heard only one sentence. this might be a misdirect and might be followed up with something else. just quit bitching and moaning and wait to see the whole thing lol
Karatel 00
Karatel 00 - 3 hours ago
Когда мясорубка одни сопли
Siluman Kura2
Siluman Kura2 - 3 hours ago
Oh, my God
I can't wait for Episode 2
Fortnite Coc
Fortnite Coc - 3 hours ago
my dad says if i get 1k subs he won’t sell me
Jake Heasley
Jake Heasley - 3 hours ago
my dad says if i get 1k by summer he won’t sell me
Ivan Bozic
Ivan Bozic - 3 hours ago
I'm gonna cummm
Mac Olec
Mac Olec - 3 hours ago
I got goosebumps for almost an hour watching episode 1!
หฤทัย มั่งมี
Sansa. I love you😗😗
Oozmaan - 3 hours ago
These scenes with tyrion being stared at by bran, dragons letting him touch them, and now him looking past the wall.. seems odd, why do i think the directors with their spontaneous attitude will kill off jon and daenarys and tyrion will end up being king?
Dᴀʀᴛʜ Hᴇɪʟᴇʀ
2K profoundly retarded carpet munching rainbow haired lardassed bulldykes femwhores disliked this vid while autistically screeching about how GOT promotes muh "violence against wahmen" or other retarded shits they constantly moan and bitch about.
stan loona stan talent
stan loona stan talent - 3 hours ago
wow look at sansa, from being a spoiled brat whose mind was filled with dreams about life full of rainbows and butterflies, she's now a cersei; the good kind of her specifically. with the current problem, im going to side with her against dany.
CREM SWEET - 3 hours ago
when does it start ?please
edunpeal - 3 hours ago
Tormond: the Night King and the army of the dead is here
Hugo Ribeiro
Hugo Ribeiro - 3 hours ago
A man wants to wake up on Sunday already !!
Marina Kotova
Marina Kotova - 3 hours ago
Well i guess the same bed time story Sam is going to tell his children about Daenerys.
Bruce Schmidt
Bruce Schmidt - 3 hours ago
Who do you think dies in episode 2 if anyone? Thoughts. I'll venmo 25$ get all deaths correct
Shane Ryan
Shane Ryan - 2 hours ago
Edmund YH Ee
Edmund YH Ee - 4 hours ago
better than most movies u see these days at cinemas
Rudy NOËL - 4 hours ago
Hhhhhoooooooyyyyyyyppppppppeeeee !!!
Alex Fe
Alex Fe - 4 hours ago
This better be 2 hours long
Dithok xx
Dithok xx - 4 hours ago
Daenerys to John- "The Queen is in need of doggy style".
John-"What's that?"
Brian raises his hand-"I've seen that somewhere"
Isa Belle
Isa Belle - 4 hours ago
I thought they were in a truce for the Night King? So why this trial for Jaime lol
Arnie Aguiluz
Arnie Aguiluz - 4 hours ago
Definitely will not end in Winterfell, only a handful of White Walkers will attack Winterfell, Night King and the rest will go straight to King's Landing.
Shane Ryan
Shane Ryan - 2 hours ago
golden company vs whitewalkers, that i wanna see
RockNRollaCA LA
RockNRollaCA LA - 4 hours ago
0:09 I'm guessing is a reaction to something Bran will drop on him.
La muñeca Rose
La muñeca Rose - 4 hours ago
Keyur Bhesania
Keyur Bhesania - 4 hours ago
Jaime saved Tyrian! now it's Tyrian's turn!
The Cereal Guy
The Cereal Guy - 4 hours ago
Tau Maihi
Tau Maihi - 4 hours ago
Viserys may have been an ahole but he was Jon's brother too, Jon could have straightened him out and taught him alot, pity they couldn't meet
Shane Ryan
Shane Ryan - 2 hours ago
he's jons uncle not brother
Spice Merchant Emhyr var Emreis
"All the things that we would do to the man who murdered my father."
Literally an episode after confessing burning Sam's dad alive.
Nam Pham
Nam Pham - Hour ago
Add "Queen of hypocrisy" to her many self anointed titles
Val Ree
Val Ree - 4 hours ago
I actually don't like Dany anymore.
She acts like her father in her very own way.
One of my theoriea is that Jamie convices her that he's against Cersei,and will murder his sister.
And I think Arya will not survive,but Melisandre will revive her.
Because do you remember what she said?
They'll meet again...
Tau Maihi
Tau Maihi - 4 hours ago
Val Ree Arya dies in s8 e2. 😆 That got me good on Jimmy Fallon
Jack251190 - 5 hours ago
Someone get Tyrion a box, or at the very least describe it to him!
Hey Azlan
Hey Azlan - 5 hours ago
jon snow will marry to sansa she is not her sister ;D
Still Searching
Still Searching - 5 hours ago
Prediction: Samwell Tarly will speak out on behalf of Jaime Lannister. Sansa will publicly disagree with Daenerys. Tyrion will lose his job.
makram blaz-75
makram blaz-75 - 5 hours ago
Aref maxe buhde maghrebe😂😂
Nero 5648
Nero 5648 - 5 hours ago
0:40 to 0:50 the iron throne has dragon eyes, is that a hint???
AUS _ - 5 hours ago
Jhe-an Castaneda
Jhe-an Castaneda - 2 hours ago
Still, you ain't special.
AUS _ - 3 hours ago
Jhe-an Castaneda I knew it!!🙈
Jhe-an Castaneda
Jhe-an Castaneda - 3 hours ago
I believe so.
AUS _ - 4 hours ago
+Jhe-an Castaneda Does that mean carrots have toes??🤷‍♂️
Jhe-an Castaneda
Jhe-an Castaneda - 4 hours ago
You are not special.
KHOA MINH - 5 hours ago
Jon: Brace yourself traitors is coming( cuming)
StormbornKing - 5 hours ago
Sansa is messing with the wrong queen. I hope Daenerys at least puts her in her place! Sansa's been a cunt since the beginning while Daenerys showed nothing but kindness when she arrived.
THE TINTIN - 5 hours ago
john snow dead in the episode 8 and khalisi got pargnent . ...sorry for spoiler ...
None Asdfghj
None Asdfghj - 4 hours ago
I think Jon snow will not die
None Asdfghj
None Asdfghj - 4 hours ago
Khalisi dies by giving birth
Shravan Dikshith
Shravan Dikshith - 5 hours ago
0:35 Last time Tyrion was standing on the Castle wall..He fucking lit the Sea on Fire
Looks like he's onto something big
ThePuti29 - 5 hours ago
Why Drogon has two swords in his head ?
Yudi Loves
Yudi Loves - 5 hours ago
Now Thanos is required to kill army of dead ....just a snap and all gone ....🤣🤣
Richard NZ
Richard NZ - 5 hours ago
Alot of family fucking going on in this program, mr G r r Martin ?
shaikmohd junaid
shaikmohd junaid - 5 hours ago
And what about She killed those Tarly guys.. Sam get your justice & Castle back buddy !!
Thomas Nitta
Thomas Nitta - 5 hours ago
Got a feeling Danny is go back stab everyone at some point. Even though her power has come from good and liberation, that same power is corrupting her and consuming her to the point she demands everyone’s immediate loyalty, like how the prettiest gal will always need the most attention. So she go be mad too like her Pa
Tau Maihi
Tau Maihi - 4 hours ago
Thomas Nitta and viserys
Tímea Sófalvi
Tímea Sófalvi - 6 hours ago
Am I the only one thinking that Dannys going to be the Mad Queen at the end?
DartFFi Stúdió
DartFFi Stúdió - 6 hours ago
I am waiting for a Jon and Jaime friendship
Adão Pessoa
Adão Pessoa - 6 hours ago
Este episódio já passou?
Hi bobo Anong Level mo na?
Awsome tot tot!
jordan khalil
jordan khalil - 6 hours ago
Was quite shit tbh has been for a few seasons
R K - 6 hours ago
Maybe Bran will take control of the Night King and gg everyone
Jim Bautista
Jim Bautista - 6 hours ago
Jaime : Need a push? 🙌
Bran : I can use a hand ✋ 😂
Who I am
Who I am - 6 hours ago
Fuck #got
Stinky D Shinjin
Stinky D Shinjin - 6 hours ago
Ser Barristan already told her about her daddy, AND Tyrion told her the real reason Jaime killed him. So Why. The. Fuck. Is she bitching about it instead of thanking this man who also abandoned his family to honor his sister's promise. Seriously, Dany is a real bitch.
Mohan Gahalot
Mohan Gahalot - 6 hours ago
Comments on here are more exciting than the actual show......LoL🤣🤣🤣
Cje - 7 hours ago
Anyone else Team Cersei?
Matteo Valdora
Matteo Valdora - 7 hours ago
Arun Gokul
Arun Gokul - 7 hours ago
Anushka M
Anushka M - 7 hours ago
Dany is not allowed to kill Jaime before he confesses his undying love to Brienne, I don't make the rules
CyberSloth - 7 hours ago
Daenerys is becoming more and more like her father.
Tae’s spoch-kah
Tae’s spoch-kah - 7 hours ago
I'm pretty sure Danny's gonna complete her sentence in Jaime's favour. They just showed the half of it in the trailer. Chill out.
Milan Rainford
Milan Rainford - 7 hours ago
Im just thirsty for more gendrya
Sara Devi
Sara Devi - 7 hours ago
I hope they think about the dead in the tomb ... ;-)
the1onlynoob - 8 hours ago
Jamie Lannister: I’m gonna go help my pals up north.
Brann: ‘stares’
Dany: ‘stares’
Jon: ‘stares’
Arya: ‘stares’
Tirion: hooo boy.

Jamie: I have made a huge mistake!
Jax r
Jax r - 5 hours ago
So what's his motivation honour or Briene or duty ?
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