Alex Honnold Breaks Down Iconic Rock Climbing Scenes | GQ

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LILBO PEEP - Hour ago
lol it looks like gloves
zehui su
zehui su - 6 hours ago
this is a new film about his story?we can watch it in cinema?really?i can't wait watch this.
Anime の Randomness
Anime の Randomness - 7 hours ago
14:19 "I could talk about climbing all day"
I could LISTEN to you talk about climbing all day, wow that was so informative- he really knows his stuff
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson - 9 hours ago
I hope I’m wrong but I feel like he is waiting to die climbing
BTS ARMY - 15 hours ago
I want to see him playing the piano lol... He'd smash it
Stefan Kwiatkowski
Stefan Kwiatkowski - 16 hours ago
"Spastically trying to hold on" Love it!
owes 24
owes 24 - 23 hours ago
Handmuscels over 9000
Rosalea Bruce
Rosalea Bruce - Day ago
I love how passionate he is when he talks about all of this!!!!!!!
DyLL - Day ago
It's like Free Soloing is as easy as piano for him.
Mad9977 Productions
impossible to fall like Tom and catch your whole weight on a cliff, unfortunately Tom Cruise has a lot of nonsense-stunts in his movies
Screw The Net
Screw The Net - Day ago
There was no snap chat back then. I get it might have been a joke, but...the rocket message worked lol
ultimaetsolder - 2 days ago
His eyes are way too big. Like an as anime or something.
Storm Blessed
Storm Blessed - 3 days ago
Those hands.... he must give wicked old fashions.
Sarah Yost
Sarah Yost - 3 days ago
Rzk Zkr
Rzk Zkr - 3 days ago
His hand is 2x bigger than his face. WTF.
Julian Brockie
Julian Brockie - 3 days ago
He knows the navajo lands(Monument Valley)😱
Donald Box
Donald Box - 4 days ago
Is everyone else aware that dudes hands are ginormous?
Ben Roberts
Ben Roberts - 4 days ago
(12:00) there is still the force of gravity(9.8 m/s2) so it could potentially still break.
Кфыв Кфывович
Look at the size of his hands. And ladies, do the math
sasuke3690 - 5 days ago
I want him to finger me
Nathaniel Villarreal
Nathaniel Villarreal - 5 days ago
Alex's last name is how Arnold shwarzengger says his first name.
Sijun Xiao
Sijun Xiao - 5 days ago
'He just died. it sucks.'
Sijun Xiao
Sijun Xiao - 5 days ago
TBH Alex's fingers look like they have some kind of joint disease.
Miss Ously
Miss Ously - 7 days ago
His hands are RIPPED
Rob Turner
Rob Turner - 7 days ago
This guy has massive hands and a tiny head.
Gabriela Ortiz
Gabriela Ortiz - 7 days ago
His hands are huge... like evolution took over!
AP Rao
AP Rao - 7 days ago
First time I really enjoyed the "expert comments" more than the actual shot!!! :)
Dome Patrol
Dome Patrol - 7 days ago
I understand that the rock climbing scene was turned up to 11 but the part where they send him the message in the glasses is because they can’t have anyone know the message because of how dangerous the group he works for is. Snapchatting it would be a terrible idea, I understand he was being a bit sarcastic tho
rue #
rue # - 8 days ago
he doesnt blink
Alex Cannon
Alex Cannon - 8 days ago
Walter Junior’s big brother...just kidding. True command over his body and environment whilst positively managing his mind. Incredible.
Angie Lira
Angie Lira - 9 days ago
So hot!
Hank Wu
Hank Wu - 9 days ago
Honnold is one of the best climber in the world, he climb El Capitan free solo which has never been done successfully until him
Hank Wu
Hank Wu - 9 days ago
this guy is legit
Hank Wu
Hank Wu - 9 days ago
saw his documentary
Galilee Riggio
Galilee Riggio - 10 days ago
What about the Princess Bride climb scene? 😁
nelsonta00 - 10 days ago
That man can slap a man to death.
ers13amazing - 11 days ago
I would like to hold hands with Alex honnold. Anyone with me?
HmQNzTvVjn7 WGyHCDmjkqthh
His hands look like a burn victim with ill-fitting prosthetics.
JollyRobb - 12 days ago
I love Alex Honnold's climbs he has done, but I also love that 9/10 comments are in response to his hands.
Buster Cannon
Buster Cannon - 13 days ago
Jesus Christmas Christ look at those meat puppets he calls hands.
DJ Matusiak
DJ Matusiak - 13 days ago
I'd hate to see him slap someone.
C J - 13 days ago
Imagine being his girlfriend ✋
lee jones
lee jones - 13 days ago
Uncle Jack would kill for those hands.
João Oliveira
João Oliveira - 13 days ago
My vertigo is kicking in.
Krok Krok
Krok Krok - 13 days ago
I just realized this guy looks like a Vulcan, with those ears and vulcan hairstyle and those massive fingers.
Gd Temporary
Gd Temporary - 14 days ago
Why is his head so much smaller then the rest of his body?
Tomer Rynhold
Tomer Rynhold - 14 days ago
Well I think he's outrageous
T SMITH - 14 days ago
who8myfish - 14 days ago
This dude's hands are HUGE
Sebastian P
Sebastian P - 14 days ago
"oh he just died that sucks" :D
Bro - 15 days ago
Lucas And Nora
Lucas And Nora - 15 days ago
He has large hands😂
Alex Jones
Alex Jones - 15 days ago
This is exquisitely delightful
Ninja Kitty
Ninja Kitty - 15 days ago
Rock climbing
mark-steele smith
mark-steele smith - 15 days ago
“The thumb is a finger” - Alex Honnold
In climbing, general rule of “thumb” is to actually use it!
i need help
i need help - 16 days ago
My fingers hurt watching this
Yee T
Yee T - 16 days ago
This how many times he says outrages
Naw Yeehaw
Naw Yeehaw - 14 days ago
Atomic Brap
Atomic Brap - 16 days ago
His hands look fake.
Schmoozing Kaboodle
Schmoozing Kaboodle - 16 days ago
He looks like the tech-geek who helps Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4.
(I think it's 4, with the F35 plane)
Schmoozing Kaboodle
Schmoozing Kaboodle - 16 days ago
He said the Star Trek scene was legit,
It wasn't as Rocket boots only come in Red.
Winston Gasch
Winston Gasch - 16 days ago
You should have done the princess bride
Perplex - 16 days ago
Word goes that he can break rocks with his bare hands....
ereine e
ereine e - 16 days ago
Alex Honnold is the Tony Hawk of Rock Climbing now
Ian White
Ian White - 17 days ago
Alex Honnold could flip you off so hard you’d start crying
Schmoozing Kaboodle
Schmoozing Kaboodle - 16 days ago
It would cause a Sonic-Boom in the area!
Sergio Sanchez Huesca
Sergio Sanchez Huesca - 17 days ago
What is the movie title at 03:43?
john medjai
john medjai - 17 days ago
Bruh are your hands on steroids
john medjai
john medjai - 17 days ago
Thanos with the commentary
Deven Mallamo
Deven Mallamo - 17 days ago
"Oh, well he just died, that sucks." -Alex Honnold
BATATA PÃO - 17 days ago
“Oh, he just died. That sucks” 🤣🤣🤣
harvard james
harvard james - 17 days ago
Im a 🐈...i would not be there
Schmoozing Kaboodle
Schmoozing Kaboodle - 16 days ago
You have to be a real man to be able to freely admit who you are - Respect to you Sir 👌
Omnilatent - 17 days ago
8:40 "and then this is just some random studio concrete thing. This isn't even a rock" LOL
Schmoozing Kaboodle
Schmoozing Kaboodle - 16 days ago
I couldn't tell it was 100% fake. He knew straight away though,👏😌
Roscoe Yamigo
Roscoe Yamigo - 17 days ago
His hands are so big he could play in the cast of pink panther. No offense I love you man!
ahmad rostam
ahmad rostam - 17 days ago
Those fingers..
GamePlayUK - 17 days ago
sausage fingers
Josh Whittick
Josh Whittick - 17 days ago
awww alex is so sweet and his reactions to evrything being sick is jokes
Rami Touhami
Rami Touhami - 18 days ago
he kinda looks looks dispreportional tbh
hereitgosagain12 - 18 days ago
Shameless theft of wired video formats.
Peter D
Peter D - 18 days ago
I feel bad for his girlfriend. With hands like that...
Jeff Dowell
Jeff Dowell - 18 days ago
Making fun of Hollywood I love it
Brooke W. H. N
Brooke W. H. N - 18 days ago
Ok. This was legit awesome. The way he talks, how much he loves climbing, and his expertise in this area is so enthralling! Bring him back for more! I could watch him all day!
Schmoozing Kaboodle
Schmoozing Kaboodle - 16 days ago
"I can do this all day" Captain America ?? 😒
DucksEverywhere - 18 days ago
11:54 yeah, if impulse is not taken into consideration.
AThomas Mathew
AThomas Mathew - 18 days ago
With those hands, he would make a terrible guitarist !! 😂
Fred Schmitt
Fred Schmitt - 19 days ago
Daniel Duhon
Daniel Duhon - 19 days ago
The one thing I hated about this video was that there were like 12 ads 😡
clifton james
clifton james - 19 days ago
I love the movie vertical limit, but my God some of it is cringy
Ruben Scott
Ruben Scott - 19 days ago
Him talking about death
Daniel Popchuk
Daniel Popchuk - 19 days ago
This dude aint know anything🤣🤣😂😅😆
pinkfreud62 - 18 days ago
Daniel Popchuk
Daniel Popchuk - 19 days ago
+IIIPotatoIII ?????
IIIPotatoIII - 19 days ago
brian simpkins
brian simpkins - 19 days ago
lol i just cant get over his hands they do not look real wow
Conor Neill
Conor Neill - 19 days ago
Wtf us up with his hands, i guess his head being tiny doenst help
Muhammad Mirsab
Muhammad Mirsab - 19 days ago
1:52 you don't wanna get smacked by those hands
Kutulue - 20 days ago
Cliffhanger Spoiler.
What does Alex think of the opening scene in Cliffhanger where a supposed professional rock climber and guide clips a girl onto a rope by her backpack and not a harness? The backpack tears and she dies.
MrCorvusC - 20 days ago
11:47. So 9.8 m/s^2 of constant acceleration due to gravity should be ignored? ;)
Erick-Emil Szelitzky
Erick-Emil Szelitzky - 19 days ago
Compared to the immense force that they put on that rope when they fell, yes.
MightyMurp1 - 20 days ago
“It’s really hard to hang with one hand”
“I mean. You can just hang with one finger if you have strong enough hands”
naruhina012607 - 19 days ago
thats cuz when he said the one finger thing im pretty sure he mean it with footholds not without
Kasey Atkins
Kasey Atkins - 20 days ago
his comments are awesome
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor - 20 days ago
"Want a neck massage?".."I'm good.." he's handsome, though
Schmoozing Kaboodle
Schmoozing Kaboodle - 16 days ago
Yup risky, 👋✋👏😌💥 😲💨 💀
A P - 21 day ago
Are your hands bigger than your face?
Samuel Sawian
Samuel Sawian - 21 day ago
12:25 Completely agree!
tranquil Nice
tranquil Nice - 21 day ago
i can only imagine what's it like to be fingered by this guy
GetShocked - 21 day ago
“ well that is... thats just... oh he just died, that sucks”
Trail running Chile
Trail running Chile - 21 day ago
What PC keyboard does this guy use?
Andrew Selby
Andrew Selby - 21 day ago
I like how he’s like ‘yeah, nah, that’s unrealistic, but so rad’
Animalacker - 21 day ago
Hope he dumps that girl
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