The Upside feat. Elle King - Lindsey Stirling

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BitterSweet - 12 hours ago
Something that's really cool that my orchestra teacher knows some of Stirling's friends but he doesn't know Stirling. I still think it's super cool. He's a great violinist.
Hà Anh Nguyễn
Hà Anh Nguyễn - 23 hours ago
Guys, im getting started with violin and now im deciding to buy a violin. Any recommendation? Im currently living in Chemnitz, Sachsen, Germany and i want to buy a violin costs from 300€-450€
KaJiaMbys KvL
KaJiaMbys KvL - Day ago
Zizihazazi - Day ago
this song made me want to go to Australia
Midknightsnow 37
Midknightsnow 37 - Day ago
You were in the outpost 🙀😃😄🤩
Creaticetu Saga
Creaticetu Saga - Day ago
An anime or a movie? Or a videogame
Taylor Coen
Taylor Coen - Day ago
Is it just me, or does it seem like Lindsey’s character in this video was part of the dark forces, but became good?
Нуржан - Day ago
Why don’t keep 2 version of the clip: full and short
med ka Art
med ka Art - Day ago
Hi guys i have been starting drawing cartoons and animes please growing my channel Med ka art
văn hiền music
văn hiền music - 2 days ago
Justin Morris
Justin Morris - 2 days ago
I love this song, but I keep seeing "The Berenstain Bears Inside Outside Upside Down" in my head
سارة احمد
سارة احمد - 2 days ago
The status of women in Islam
SchwArtz Blut
SchwArtz Blut - 2 days ago
(Fangurl screeem!)
Taylor Coen
Taylor Coen - 2 days ago
I love you Lindsey and Elle King!!!!
Boon11000 - 3 days ago
Hi Lindsey I don't know of any other way to contact you but I have an idea for you when your having run out of ideas. I myself have thought about getting a violin and learning. I know it will take much work to learn how and be good at it even in the least respect. There is lots of videos on how to learn but I want to learn from someone I know that is good. I know a person even as good as you are has a practice routine they go through I would like you to share that with us too. Keep up the good work.
Mike Seo
Mike Seo - 4 days ago
I want any Blizzard game themed music video please. thank you.
Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen - 4 days ago
So much imagery in this video, the darkness could be seen as depression trying to take control and overpower the light we have inside. The light inside being the hope and courage we are all capable of. I love how every one of her videos have such deep meanings.
Estefania Gonzalez Fernandez
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 la amo 💖
SANTI TRUJIILLO - 5 days ago
Amo tus canciones saludos desde ecuador .
Justops Games
Justops Games - 5 days ago
Y pensar que aquellos estupidos jueces no apreciaron este enorme talento, esto en mi pais se le llamaria una buena cerrada de orto JJSKSKSKS. Escucharla tocar el violin me pone la piel de gallina uwu
Cristina Flanagan
Cristina Flanagan - 5 days ago
So, wanna make a movie? You got a whole soundtrack for it, let's get Elle King to play a character. You shall be the main character, Lindsey
Juan Suarez
Juan Suarez - 6 days ago
Like si vienes por el vlogspaper
Shweta Official
Shweta Official - 6 days ago
WOW just WOW!!!👌👌👌👌 #TheUpside
Samy Zika
Samy Zika - 7 days ago
hello lindsey long time no see! this song is so good
Lost Ways Detecting and Treasure Hunting
The violin sounded amazing thanks!
Fidel Gomez
Fidel Gomez - 7 days ago
YASSSSSSSS!!! Guy's have the million views 💖❤💖❤💖💎❤💖❤💖💎💖❤💖❤💖💎❤💖
Sadie Johnson
Sadie Johnson - 7 days ago
lili piña
lili piña - 8 days ago
Qué alguien me explique cuando se pintó el cabello, llevo casi 4 años escuchado sus canciones y de repente aparece con este look súper increíble ❤️👌
jennifer lopez
jennifer lopez - 8 days ago
alguien que la escuche y sea de mexico xd like si eres de mexico ;3
y amas a lindsey stirling
Angel V
Angel V - 8 days ago
Like Aurora -__-
Joako Fargo
Joako Fargo - 8 days ago
Why the intro was removed?
Janet George
Janet George - 8 days ago
s. M. c
s. M. c - 8 days ago
I haven't the read the books in a while, but my memory remembers Katniss & her other fellow district members running away from poisoned black gas while watching this mv...
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee - 9 days ago
Does anyone else think that Lindsey should someday get together with Trans Siberia Orchestra?
San Style
San Style - 9 days ago
Does the tour in Ukraine?
Alex Kotrankov
Alex Kotrankov - 10 days ago
smbdy explain me the plot)
Feeluck - 10 days ago
love the red hairstyle on you. costumes are top notch as usual, song is nice and vivid, lyrics kinda deep and fitting to the videos theme (duh).
in short: a masterpiece!
K&D SCRAPPING - 10 days ago
Because of U I am still HERE!!!!
Bolaven Typhoon
Bolaven Typhoon - 10 days ago
Pls come to HK
James Lewis
James Lewis - 10 days ago
Love it.
Anyone else wonder why on the album on the track underground there's that final little bit before it finishes. I think it spoils it. Compared with the video.
Caleb Broshar
Caleb Broshar - 10 days ago
Linsey you should preform in Missouri. In Springfield,Kansas city, and st. Louis that way more of your fans can make it to your concerts
YourFriendlyNeighbourhood Crusader
When I see the scenes with Lindsey and the villain the only thing I can think of is:
Take a dark oversaturated hallway!
Then fill it with shadow demons!
And add something like "Me and the boys at 2:00 AM looking for BEANS!"
Penz Pecina
Penz Pecina - 10 days ago
Alguien de México??
Penz Pecina
Penz Pecina - 10 days ago
I real y Love thissss
TheLuckystar 10
TheLuckystar 10 - 10 days ago
Question I’ve always had, do you also make the electronic parts of your songs?
Diego Escobar
Diego Escobar - 11 days ago
me gusto este estilo gótico de ropa
Eddie Morrone
Eddie Morrone - 11 days ago
Raiden Uchiha
Raiden Uchiha - 12 days ago
So I see that Artemis has somehow fallen to the Underground world from the moon... And well she's trying to get back up there. Until now I thought the 'underground girl' and Artemis were two different characters - they may be one of the same. After she gained that bow. Persepherone, wife of Hades, was adamant on keeping her down there or offered some sort of help...
Great work Lindsey. I'm really enjoying this narrative being told in this manner, cinematic story through music and stunning visuals.
Paul Andrew
Paul Andrew - 12 days ago
🎶🎵The dark side of the 🌒 🎵🎶❤️
Isabel Bisson-St-Amour
Isabel Bisson-St-Amour - 12 days ago
C'est épique!
Tahere Seify
Tahere Seify - 12 days ago
TanzfitnessNET - 12 days ago
Great Song Lindsey 🙂🙂🕺🕺
I will perform a Dance Video 🕺
Nicole Oliveira
Nicole Oliveira - 13 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks Lindsey kinda looks like Jenna Marbles
Teeny Dragon
Teeny Dragon - 8 days ago
Now you've said it they do kinda look similar! 😁
Kyle Potter
Kyle Potter - 13 days ago
She she should make Artemis of into an album like Melanie Martinez did!
Ingrid Gaytan
Ingrid Gaytan - 14 hours ago
And demons eyes
PrumSet - 13 days ago
Wew. Last time I checked on this channel was 2012, I didnt thought so much changed. The quality of the videos are breathtaking!
Chris271181fly - 13 days ago
That's the way to make a Music Video.
I liked it
Michael Piper
Michael Piper - 13 days ago
you people are all thinking way to small.... Many of her videos would be amazing if they became films or better yet make a tv show where the videos get turned into actual episodes with the music done by them... kinda like the tales from the cryptkeeper where each episode is different. would instantly make it into my list of what to watch
ALL DARKKY - 14 days ago
I love your music every time I play the violin I feel a connection with the music I get carried away by it
I would like to learn to play like this but I'm just 2 violin level
Chrissy Sevigny
Chrissy Sevigny - 14 days ago
I never got to watch the intro, could someone tell me what it was about before it was removed? What was the dialogue?
Chrissy Sevigny
Chrissy Sevigny - 12 days ago
@Nathan Stampe Thank you so much!
Nathan Stampe
Nathan Stampe - 12 days ago
Lindsey and that guy she was climbing with had a back and forth about how she had never seen the sky before (because they lived underground) and how he was showing her the way, but she was a better climber, etc. Then partway through there was another clip of them looking at the sky for the first time before they got attacked by the smoke.
Mariusz Nowak
Mariusz Nowak - 14 days ago
Shield then bow . Nice :D
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